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View Poll Results: Do you think there is a high probability of Nissan exiting India?
Yes 580 75.92%
No 184 24.08%
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Why only Nissan?

Indian market till 15L is next to impossible to break in "profitably". It's ruled by Maruti and Hyundai. Whatever space they give in, is already taken by the next in line - Fords, tatas, Hondas and Mahindras. Even initial success (like Kwid) is hard to maintain in absence of decent selling "flank" products to guard the volume seller (by creating a halo, giving options for loyal customers to buy again and dealers to keep themselves invested).

Above 15L is still not that big a market to invest heavily. And this is where the brand perception hits the hardest (two good examples at opposite ends - Toyota and VAG). It's extremely crucial to take the first step bang on, otherwise you are doomed for long. Nissan faltered there, years ago. If my advise counts - pack and leave. Maybe 10 years later, try again and with a more serious "here to conquer" attitude.

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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Group care so little about India that they haven't thought it's even worth their time to shutdown Nissan, Datsun and Mitsubishi in India. But it will happen.

My prediction is that starting from the year 2020 Indian Automobile sector will start to see the consolidation of brands and culling of models. The two-decade-long HOPE of international brands making it BIG in India will face reality.

Only established players with 100% commitment (Example: Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai) and new disrupters (MG) will thrive. The rest will just survive. There's a lot of difference between thriving and surviving.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Voted yes because whichever way you look at it, the numbers don't add up to a state where they can sustain in India as Nissan.

Having said that, I guess the 2 options for them are:
  • Focus on EV's and try to become an aspirational go to brand for EV's (Thinking Leaf)
  • Not sure how the whole hotch-potch of Nissan-Renault sharing and the Nissan-Datsun collaboration work- If feasible, one way would be to fold all of this into one umbrella or one entity in India.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

The first question that needs to be answered is whether the Renault Nissan alliance still exists in a manner capable of taking decisions. That is unclear - even if the exit of Saikawa gives one hope that a new set of people will be able to reestablish a relationship which is critical for both companies. The next question is what does Nissan want to do in India. Ultimately, they own Datsun - which is probably keeping its head above water. So they don’t necessarily need to take precipitate decisions on Nissan right now. So I think Nissan will carry on as is - until they solve their global problems and have a clear leadership which can take their business forward. Voted No - at least Datsun will continue here

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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

You've haven't "minced" any words before making "mince meat" of Nissan. Coming from an owner of a Nissan Sunny and GTO, that's categorical. Love the "ek maar dho tukda" opinion on the company. I've voted "YES". And will never look at a Nissan product. Looks like Rakesh has been brought in as an "undertaker" for the "successful" exit of Nissan from India. Renault Nissan Alliance itself is in doubt as the "glue" (Ghosn) that held them both together all these years has fallen from grace.

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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Voted yes, a Micra owner, good car but appalling quality of OE spares used. Overall disappointed with ASS and its been 4 years already.
Last service, the ASS in Kolkata had a pretty much dead look, hence not too difficult to imagine where Nissan India is heading.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
If there is one car brand in India that stands for nothing, has nothing and is nothing, it is Nissan. No brand value, no good dealers, no desirable cars, no loyal customers.
+1 to that GTO.

I did vote no. And don't want them to run away. Not because if they exit from India, I will be in jeopardy as recently bought a car from them which is with their service center since last 3 weeks to be precise for an issue which they fail to acknowledge. Yes, I am not worried.

I can sense chaos at all levels in Nissan and as Lord Petyr Baelish from Game of Thrones said:

"Chaos isn't a pit,", "Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some, are given a chance to climb. They refuse, they cling to the realm or the gods or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is."

If they consider chaos as a pit, they are free to go, nobody will stop them. But if they consider it as a ladder, then they need to up their game. Nissan:

1. Need to sanitize at all layers
2. Bring in honest, strong-headed people
3. Talk to dealers & educate them to be customer-centric with no tolerance for laid back attitude

I got to know that there are few companies in this world which have a no questions asked refund policy for the customers, fortunately, I am working with one of them (not for them). Such an ethical company. Customer simply loves this e-commerce company.

The vehicle is a product too and at the end of the day, we buy it and become the customers. So Nissan needs to take care of their customers, listen to their plea and bring a smile on their customer's faces. Customer delight, a simple mantra, but a powerful one!!!

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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Originally Posted by ashis89 View Post
Mr. Rakesh can't save the company right now. My reasons - the person can restore faith among few dealers but no customer is going to care who the MD of a company is while purchasing his/her next car.

Nissan has been out of 'radar' in Indian market. There's no good word of mouth publicity among people and Nissan cars are a unicorn on Indian roads. That means "out of sight, out of mind". Today, someone has to think real hard to come up with Nissan as a potential OEM whose car is available in the market. And that perception is extremely hard to change.

They will go the Fiat way. I perceive Renault would go the same way.
Couldn't agree more!
The new MD might get some more dealerships or hold on to the current ones but it's a stop gap solution. Even Fiat, gave us Jeep before leaving the market and I feel they did the right thing, anyway they did not had any proper product suiting the Indian needs. Regarding Renault, exiting the Fiat way, I don't feel so, these guys will hold on. Honestly, I had given up on them too but what they did with the Triber shows their commitment towards the Indian market and proves they're here to stay. All they need is a little time, I feel they are a confused lot regarding how to get positioned in the market. They want to go the Hyundai way but it seems like they've understood that they need to tap in the masses first before flying too high.

I just hope Mr. Rakesh, convinces the dimwits in Japan to invest in the Indian Auto Industry launching some global products within the next one year. Else, they will have a death worse than any other OEM in India.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

We should give fair chance to Mr. Rakesh before calling it dead.They have the technology and products which can turn around their fortunes.
I think they went into a deep sleep after Terrano launch and were too involved on setting up Datsun rather than bringing global products under the Nissan moniker in India.
Even their budget Datsun Crossover has taken a back seat due to the under performance of Datsun cars.
Looking forward to the CVT models of Datsun and Nissan Kicks during festive season (if launched). And would love to see their line up in upcoming Auto Expo as well (if they survived till then).

@Moderators: Did we already considered them dead. First, major facelift of Datsun twins didn't make out to the review section and now Nissan Kicks review is pending for long too. I know you guys are always on the run due to so many launches and facelifts throughout the year, but can you let us know if Nissan Kicks review is in pipeline.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Sometimes I wish I was in charge of affairs at companies with solid fundamentals like Nissan and Tata Motors. Nissan's Achilles heel in Bangalore, right from day 1, is the dealership. They reacted very late, but even now it can be corrected. The product line up can be tweaked and right advertising can bring in footfalls. Service is not bad, I'm told. The international Kicks is really good, but the Indian version lacked the same quality. Few changes and it can be brought on track. Key is to listen to your customers and have your ear to the ground. What use is a leaf at 45 lakhs? It's DOA. So many slots in the auto industry right now, one just has to look carefully. The company can be revived but some hard decisions need to be taken, else - exit is the only option
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Voted ‘Yes’ – I feel they will exit in near future.

A revival is possible for Nissan? Maybe yes! Reasons:
  • Renault in India is now a brand of cheap cars
  • Datsun is even more cheap
  • Mitsubishi is non-existent
  • In this alliance I feel Nissan is the only brand which now a has a possibility to pull in some sort of revival – say a well-priced Note or the new Juke can enter its respective segments without much dilution and some good pricing.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Wow over 80% seem to believe so !!

I am in agreement too. I think Nissan started off well with X-Trail and even had a brand calling as we could hear how spacious the "Sunny" is OR how the micra is reliable and light on pocket.

I guess the company did lack a serious road map. When our market was starting to grow in the premium segment, they decided to go defensive by cross badging with Renault and since then the downfall continued. I felt there was no need for a "Datsun" when the parent brand Nissan itself was a brand that was going down.

And now in 2019, Kicks seems to be DOA and there is no clear strategy on BS-VI or new models. I for sure think that they are going same trajectory like the Chevrolet
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Even I'd say Nissan should just pack up and leave. Renault can sell some of their cars. Reasonable success with Duster, Kwid, and Lodgy (among some cabbies) have proved that a good car from Renault can sell.

Nissan doesn't even have a product like VW Polo- which is probably the best-engineered car even today in its segment. Drive a Baleno and Polo back to back and tap on their door panels to know why a 10 year Polo still sells. The Indian EV revolution is far, so don't see any hope for Nissan on that front too.

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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Originally Posted by locusjag View Post
Or what's really stopping them from building a budget Leaf by another name but with the same tech here in India? This Government will lay out a red carpet for them, what with talks of a gigafactory for Lithium cell production and all that. Nissan have the key and a foot in the door really to carve out a niche for themselves.
With the current mess which Nissan is in, I don't see how they may be able to pull this off.

But yes, the affordable and dependable ( Read: proper petrol/diesel like driving range along with fast charging ) EV segment is one place where no manufacturer has a presence. If Nissan can do what you have suggested, then yes they have the opportunity to gain the first mover advantage at least here, having missed the bus everywhere else.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

A dialog from my favourite movie comes into mind, "Either you die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

The entire Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance is going nuts. Specially for India. Mitsubishi kills 'The' Pajero and eclipse globally. Not to forget the lancer too, with the exorbitant pricing in India. The thinner than wafer dealer network in India, not bringing the updated Pajero sport to our shores, where there is still a facelift coming or probably launched globally to the same.

Renault is still doing decent on its cheaper products, the K/Captur tanked, and fluence was never understood by the market.

Nissan I believe is silently packing it's bags? Or maybe new hirings to be taken in similar light as what Mary Barra did for GM India, declaring a big investment short time before they pulled out of the country, or just probably he has been hired by Nissan India to give things a proper and honorable closure? Who knows. But if they wish to succeed, they have to rake in huge capital for rebranding, bring the Altima, new Micra, Detail, etc. They are next gen and wonderful products, but then the leadership seems to know what people want the best, the reason for their huge success.
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