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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I sold our family Ď93 Premier Padmini around the turn of the millennium. My first job out of B school was in Sales, which meant no stable home base. I moved between Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Hubli and Bangalore and lugging this thing around with me wasnít an option. Also, truth be told, the young MBA in me was a little ashamed of it by then, with my friends already driving Cielos and Corsas!

My North Karnataka distributor offered me 25 grand cash for it, so I eagerly accepted- after a quick check with Dad who technically was the owner- and sold it off just before I changed jobs and moved again. The Accent didnít make its way into my garage till about a year later.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

A 2015 job change moved me from Chennai to Bangalore at the height of the KA RTO's drive to increase their revenues by chasing out of state cars, so I re-registered my 2014 Amaze in Bangalore and got a KA number. And then by end 2015 I had to move back to Chennai because the Bangalore pollution didn't quite help with my son's asthma issues.

Back to Chennai and driving that KA car back and forth between Chennai and frequent meetings / training sessions in Bangalore, the car became a cop magnet in Chennai for fines and such, out of state vehicles being a preferred target whenever they're on one of their periodic drives.

So I decided to sell my Amaze and buy a TN vehicle instead.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Have you ever sold your car off for reasons other than an upgrade? Most people sell their car only when they want to replace it with another new / used car.
Nice thread.

We've had a fare share of such sold offs!

1. M800 - It was a 1987 model car and after using it for over 18 years on daily basis, Dad was not keen on using it as we had bought a Santro in 2005. So it was sent packing.

2. Alto LXi - It was my elder brother's car bought in 2005. It was used by him at his peace posting but then it was lying idle for nearly 1 and half years when he was out for field posting. Then the car was again put to good use during 2009 for about 3-4 months and was finally sold off in Mumbai with around 16K on the odo!

3. Santro GL Plus - This was purchased in October 2012 when Dad said that he was not comfortable driving the Wagon R. This was sold off in October 2013 as Dad gave up driving after he suffered a Sub-Dural Hemorrhage in March 2013. He tried driving it again but gave up soon.

There were no replacements bought out for any of them immediately.

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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I had sold my first Fiat Stile 1.1 SLX as i just wanted to drive a fiat with 1.3 Multijet engine! Bought a used 1.3 SDX which had 38K on the odo and drove it all the way till 98K!

Then the MJD started to have multiple issues one after another: couple of clutch failures, radiator fans stopped working, timing belt replacement, black smoke from the exhaust and finally white smoke started to come from the engine! All this with in span of 4 months! As i had already spent considerable amount to get the above issues fixed, didn't want to spend more on getting the engine fixed. Plus my daily run had reduced to just 20KM, So exchanged it for a punto 1.1 Active.
Drove the punto for 3 years and 35K KM and started to realize that fiat isn't bothered about its customers. No new models, no AMT/Automatics and no clarity on the future of Fiat brand with Jeep being their primary focus. I started to see the already low resale value going down further with each passing day.
Sold the punto on olx and bought dzire zxi+AGS which had all the bells and whistles. Got a lot of from fiat fans but it was head vs heart. now driving is a breeze in bangalore traffic and i hope to hold on to this car as long as i can or till a new car comes at a irresistible price and most of the bells and whistles.

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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Had to sell my Ikon 1.6 because of reliability issues. I think Ikon was made for 5 years only, after that everything was falling apart. It was famous for its leaks. No matter how you maintain it, it kept on giving issues back to back. I have at least 3 friends who owned Ikon and all had the same experience. Too much niggles. Sold the car after 6 years. Shame, it truly was a drivers car.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I bought a used 2008 Chevrolet Aveo UVA during end 2016 and sold it in mid 2018 as I felt that it is not a good city car; though it has a big car feel. Lost nearly Rs 30,000/- in the process.

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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Yes, because our family needs changed drastically. This is for sure not an upgrade but I convinced my parents to sell 2 cars and buy one. The only upgrade- an AT came home. I came to the USA in 2017 for grad studies and dad took up a new job in Jan 2018 which involved him living in a different city traveling a lot.

Just one person (down from 3) needing a car full time- mom. I convinced them to sell our 11-year-old Innova and 12-year-old Getz. My parents were initially looking to replace 2 cars with a Baleno CVT, but I convinced them to buy a Ciaz AT. (pre-facelift)

If not the car, dad uses Uber/Ola or gets a ride with friends when in Bangalore. He actually loves the fact that he doesn't have to park. He used to sometimes ask me to drop him off at his office during my undergrad. He loves the convenience and I doubt he's ever going to buy another car even if he works full-time Bangalore. It is true that ride-sharing has somewhat affected the market.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Not yet but planning to sell my Punto after a rollover incident. The body got a substantial hit but not enough to be declared as a total loss. The car is currently being repaired and I might trade/upgrade it immediately post repair.

I am not sure if I will ever have that same peace of mind.

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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I sold my E2O as it was no longer being used for the purpose that I bought it for.
Having two cars at home with a single person using both was not making any sense.
The looming GST and the associated increase in Battery lease made the decision easier.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

We usually like to buy new and keep the car for long and then replace/ upgrade once it starts feeling old. Our benchmark is 10 years/ 1,00,000 kms whichever is achieved first. Few cars like the WagonR and Santro stayed with us for almost 15 years! Only one car was sold prematurely and that was the Palio 1.6 Stile. The car was sold off in about less that 3 years. Reason : Poor brakes. I had suffered one accident on the Chennai - Bangalore highway when the tyres locked up on a wet road and collided with an auto. Barely a month later, it had another small shunt in the city when the tyres locked up again in the wet. The car did not have ABS and tended to lock its tyres at the drop of a hat. The 1.6 engine was very peppy but I wish the car maker knew that powerful engine and lousy brakes never go well together
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I used to work for an auto OEM. Had two cars of that brand.

Switched jobs. Changed industry. New office was very far and traveling by local train made sense due to mad Mumbai traffic.

There was no point to have two cars in the garage.

Sold one of them.

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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Practically sold my Gypsy King for a song, because I wasn't using it much, to a friend who was desperately searching for one to continue his wildlife research. An impulsive decision, no regrets.

Sold my Nano and the Indigo Marina after my father passed and my brother moved to Bangalore. So, left with 3 cars and just me to drive.

Retained the Vista, after actually putting it up for sale. 5 years later, it's still going good at 1,40,000 kms and due to complete 7 years this month end. Had sold the problematic Ikon 1.6 Petrol to pick up the Vista.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

We sold our old Indigo, as we didn't need two cars any longer. Didn't make sense to maintain two cars as there's only one person, driving after my dad was asked to stop driving by the doctors.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

My father bought a Mahindra Bolero 8 years ago for his travel requirements at that time. The plan was to keep it till he got transferred but that plan had to be tossed aside and the car was sold a year later. Reason? Boleros are thief magnets here and our car was stolen twice! We were able to trace the car and recover it because father was high up in the govt. The moment we got the car back home the second time, he put it up for sale. It got sold in 3 days!
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

We sold our 2001 C180 in a few years as it was a money sucking machine. There was no upgrade planned, we just had to get rid of it due to the level of frustration.
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