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amit 19th February 2007 16:48

GM and Toyota to take on Renault Logan
The worlds top two biggest car makers have seen the potential of the Dacia/Renault Logan and plan to make similar low cost cars. Toyota says it's low cost car will be cheaper then Logan! None of the car makers are confirming the news at the moment but seems like they will bite the bait. GM's low cost car will be made by GM-Daewoo and sold as a Chevrolet.


the new car will be sold under the Chevrolet label by 2010 or 2011. The vehicle would be limited to emerging markets such as Russia, India, eastern and central Europe, South America and possibly even China.
Story: GM's low cost global car.


There’s been no confirmation of the cost of the new vehicle but according to Watanabe, it would be less than the Logan
Story: Toyota's low cost car.

abdul 65 amg 19th February 2007 17:20

good find.every big carmaker will have its own low cost car.Tata will join the battle very soon.Have heard that they have tested it in west Bengal I think if it is correct

theMAG 19th February 2007 18:07

The GM page shows a Chevrolet badged Toyota Endo - another of those "Foe's enemy is our friend" kind of of colloboration already ?!

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