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LLL 19th February 2007 11:18

Safari Options
Finally i am planning to purchase a Safari...thanks to all the monster fans here.

Before i start making my trips to the dealer, i wanted to know

1. whether i should go for EX or LX 4*2, whats the price for each in Delhi
2. what kind of discounts are available on each
3. what finance discounts
4. free accessories the dealers are willing to offer.

Just want to be prep'd before i talk to the dealer...I want to appear really "well-informed" or "in the know"..or "another team-bhp member".

TIA for your responses.

SumitB 19th February 2007 12:04

If ABS is a requirement then the VX is a must otherwise you can go in for the LX. The EX has the roof mounted AC for the rear seat which some people on the forum are claiming can be installed by the dealer for an additional 16k if you need it. So for me the ABS (for my wife the LCDs :p) was the deciding factor.

About discounts, Suman said that dealers in Delhi may be offering upto 40k on ex-showroom price and a discount of 4.5% on the finance amount. Also they seem to be offering mats and under body treatment with a teflon treatment for free.

007 Bond 19th February 2007 12:07

Hi Dost,

I would request you to wait for a month or so because 2.2 ltr may get launched in a month or so as production for export has started, so the wait would be fruitful as also scorpio will come with 2.2 ltr & enchanced features.

Also on anvil is new sumo with 2.2 ltr or 3.0 ltr.

All this launches would sum up by april or mid may.

SumitB 19th February 2007 12:40

Yes 2.2 is on the way but then again if I were you, I would not trust Tata with new engines. I would give myself atleast a year before going in for a new Tata product. They are known to treat their customers as test dummies. Also they are going to hike the prices with the launch of the new engine. You may however benefit if they decide to lower the rates for DiCOR with the launch of the new engine.

rajismine 19th February 2007 15:12

Go for the LX. The difference in price between LX and EX is almost 1.2 lakhs.
Take LX and you can get all that fitted for 30,000 from TATA's itself.

Ask for : 1.) Bridgestone Tyres only 2.) Side Foot Steps 3.) 5000-10000 cash discount or the overhead AC


PAVAN KADAM 19th February 2007 15:29

Go in for the EX 2x4 you get almost everything the VX has apart from
1) ABS ( Maybe safari requires them)
2) Body coloured Bumpers(15000/- for painting)
3) Airbag(Safaris is strong enough to protect anyone inside it, Airbags can pass off)
4) Reverse guided Camera( 16000/- available off the market)
5) DVD Player with 2 screens in mid seat(Avlble for Rs18000/- off shelf)

You can almost save 1.5 lacs with the EX.
After all its your choice of machine. sit for 10 good mins and decide what all you require.
Do write up once you buy one.
Happy motoring.


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