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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Have you ever sold your car off for reasons other than an upgrade? Most people sell their car only when they want to replace it with another new / used car.
We sold our Hyundai Accent which was a used car. It was a 2002 petrol variant bought in early 2011 for around 1.4 L, which seemed reasonable at that time.
It had an odometer reading of just 49000 kms which my dad believed to be legit, but later on came to know was tampered . We should have used some common sense but the only thing which we saw was the price.

This car was purely bought for its form factor, a sedan in front of house was the main moto behind buying it.

Whenever we had to take this guy out we had to call a driver, which cost us 700Rs per day. On top of it Accent had an amazing milage of 7-9 kmpl. All these factors led to a low running from our side. Most of the time it was just parked in the porch gathering dust , making delicious supper for the rodents and giving them 5 star accomodation in the boot.

Hence after 2 years we decided to sell it. Now comes the drama from car's side. Whenever a prospective buyer comes either it won't start or the AC stopped working. So at last a local guy came to buy this car for the same thing mentioned above (form factor!), and the deal was closed at 60000/- . This translates to a loss of 80K in two years.

Oh, did I mention it was hardly driven for 2500kms before selling it.

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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I sold my 'much much' loved Zen 2017, White Jelly Bean model after 17 years because the AC just couldn't keep up with the mounting heat. Tried everything but nothing worked! It was a sweaty association.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

My neighbor sold his 2 year old Duster because of superstition. He accidentally brushed a pig one day and the car was sold next week as hitting a pig is supposed to be very inauspicious and brings bad luck !!

He ended up buying a used Creta, but the reason for the sale was never an upgrade !
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I sold my WagonR only because my wife and kid after pestering for more than a year to sell , threatened that they will sell it themselves.

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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Answer is Yes.

Sold the Swift ZDi as I had suffered lower back related pain and continuing to use the Swift was not feasible anymore. The car had clocked ~1,25,000 kms at the time of selling.

Bought the Creta as a replacement. No issues with lower back now.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

It completely depends on what the forecasted requirement is for me.

Palio was a pre-owned car which stayed with me for three years. This was sold in favour of a diesel hatchback back - Ford Figo, as the running had increased.

Ford Figo was sold and replaced by a Maruti Alto as I was going for a long term onsite assignment and father wasn't comfortable driving a diesel car.

Alto was replaced with Ford EcoSport as long distance running was anticipated in the coming few years. This car is still with me.
Meanwhile a Nano XTA also joined the garage as EcoSport started too feel too much to handle in stop go traffic and crowed city areas.

Now, since my running has reduced considerably, planning to replace EcoSport with a smaller hatch back. Maybe a Tiago or Tigor at best.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Following to Jeroen's note on company cars (in Netherlands), I went through below cars so far.

Though the list looks to be of a typical upgrade route, it was not necessarily done to upgrade the cars, but it was just that I had to pick a new lease.

1. Golf 1.4 TSI (Lease expired)
2. Peugeot 308 1.6 BlueHdi (Gap-fill between two leases; I had it for a couple of months)
3. Volvo V40 CC D2 (Current drive).

Company cars, upon completion of their lease usually go back to the leasing company. Employee then orders a new car for next 2-4 years.
Sometimes there are possibilities of buying the car from leasing company after the lease expires.

My Volvo is now actually done with its 2-year lease and I could already pick a new car, but I am sticking to it for a few more months as there are certain tax confusions/discussions going on with expats here in Netherlands which will have a potential impact on my tax situation. On the other hand, V40 has been an excellent cruiser with no troubles so far. V40's Front seats are some of the best in business (of-course in its class).

On same lease note, my colleague recently picked a Seat ibiza FR after his Audi A3's lease got over.
Its a downgrade, but it comes with lower taxes and shorter lease time frame.

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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Here is my story:
1. Sold my Getz after 7yrs in 2010 as we just got bored of it though it was a nice car. Bought the Esteem Vxi.
2. Sold my esteem (really nice car!) cause the family found its seating very low. Getting in and out was a pain and then it just seemed too old once you sat inside. But I wanted to own an esteem once in my lifetime so item checked. Bought the EcoSport.
3. Will sell my EcoSport now next year (5yr old, solid car, no niggles, no rattles) cause it will do 1lac KM's and mentally it is like a point where I would feel wary of taking it out on the highway. Call me superstitious.
4. Sold my Volkswagen Jetta back in 2003 cause the transmission developed issues and it was just too expensive to fix.
5. Sold my Nissan Ultima in 2004 cause I decided to head back home from US.

And thinking of selling the Elantra cause I need a family car that seats 7 and also cause the Elantra is a pain the city plus not so fun outside the city.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

The story of the Germans!

Our BMW E60 525d, and Mercedes E211 E270 CDI were both sold after 9 & 10 years respectively as the maintenance just didn't justify the usage.
Typically there was always another car in the garage that took over the daily role of these cars as they aged, and then due to limited use it just didn't make sense to keep them apart from emotional value.
So a long drive later, we would end up selling it.

The other cars always made way for a newer vehicle (upgrade / downgrade all dependent on needs at that time), but with the Germans it was just when the head managed to overthrow the heart.
Similar story for the Etios too, which we sold in September after picking up the Tiguan because it was just too many cars to maintain and park.

Do I regret these decisions? Yes! I either wish I got to spend a few more drives with them, or they were such great cars they left a void. Heck, after selling the 525d, I picked up a pre-owned 328i which though fun, just isn't as involving.

Even today we have an extra car at home, but learning from past experiences - I just want to enjoy it thoroughly before we sell any of them.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I have owned a few cars in the past. Only once did I sell a car to upgrade!

My first car, the inherited Ambassador Mk2, was sold because I was traveling a lot and could not maintain it. It was taking up space and nobody was using it. Since I was not in town, I gave my family the go-ahead to sell it. My mother called a trusted dealer, and he took it off our hands. Not sure how the transaction was completed or what he did with the car, because I found the original RC book recently while clearing out some junk!!

My second car, a VW Golf GTi, was sold because I relocated back to India from UK.
After that I had a Zen, and wrote it off in an accident. Sold as scrap.
Went back to UK for higher studies, bought super cheap and old Ford Fiesta. It kinda barely met my transportation needs for a couple of years, then I scrapped it. Went car-less for a few months.
Sold my Nissan Primera because I was relocating (again!)
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

In my immediate family, the following cars were sold and not upgraded:
1) 11 year old Maruti Zen sold. For about 5 years they Zen and VW Vento were the two cars. The Zen was sold last year without any replacement.
2) 7 year old hardly used Maruti Suzuki Wagon R sold. It belong to my Uncle. As uncle moved to live with my cousin in Mumbai (from Bhopal), just after 1 year of purchasing the car. Finally, last year sold it off as keeping that car (as a showpiece) in the garage didn't make sense.
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Yes. Several times!

(1) In 2006, we sold off our Zen when I moved out of home for higher studies, as there was no one else to drive it.

(2) In 2012, we had to sell off our Alto K10 when I changed jobs, as it was part of the perks provided by my then employer, MSIL. We already had a Ritz, and relocating with two cars did not make sense.

(3) In 2014, when we moved to Japan, we sold off both our cars, the Ritz and a Nano (should have taken the Alto K10 with us, in hindsight!).

(4) Right now, we have two cars again (out of necessity) both of which we bought pre-owned, nearly 4 years ago. I drive a 2007 Odyssey and my wife, a 2013 Swift. I used to drive the Odyssey around 80 km daily for my office commute. Now, since I transferred to an office where only train commute is permitted, my Odyssey lies idle.

I am thinking of selling off the Odyssey, although at 150K kms, it will fetch nothing in resale value. But the parking charges and bi-yearly fitness tests alone ('Shaken&rsquo costs around JPY 350,000 p.a.

Therefore, it doesn't make much financial sense to keep it. I am kind of torn, as the car is in mint condition, and from the last generation of well-built Hondas. Sigh!
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Sold the Cruze in May 2017 when GM was shutting down their Indian ops. TD'd a few cars across a range of segments but deferred the decision since both, me and my dad, spent quite some time away from Mumbai due to business commitments. Both have (happily!) switched to Uber as our primary mode of transport and it is very convenient as our work comes with a lot of travel in other cities. With the data that I have access to, I could maybe create a thread and provide analytical data on the benefits of using Uber/Ola as a primary vehicle.

However, we both might pick up a car pretty soon. While I'd be interested in a Polo/Vento/Rapid AT, he might go for a Hexa/Innova.

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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

For me

Peugeot 309SRI - getting ropey and I was moving back to India
Tata Sierra - Fed up of picking up the pieces
Skoda Octavia RS - Fed up with the tension wondering when the next Check Engine light will come on.
Maruti 800 - My daughter started going to a school near the National Highway, although she took the bus, I insisted on a safer car when she was fetched on a Friday as a treat
Hyundai Getz - My mothers - 9 years old 36000km. Nothing wrong, she wanted a new car before she stops driving also she wanted to give the car to someone else after her time and wanted to give something newer.

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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Very interesting to read the story behind our cars.

1. Sold the Daewoo Cielo for scrap value as it was redundant and the spare parts were not available. When i first learnt how to drive I used to push start the car as there were issues with the wiring and the battery but it was still a lovely car to drive.

2. Recently sold the Swift, even though it was working perfectly as a beater car, as it was supposed to given away as a gift (bribe)
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