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the old mondeo was expensive but was fully loaded with 6 airbags, 6 CD changer, leather seats and the works.
The advertisements were quite decent too however, it was the price that got them dwn and the ikon-ish looks.
If they price it right, with a good diesel engine thrown in, it will surely be a run away success.
If you remember, they later took some frills off the Mondeo (xenons et all). Also, I think the previous Mondeo was marketed very badly...its not only about serious advertising, much broader than that.

Also, pricing the petrol directly against the all-rounder Accord is not a good idea. A diesel version yes....but not the petrol.
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I have seen 3 mondeos lying in the ford workshop after serious accidents completely covered in dust and like a wreck. Dont know the reason. Could be because spares are not available or too costly to fix for the owner.

Ford has to first look to improve the ownership experience and A.S.S before trying to even think of dethroning the Accord et al.
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Originally Posted by srishiva View Post
Hope it handles like mazdo though
That may not be a very good wish - a better wish would be for it to handle like the old Mondy.
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Old 22nd February 2007, 07:56   #19
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I am a die hard fan of Mondoe , Few car match this one for its understated looks and the grippy handling(Indian Scene) . For the same reason I was hunting for a good piece and infact found two of them as good as new. Shortly one of my friend told me his experience on owning them , later on I contacted some customers and I decided to go against my heart . Its relaiability is quite low , Spares are hard to find and expensive .

Frankly I prefer the old mondeo any day.

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Originally Posted by himanshugoswami View Post
direct import would mean a high sticker price- maybe even higher than the earlier car- Ford is repeating its mistakes! Who would buy a 17L+ Ford?
ME!! in a heartbeat!!
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Default Where is Ford heading in India?

Originally Posted by navdeep View Post
Ford Motors is having a nice time in India with the successful launch of Ford Fiesta in the Indian market. The company is now considering re-introducing its D-segment luxury car Mondeo through the completely built unit (direct import) route within this year.
The company withdrew this model from the Indian roads due to poor demand and sales. The company suffered from the high sticker price on the car.
Scott McCormack, vice-president, marketing, sales and service, Ford India spoke on these plans: “We will be introducing the new Mondeo in India this year and we plan to source the vehicle from Europe, making it a direct import.”
The company plans to launch the same new model which they showcased at the Paris Motor Show last year.
McCormack added: “Depending on the demand for the new Mondeo, we may go in for local manufacturing in future. However, there are no such plans as of now.”
This car could become the new challenger to existing Honda Siel’s Accord and Toyota’s Camry in the Indian market. Honda dominates this segment.

Ford planning to re-launch Ford Mondeo in India

Ford Mondeo is a very good car and if priced correctly could have given stiff competion to not only Honda, Toyota but also to the entry level Mercedes as well. I feel Ford has put itself into the trouble and is confused about the Indian market. Launching, phasing out and relauching the same product will certainly not help the company. Ford has got a bad reputation and I am sure it will affects its future in India. No matter how good cars you make, its all about the marketing strategy to make profits. Fiat is a good example. Ford should rethink and plan a strategy for atleast 10 years ahead from now. Any comments to this is welcome.
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May be slightly OT, however, Did Ford also have their 2 litre TD engine on the Mondeo for India previously ?
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Its a silly strategy for a direct import to start with - shows your confidence level and commitment. If it works, great or else no harm done.. With the Honda being locally manufactured, Toyota is already suffering, as is the Passat (despite being diesel). I see the pricing likely to be in the camry area, and very little chance of it being a success.
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Ford is stupid to bring the car via the CBU the prices are going to start from Rs 24 Lakhs min for the car. The should try importing the car via the CKD or atleast SKD to start with.
Prices of the Mondeo sourced from the Uk website
Mondeo Edge £15,695
Mondeo Zetec £17,395
Mondeo ECOnetic £18,745
Mondeo Ghia £19,145
Mondeo Titanium
Mondeo Titanium X
Mondeo Titanium X Sport £25,645

Based on the pic I think it will sell well if Ford can price it between the Rs 18 to 22 L price bracket. The interiors are amazing.
Attached Images
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Old 11th August 2008, 14:01   #25
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So when is this model launching?
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Originally Posted by RacingForIndia View Post
Poor pricing and a lack of diesel variants killed it in India.
Initially Ford did have a diesel offering with a Duratorq engine. It needed Ultra Low Sulphur Deisel which was not available in towns other than the metros. So it bombed.
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well..i'm a proud owner of one of the mondy..and i don see why people are so scared of getting one..i agree there might be a problem with some special parts but the normal maintenance parts are very much available and in open market they are very very cheap i.e brake pads rear u can find for as low as Rs 800, wiper blades rs 200, ..
and i don think any1 will have any doubts about the car performance and average..
The major issues at that time for this car being flopped is high pricing as per the market as there were not much buyers that time on luxry segement when mondeo was launched, also it is never being advertised properly. Although im pretty sure if mondeo is launched again now in india even at the price tag of around 25 lakhs it'll sell. now poeple have money and what mondeo offers is much more than merc C-class or other cars in taht segement like BMW 3 series or VW or audi.
Jus to clarify about the performance the older version of petrol 2.0 ltr engine..it gives a FE of 10-11 in city and 14-15 in highway which is still higher than and anyother car of this segement. And if its a deisel version than u have 13-14 in city only..and not to mention the build quality is much much better than any honda or toyota or hyundai on the road.
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They should consider the 2.5 petrol (220bhp) and the 2.2 diesel (175bhp) in the Ghia or titanium trim. The diesel is very efficient and will put the passat/laura/jetta to shame, the petrol will satisfy a petrolheads needs (0-100 in 7.4s).

Ford needs to focus on rebuilding the mondeo brand image, princing and A.S.S .If they play their cards right they could have a winner on their hands.
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I have driven the Mondeo in the UK for a reasonable amount of time (2.0 Ghia X). It is one of the best driver's car and is a joy to take out on the roads especially the motorways. The handling is superb with excellent steering feedback. Very good equipment as well. This is a car which many would prefer to drive over an Accord or even a Camry for its sheer driving pleasure and slick gearshift. Ford is always known for the the driving dynamics of their cars.

However, I believe there are a couple of improvements required in the car before they can launch it in India :
1. The suspension needs to be re-tuned for Indian roads. It is a little stiff which will give a harsh ride in India.
2. Cost of spares in India.

Also, even with great cars in its stable, its reliability quotient has always been low compared with its Jap counterparts.
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It won't sell a single unit unless they get the diesel. Why wouldn't anyone buy a Laura DSG for less than that? Of course the build quality is better than any Jap/kor sedan but they already have set up the market for larger cars. They are in a better position than Ford, which messed up Mondeo. The are definitely not in a position to successfully launch a big sedan successfully unless they play the price card, like they did with Endeavor which is a hit now and has carved out a niche for itself.
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