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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

Voted No! I have always been a Honda Fan (Brand) however even after driving it a lot just couldnt buy a Honda (Technical Choice). It is always the decision from a sound mind than heart when choosing a car. It should make sense with power, fun to drive and maintenance cost.

I have a Mahindra and owned a Maruti and in both cases it was a decision made after researching a lot.
In short there are people who are Brand Loyal (nothing wrong in being a one) and there are People who prefer to make a informed decision when buying a car. I prefer to be the latter.
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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

I voted yes, but I don't own the brand I'm loyal to. Yes, it is perhaps hypocritical. While I don't own a Toyota here in India, I owned a 94 Toyota Camry for 11 years in the States. With scheduled servicing, it gave me 11 trouble free years in which I put over 200k miles in addition to the 67K it had when I bought it. I do believe some of their products are over-priced, and that is due to market demand (see Innova) I believe other car brands can be reliable but I have had a good experience with the 1 Toyota car I had. I know family members who have owned Toyota's and had similar experiences. My next car is an Innova, when my wallet allows.
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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

As far as my experience goes.

The first car you own, if it's a good experience, makes you brand loyal. But, then, the second and third car ownership pulls you out of the myth and makes you focus more on cars than the brand.

Voting NO.
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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

I would have liked to say YES, because the Polo GT TSI is a great car and I'd love to stick with VW for their solid products and great engine-gearbox combinations, poor service experiences notwithstanding.

But I do not see VW making a similar car any time soon. If VW do launch the new MQB Polo, we can be rest assured that the GT model will get a 1-litre 3-cylinder motor, and no matter what anyone says, 3 cylinder engines simply cannot match 4-pots for refinement.

So I guess it boils down to the car.

A decade ago, Honda and other Japanese brands pioneered the scene with brilliant engines and gearboxes. However, as the years have gone by, the cars made by Honda have become increasingly diluted and have been reduced to mere commuter-cars.

Halo brands like Mini (BMW) and Porsche will always be special to me, but being brand loyal to non-halo brands do not make sense in my opinion.
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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

Voted No...

... But the answer is more a shade of gray. I definitely look at manufacturers I've owned previously, and see what offerings they have in the type of vehicle I'm looking at. So, in my case I look at Hyundai and Ford first. But after that, the product needs to stand on its own merits.

And knowing the manufacturer does give an advantage in knowing what the strengths and compromises usually are, and how much they matter. In that respect it's probably more brand experience than loyalty.
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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

I have voted - YES

Here are my thoughts on this. We initially had Maruti cars. Had a Maruti 800 from 1998 to 2015, had a Maruti Swift from 2015 to 2012. When the time came to upgrade, we test drove a number of cars - Hyundai i20, Hyundai Getz, Toyota Etios, Honda Jazz, VW Polo & Polo 1.6, Skoda Fabia, etc. I still remember the day my Dad and I drove to the VW showroom in our Swift to check out the Polo. There was a black Polo there for display and my Dad was in awe of the paint quality. He went further to check it out and as soon as he opened the door he said, "I think we should buy the Polo." That was all it took for him to be convinced to buy that car. Took a test drive and I was floored. On the way back home after booking the car, we started to realise the drawbacks of the Swift & the rest of the brands. The only car better than the Swift and the rest in terms of driveability, quality and power was the VW Polo 1.6!

Post purchasing the Polo 1.6, there was no looking back. The new cars had to be Germans. So why VAG? Because they are the closest you can come to experiencing the the biggies, i.e. Mercedes, BMW & Audi. And all this for less than half the price.
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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

I have a soft corner for Honda 2 wheelers, Toyota, and Volvo cars. But I'm far from loyal to these brands. I look for value in a vehicle. Even right now I'm looking for a relaxed commuter bike and though the CBR250 is high on my list, I'm leaning towards the RTR 200 as it meets 90% of my needs for 60-65% if the cost.

I had a strong bias against Maruti but my favourites today are Ignis, Swift, and Dzire in their respective segments. They've started making genuinely nice cars that are worth buying even without the maruti badge. So loyalty to maruti is totally justifiable.

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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

Voted Yes.

We've only done Honda's and Hyundai's till date, at least since the Honda city and the Hyundai Santro were launched. Always favored both these brands in terms of a no-fuss ownership experience that we've encountered with our cars.

However, we're unsure if this brand loyalty will last moving forward. A few years back we bought a VW and tasted German build quality and engineering - don't know if there's any going back from there!
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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

Voted Yes

Yes i'm very much loyal to the brands which we've purchased in the past. We've had 3 honda citys (type 1, NHC & ANHC) in our family and we've enjoyed a relatively stress free ownership with them, not to forget that most honda cars IMO are mod friendly, just adds to the pleasure of owning them.

We had bought an F10 BMW 5 series in 2012, it still drives like a dream compared to cars in the same segment. I personally feel that BMW makes lovely cars to drive (irrespective of the model purchased). This being one of the sole reasons that I would again pick up a car from this brand.
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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

I don't think there is a need to be brand loyal in present day. Specifically for cars, with changing times and your changing personal needs, it is important to evaluate the product instead of brand.

It is the brand loyalty that permits a company to take customer for a ride; example - RE Motorcycles (people buy but complained about their product on multiple occassions), Toyota (laughs all the way to the bank with Innova)

We had a Bajaj Scooter because there were no other options available at that time, the moment LML came with its lineup, I switched from Bajaj to LML Vespa. With Cars - American (Ford Escort & Ecosport), Indian (Indica), Italian (Punto), Korean (Verna). It was difficult for me not to taste what other brands were offering in terms of driving experience, value for money and overall cost of ownership.

If I have to take my case; I was quite dissatisfied with the repair & maintenance of Ford Escort (Very high cost of spare parts) and thought of not repeating Ford products again. I still went ahead and purchased Ecosport in 2016 on the merit of product and the cost of servicing (which is surprisingly low).

Even after buying 2nd Ford, I am not committed to their product and whenever I am there in the market for my next car, I will again evaluate everything that meets my requirements within available budget.

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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

Voted : NO

The first car i ever drove was an Ambassador Mark 2 and then moved to Premier Padmini. Both were not ruled by brand, but by affordability and availability. The next was a Maruti 800 and then Wagon R. Both again were purely on affordability and utility. The Wagon R at that point of time was the best tall boy vehicle and i would much rather be riding above the road than be seated on the road
The next vehicle was a Ford Fusion and that was just because of the nature of the vehicle. It was much ahead of its time and the hard suspension was a joy to drive on highways. No boat like syndrome and the car felt pretty much seated
Moved from Fusion after nearly 10 years to a Safari Storme. To people who have driven the Safari and owned one, all the niggles, rattles and squeaks are nothing compared to the pleasure of driving a mile cruncher. I could not find a more respectable replacement for the Fusion
And now looking for another SUV to buy and well i dont see anything in the horizon which is under 20L on road.
Brands such as Ford declined their vehicle brilliance with underperforming engines and now finding a 1.6L petrol engine on a mid level crossover is tough. The last i saw was the Polo 1.6 which they sadly discontinued
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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

Originally Posted by suhaas307 View Post
I would have liked to say YES, because the Polo GT TSI is a great car and I'd love to stick with VW for their solid products and great engine-gearbox combinations, poor service experiences notwithstanding.

But I do not see VW making a similar car any time soon....
I am with you on this. I love our Vento - 5 years and still rock solid. Has aged gracefully and interiors are still looking good. Highly disappointed that we don't have a Jetta replacement after the Vento segment. The next vehicle is almost three times the price of the Vento. Now, what do I do for a replacement or upgrade? I am forced to look outside (by not much though - hello Skoda!)
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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

I voted no.

Over the years I must have owned/driven/leased/rented so many different cars all over the world. But I donít think I have ever chosen any of them because of a particular brand.

I simply donít care much too about the brand as such. Although there are certain brands I usually avoid. And over the years that might vary as well. It also depends a bit on what I use my car for. In general not that keen on any BMW, Audi, Mercedes and or Porsche. That is unless, I would find myself driving 50-75.000 kilometers on business per year.

For me it tends to be all about the actual car at hand. So a specific model, specific features/options/colour etc.

So Iím not even model loyal. I like my Jaguar, but the same model in for instance, grey, silver, black or white, would not appeal to me at all. Even the wrong rims might set me off completely.

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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

Voted No.

My first car is a Tata and the second one is a Fiat (and the other car in my family is a Hyundai), only because those are the cars which fit my bill when I made the purchase.

I am partial to Fiat and when I am in the market for my next car, IF Fiat has a competent product it will get some brownie points. But I will not buy it just because it is Fiat. It has to earn my money.


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Default Re: Are you brand loyal?

Voted No.
However, I do prefer Indian Manufacturers - Mahindra and Tata.

Also, I don't know why but for some reasons I disapprove Maruti-Suzuki, Skoda, Nissan; therefore, options from these stables are not even considered.

One exception is FIAT. I love Punto (and own one) but as of present, I stay away from FIAT as I have realized that they are not serious about their cars here. So FIAT - I hate you like I love you...
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