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Noticed that everyone so far has excluded the Hon Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, the two gentlemen who strived for - and achieved - perfection in what they did. Now how many mortals can claim to have done that in a lifetime?

Other than these two (for their single-minded dedication to excellence), I have the following favourites:

1. Mr. Ratan Tata - they also make B***S of Steel.

2. Carlos Ghosn - the Americans said (in as many words) that Renault may as well fill a container with $5 Billion and drop it into the Marina Trench. Now lets see who's shedding billions every year...

3. Kiichiro Toyoda - the man who turned the mundane job of manufacturing automobiles into the fine art of making quality automobiles efficiently.

4. Messers Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi - for rising above mere mortals.

5. Bernie Ecclestone - for taking Grand Prix racing around the world, making petrolheads happy and making himself very rich, all at the same time.

I also believe that Lee Iocaca is as overtly hyped as anything else American. Probably because he wrote a book.

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Goitleb Diamler:A great engineer and founder of the company DMG that became Mercedes later.Also did you know he was the founder of the Motor Cycle.

Karl Benz:Invented the car when Diamler was riding his motor-cylce and a great engineer.

Wiehlem Maybach:The stupendious and marvalously talanted engineer who worked along with Diamler.

Rudolf Diesel and Nicolaus August Otto:For what they gave to the world.Creators of the Diesel engine and 4-Stroke petrol engine respectively.

Henry Rolls and Charles Royce:For giving the world the excellent cars and a need for perfection.

Enzo Ferrari:For creating the legandary carmaker Ferrari.

Henry Ford:For giving the car a new meaning by making it affordable to the common man and also making a revolution in car manufacturing.

Michael Schumacher:He needs no description.

The Agnelli Family:For giving us Fiat cars.

and also i have a strong liking for JC(Jermy Clarkson).

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Really difficult to say...from Daimler to the inventors of ABS...so many people.

Mr. Ratan Tata. (no explanation required).

Would like to include Ms.Sulajja Firodia Motwani also, but let us wait and see whether Kinetic's gamble with Italjet will pay off... Ms.Firodia is a rare specimen anyway(beauty+brains+petrolhead).
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The one and only Carlos Ghosn aka "Le Cost Cutter".I always think of him when i hear or dream about a GTr.
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The most respected people in the Indian Motor Industry for me,

1. Mr. Venu Srinivasan-The Chairman and MD, TVS Motor Company.
2. Mr.Rahul Bajaj-Chairman, Bajaj Auto

After Suzuki and Kawasaki's exit from the JV, TVS and Bajaj respectively have built themselves a strong name in R&D,Technology and New products.
Both Mr.Venu and Mr.Rahul were instrumental in creating a vision for thier companies.

3.Ratan Tata-Chairman, TATA Motors
For giving India a Made In India(In every sense) Car.
For attempting to give the common man a affordable car,the Rs.1 Lakh Car.

For establishing an unknown Korean Company as India's 2nd Largest Car Maker.

5.Mr.Jagdish Khattar, MD, Maruti Udyog
For retaining Maruti's market share even after the entry of several Car makers.

6. Aditya Vij-President and MD,GM India(2000-2005)
For pulling out GM India from trouble by launching new brands and products suited to the Indian Market.
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Default top five are

1. Ratan Tata - for his brainchild "indica" which transformed the "indian" car market. hope he repeats the same success with his 1lakh car.

2. sumantran - guy ratan picked from chrysler ( if i am not wrong) who ensured success of v2. Mind you, its more difficult to rebuid an image thats already dented in the market (of that of old indica's) than building a new brand. hats off to him.

3. anand mahindra and his team for developing successful scorpio at a fraction of a cost when compared to industry average.

4. schumi - for his ability to be build a team around him and struggle for five years before tasting success. his dedication, consistency...... and for everything.

5. ross brawn - ultimate strategist in f1.

6. bernie ecclestone - for making f1 what it is today.
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Mr.Ratan Tata - INDIAN na this is not the only reason. He is an inspiration for indian car manufactures. I have to salute this man because in the indian market Indica and Indigo are preferd even when there are top class foregin company's cars. We dont have the technology what chevy,honda,toyota has and after all this he has proved he is quiet competetive and guys have you seen the tata concept car? hang on i'll show you

Henry Rolls & Charles Royce - Love royal cars and so i love Rolls Royce

Bernie Ecclestone - Hey DUDE you have kept the sport F1 on the top of the charts and my fav sport is also F1 , I am just mad about F1 please keep going like this sir

Ferrucio Lamborghini - I love gallarado thats my dream car man

Henry Ford - You are good trust me you may not be the fav for everyone but you are one of the best for me

And And...

Aryton Senna - YOU ARE THE BEST. I dont need to describe him, he has been the best driver in F1.
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Rudolph Ulenhaut-
Was chief engineer for Mercedes racing division in their glory days in the early fifties ( must call it their second set of glory days).
He once received a complaint from the drivers about the racecar's handling. So he fixed a wooden plank on the rear of the car and told them to go saround for a lap with him sitting in a precarious position on a makeshift seat made on that plank. He thus went with them for a few laps braving the almost crazy conditions, found out the problem, and fixed it. He was responsible for the success of those wonderful Mercedes racing cars of that time.
He was reputed to be a better driver than all the works drivers, but mercedes wouldnt let him race because he was too valuable. Greatness.

Giotto Bizzarini-
He did the Ferrari 250 GTO, which is said by many to be the greatest Ferrari ever, and in the top three as far as most beautiful car in thwe world was concerned. He then was kicked out of Ferrari because of a tussle between sales manager Girolamo Gardini and the boss, Enzo Ferrari.
Then in Lamborghini, he designed the famous V12 engine,said to be one of the all time great engines, was outraged when Ferrucio told him he wouldnt race with it, and stormed out.
He then formed his own company, and out came the Bizzarini 5300GT, one of the landmark sports cars of the sixties.

Gordon Murray-
Designed what is, and what will be, the most focused sportscar ever, and a standing example of the perfect compromise. With the same power as a CGT or SLR, it could trounce anythign on the roads. The Veyron might be the new fastest car ever, but the Macca will never ever be fazed.

Stirling Moss-
Well, what can I say? Legendary racer, knew the awesome and tricky Maserati 250F better than just about anyone else, with the possible exception of Fangio. Raced in so many categories, wons so many races, and would have had an even better career if it wernt for the horrific crash at Goodwood in 1963.

Ratan Tata-
He used to make trucks, noisy and unrefined but sturdy vehicles.
He said he would venture into the Multi utility vehicle segment with success. People scoffed. He proved them wrong.
he said he would make a small car to change the car scene in India, and develop other cars from the same platform. People sneered. He proved them wrong.
'nuf said.

This is for now, more later........

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Most of names already stated, here are those what not stated

Mesopotamian civilization 3500 BC - invented WHEEL
Nikolaus August Otto - invented IC engine (remember Otto cycle)
Nicolas Carnot - Carnot cycle/heat engine developer

Indirect contributors

Aryabhatta - invented zero
Issac Newton - invented the laws!
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Keichi Tsuchiya : the drift king .. the crazy Jap who invented drift racing ... JGTC driver for ARTA NSX ..and currently manager of ARTA in jgtc

Tomi Makkinen : Psycho rally driver ..the way this guy handled evo's and suby's in WRC
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Gottlieb Daimler
Ferdinand Porsche
Enzo Ferrari
soichiro Honda
and last but not the least....
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The Indian like no other!
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Originally Posted by chetanhanda
Keichi Tsuchiya
Is this the same Tsuchiya who features in Best Motoring races?
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schumi, ratan tata and henry ford
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