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Surprise 12th January 2007 16:34

Name Your Manufacturer
Who is the manufacturer of your car/s? Please vote

PS: Third time Iam creating this thread. First time, I missed out multiple poll option. Second, I missed to tick "make the poll public". Hope this time I got both right and no further mistakes. Sorry mods for the trouble & even for the members who have voted in earlier threads

Mr.Bangalore 12th January 2007 16:49

yes it is working..
my vote goes for Toyota.. having a Innova VVTi
and for GM, since having an 2000 model matiz (now coming as Spark this year)


Dippy 12th January 2007 16:52

Voted for Honda and Tata since I have an OHC and a Sierra in the family

vvrchandra 12th January 2007 17:00

My vote goes for HONDA & HYUNDAI as I've both Santro and NHC

iraghava 12th January 2007 17:00

Honda & Hyundai!! .

arun_moorthy 12th January 2007 17:02

My Manufacturer , Hyundai as i have owned 3 Hyundai cars

shuvc 12th January 2007 17:04

Should it be restricted to cars currently owned ? Do previously owned cars qualify ?

Mr.Bangalore 12th January 2007 17:42


Originally Posted by shuvc (Post 354032)
Should it be restricted to cars currently owned ? Do previously owned cars qualify ?

i think it should be cars currently owned...

moralfibre 12th January 2007 17:45

Voted for Fiat and Hyundai. I have a Palio 1.6 Sport, a Getz GLS and a Santro XO.

yogi1771 12th January 2007 18:54

voted for ford have a fiesta1.6sxi at present

BUSA 12th January 2007 19:08

Please add Mitsubishi in the poll (should not make it qualify under the HM tag, please)

Surprise 12th January 2007 19:10

@bharat.86, you had opted for the following manufacturers

1. BMW
2. HM
3. Honda
4. Hyundai
5. Maruti
6. Tata
7. Toyota
8. Benz
9. Others

Is that your family own all these cars or you included your relatives list too or you added your previous cars

namit 12th January 2007 19:25

Mera Scoooter - Santro Xing

Meri gaaaadi - Aveo.

neoonwheels 12th January 2007 19:33

For me its FIAT..... I own Palio 1.2 Sport

Samurai 12th January 2007 19:33

Only currently owned should be considered, or else I can also pick Toyota, Acura(Honda), Mercury(Ford) and Chevy. Right now I have voted only for Maruti and Hyundai.

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