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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I keep feeling the need to sell my car which I recently bought. A 2014 december city petrol VAT SUNROOF. Two reasons for the same. A CVT is just not an enthusiasts machine. Second, the usage in Mumbai is so low that its not funny. I have driven 1000 kms in 6 odd months. I feel like selling the same, getting a diesel swift 2014 2015 and an interceptor.
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I had to sell my 2003 Fiat Palio 1.2 in 2011 because I moved (from Delhi) to Bangalore for work and the car was old and difficult to maintain for me to move it to Bangalore. Had to live for one year in Bangalore without a vehicle but didn't regret selling the old lady. Just couldn't maintain it.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Have been reading through these interesting posts and wondering - what to do and what not to do...?

I had a Indica Xeta (my first car/first car ever!) bought in 2006 - the car gave me a series of issues throughout, check engine sign, ECU issues - the list is endless. The only good thing about the car was the paint and maybe the metal and this i mention cos i sold the car in 2013 for a mere 65000 got my BIL's Honda Zxi; Zxi's metal and paint are abysmal! Metal corroded and very thin compared to the Xeta / Tata.

It is a 2006 and apart from the corrosion - I think I can live with the car for a few years more. Am thinking of denting and repainting the car again or give it to Honda ASS to replace the doors as the corrosion is an eye sore.

Since we are on similar topic - what you guys think about putting makeup and using it further? It is a 2006 car, so will the 15 year (NGT) tenure make me shunt the car?

Sometimes I get into the drift of restoring the car and fixing the niggling issues once and for all - make it look swanky!
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

In 2011 i drove my Padmini from Pune to Mumbai to scrap it.
The decision was made based on Late Mr.Behram Dhabar's suggestion who had a quick look at my car and advised me to scrap it.

I would have to shell as much as 50-60k to bring it to good shape as its body was in bad shape internally which meant I would need to get a complete body for Padmini and finding one in good shape wasn't easy.

There were other issues as well, which collectively would have been difficult to fix.

I had a home loan on my back and spending so much on a second car wasn't going to be practical for me.With Nano being bought recently, Padmini was not used as much and finding parking in rented house for me was getting difficult for 2 cars.

Even today , replying to this thread makes me feel a bit sad about fact that I couldn't save my first car.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I think I will sell my second car due to lack of time for driving. I hate to see an otherwise great car, Civic, spending most of the time idle in my parking lot. A quick glance on figures and I see that I have driven it just 11K kms in last 4 years!
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Originally Posted by saket77 View Post
I think I will sell my second car due to lack of time for driving. I hate to see an otherwise great car, Civic, spending most of the time idle in my parking lot. A quick glance on figures and I see that I have driven it just 11K kms in last 4 years!

I sold my Palio 1.6 for the exact same reason. With the ecosport being my daily drive, I just wasn't driving it enough. Hated to see it go but I hope it's being used well.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

In our household, my parents sold the Etios for a Micra AT. Best decision they ever made to be honest. Now that my sister uses it, we might need to pick up another car for her so that my parents can keep the Micra.

I personally alternate between my CBR250R and Figo for commutes/drives/rides.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

We sold our Skoda Rapid and bought an EcoSport. I do not consider this an upgrade in anyway except maybe for the engine since we moved from the NA 1.6MPI to the all-rounder 1.5 TDCI. There weren't any solid reasons for selling the Rapid, we just sold it as it had completed 5 years. Some minor factors were like low GC, low mileage, not-so-powerful AC, less features and only driver airbag. I miss the Skoda though, will probably buy another Skoda sometime in future! Probably one that sounds like We Are Ess
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I sold my BMW 320D after 2+ years of use and moved to Fortuner since 320D didn't suite the type of roads I prefer to go. There were other reasons like the GC, service quality, lack of spare tyre etc.

I had earlier sold my Ford Ikon after 2 years of use and moved to Elantra diesel, reasons were high maintenance and fuel economy.

Both the cars were purchased new after lot of research, but were proven later as not the appropriate fit for my usage.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I had purchased VW Polo Petrol Highline in 2013 after getting impressed with the build quality and the comfortable ride. However I sold it off in 2015 due to limited service network, horrendous service quality and high cost of parts/accessories. I got a good price on OLX and replaced it with Swift Petrol ZXI which has been "a complete peace of mind" type of ownership experience ever since .
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I purchased a 2014 Figo diesel last year as I was learning to drive in Delhi. We also had a 2015 Micra at home in Kolkata, which was barely used (7k km in 3.5 years). Six months after my purchase, my parents wanted to upgrade. Given they would barely get a fair value for the almost new Micra, I decided to sell the Figo and get the Micra here.

Surprisingly, my dad had done a similar thing about fifteen years ago. My grandfather had a 2-3 year old Matiz, when it was taken over by GM. My dad sold off our 800 and got the Matiz when my grandad decided they didn't want a car anymore.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

This is an interesting thread and I'm late to the party! Of all I have owned, a 2007 Lexus IS220d and 2011 Fiat Punto is what comes into my mind.

1. Lexus - Pre-owned, picked it up as a daily driver at approx 113k miles( full Lexus service history and was in top condition) in May 2018. The high miles and the age did not bother me owing to the fact that it came from the Toyota family and also because my brother owned an Innova back in India, that was just shy of three lakh km and yet felt no more than it had 50,000 km on clock. Around 17 months of absolute joy and approx. 19k miles later, problems started to surface, in the form of the worn out injector seals. Some threads in the ClubLexusForum showed more light into the common problems with this specific diesel mill. I decided to go with a professional fix rather than DIY. The fix wasn't expensive, however, the mechanic mentioned that he had seen injector failures when people approached him for worn out seal replacements. The injector prices blew my mind. It was north of a grand(labour excluded) and all I could do was to pray and hope that the injectors were just fine.Thankfully, injectors were fine and the fix didn't put a hole in my pocket. A couple of weeks later, I started to see blue smoke randomly, which escalated quickly, to a point where I could see a cloud of blue smoke in my IRVM whenever I floored the gas on motorway sprints. The technician at Lexus said that it was nothing to be worried of and that it was common with the IS220's. I did take a second opinion from a trusted mechanic, who said he had seen the same issue on a couple of cars of the same make, but never really understood what the real issue was. ClubLexusForum had horror stories, for some people, replacing the fifth injector worked, for others it was a clogged DPF or a failed EGR. And yes, a lot of people with head gasket failure stories. The best part - no lamps or messages, no DTCs, oil levels stayed the same, no loss of power, mileage unaffected. It didn't take long to make a decision, sold it off. I have been searching different forums for a convincing answer, but remains a mystery!

2. Punto - This was our family car for around 5 years back in India, used very sparingly and had just 50000km on the odometer when it was sold. It was an absolute lemon! It spend more time on the ramp than on the road. To be honest, it helped me realise how unreliable cars can get.
- Front suspension mountings replaced twice under warranty and it failed again in another six months.
- All four power window motors replaced under warranty one by one. And then it was time for round 2!
- Turbo hoses replaced twice.
- The driver rear door hung and was rubbing against the frame, the edge had to be sanded down for a clean shut!

To top it all, four accidents when it was parked somewhere, all on the driver side (three of which were hit and run). Doors replaced once, dented and painted twice. And once, the technician at the ASS missed out to apply the Park Brake while on the ramp! It rolled off the ramp and had a hole in the boot!
Even, my mom once mentioned the car not to be a lucky one for the family (just one of the many Indian mom things). Looking back, I had just started my career and the car was literally eating up all of my earnings(to be read as fresher just out of college, first job scenario).

All that being said, I absolutely loved the driving experience (in all honesty, these two were the best, just in terms of the ear to ear grin whenever I was driving them). I would still consider buying another Punto( I still think my specific unit was faulty) or one from the Lexus stable (probably a lesser driven one)!

What I liked :

Lexus - Ride,build and material quality, effortless and silent motorway(even being a diesel, shut the doors, roll up the windows and you feel completely isolated from the outside world), the brilliant Mark Levinson acoustics, the switchgear felt like new considering its age and everything worked as it should.

Punto - The tank-like built(even the hinges couldnt take the weight of the doors as I mentioned earlier), the sculpted steering wheel (was fancy in the Indian market at that time I guess) and it had the best balance between handling and comfort in its segment.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I sold my Opel corsa sail just because of spare parts availability, otherwise it was a fine car, very comfortable, quiet, could drive all day long without any fatigue.

Then sold off the Ritz zxi, fantastic engine and suspension. But that's it, nothing beyond that. It was a rattle box. Constantly reminded me of the corsa.

Current drive is an i10 auto for the last 7 years and never ever has that thought of selling it come to mind.

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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

Wow, just noticed this thread.

Sadly it reminded me of the great loss.

My father had sold off his RD350 during late 80's to his room-mate.

Back then, he used to stay with his colleagues in Nashik as he had a job there. Later while shifting to Mumbai, the bike was sold off as he deemed it useless in Mumbai traffic. Also, we did not have any parking space whatsoever.

I wish he had kept the bike.
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Default Re: Did you ever sell a car for reasons other than an upgrade?

I bought a Hexa XTA on Jan 2018 as the main family car. Had an Innova before that, which I sold for the Hexa.

Also had the Maruti Ignis as the daily runabout and kids school drop veh, mostly driven by the driver.

My personal car was a pre-owned Ford Fiesta 1.6 Sport.
I sold the Fiesta cause I always longed for the old Baleno 1.6, which was my first brand new car bought with my own money from the showroom, back in 2004. Owned it till 2008. Oh heady days!

I bought two Balenos ( both 2007) in running condition from govt auction and started doing them up bit by bit to make one perfect car. One had a great engine but bad bodyline, one had a good body.

Took my time doing it since I have my own workshop and my project car was worked upon whenever the boys got free from clients work. Bought a ton of spares from Boodmo and pestered the local Mittal store. Read up Teambhp on everything Baleno and left no stone unturned to make it the perfect car, money no object- after all, what is money compared to your passion, right? The car would make me young once again......

Meanwhile after owning the Hexa for about two years, decided to sell it as the kids have grown up a bit and we no longer need to take the maids for our outstation trips and also find that Mom hardly ever rides on the Hexa as it's difficult for her to get in and out of due to a leg injury and subsequent surgery and a metal rod installed in her leg.
She was mostly using the Ignis. Also, the huge Tata with the automatic gearbox is not the best car for our crowded, hilly Town with its small lanes. There's hardly any parking space to fit it in town.

Put the Hexa on the market and it's almost sold now as am in talks with two serious buyers.
Will be selling the Ignis too a couple of months down the line after I've bought something smaller/ lower than the Hexa.

Meanwhile, after finally finishing my Baleno project, I finally did all the paperwork and registered it as my private vehicle and started driving it around.
But Alas, it seems in my nostalgic, fond memories of my first new car, apparently I only remembered the good things of the car.
I had forgotten how low the GC of the car was ( it damn near scrapes everywhere), how weak the clutch was, how rattly and tin like the earlier generation Maruti cars were and the final nail in the coffin- in the past 16 years since I had owned the Baleno, I've bloated up considerably, also got a bad back (L4 is popped out), gotten older and gotten used to much better ride quality, more space and luxury - My previous Innova and my current Hexa.

Now, I just didn't enjoy the Baleno as I used to back in the day. Crouching so low to get in and out of the car is comical in the best of times and the cabin is deary and claustrophobic.

With a heavy heart, I'll be selling the Baleno, probably for a massive loss. Will put it up for sale in a week or so.

Luckily I got a great condition, sparingly used 2010 SX4 for cheap. Owner was keen to buy a Mahindra XUV300 with December discounts and he came down quite a bit. It was too tempting to let go.

I realize I'm just rambling and maybe I shouldn't even be posting as I haven't yet sold either of my three cars. But ones almost done and the two others not far behind.
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