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Originally Posted by kpbhatt View Post
One more feature that has not oft been discussed is that the tranny for the JEH is going to be a CVT -- this CVT has been sourced from Kinetic Motors who initially had plans for making a M800 Competitor somewhere in the late 90s. The reason for CVT is to make the car more drivable in all scenarios and to attract a host of female drivers -- who for some or the other reason take to it like fish to water rather than using a manual tranny

Your source of information on the CVT being sourced from Kinetic?

Infact it is a Candian company - CVTech Group Inc that has bagged the deal to supply CVT for the Small Car.
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Everyone here has the right to own a car... those who cant afford for high priced cars, (especially middle class)1 lk car will be a dream. Nowhere its said that persons with higher buying power can buy the car and ride and own the roads and its not for others.. really felt sick after the replies from our bhpians that this will increase traffic/pollution etc... rather than blaming infrastructure and eventually getting it fixed, we are blaming and teasing a breakthrough in Indian Automobile Industry.
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Originally Posted by GeekSrik View Post
While i appreciate the sentiment behind tata trying to launch a 1 lac car, just think of the following too:

1. a 1 lac car with 10% road tax and 12.25% vat would cost atleast 1.25 lacs OTR delhi, and slightly higher than that say in bangalore, unless there is a one country one price scheme.

2. the reva starting at 3.2 lacs has no rollable windows but only slidable ones for some reason, so i m not sure how much knocking down will happen for the 1 lakh jeh

3. maruti tried to bring in the TWIN (which used both petrol and electicity) and it was costing them 2.5 lacs, but due to the fact that it had to be totally imported it costed them double almost 5 lacs. but it was only a feasibility and they never really brought it across. that would've been the first car if they could have managed it at 2.5 lacs that was a 2 seater that had good technology at that point of time (2 yrs before!)

4. not to again discourage tata, but i would see maruti just reducing the price of 800 by about a lakh or so when the tata jeh happens.

5. the singur row seems never ending and there could be a possibility of delay for the car to come out.

6. the 800 cc maruti with 4 people with a/c and decent bit of luggage runs like a 300 or 400 cc (after i had 2 cars of the same kind) and the pickup was unbearable in the city itself, leave alone the highways, i wonder how a 600 cc (perhaps even a new peppy engine) would be able to cope the load similarly.

yes i do agree with the fact that it will benefit millions of people who are migrating from the bike to a car. it will be a dream come true for them no doubt.

its worth seeing how this project goes about.

1. Ratan Tata has time and again said, he was misquoted on the price tag of one lac. He had only shown his aspirations when he quoted that figure. In fact the car internally is never referred to as the One lac car, but rather as the 'Small Car' Also the internal Target of one lac that Ratan Tata had proposed was for the on-road price and not ex-factory. You also forget to take into account the tax holiday the car will enjoy in WB and who knows the next budget might reduce the excise on cars even further?

2. The Reva is not the benchmark for the one lac car, but do you expect power windows when you pay near about one lac for a car?

3. Twin from Suzuki was expensive because it was 'Made in Japan' and was a kind of Hybrid. Fancy engineering, technology and manufacturing in Japan does cost money. Why don't you compare the Indica with the M800 costs? Before amortisation and interest on capital taken into account, the Indica coster cheaper than the M800 from day one! Do you remember - 'The cheapest car built by Tata Motors is a M800'?

4. What makes you think cutting costs to the tune of one lac is like peeling banana skin of the banana? The cost of Bill of Materials on the M800 shall close to a lac!, this itself will not allow the M800 to cut price the Small Car

5. Singur for now is peaceful, wonder where Mamta has disappered? Political stunts are stunts and cannot sustain themselves. The factory is on schedule to be built by May next year as reported by the press at large and knowing Tata Motors pulled the Indica in a record time of 31 months from Blank sheet of Paper to Production makes me believe they can redo it again and infact outdo themselves

6. You say the 800 feels like 300-400 cc's. Have you ever driven a 400cc car, that you can claim it compares to it. Yes loss of power I agree happens when fully loaded and AC turned on, but it is nowhere as pathetic as you make it sound. A fully loaded 800 will negotiate most ghats, although will struggle, but not necessarily stall! Besides the 'Small Car' is for strictly 'City-Town' usage and not expected to do a Bombay - Poona run for example. I hope the government legislates no use of cars below 800cc on highways and expressways.

Hope most shall agree with the above.
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Default Tata Motors could showcase the Rs. 1 lakh car at Auto Expo in January

Tata Motors is scheduled to launch their Rs. 1 lakh car in the Indian market sometime next year. Market reports suggest that the company could use the upcoming Auto Expo trade show in January to showcase the car to the world.

The car is expected to become the cheapest automobile of its kind in the whole world. Maruti 800 is currently the cheapest product in the Indian market but it costs more than Rs. 2 lakhs.

Tata Motors is also said to be working on a line of small hatchbacks and mid-size sedans. These are also expected to be launched in the market sometime next year.

Their every move is being monitored by major automakers all of whom wants a larger share of the Indian automotive market.

Carlos Ghosn, Renault/Nissan’s chief executive has already said that they are working on developing a cheaper variant of Logan and this version could sell for less than USD 10,000 in the markets.

One unfortunate point about the Tata’s upcoming car is that it is unlikely to meet European safety and emissions norms. Indian laws are pretty lean and this would enable them to sell the car in this market.

Tata has said that they would make suitable changes to the car to make it conform to the European laws if they decide to export it to international markets.

Tata Motors could showcase the Rs. 1 lakh car at Auto Expo in January
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As per a survey on 20% of the Indian population own cars, so this car will very much be needed looking @ the price....
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A new article in Economic times related to the suppliers of the 1 lakh car :

Suppliers pin hope on Tata's small car

NEW DELHI: This is back-seat driving at its best. Tata’s small car project has become a big challenge for small component makers across the country, who are pitching into the dream project in bits and parts. Specifically, they are getting to associate with product development from the ground up and pare costs and margins to the bone, relying on expected large volumes.

here is the link to the full article :

Suppliers pin hope on Tata's small car-Automobiles-Auto-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times
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