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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

Got the car today as expected (It was ready in the evening yesterday itself but couldn't go there due to office commitments). So that was fast !

Have driven around 10 km after the change but haven't noticed anything different so far. I don't think anything would change as the car has been driven just about 3000 km. Have a longish drive planned on Sunday so will be able to see if its any different with full load. I asked the SA if I should check for any oil dripping or anything else but he assured me that it wont be needed.

Must give a thumbs-up to Maruti and our dealership for a quick turnaround and staying true to their promise of returning the car in stipulated time.
The overall recall experience has been positive for now !
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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

Originally Posted by driftagain View Post
I wonder why people are not bashing Maruti left and right for not testing the new technology additions properly before launching the half baked products. This has been the case with Tata (mostly Harrier) and Mahindra launches which have been criticized in a very biased fashion.
There was a major steering issue in initial batches of Dzire also which was reported on Team-bhp but not much of a hullabaloo over hurried launch .
Any recall in the Indian automotive market is a welcome move.
By doing so, the OEM is owning up to a mistake and taking necessary steps to rectify.
Also what needs to be appreciated is the way the entire recall process in conducted without causing any major inconvenience to the customers.
But then if an OEM is conducting frequent recalls, then it is a different issue.
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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

My friend's Ertiga was recalled.
The motor replaced was originally supplied by a very credible French OE supplier.
The motor is quite heavy and expensive as well.
But he was happy with entire recall process.
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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

As per the link provided by Maruti Suzuki IL, my 2019 Ertiga falls under the "needs to inspected list". I visited the workshop. As per them, my car is ok. However, I am planning to visit another workshop to have a second opinion.

Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants-untitled.jpg
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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

Originally Posted by madhav View Post
Since I left my car on Sunday, the service center does not have any idea when they are going to receive the parts needed for the replacement. They claim to have ISG in stock, but the other parts needed as part of the fix are not in stock. Initially, this was supposed to be done by Wednesday, then yesterday it became Thursday and today it has changes to be 'maybe Thursday or Friday'.
Update: I received a call on Tuesday late night stating that the parts have arrived and they will be taking up the fix and delivery by Wednesday EOD. This was as per the original commitment of Wednesday which was a good sign. I was traveling on Wednesday, so I was able to collect the car only on Thursday and everything seems to be in-order.
The lack of parts availability initially was a little unnerving given the requirement of the car for the weekend trips, but I think it turned out well. Overall happy with the entire process! Maruti has scored some brownie points here. Kudos to Maruti and the Pratham!
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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

I got my 2019 February ertiga checked today. After inspecting and scanning the vehicle, the Works Manager mentioned the part in my vehicle is OK and no need for replacement.
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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

My XL6 was taken for inspection in Nexa service center, Chennai (Porur). After inspection, they declared that the vehicle is ok and issued a letter as well mentioning this.

PS: Received a letter last week from my dealer to bring the vehicle for inspection.

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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

I own a Ciaz Alpha MT, 2019 model. I was out of country for a while, and happened to read about this online. I checked on Maruti Suzuki website and entered the car's chassis number, and got the message that my car was not affected. Nevertheless, once I got back, I wanted to have my car inspected. By the time, I got a letter from Mandovi, that my car is also affected and I have to bring it for inspection. And then, when I check the link on Maruti's website, it says, my car needs inspection.

I left the car at Nexa Service Center, Yelahanka, Bangalore and they are quoting me an ETA of atleast a week OR more, as the spare part is not in stock !!
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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

Originally Posted by theleapyes View Post
I own a Ciaz Alpha MT, 2019 model.

I left the car at Nexa Service Center, Yelahanka, Bangalore and they are quoting me an ETA of at least a week OR more, as the spare part is not in stock !!
Nexa dealers have been giving a standard time frame of 5-6 days for replacement under pretext of non availability of parts. I believe this is perhaps only to reduce customer pressures.

My July 2019 Ciaz was also a part of this recall and Nexa had informed me a wait period of minimum 5 days, while 6 days wait was a standard, since the part was yet to arrive and the demand was too high (as per their official statement). However, during a casual conversation with the GM of service centre, it was confirmed that the vehicle would be delivered after retention of maximum of 3 days only. My car was readied at 2.35 a.m on the very 2nd day (as per the SMS received) and was physically delivered at 14:45 hrs.

Remember Maruti is voluntarily offering a loaner car or a fixed taxi fare of Rs 1500 per day (here in Mumbai), as per the choice of the customer, until the car is retained in its possession. Maruti would not be willing to increase liabilities by unnecessary longer retention and per se, I believe Maruti has initiated this recall only after being fully geared up to meet the spiked up demand for spares.

Nonetheless, KUDOS to Maruti and Nexa dealership, for handling the entire process in a smooth manner.

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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

I have a July 19 Ciaz SVHS. The day I saw this news, I checked the website to see if my car was eligible for the recall, The website mentioned Your vehicle "may" be eligible for a recall which basically meant that I must visit and get it checked from the workshop. Anyways, I would have visited the workshop even if it mentioned that my car is fine

Dec. 10: I gave a call to the Nexa workshop manager who assisted me during my car's first service. He knew about the recall and said that I can come and get it checked via their app and some device that would be linked to the car.

Dec. 11: ( 10.30 A.M.) Took my car to the workshop and gave the car for inspection. Within 25 mins. the service manager said that the MGU is faulty and needs replacement. I asked him how long it would take to which he replied maximum 4 Hours. He said he could arrange a drop to my place which was 10 kms away but I insisted that I would stay and witness the replacement ( from the glass area in the waiting lounge). I was offered good thick latte coffee twice during the wait hours which was really helpful.

Dec. 11: ( 3.15 P.M.) The replacement was done and the service guys took it for a spin to test the newly replaced France based MGU. They took nearly 30 mins to reach back and seemed satisfied with the replacement done. Got a bill of Rs. 0 however the price of 2 parts were mentioned on the bill one being the MGU assembly and the other MGU fitment kit of around Rs.32,900 total which is steep.
Picture of invoice attached for reference.

Thoughts and Observations:

1. Very happy with the day I was dealt with, warm welcome, speedy inspection, timely replacement and delicious coffee.

2. Felt like the training was well delivered to the service guys, they knew there job well and did the needful in the given time frame.

3. The engine start stop system have really improved. Earlier many a time I used to get the message of "Idling Stop Unavailable" and I used to feel that it may be a standard affair. Feels like the faulty MGU was not charging the Li battery properly.

4. The HU settings and MID time and date was reset probably due to disconnecting the battery by the service guys.

Overall , its a good thing that the company have taken ownership of a fault that should not have been there at the first place, but that being said, since had to face no false promises and delays in service delivery, I am content.
Attached Images
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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

Originally Posted by NST440 View Post

3. The engine start stop system have really improved. Earlier many a time I used to get the message of "Idling Stop Unavailable" and I used to feel that it may be a standard affair. Feels like the faulty MGU was not charging the Li battery properly.
It seems your settings were reset. This is based on the settings in the console, if you choose "comfort", you will see this message more often to let the Air con running.
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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

Originally Posted by dadu View Post
It seems your settings were reset. This is based on the settings in the console, if you choose "comfort", you will see this message more often to let the Air con running.
No, I had already tried to change those settings prior to part change , tried economy mode as well in those settings to see what effect can it bring but was not helpful. The result of part change is very evident and more than a placebo effect, even the service advisor said that there are inconsistencies in battery charging with the earlier part.
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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

A new generation Ciaz caught fire yesterday in Pimpri-Chinchwad. The thing has been well hushed up with most media not disclosing the images or name of the car. Typical.

However - mistakenly the image was shown in a separate news of hooligans setting bikes on fire in PCMC area. Some editorial mistake. And it was evidently a brand new Ciaz. The news also mentioned that the car was returning from the service station after a "planned inspection and repair". I wonder if its related with the recall. Won't be a surprise if it is considering the details.

Link - Hindustan Times without car details

Link - Indian Express with car image & caption of the said incident under wrong headline & news content
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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

Thanks to Rakesh V R for sending this in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing his experience with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP page!

Rakesh, shares the following:
This post is on my own experience regarding the Maruti recall for XL6, Ciaz & Ertiga. I had read the experience of the existing owners which all have been great, but couldn't find any experiences from the other side (the future owners of these cars). It would be good if you consider this and have this posted in the Maruti recall thread. Putting my quick observations on the car as well at the end. This is a long post, so please bear with me.

XL6, Hexa & Marazzo were the three cars, which we were considering as a replacement for our i20. We wanted a reliable 6-seater (captain seats a must as it will be mostly 3 people in the car, with parents/ in-laws joining occasionally). Both petrol & diesel were considered, considering the current fuel costs. We had back-to-back test drives on these cars & were planning to book the car in September 2019 during the XL6 launch. While, Marazzo was the car that came out as a winner for us, the budget was a bit beyond. This was in September, before the discounts started to pour for Marazzo. The price difference was almost 5 lakh, which was very much on the higher side. So, we decided to wait & test drive the Hexa as well once. Even after multiple follow-ups, Tata failed to even arrange even a test drive vehicle for their flagship product. We even went to the showroom twice to get the test drive. The SA mentioned that the vehicle is out for servicing & will call back in a day or two. Never got a call back in more than 2 months. The Mahindra showroom experience was better & they had followed up multiple times, especially mentioning the 1.5lakh+ discounts when Mahindra announced for M6 & M8 (we were keen on M8). So, now, the final price difference came to almost 3.5 lakh. We decided on the XL6 finally (BS6 engine & the lack of 6-airbag even as an option for Marazzo ensured that the safety could still be the same for XL6 as well as Marazzo, atleast on paper).

I finally decided to take the pill and booked an XL6 Alpha manual in blue color from Sai Nexa, Kochi by mid November. During the booking time, I was quoted a 4 weeks of waiting period owing to the demand as well as the regular December plant shutdown in Maruti which happens every year. I was fine with this and asked them to have the delivery planned on 20-Dec (22-Dec being my son's birthday & we would like to have the new car before that). The SA promised to try & get the car during the time.

During this time, I was not planning for an exchange as my old car (i20) was a TN registered one and the dealer will not accept the same for exchange). All was well so far & paid the advance amount for the booking, received the e-reciipt & left. At this point, I had enough time to plan for a TN visit & have a good deal to sell my old car (even posted an ad in Team-BHP ). If the price difference was 2 lakh, we would have gone ahead with the Marazzo.

Next day, got a call from the SA telling some NRI customer who was to take a vehicle was not ready with the payment, which can be re-allotted to me. Went to the yard, checked out the vehicle & said a Yes. The loan processing was completed from HDFC in the morning & I requested them to hold on the money transfer till I confirm the car. Post looking at the car, I confirmed the bank to proceed & decided to drive down to Chennai the next day to complete the selling of my car. I had to anyways go to Chennai to receive the hypothecation closure from the bank in Chennai, which had to be done in person & cannot happen from Kochi. The price quoted by Cars24 Kochi was lesser (finally ended up selling in a similar price in Chennai though), which was another reason to try selling the car in Chennai hoping for a better pricing. Drove down to Chennai next day & sold the car on the following day, got the cash for the car through Olx cashmycar (which had a slightly better pricing compared to Cars24). I have to say, both these portals quote ridiculously low prices & we have to bargain hard to get a better deal. Anyways, cutting the story short, I planned my return the next day & decided to go to the showroom to transfer the remaining amount. This was on a Friday (29-Nov), much before the news of XL6 recall broke out. The transfer was completed & I was told, that on Monday (30-Nov) they will complete the invoicing & have the TR completed on Tuesday (31-Nov) & I can plan the delivery on 1-Dec.

All was good & we had our weekend completed without any car & relied on Uber, etc. On monday for office commutes was dreaming on the new car which we are getting much earlier than expected. On Monday, I was told about an issue in Vahan portal since the site was having issues (which I confirmed with the local RTO). The delivery was postponed without a date, as they had no clues on the Vahan site. This got fixed in a couple of days & Dec 1 the dealer mentioned that Maruti had stopped invoicing for XL6, Ciaz etc/ due to a "maintenance" to their internal systems. On 5th Dec, I read the Team-BHP news on the recall & immediately checked with the SA. He had no clue & said will check with the showroom manager & confirm. Nothing happened for the next day. The next day SA confirmed on the recall & said the vehicles in the yard had to be verified. We will know only on Monday (9-Dec). That weekend again, we were kept in dark.

Called back the SA on 9-Dec to check the status. He checked with the showroom manager & the lady confirmed that the Maruti officials are inspecting the cars at their yard & the vehicles should be cleared in a day. I was still happy to find the measures from Maruti with officials being sent to check the new cars (apart from the ones running on road). The next day, also got no information. The actual surprise was received on 11-Dec. The showroom manager confirmed that the vehicle was impacted & needs to have the unit replaced. She said, the vehicle is in their service centre & being worked on. The same day late evening, I got a call from them that the vehicles are still being checked & I should get a call in the morning next day. The next day, called the manager to get the update & I went to the showroom to have the discussion. They had mentioned that Maruti had given instructions not to update any cars which are yet to be sold, before they close clearing all cars that are already registered & running. This seems a very ridiculous update to me as I had already paid full amount almost 10 days back. But, the dealer was helpless as the instruction came from Maruti & they couldn't do anything. The only other option was to wait for the fresh load to arrive. I was told of another car in transit from Delhi and has reached somewhere near Bangalore. It should take another 5-6 days for the vehicle to reach Kochi according to them. Since I had already sold my car & was without a car, they decided to give me a loaner car. It was a Baleno RS, which was a good gesture.

I decided to wait for 5 days before the next follow up & give the dealer enough time. On the 6th day, upon receiving no updates from the dealer, decided to make a visit to the showroom. Met the showroom manager & she gave another surprise. The above car, which was in transit was on hold in Bangalore & was not released. All these looked very much cooked up stories to me & I was thinking of doing the cancellation, when they checked & said there is another car in Kannur (around 250kms from Kochi) which came in the fresh batch & I can have that if needed. The vehicle would be driven by road. I was apprehensive first, but without much option & the need for a new car before my son's birthday as well as the vacation period (for which we had already planned a few trips) I said a Yes. The vehicle arrived on the next day morning (19-Dec). The showroom manager confirmed that the insurance & invoicing would be completed same day & they should take the car to RTO for TR next day. I can have the car on Friday evening or max to max Saturday.

The insurance was done only on next day second half which left the Saturday for the entire TR process. The next screw up happened on Saturday when I went to take delivery. The vehicle was sent for TR, but the TR number was not received. The last update (till now the status is the same), was on 21-Dec 5pm in Vahan & says "PENDING AT TMP-RC-APPROVAL". The next mistake I did was to hand over the loaner car & take the new car without a confirmed TR. The fact that we wanted the new car for the next day owing to the birthday took the front seat. The dealer made me wait for more than 3 hours without me getting any information & every time had to call the showroom manager to intervene to get information. Finally post 7 pm, they took an undertaking letter from me that the vehicle cannot be taken out without confirming the TR number & decided to hand over the car. The next surprise came when I checked the document. The vehicle was manufactured in Oct 19 & not Dec 19 (as promised by the showroom manager). So, this was still an old batch vehicle (but not impacted in the recall). Back to back false promises from the dealer. We decided to leave it as such as it was anyways a newly launched car. We had to cancel our road trip as we did not want to end up in some trouble over the unapproved TR number.

Looking back at the whole episode, our first Maruti car buying experience was not at all good (Owned a Getz first & replaced it by an i20 later). Hyundais are still the best in the car buying experience. The only good thing was the Baleno RS we had for almost 10 days. Was surprised at the space on offer on the car as well as the engine. Both had BIG THUMBS UP from us. Both the company (Maruti) and the dealer (Sai Nexa) are to be blamed for the complete goof up they did. On one side, we are happy with the recall from Maruti, the other side, they decided to play it safe & fix the cars on road first before they add more cars to the road. Atleast for the people who had paid upfront even before the recall was made official, had to be considered in the first batch to fix. The dealership has completely goofed up with all the proceedings. On checking the vahan website, I came to know that the vehicle was taken up only on Saturday around 2pm for TR process. All this when I had called up multiple times & even almost daily going to the showroom (since the showroom was on the way to my office) to have a personal follow up. The dealership has a lot to improve. The SAs are completely kept in dark on the recall: even after an official press release, the news was told to the SAs only on the next day morning during their regular meeting. The dealership giving false information on vehicles on transit & Dec manufactured car available in a different location, delay in raising invoice, temporary registration etc. At one point, we started thinking to cancel the car booking & look at the Marazzo again with an increased budget. All is good that ends well (though in our case, the TR is still not approved) and the ordeal has not reached a logical end.

The whole buying experience has not reduced our car owning experience. It was a wonderful 2 days since the car is in. My 10-year old kid is super happy with a wonderful captain seat all for himself with enough space to run around (not while driving though). The third row seat is also good enough for 2 adults even for longer drive (yet to test this) with the middle row adjusted a bit. A quick impression on the car below.

* Space space & lots of space. Coming from an i20, this was good for us.
* Quality of materials used inside was good (except for the power window switches)
* Full black interiors with the wonderful faux-leather seats.
* Captain seats for the second row
* Third row is surprisingly spacious for 2 shorter adults. Marazzo was the best for the third row.
* A/ C is super-effective. Did not take much time to cool the cabin after keeping it in the noon sun for more than an hour.
* Music system was surprisingly good (Was planning for a speaker upgrade. Might hold on to it & go with a door-dampening first & check).
* The wonderful full LED headlights. Super bright & lights up the entire road ahead.

* No auto-dimming IRVM for a car costing almost 13L on road
* Ridiculously small tyres (Upgraded to a 196/65/R15 Michelin 4ST on the date of delivery & super happy with the choice. Decided not to upsize alloys due to shortage of Vitamin-M)
* No under body protection for engine.
* Too much open space in the engine compartment. Suzuki could have did a better job to package the engine compartment a bit more tighter (Surprisingly, I couldn't find this in the official review which is already packed with details. To my surprise, the Baleno as well had a similar unused space in the engine compartment).

Mods planned:
Tyres - Already upgraded to 195/ 65/ R15 Michelin 4ST. Momo 16-inch alloys were planned first, but decided to put my money on the speakers instead.
Speakers - Planning for a speaker upgrade - mostly Polk components in front & Polk 3-way speakers at the back with a Sony 4-channel amp (might hold on for some time, as the current ones are surprisingly good)
Doors damping - Planning to do this first & hold on for the speaker upgrade post that.
Mats - Planning for 7D mats. None of the accessory shop here have the same in stock. Expecting to change some time next week. If not, will go with the 3D mats from Maxspider. Both cost almost 7-8k.
Detailing - Exterior paint protection (not from 3M, getting a better offer elsewhere) & Under body coating (3M with 3yr warranty, again getting a better price outside 3M).
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Default Re: Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants

So here's my experience of replacing my Ciaz's MGU:

Originally Posted by SS-Traveller View Post
...Maruti recalled all Smart Hybrid cars (Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants) in December 2019 for replacement of the ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) aka the MGU (Motor Generator Unit), also referred to loosely as the alternator by Maruti technicians.

So last Saturday MSM Okhla sent a technician home to check whether my MGU needed replacement. He took pictures of the serial number of the unit, and checked with the company whether it needs replacement.

And as I thought, it did indeed need replacement, and I needed to take it to the workshop. 12:30 pm. The MGU had been changed by then (took hardly 2 hours)...

As to the replaced MGU, there is an obvious difference in charging (the old unit was said to have charging problems). The Li-ion battery is being charged quicker, and according to the MID graphics, is being charged even when the engine is in deceleration mode at 1200 rpm. I even managed to get it to show 5 bars (fully charged) within the 20 km trip back home (never managed to do that earlier). The voltmeter I had inserted into the 12v socket did not show more than 13.7v earlier, but the new unit shows charging all the way to 14.2v. The stop-start system used to kick in at least 15 km after starting from cold, now it is operational within 6-7 km from starting. Let's see how it goes over the next few hundred km.
From what I could gather from the technician who came home to inspect my car, the problem in the MGU is with charging, and some cars end up with a dead battery if driven for short distances on a regular basis. I've felt this issue once a few months ago, when the starter seemed to struggle to start the engine for a few seconds.

Time factor: If the MGU and harness are available at the workshop, the actual work is not supposed to take more than 2 hours. Here's what was changed:

Maruti to recall Ertiga, Ciaz & XL6 mild-hybrid petrol variants-ciaz-mgu-change-invoice-23120.jpg

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