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GeekSrik 6th January 2007 12:05

Fiats 4000cr investment what can be expected?
Hello all,

Its january now, and there has been only news and news floating around that the new palio will be coming and coming. of course some spy pics as well, but its really unclear whether they will launch both petrol and diesel as well. Does anyone here on this forum have real concrete information on this launch?

Why is FIAT or TATA keeping so mum on this while others are already making news about their new launches. :confused:

Now coming to the 4000cr investment planned by FIAT, and that its going to be a 50-50 investment from TATAs side as well, what can be expected out of this kind of thing?
  • Newer FIAT only service stations?
  • Better segregated TATA-FIAT stations?
  • Better respect for FIAT cars in such stations?
  • FIAT only helpline that is serious and caring for its customers?
  • Does this investment also cover the engine technology sharing?
  • would it mean better availability of spare parts using this expenditure?
  • would it also go into making of the new indica (FIAT-TATA-indica)?
  • and the 1-lakh car?
I know about the UVA or the spark or the swift diesel, but why is FIAT not making that kind of news? This casts too many doubts on whether they are hiring any agency properly this time to address customer doubts? and how they are going to set right the spares mess they are facing now.

They seem to have gotten into an unholy mess with dealers which are affecting end customers. Would this mean FIAT will totally relook at its dealers and take some stringent monitoring stand on these people? Somehow all this information is still unclear. The FIAT website does not involve customers to participate even, or sign up for press releases or whatever.

And finally any idea on exact launch month of the 1.3 MJD palio and whether palio adventure/petra would still be on the list?

can experts throw in their valuable thoughts on this please:

rahul_intlad 6th January 2007 12:21

Forgive me if I am wrong but I feel the days of Fiat as an independent entity in India are over.Now it would mostly be playing second fiddle to Big brother Tata[Talk about globilization].Its upto Tata as to what role fiat will play in India now.Till fiat manges some decent sales figures they may not risk building up independent infrastructre and continue using tata help.

All is not lost though for fiat india,once fiat sales pick up then maybe it will have a stronger voice in the tata-fiat partership.

Ps: Apologies if anybody was offended.These are just my thoughts and I hope I am proved wrong.

rahul_intlad 6th January 2007 12:38

BTW if these posts are any indication then the new palio would be out on 15th jan,the same day the new indica/indigo is to be also launched[Isnt that a strange coincidence].

New palio

New indica/Indigo

maxbhp 6th January 2007 18:50


Originally Posted by GeekSrik (Post 349315)
And finally any idea on exact launch month of the 1.3 MJD palio and whether palio adventure/petra would still be on the list?

Though Its called Multijet Diesel , I guess the pateneted name is JTD right ?

mithun 8th January 2007 07:18

I'm wondering with this 4000 crores at their disposal will they try anything to spruce up their A.S.S !!!

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