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Default Re: Affordability at the cost of safety - RC Bhargava's mantra!

I read this news yesterday, but did not expect it to give birth to a new thread .

Any vehicle is only as safe as its rider/driver. But safety features are still provided for damage control as human beings make mistakes!

What a senseless comparison!. A four wheeler with zero safety features will obviously be safer than any two wheeler. That is only the feeling until nothing goes wrong. But one can never say that makes the car a better option than a two wheeler.

If things go wrong, size and the number of wheels on the vehicle do not matter.

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Default Re: Affordability at the cost of safety - RC Bhargava's mantra!

A car is better than No car. I find 2 wheelers to be fun, exciting, yet unsafe. Looking at safety only from crash safety perspective is incorrect, won't work in the larger scheme of things.

Those who are comparing Maruti and VW please remember this, Maruti has contributed more to safety than any other brand on our roads, simply by making it affordable for Indians to move from a 2 wheeler circus to a safe mode of transportation in 4 wheels.

How many of your homes have had a Maruti at some point of time? It wasn't the only one on sale at that time certainly.

Fast forward 2019, an Alto 800/ Eon/ Kwid with ribbons and 'baby onboard' sticker ( I'm yet to see this sticker on a 2 wheeler) , it's the same thing as in the 80s. Cars are safer. Making them affordable will increase safety. Maruti is the most important player in this market, and their opinion matters.

Maruti can easily build a car that is on par with VW in crash safety, it's not some rocket science, but who will buy it at that price? Oh, I forgot VW already makes safe cars that hardly anyone buys. Market leader is very much in tune with their customers.

I currently do not own any Maruti, but like many of those 22 out of 1000 car owning Indians, I have had many Marutis at some point of time, you grow up in them in India.
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Default Re: Affordability at the cost of safety - RC Bhargava's mantra!

Comparing a Two Wheeler with a Four Wheeler does not make any sense.

Also, It is not like that customers are getting cars at equal price of any entry level two wheeler.

I applaud the Government initiatives to make automobiles safer for our countrymen. However, it was already a high time and Auto companies should have focused providing better safety features.

Increasing the cost of the car when material cost shoots up, same goes for safety standards too. MSIL does not shy when they increase the price in the name of material cost. (Same applies for other Manufacturers too.) I do not understand why they can not provide Safety features doing the same.

It does seem that in Our country there is no value for a life.

Thanks for the thread!
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Default Re: Affordability at the cost of safety - RC Bhargava's mantra!

Originally Posted by locusjag View Post
I don't know if we all should take this much umbrage at what he has said, especially with the risks faced by a family on 2 wheels versus inside a small car.

The Tata Nano was envisaged by Ratan Tata precisely when he saw a mom, dad and 2 kids perched on a scooter in an intra-city commute.

From -

What's so wrong with stating the obvious? A 4 wheeler without airbags and ABS is anyday safer than a motorcycle for a small, urban family.
Business today actually let out an article which printed "driving" for a two wheeler. dang.
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Default Re: Affordability at the cost of safety - RC Bhargava's mantra!

In real world there is no such consumer in India that goes shopping for a two wheeler (priced 50k) for his family and returns home with a four wheeler however affordable it may be. He is damn sure of what he wants 2 or 4 wheels. If RCB wants people to think of it the cost of ownership should go down to a level of a two wheeler. Try making a two seater(sat behind one another) two door car that will run on two wheeler engine and stuff it with safety features. That way cross shopping between 2 and 4 wheels may happen.
Indians can spend once and for all in purchase but are easily fed up of cost of ownership. e.g. a fortuner buyer spending 42 big ones is really concerned of its mileage!
There is a huge gap between Income groups 25k and 50k. The ones with 25k with dire need of 4 wheels go for a used option and the 50k opts for A1 to B2 segment depending upon his 'passion' and status/convenience consciousness.
Steadily the Alto has earned a tag of being cheap car just as Nano. The ones who are in market for new car stretch to that extra mile and get themselves an A2 hatch.
Thats why the drop in Alto sales.
Also there are very rare consumers who refrain to step out of home & stop buying only because a 25k airbag has been added to their favourite car. They wait and set right their finances and purchase it.
Safety is a matter of habit I guess for the providers and beneficiaries.
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Default Re: Affordability at the cost of safety - RC Bhargava's mantra!

Let me share my personal example. Members can judge for themselves. We had a 1986 Hindustan Motors Petrol Ambassador Mark 4. That was one hell of a solidly built car (Survived and escaped scratch-free from a head-on collision with a Canter bus at 90 kmph on the treacherous hills of Meghalaya. Driver was a moron but car saved the day. This was in 1997). Sadly, had to sell the car in 2005 due to lack of availability of spares. We were dead set on not choosing a Maruti due to its legendary build quality. My son had a simple test for every car he encountered which he learnt from his grandfather, measure the bonnet height with your eyes and press the bonnet with the thumb. The bonnet should be equal to or higher than the ladder frame of a truck and should not get visibly depressed. The search continued for nearly 2 decades. We would travel by bus in the meantime whenever necessary and never by a Maruti cab. After more than a decade of searching, we found one suiting us the best at a reasonable price and finally went for the 2017 Creta Petrol AT. Touchwood, never had a reason to complain till date
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Default Re: Affordability at the cost of safety - RC Bhargava's mantra!

Maruti are market leaders, because they know what the market wants. And the market wants a cheap car! Safety doesn't come cheap. There is a price to pay and the market doesn't like it.

The market is making it known. And Mr Bhargava is in turn saying what the market is saying.
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