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Default Which car or bike will you never forget?

Ever drove / owned a car that was so special that it made a permanent impression on your brain? Or a motorcycle?

Here's my list of rides that I will never forget. Whenever I think of them...I smile (just like you would upon remembering that special ex-girlfriend of yours). Please share your list - only include those special ones that you have driven, ridden or owned:

My beautiful, mildly souped-up Vtec. Listen to her sing in this video! Had a pure hydraulic steering and a MAD engine. If ever there was an example of an engine which made the car, this was it:

First time in an open-wheel race car, the Formula Renault! The sheer grip, speed & agility blow you away. It's like nothing you've ever driven before. Not even a supercar can compare (related thread):
Which car or bike will you never forget?-1bb.jpg

In the 90s, I used to be big on 2-wheels and even owned an RX100. Have since ridden liter bikes too, but I will never forget my first time on a blue RD350. I revved it like my RX100 and almost fell off the motorcycle! Learned in 3 seconds that if you show respect to the RD350, it'll respect you back. Nothing quite like riding (or even listening to the exhaust of) a well-tuned RD350:
Which car or bike will you never forget?-fullsizerender.jpg

A car with a soul. Insane turbo-petrol motor, rock solid stability, awesome hydraulic steering & strong brakes - cars like the Abarth Punto are a dying breed. Enjoy them while you still can. Every time I've driven one, it's left an indelible memory inside my head:
Which car or bike will you never forget?-abarthpunto03.jpg

Sierra Turbo. C-H-A-R-A-C-T-E-R & style in a sea of Esteems & Cielos. In its early days, the Sierra had a lame N/A diesel which was terribly under-powered. Tata later launched a "Turbo" variant. One of my closest friends owned one (he still does actually) and trust me when I say this, we've had some great times in it. She was our late night ride around Bombay and the highway express then. With its punchy mid-range, we left many Esteem, City & Lancer owners . See my smile in the first image. Says its all, no?
Which car or bike will you never forget?-73.jpg

Which car or bike will you never forget?-p1000134.jpg

I'll never forget the EVO X. Not because of how impressive it was, but because of how underwhelmed I was! Don't get me wrong - this car was quick & had unbelievable dynamic talent. But after growing up reading about EVOs and how terrific they are, the EVO X's steering was as dead as a Hyundai's and there was no "push back into the seat" acceleration either. A humbler 530d is more fun:
Which car or bike will you never forget?-mitsubishievox14.jpg

As much because of the motorcycle as its cute owner. Both bring a smile to my face whenever I think of them. The ZZR400 was so much fun even on Indian roads (unlike a liter bike which you can't really rev beyond 1st gear). This is what I would call a "sorted" motorcycle. And its special owner - well, the sweetest fellow you could ever meet:
Name:  i256.jpg
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Size:  71.3 KB

Name:  188723_10150132865878905_7509266_n.jpg
Views: 23051
Size:  92.1 KB

Surprised to see the Nano here? Don't be. It is the most INTELLIGENT car India has ever seen. The space packaging, design efficiency and cost-engineering are simply brilliant. I even took it for a road trip in a group full of UVs. Will never forget the Nano. IMHO, the Nano's story should be made a must-read for every student of business or engineering:
Which car or bike will you never forget?-tatanano201208.jpg

I'm a huge fan of the timeless W126 & gangster W140 generations. This is the first S-Class I've gone crazy over since those earlier two legends. In fact, I'm so mad about the W222, there's a high probability that it will be my next sedan. No car is as stately or elegant as this S-Class:
Which car or bike will you never forget?-2018mercedessclassfl04.jpg

Two reasons = for the rusty piece of unreliable junk that the 118NE was (undoubtedly the worst car I ever owned). And second, for its wide & spacious backseat that me & my then girlfriends spent a lot of time on . Of course, the damn thing would overheat while idling with the air-con running, and it was so shoddily built that a broken spring actually popped out of the back seat and poked me!
Which car or bike will you never forget?-p1000323.jpg

Imagine a morning where you could drive any or all of these cars. Would you ever forget it?
Which car or bike will you never forget?-club-torque-drive_teambhp-41.jpg

My beloved Jeep that I still own. She's been with me through my college years and will be turning 22 next month! Click here to see all my special memories with her:
Which car or bike will you never forget?-65.jpg

I insist that the Cooper S is more fun than a Ferrari / Lamborghini in India. A fast road legal go-kart is how I see it. Many say this R56 gen was better than even the current F56. It had a purity that one rarely sees in modern cars. Pre-owned ones are going relatively cheap. If you can, go out and buy one. Don't think twice:
Which car or bike will you never forget?-minicooper11.jpg

Just like the 1st-gen City Vtec was all about the engine (it was crap otherwise), so was the RX100. That 2-stroke motor was rev-happy like no other and the bike was damn agile. Back in those days, it was my choice over the Shogun (RX100 & Shogun owners were perpetually at war). Too bad it got stolen barely a year after I owned it. In all likelihood, this was the last motorcycle I'll own:
Which car or bike will you never forget?-p1000314.jpg

Which car or bike will you never forget?-p1000327.jpg

Volvo means boring, right? Go drive a 304 BHP AWD S60 T6, then come back & talk to me. This car was f-a-s-t and gripped tarmac like a leech! We actually went up & down the Igatpuri ghat SIX TIMES in quick succession, just to enjoy the beast. IIRC, we used up two full tanks of petrol in 2 days:
Which car or bike will you never forget?-gto-nick.jpg

Which car or bike will you never forget?-volvos6001.jpg

Even though it's been 15 years since we'd brought her home & me having a far more powerful sedan today, I still miss my C220. Reason = its 6-speed MT. As you know, there are no luxury cars you can buy with a manual gearbox anymore. This C220 was one of the last. We had innumerable highway trips in the C220 and it was a pleasure to experience that combination of a common-rail diesel (my first ever) + 6 speed MT + German dynamics:
Which car or bike will you never forget?-dsc00159.jpg

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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Indian Car Scene!
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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

I am happy to announce my 2 car garage which defies the small car Taxation norm and both cars have their own charm attached.

1) 2006 Fiat Palio 1.6

Which car or bike will you never forget?-47380540_2271497082884564_8923821320911716352_n.jpg

Custom built and painted in Scuderia Red and restored to GTX Spec and mimics the "sporting" bodykit from turkey model, with period correct Italian momo revenge alloys painted in white, with a functioning cassette player and the 1.6 DOHC "torque" engine in top notch condition. Its even today, in its 13th year, capable of doing 0-100 in approx 11s, and revving all the way to glory of 7100 rpm. Abuse friendly as well, plus dynamics remain stupendous. Its easy to manage parts but they take time to arrive. But, availability is fast dwindling.
But, again, its a small price to pay for the immense pleasure you get while driving it. And adding to icing in the cake is the exhaust Note of Borla proXS.

2) 2018 Fiat Punto Abarth

Which car or bike will you never forget?-48403231_2302176836483255_3275410916845289472_n.jpg

Owning two puntos before buying this, this was exactly I wanted at first place. The car has few flaws, but has been addressed by installing lowering springs, a short shifter, a bigger intercooler, wider and better tyres, an armrest and the car is a complete package. Its stupidly fast, and when driven sanely, easily returns double digit figures in city. Done 1800 kms in it already and more to come. Cars like this don't come too often.

Ideal diesel touring car?
I have ditched diesels for good, but the Ford Freestyle is the one I'd like to add. Right size, brilliant dynamics, solid built, fast and efficient diesel motor and cheap to maintain. Plus its abuse friendly. What else can one ask for?
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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

Great thread. So here goes....

I write from the perspective of the impression the car made on me at that point in time. So what impressed me in 1985 won't have the same impact in 2019 because cars have changed, expectations have changed and I have changed too. The top 3.

Maruti 800: Pocket rocket. Kick the tyre, light the fire and off you go. After the Standard Herald and Hindustan Ambassador it took a while to get used to its acceleration, braking power and light touch pedals. And those modern looks. It left an impression that folks of my generation who drove what came before can never forget. In 1985 driving a brand new sky blue Maruti 800 had status.

Cielo: The first modern executive sedan in India with its new age looks and smooth drive and engine. For me it marked a coming of age financially and business career wise in 1996. It was the first big Indian car in our colony and folks on their morning walks would pause and ponder. My father was always a bit concerned of what would I make of my life. But the day I bought the Cielo (no loans, all from savings) he expressed that he felt confident I'll muster my way through.

Skoda Laura: Torque, Nm, acceleration, growling power. I had never experienced such straight-line acceleration and muted power waiting to be unleashed. It was a car the epitomized 'firing on all cylinders'.

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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

Nice thread, GTO. And those are some lovely rides.

Unfortunately, I do not have many photos to share but here goes my list:

1. Rajdoot 175: Dad's bike which was purchased around the time I was born. We still have it. I learned riding on it and got to enjoy many short and long rides on it with dad and mom. Sitting on the tank with breeze in my face (like a dog ) was all that I wish for in those days. It used to run on pure kerosene if required with a dash of petrol directly in the air intake of carburettor. Key was later replaced by a simple nail. Immediately after I got my DL, I rode this bike for around 200kms in one go and loved every bit of it. The memory of that ride is still fresh. Only issue was it used to get overheated quickly on longer drives (100+ kms).

When I am in my native next time, will click some pics to upload here.

2. RX135 4-Gear: This was (and still is) owned by my best buddy from diploma college days. In fact, just yesterday it completed 17 years. We used to commute to college and all other places on it and it was simply amazing to ride.

Super linear acceleration with decent handling. The only bike on which I could manage a wheelie!

3. Tata Sierra: This was owned by my cousin. Bought in 90's it was an amazing SUV/station wagon - whatever you call it. The best part of it was the steering. Super light compared to the size of the vehicle. This was the first refined vehicle which I got to drive after honing our driving (rather off-roading) skills on Mahindra commander "jeep".

4. Alto: Elder brother's car which was handed over to me for upkeep as he was deputed to the USA exactly after one year of buying the car. So many fond memories in that car. Took it to Konkan multiple times and loved it for it's nimbleness plus practicality. Of course it scored zero on safety but then I wasn't too bothered about it then.

5. Finally, the 320d: Just sold a couple of years ago, I still regret selling it. It was the first luxury car that I drove for considerable amount of time. clocked close to 40k kms on it in three years and it never failed on me. Amazing combination of handling and comfort.

All these are unforgettable rides for me.
Will try to post pics of all the rides.
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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

Well, being a car guy I'll never forget the cars we've owned, each one special in its own way. Somehow two wheels never invoked the same emotions for me, reason being my dad who was very averse to two wheelers due to some phobia he had. A small accident was all it took for him to ban me from riding again.

I'll list out the really special ones.
Maruti Esteem (65hp): This was the one I learnt driving in. What a car this was! This was the good old carb version. We infact had the non power steering version. It was just purely mechanical and came with hardly any electronics. The light weight meant that you hardly missed the power steering. It was super fun revving the nuts out of the engine. Second gear was good for 100 kph! In those days I remember feeling invincible in this car

Palio Stile 1.6 : I was a huge fan of the original Palio 1.6 GTX and always dreamt of owning one. When Fiat brought back the 1.6 with the Palio Stile, I just went ahead and bought one even though we really did not need a car at that stage. This was the first car I bought with my money, so this makes it very special. But I remember it for wrong reasons. The car did not live up to my expectations. The motor was great, but the car was built to very poor QC standards. There were a lot of rough edges and fiat had messed up the suspension in their efforts to increase the GC. Also the non ABS brakes were so terrible that I was forced to sell the car after a couple of shunts which really wouldn't have happened but for the poor brakes.

Laura TSI : This one was really special. This is the car that introduced me to the world of performance cars. Also my first turbo petrol! 160 bhp in a well built Euro car, with fantastic brakes and tight chassis was an absolute delight. A mild remap + Bisltein struts + fat tyres upped the fun factor exponentially. This was the car that made me a Euro car fan. This was the first car that felt fresh even after 80,000 odd Kms. The engine, gear box, interiors, chassis all felt as tight as they were on day one. When I put it on sale, prospective buyers asked me whether I had rigged the odo in the wrong direction??

Which car or bike will you never forget?-laura-sepia.jpg

Polo GTI : This is one car I don't think I will forget in a hurry. Stonking performance in the departments that I really care about : Engine peroformance, gearbox, suspension and brakes. Every drive in this car is a thrill ride!

BMW X3 30d : My first diesel and the family's first car from a big marque. This car is building up fond memories for everyone for sure. A car made for our family. Practical and luxurious enough to meet the family's needs while the beast under the hood is exclusively for me

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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

My Suzuki Shogun 1995 - 2005 (well maintained as if it was out of showroom in 2005)

Name:  picture5.jpg
Views: 21385
Size:  53.5 KB

We rode around 110000 KMs together. The entire moments with the gun already etched deeply into my life. It was sitting idle for a long time after I departed for Delhi and eventually got sold

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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

Two vehicles that I will never forget - First gen Zen and Yamaha RX135 (that's still there with us). Learned driving in these.

I don't remember much about the Zen since it was sold soon after I started (learned) to drive. But boy, it was a joy driving it. I still look twice whenever I see the old zen.

As for the bike, I was never a biker but got to learn it on my BIL's bike. Instantly loved everything (seating position, sound etc) and decided to buy one when I joined college. A lot of memories of that bike since I had it for more than 3 years and experimented a lot with it's exhaust. I still regret selling it off.

The same bike that started my short biking adventure and which is still under my BIL's custody:

Name:  P1050188.JPG
Views: 21325
Size:  58.1 KB

Name:  P1050189.JPG
Views: 21381
Size:  63.4 KB

Name:  P1050196.JPG
Views: 21312
Size:  58.9 KB

Name:  P1050199.JPG
Views: 21242
Size:  47.9 KB

Name:  P1050200.JPG
Views: 21173
Size:  27.2 KB

Name:  P1050216.JPG
Views: 21240
Size:  62.7 KB

Name:  P1050241.JPG
Views: 21225
Size:  64.1 KB
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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

I've owned & driven some bikes and cars over the I will be listing the ones I owned and not family vehicles:

My favourites:


a) The Yamaha RD 350 - the 30.5 BHP version, one of the first lot machines with an engine made in Japan and purchased in 1983 by a friend. He left it with me as he couldn't handle its power. She was a screamer as you can imagine especially for that time when any bike over 5 BHP was considered drool worthy. The RD 350 was manna from heaven. It spent so much time with me that I eventually purchased it from him in 1985.

b) The Yamaha RX 100 - This iconic 2 stroke bike still stirs my emotions. I bought her brand new in Aug 1986 sold in 1998 for more than I paid for it.

I owned bikes other the above 2 including the LML Vespa, Suzuki Shogun, Bajaj M50, Luna moped ( ) but none stirred my emotions like those Yams. Both were mostly maintained by yours truly.


Maruti Esteem 1.3L MPFI - I bought this one in Jul 2000 and with a free-revving 85 BHP she was a hoot to drive.

BMW 535i - This hot darling and my forever love & was purchased pre-owned/worshipped from a colleague in 2003 whilst working in the UK at a time I was considering settling down in that country. I did a small portion of my primary education back in the UK and am exceedingly fond of the country. I remember blissful drives in the Bimmer mainly in the South of England, to and fro London to Somerset, Reading, Bath, Exeter, Ipswich. Rural England is really beautiful. Plans changed when my mother fell seriously ill in 2004-05 and I had to return to India. The 535i was sold off before I moved back.

Honda City 1.5 Exi Type ii - My black beauty purchased in 2002 before I shifted to the UK on work. The City is an iconic car, need I say more?

Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 GL - My 2nd Corolla, I disparagingly call her my "commuting appliance" but she still means a lot more to me than I let on. She's reliable, comfortable with very decent road manners. This car has grown on me and heck it is the one right next to the BMW in my heart. And yeah, she can run at quite a clip if I want her to.

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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

For me the following bikes always brings a smile to my face - whenever I see / remember them.

1. Kinetic Honda - This was the first 2 wheeler that I started learning on. Kept riding it for atleast 8 years before I moved on to....
2. My Yamaha RX-Z - This was my first geared motorcycle (actually the Shogun was the first - but very briefly owned). I loved this motorcycle a lot - this was at a time when I didnt know much about them. But everytime I see an RX-Z on the road - I make it a point to speak to the owner and advise him not to ever sell it.
3. My Cafe Racers (Enfield and RX100) - Although I had the Eliminator before this for 3 years - its not a motorcycle that makes me smile. The Cafe Racers were very speacial because my brother and me spent a long time buidling it. We loved enjoying both the bikes - they were so beautiful to look at. And we made it to our own specifications - without even going to a modifier. The Enfield Cafe racer was also featured in BS Motoring.
4. Kawasaki Z800 - My first superbike. My first 4-cylinder motorcycle. I have always always dreamed of owning a superbike. As kids we often used to see these bikes in magazines and movies and on our roads as well. But to actually own one - was really a dream come true. Its been almost 2 years that I sold the Z - but I stil miss it very dearly.
5. Triumph Tiger - Yes, this is still one of the best motorcycles I have ever ridden. Will definitely but it one day for sure.
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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

For me it's my first car and first bike. The Fiat Uno (Petrol) and the RD350. Yes my first bike was a RD350 and yes I bought my first car before buying my first bike.
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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

Awesome thread. Rated 5*.


Honda Unicorn

After riding gear-less scooters and 100cc bikes the super smooth Honda Unicron was like a fresh air to me. I was blown away by its smoothness. Have rode this bike for more than 500km in a day quite a few times and it was dam comfortable. Did 50+ long rides on this bike!

Name:  227926_144200975651804_3110424_n.jpg
Views: 21013
Size:  71.5 KB

Hero Honda Karizma R

Nothing could have been a better upgrade than the Karizma R from an Unicorn. Back then Cbr250 was not launched. Long rides were a bliss on this bike. Riding over 600 km in a day was like nothing for this sports cruiser.

Name:  247113_151944124877489_6981518_n.jpg
Views: 20962
Size:  56.3 KB

Harley Davidson Iron 883

My first ride on a Harley. Rode this bike for around 130 km in Goa and fell in love with the torque and the cruising ability of this beast!

Which car or bike will you never forget?-27973658_2001146449957238_346291664180573978_n.jpg


Learnt driving in a Premier Padmini. Loved the car, specially the engine sound when it was revved hard. It was music to my ears.

Fiat Uno-

Felt faster, awesome handling, tough build and reliable. The fast modern car i drove. Had this car for more than 13 years and drove more than 1 Lac km.

Which car or bike will you never forget?-422973_386350341436865_2124242214_n.jpg

Maruti Alto Lx

My first personal car. Have driven it all over south India clocking nearly 50,000km in 3 years and sold it. Did 50 long drives and many were solo overnight trips. So this car had an emotional attachment to me. Plus the manual steering gave better feedback and confidence than its power steering version.

Name:  197122_135491806522721_437351_n.jpg
Views: 20998
Size:  133.7 KB

Ford Figo old gen

What a lovely car it was. I have not driven any car with a better steering calibration than this little Ford.

Which car or bike will you never forget?-11063711_946804445391449_2908923942531172695_n.jpg

Toyota Etios Petrol

I still have this car and this car has taken me places. Its fast, reliable and built tough!

Which car or bike will you never forget?-12705475_1010722022333024_3152784163829070401_n.jpg

Mahindra 540 DP

My first off-road drive was on this jeep. Man, since then I got addicted to Jeeps and offroading. This jeep is special to me.

Which car or bike will you never forget?-10580236_709099559161940_8381163187034221625_n.jpg

Apart from these, another couple of cars whose memories wont fade away so easily are the Abarth Punto and the Jeep compass Diesel .

Edit : My current Yamaha Fz25 and my Duster AWD are special to me too, but need to spend more time with them.

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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

For me it will always be my Rx100, it was my golden days an engineering college admission of my dream and the best bike of that time.

From cars it will always be my civic, that steering and cockpit was to die for.
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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

1) Peugeot 309 GLD;

Which car or bike will you never forget?-sans-titre1.jpg

^ This was the same spec i owned.

I learnt driving on the Peugeot Diesel in the late 90s and this car was pretty much the reason why i started respecting Diesels. The French really knew how to make cars (Thanks to their Rally heritage)

Pic Source (My PAL Peugeot 309 - A French Connection)

2) Toyota Corolla;

Name:  224223_10382097761_7811_n.jpg
Views: 20527
Size:  53.6 KB

^ This was my 1st modded car, learnt a lot from this Toyota. Also had a couple of accidents in this car which helped me become a better driver.

3) Skoda Laura 1.9 PD L&K;

This car i owned for about 4+ years and thanks to its slick shifting Manual gearbox it really made me love driving & developed the passion for the stick shifts.

Name:  167809_497820057761_4621970_n.jpg
Views: 20630
Size:  110.9 KB

^ Pic of my Sahara Beige Laura

4) Toyota GT86;

Which car or bike will you never forget?-thumbs-up.jpg

Did the amazing Great Ocean Road Drive in this sportscar & will never forget the experience i had in this light 2L NA RWD GoKart !

Related Thread - (Driven in Australia! Toyota GT86, Holden 6L V8s & Commodore SV6)

5) Mercedes W222 S Class;

Which car or bike will you never forget?-6.jpg

This car was with me in Switzerland for my Honeymoon, hence will never forget the memories i had with her.

Related Thread - (Driving across Switzerland in a Mercedes S-Class (W222))

6) BMW M135i (Manual);

Which car or bike will you never forget?-14695549_10154188938777762_963805257959249743_n4.jpg

Drove this car on the Nurburgring, enough said !

Related Thread - (Videos: Driving in Germany & at the Nürburgring (My Green Hell debut))

7) Dodge Ram (Hemi v8);

Which car or bike will you never forget?-20031828_10155011053692762_7363206947239405632_n.jpg

Lived with the Dodge Ram and spent some rugged time in the Canadian Rockies with this one.

Related Thread - (Video: Driving through the Canadian Rockies in a Dodge Ram 1500 (5.7L Hemi V8))

8) Fiat 124 Spider (Manual);

Which car or bike will you never forget?-35970971_10155876734087762_6463183051785502720_n3.jpg

Driving this roadster at the Stelvio Pass (Italy) was an unforgettable experience.

Related Thread - (Video: Driving the Alfa Romeo Stelvio in Austria!)

9) Toyota Fortuner;

Which car or bike will you never forget?-10411839_10152350031802762_5495778660166608755_n.jpg

The Love for SUV's started with this Truck & not by the crossovers running around these days pretending to be SUVs.

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10) BMW F30 328i;

Which car or bike will you never forget?-28279286_10155579220592762_8184931713726914158_n2.jpg

The 1st BMW i owned, was a dream car then & till today drives like a dream (Now with 300+ HP)

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11) Mercedes-AMG E63s;

Which car or bike will you never forget?-43431429_746965122317258_8999146977040007168_n.jpg

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12) BMW E46 328i;

Which car or bike will you never forget?-33872692_10155822594902762_941304999894319104_n.jpg

Now what do i say about this one

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Default Re: Which car or bike will you never forget?

There will be two aspects to my post here:

1. Cars which I will never forget, till my last breath:

a. My 2000 Maruti 800 5 Speed: (The love of my life - A 2000 Maruti 800 DX 5-Speed. EDIT: Gets export model features on Pg 27)

Which car or bike will you never forget?-20180924_164757.jpg

I'll forget her the day I forget breathing.

b. Maruti Gypsy: A childhood crush, specially in Black shade. The one in the pic isn't my car, but I'll own a similar one for sure.

Which car or bike will you never forget?-46451732_2074079136012008_6314765204127219712_n.jpg

The lust I have for these two, is very taxing on me in every way: emotionally, financially, physically etc. Hence I am sure no car will ever join this category.

2. Cars which have left an impression on me: This is a long list, and features cars like Maruti Baleno Sedan, Maruti Swift ZXi first gen with the 1.3L engine, Punto Abarth, First Gen Honda City, First Gen Octavia vRS, BMW 328i F30 etc. This list will keep changing as I get to experience other cars.


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