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Default Re: Connected car platforms: Do they influence your car purchase decisions?

"Connected cars" for me has two dimensions:

One is simply IT enablement of static data which has already existed for quite some time now. Such as using service history to set service reminders through their proprietary app etc. Or even simpler features such as document storage, tech logs etc.

A whole different level would be one where your car behaves like a smartphone. This day is not far given the way the world is moving. I will even put my neck on the line and say that in a few years you will not be able to purchase a car unless you download some proprietary app on your car and allow it complete access to your data. This has already happened with phones and these days you can't download or use any app fully if you don't allow permissions. We allow this, whether we like it or not.

There is already a company (not in India) that lets you pay for insurance as per Kms driven. Currently it uses a company provided device to measure distance covered. Soon this could be enabled through GPS or some other means. You could suddenly see a gas station and directions to it pop up on your screen if your vehicle is low on fuel.

Local business (restaurants, salons, shops) could send you alerts about deals based on your visit history. A food delivery app (do not want to name it) already does this. They have specific data about customer's location history and visit timings which other platforms do not have. I don't know if that really works for them, but they are banking on it.

This may sound far fetched, but imagine if in future our vehicles were required to have a 'smart number plate' or similar device which is readable from a distance and aids police in identifying rogue vehicles or nab drivers who tend to slip away after breaking some traffic rule.

The possibilities are many. "Connected cars" goes beyond the vehicle itself and may have nothing to do with actual activity of driving or vehicle performance. The way the world has changed around us, nothing seems too far fetched to happen.
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Default Re: Connected car platforms: Do they influence your car purchase decisions?

As per current offerings, a simple no.

I would rather say, this technology is still in its infancy and a lot needs to be developed and enhanced to make it standout. Keeping apart the likes of Tesla etc., the mass market offerings are far from the very concept of connected car. How come some OBD port readings are different form speedometer, car current temperature, fuel consumption et al currently displayed on the console? What I am trying to explain is, like any modern machines, current generation cars generate many information. The manufacturers just bundle up few and develops an app around it which cannot be exactly a connected system, is it?

Let me explain, connected cars raises the question immediately, connected with what/who? The answers can be
  • Owner/Driver
  • Surrounding environment
How the car can be connected to the driver is far more complex than the mere display of certain engine parameters. A connected car should be of two-way communication. To give a simple example, how about changing engine parameters with voice command on the go or allow user to bypass certain non-critical component through command prompt during emergency situations etc. The driver-car connection is very vast and the automated / driver-less car is just a part of it. The very core technology is still under development means true connected cars still a far away.

Another way of connected technology is the situational awareness of the machine itself. This goes very deep into AI area. Volvo etc. are investing a lot on it, such as automated braking system, driver sleep alarm etc. These technologies if and when available to mass junta like me will definitely influence my decision.

Am I dreaming a lot?
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Default Re: Connected car platforms: Do they influence your car purchase decisions?

Originally Posted by rselva View Post
However, I believe, my Google data is protected by international privacy protection laws and cannot be sold to third parties.

Also the data resides in relatively more secure servers than ‘secure’ Maruti cloud.
Learned that Maruti Suzuki doesn't manage it, the backend is built on the IBM cloud and IoT platform.

Source -

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Default Re: Connected car platforms: Do they influence your car purchase decisions?

Yes they do. If firm x is having brands A, B and C then it can matter, esp if at some point they switch to C as the primary label. Service will be affected by C mindset.
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Default Re: Connected car platforms: Do they influence your car purchase decisions?

Connected Mobility - Growing Possibilities in India’

At the turn of the decade, the next big technological inroad will be connected vehicles. Which means that companies will have to start working towards integrating this technology into their cars today. The first to announce is a company that is yet to begin its campaign in the Indian market. MG Motor has announced their partnership with Cisco IoT UNLIMIT- a specialist IoT services provider, to develop connected mobility enabled vehicles.

At an event to announce their collaboration with Cisco IoT UNLIMIT MG Motor also released a detailed white paper that outlined the benefits of Connected cars ‘Connected Mobility - Growing Possibilities in India’ in association with management consulting firm Arthur D. Little. According to the report, the value of the connected mobility market could reach a size of $3 Billion USD by 2020 in India. Currently, only 2% of cars in India are considered connected cars. According to MG Motor, the demand for a connected car service is expected to grow exponentially in India, almost concurrent to global trends. This is even truer considering that India has been a barometer mirroring global trends in more than one aspect. Globally, the size of the connected mobility market is projected to grow to $175 Billion USD by 2020, as against $44 Billion USD in 2015, according to the report.

Speaking on the move to connected vehicles, Rajeev Chaba President & Managing Director, MG Motor India, said that the automotive industry is presently in the process of a metamorphosis, as is the case with most forms of technology. MG aims to take the lead in connected mobility and establish the connected vehicle ecosystem in India. Chaba went on to say that the partnership between both tech giants involves incorporating tracking, security and navigation amongst many other features in our vehicles, with an aim to offer a differentiated customer experience in India. Commenting on the occasion, Alok Srivastava, Regional MD, SEA (Cisco IoT) said,
“Cars of the future would not be seen just as a product but a platform, through which various services can be offered. A vehicle that is constantly connected offers a myriad of opportunities. It gives us great pleasure to associate with an iconic name such as MG Motor to accelerate the Connected Automobile revolution collectively.”’
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Default Re: Connected car platforms: Do they influence your car purchase decisions?

In my old Gypsy I guess it is a “Disconnected Car Platform” and hence I am flying more or less under the radar hey?
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Default Do 'Connected Car' features matter to you?

In the last few months, there has been an unprecedented buzz on the topic of connectivity, with new models'(Venue, Hector) marketing campaigns being centred around connectivity features. It is understandable that since it is early days, even the journos are focussing on these aspects in their reviews and as these features become the norm, the noise may go down. Thought of running a quick opinion check with you all to understand how many of these features actually make sense to a car buyer. For ease of understanding, I've bucketed the connectivity features in this table.

Which of these would appeal to you as a buyer? Will it influence your purchasing decision?
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Connected car platforms: Do they influence your car purchase decisions?-connectivity.png  

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Default Re: Do 'Connected Car' features matter to you?

I would be inclined for the following:
1) Safety and Emergency. In case of accident the car has to inform the Police, Ambulance and the family. In case of breakdown, it has to fix the towing service and the garage - instead of the driver trying to evaluate the possibilities.
2) Vehicle tracking and alerts: Very useful in case of vehicle being stolen
3) Servicing and maintenance: Run of the mill data analytics are useless, what I would value is the prediction of wear and tear related failures (which if they happen usually incapacitate the vehicle)
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Default Re: Do 'Connected Car' features matter to you?

I would like to be alerted if the car has diagnosed any issues, but I don't see the need for connectivity for that. The information can be displayed on the MID. I always carry my phone with me, and it can fill the gap of the remaining features which may be of use to me.

Will I eliminate a car because it is not "connected"? Not as of now. Similarly, I wouldn't pay extra to get "connected".
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Default Re: Do 'Connected Car' features matter to you?

Nope too much connectivity is bad. I wonder what are the real world use case of these are. Apart from the emergency call, I really don't fancy too much tech in car. I am old school, prefer the car to be as mechanical as possible.
Tech should be used to improve performance or efficiency, like direct injection, EBD, ABS, Airbags etc.
Really don't see why so much tech in the car and who uses this when driving. Shouldn't we focus on driving than these features. Too much technology make people dumb and addicted. What's really the point to pre-start the AC or check the FE or Fuel level on smartphone when a gauge is provided in the car.

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Default Re: Connected car platforms: Do they influence your car purchase decisions?

Over-connected world, this. It can become an serious nuisance when an un-necessarily paranoid person gets your number & mis-uses their liberty to connect with you. Further its dangerous when this "connected platform" is playing active & primary roles in the cars basic utilities that distract you by forcing the driver to look at the screen instead of the road (even if its for 2-3 seconds). So IMO things like the mute button or the A/c controls must have ergonomically positioned tactile buttons.

Lets assume its designed well & commuters use it judiciously, then :
In a (preferably small) car thats primarily meant for intra-city commute, it can be very useful.
Intra-city commute in heavy traffic often takes away a significant amount of time. Often its important to to be able to stay "actively" connected with your work-group/colleagues. I've come across friends who work in their car for 30-45 mins connected with their colleagues on an urgent basis to troubleshoot issues.

In a car thats primarily meant for long distance, its not so good.
While travelling long distances, one is deliberately away from the regular drill and would prefer to stay away. I don't mean one stays disconnected, but is "passively" connected i.e. only for substantially important communication that cannot wait.

Moreover, 5 years later when the "connected car" features develop glitches, our favourite "Jhonnys' FNG" will be unable to restore basic functions in the car and we'd probably be captive consumers to use the ASC which would do what companies-with-profit-motive do to captive customers. Who knows, car companies might even use copy-right laws to prevent any repairs connected to the "platform" or push subsequent changes to Terms and Conditions. Anyway don't want to go too deep, so I remain skeptical.

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Default Re: Do 'Connected Car' features matter to you?

Personally, none of this makes a big difference. I can live without car statistics on my phone.

The only thing I would really like instead though is Android Auto for google maps, an in-car WiFi hotspot (I believe Jio is working on an OBD port), and a GPS locator for when the driver is conducting a long journey.
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Default Re: Connected car platforms: Do they influence your car purchase decisions?

Car Connectivity is still a new feature for India market. This has been available for last few years in US and European markets with innovative brands like Tesla.

Car manufacturers in India are understanding the Hype around "Apps", "Connectivity" among Urban Youth in India and are bringing these features to models targeted to the "Millennials". Latest among these models being Hyundai Venue and MG Hector (which they are branding as Internet Car).

Only few of the existing features related to Safety, Security, Convenience and Utility are useful but majority are more of fad rather than of actual use.

But this trend is moving in a direction of AI and Hi-tech Cars where we would have a fully functional computer sitting in the car controlling almost every function in the vehicle including the drive (driver-less car).

In this transition, we might see car manufacturers coming with some not-so-useful connectivity features but yes the future is visible with all this. This is certainly not an hype but a window to the future.

So, for now, car connected features won't influence the car purchase decision for many but yes surely for those who want not just a car but a distinct piece of their extended personality :-)

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Default Re: Connected car platforms: Do they influence your car purchase decisions?

Recently I have seen a South Indian movie This movie depicts the dangers of connected features in cars and the main story line of the movie is also about it. When I look back, I am thinking that a good hacker can get in to the features. (With all the options we have out there). Looking for your thoughts as well.

(Mods :- Please move this post to different area, if you feel this is not relevant here)
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Default Re: Connected car platforms: Do they influence your car purchase decisions?

Car connectivity is completely irrelevant as far as my personal choice is concerned. I am and have always been someone who prioritises basic reliability and operation of mechanicals first - good engine, gearbox, suspension, tires etc. After that, all I need are basic safety (ABS +airbags) and a decent music system, along with comfortable seats and AC.

All this hoopla about connected cars, apps to govern vehicles carries completely zero relevance for me. I do not need them, neither do I want them in my car. They are just a bunch of additional complications diverting me away from my primary pleasure of driving a good, mechanically sorted vehicle.
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