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View Poll Results: How difficult is it for you to adapt to the different cars you drive/switch each time.
Not an issue for me. 230 49.57%
I will be good in few km. 192 41.38%
Even if I adapt, sometimes I wrongly assume that I am driving the Ďotherí car. 31 6.68%
Very difficult. 11 2.37%
Voters: 464. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 31st December 2019, 18:12   #46
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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

Voted the second option - I guess no body can be an expert right from the start!

I managed to stall the XUV (was driving after more than 3 years) since my 'daily drive' has oodles of low end torque
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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

I drive a Polo GT TSI, a Swift Petrol and an Innova 2.5D.
No issue at all switching between these cars. I am a very cautious driver, but even then, if it's a car owned either by a friend or a relative, even if it's the same car as I drive, I am not comfortable at all, just because it isn't owned by me and I am very very scared of damaging others cars, minor or major, caused by me or somebody's fault. It's not acceptable to me.
I usually avoid driving cars of friends and relatives.

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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

Voted for the first option.
Changing cars is not an issue for me.

I drive a WagonR automatic, Swift diesel and Etios diesel.
I am a very sedate driver. Learned driving sedately from the time I started driving. My ideal cruising speed is 80 which occasionally rises to 100 if I find a good straight empty stretch. Most of the modern cars are easily capable of reaching speeds of 80 easily. So total number of BHPs within my car's hood doesn't matter to me much and thereby changing cars doesn't affect me much.

Since being in a medical profession and watching the effects of accidents first-hand, none of the car actually excites me with their performances.
If you want to enjoy and extract the last BHP available in your car, please take it on a professional track. Our roads aren't predictable enough to enjoy the performance.

Sorry to go bit off topic, coming back to the thread. The problems which I face is more in terms of car's capabilities instead of my driving style :
- Swift can easily maintain speeds while taking corners. With other two, I need to slow down.
- Bad roads can easily make Swift or WagonR unstable, whereas Etios glides through comfortably.
- B pillars of Swift sometimes bothers me.
- Gear changes are more frequent in Swift and WagonR. But it hardly bothers me after few kilometers.
- With Swift, I am able to find the perfect driving position easily, but takes sometime to adjust in other two.
- I am still having issues parking my Etios, since I fail to take into account its extra rear length. Subconsciously I have trained myself in parking a hatchback.

Though above problems are plenty, I still voted for the first option because I have already accepted the above issues as something which is not under my control.
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Yes when I am switching between my Creta and the X3&X1 it takes a while to get used to:

-Indicator stalk on the other side compared to the bimmers.
- Always switch on the wipers on the first turn I witness!
-Brake pedal response in the bimmers are instant and very strong, however, in the Creta you have to get used to it's braking power and strength lol
- I am always reaching for the iDrive controller knob on the centre console, forget that the Creta is an all-touch system.

But this is all in the first 5-10 minutes of the drive, after that it's all sorted and I'm used to whatever car I am in, be it mine or even a friends.
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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

We have 2 cars at home. A 5 year old Honda Brio, 1.2L, 88BHP and about 110NM torque.
And a Mercedes CLA 200d 2.1L which has 138 BHP and 300NM torque. (Turbocharged)

Steering wheel- CLA has very tight steering. Superb on highways-but not easy to drive in city.
Honda: light steering wheel. Can be turned with only one hand during parking. But NOT CLA.

Seat- Iím used to the comfort of both seats. So not a problem.

Visibility-CLA is very very low. Itís a nightmare to drive in the city. Youíve to look at all 4 corners. Wish I had 4 eyes.
Honda- good visibility

Engine- Yes. You can feel the difference on the highway. Hella load of difference.
Brio struggles to overtake on 5th gear on hilly road. Mercedes does it with a snap! Vroom!
But, Brio has one of the most powerful engines among hatchbacks after Polo GT and Ford Figo 1.5. And it costs only 5-6 lakhs.
So I could imagine how other hatchback struggle more than me.

Long drives- Mercedes is super silent at triple digit speeds.
Brioís road noise is audible at speeds 70 kmph itself.

But, in my family, both cars have different uses.
Small car-Big car. If thatís the right way to how we use it for different purposes.
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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

Although i don't have vastly different cars in my garage but usually driving different cars (NA, Turbo, Cars with weak bottom end etc) for test drives or my friend's cars comes easy to me, and maybe since i already have experience with many cars in the past and needless to say i read about them a lot, i drive different cars in different ways, and pretty quickly get used to their character.

In my garage though Honda City Diesel and Creta Diesel have very similar characteristics, their gear ratios are very close too and both have very good low end torque and Creta obviously takes off after that, City not so much so i drive both accordingly.

I even ride a bike on weekends (R15 v3), that is considerably different from these, that loves to redline so i usually revv it all the way to have fun, for Creta when i want to have fun i drive in the peak torque range (upshifts at around 3000rpm) unless i want to go really quick, in those cases i upshift at 4000rpm, City is fun in its own way too and that is in moderate to low traffic cases (which is almost all the time when you are in city {pun intended }) when you need low and mid low range torque and it is fantastic in that range, it is only in totally empty roads when you push it hard that you realise its weakness, so yeah i like to know a vehicle from inside out and then extract the most fun i can from it while enjoying its unique characteristics.
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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

I voted very difficult.

I originally had a Civic and an I10, both manual. The first car to go was the I10, replaced by a GT-AT. Pretty quickly I figured that it is not possible to easily switch between the Civic MT and the GT AT. Silliest of all were the times I stalled on the road because I forgot to press the clutch.

A year later the Civic also went, and a new Endeavour AT came in. Now at least both cars are AT, but - the sticks under the steering wheel are swapped. On the GT it is headlight controls and indicators on the left, wiper on the right. On the Endy it is the other way. Numerous are the times I switched on the wipers when all I wanted was to park the car kerbside.

Another silly difference is the angle at which the key enters the hole. In the GT it is nearly vertical, in the Endy it is horizontal. :-) Confusing.

The Endy has automatic headlights that switch themselves off when locked. GT on the other hand beeps when I forget to turn off the lights and try to get out of the car...

Other issues: different fuels, tanks on different sides, difference in the placing of buttons on the steering wheel, different ways cruise control operates etc.

Earlier this month I had to borrow my s-i-l's Eon for a short errand needing a 4 km drive. It was incredibly difficult for me to manage that.
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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

I drive a GT tsi & my dad's ciaz

GT is turbo petrol AT with European switches...
Ciaz is the exact opposite- Diesel, manual, Indian switches

I don't find a lot of effort to change cars from the driving perspective. The major thing which I feel weird is the keyless entry in the ciaz and not firing the engine up with a twist of the key. And I drive ciaz as the GT, often my parents end up complaining that I am going too fast over the wavy highways. GT is planted over the same patch while the ciaz keeps bouncing - driving speed doesn't change
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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

Voted for 1. Driven many cars so far, but there are couple of things I learnt while switching cars.

1. Pressing the clutch while starting the car in manual transmission. I once stalled the latest gen Dzire diesel in the middle of road and it refused to start. People started honking from behind and the nervousness increased and I couldn't think anything. Luckily, I pressed the clutch unknowingly and gave it a try, which started the car. From then onwards, this became a habit though Indigo and Rapid doesn't need this. Strange !!

2. As many mentioned, the wiper and signal stacks placement is the second one. Got used to the placement of them in Indigo, the very day we took the Rapid and as soon as we drove off the showroom, switched on wiper instead of turn indicator.
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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

Interesting thread. I had my Brio for 4 months after I got my Nexon Diesel. Weekly once or twice I used to take the Brio out keep it running.
For the first 10 minutes it used to be difficult after which I got used to the other car.

Main difference as follows:
Switch to Brio from Nexon Diesel
1. Low seating
2. Low torque and power
3. Attempting to restart a running engine. Brio is incredibly silent at idle
4. Funnily small gear box.
5. Amazingly spacious footwell.
6. Smaller and thinner seats. Takes a while to get used to it.
7. Keep trying to make the AC colder. Nexon is a chiller.

Shifting Nexon Diesel from Brio
1. Changed gearbox position and bigger gear lever.
2. More torque, need to be careful in traffic
3. Slowing on corners, Brio I used to drive like a go-kart, it feels unnerving on Nexon.
4. Being careful due to low visibility. Brio was almost like an open car, Nexon is opposite.
5. Slowing down on potholes and small speedbrakers, hangover from Brio
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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

Not at all an issue for me.

I switch between 4 of my own cars, a big SUV, a long sedan and 2 small hatchbacks. I also regularly drive my brothers' rapid, i20 elite, scross and vento. I really don't find any issue while switching cars, even when it was the test drive Seltos, Harrier, Nexon, Venue, Figo or the Hexa.
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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

Not an issue for me.

Originally Posted by Sophomore View Post
Difficulty in Switching between:
• Petrol engine vs diesel engine
• Turbo vs NA
• Brakes: ABS vs non ABS
Three well known concerns highlighted above which most people face. My uncle who has Amaze petrol first generation, Swift diesel second generation, second generation Wagon R and drives daily in Ahmedabad simply refused to drive Innova. He found it way too much to handle and very slow to turn, etc. Most of my friends who are used to small nimble hatchbacks wont even think of driving Innova even on highways.

Am having 2012 Innova and 2015 Swift with the former having ABS, a large lag free diesel engine with latter having not so good brakes and a smooth, refined, free revving petrol delivering good performance in top end. Both are exactly opposite I must say, but switching between them is not an issue for me, its just matter of habit. Many times, I park my swift after a run in dense city traffic and then head out to highways in Innova.

Initially, when I learnt how to drive, I did face some problems while switching the cars, but it was all good in an year or so. The two steeds we had at that time were Maruti 800 and Baleno 1.6 sedan. I guess its just a matter of experience.

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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

I have no such issues and am in perfect coordination with both my cars because I drive a 2009 Punto MJD and the recent addition in 2018 was a preowned 2011 Linea Tjet. The only issue I feel is if I have taken my Tjet for spirited highway drive, i see the MJD very sluggish for a couple of minutes when I start the drive. Then the mind automatically tunes to the diesel engine and provide higher acceleration compared to Tjet.
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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

The only thing I'm not able to master is the indicator placement in European vs other cars. Still I get the stalks mixed up.
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Default Re: Difficulty level in switching between multiple cars from the same garage

I have some issues switching from Maruti 800 to Hyundai Getz. Both are NA petrol engines but I see a world of difference between them.

When I drive my maruti 800, the torque kicks in early and so I can prod along without caring about which gear I am in. Push the A pedal and overtaking in city is a piece of cake. Because the car is so small and narrow, the whole car comes in my peripheral vision and I don't need to turn my head or shift my vision. With the power in city and full view of around the whole vehicle, I can zoom past the traffic with full confidence. But on highways, I have to remember that once I cross 80, overtaking a fast moving vehicle is a bit challenging due to lack of power. So, I drive much more calculated and safe.

Switching over to Getz, I'm immediately intimidated by the size. When I go in narrow streets, I have to turn my head left and see the left side and turn it straight on and see the front. I also have to be in the right gear at the right time or the A pedal becomes lifeless (thanks anti-knock sensor). So, I drive like a monk in the city. When I'm on highway, the power means that I can shoot past slower moving vehicles and so I'm more confident there.
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