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Old 16th February 2008, 00:09   #181
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My list is inded huge

1. Ambassador (2nos)
2. M&M Jeep (2nos)
3. Maruti 800 -1 no
4. Ford Ikon - using currently
5. M&M Scorpio - using currently
6. Hyundai Accent - using currently
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1989 Mazda 323 (dad's, sold)
1992 Honda Accord (dad's, sold)
2005 Toyota Corolla (dad's, sold)
2005 Honda Civic (still own)
2006 Dodge Caliber (still own)
2007 Chevrolet Epica (still own)
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Old 20th February 2008, 12:48   #183
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1984 FIAT 1100 (Sold)
2003 Tata Indica DLS (Sold)

Presently having
2007 Swift VXi
2008 M800

1989 RX100 (Sold)
1992 RX100 (Sold)
1993 Shogun (Sold)
2002 Pulsar180 (Sold)

Presently having
2004 Bullet 500
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I'm going to list the cars my dad and me have shared since I started driving (its too cumbersome to list his bikes and cars (including a n MG midget) in his day)

1. 1994 Maruti 800 (which still runs flawlessly)
2. 1996 Tata Sierra ( Good riddance)
3. 1998 Fiat Uno D ( good car but did'nt care for the service, long gone now)
4. 2001 Toyota Qualis (sold two years later)
5. 2003 Toyota Qualis ( replaced the last one then subsequently sold))
6. 2005 Honda City 1.5 iDSI (sold)
7. 2005 Hyundai Accent VIVA CRDi (sold)
8. 2006 Toyota Innova (sold)
9. 2006 Hundai Elantra CRDi ( present)
10. 2007 Honda Civic Auto (present)
11. 2007 Nissan X-trail (present)
12. 2008 Skoda Fabia (present)
13. 2008 BMW 530d (next week I think)

In the U.S
1. 2001 VW GTI VR6 (now sold)
2. 2004 Mazda RX8 GT (had it for 6 months in Florida, did'nt have the ***** to drive it in the Michigan winter)
3. 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi (present and love it!!)
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@scooby sti....dude you;re in Michigan, i was there forever !!!!
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And here is the list of cars that I've dabbled (driven/lived /grew up/threw up in !) with - owned by dad/dad-in- law and yours truly...

Mahindra Willys (Army) Jeep.

Nissan Jonga/Patrol (Army).

Premier Padmini (1979).

Morris Minor (1952) - Still proudly owned by F-I-L and frequently driven by me while on leave.

Ambassador (Mk II) (1973) - Still proudly owned by F-I-L and frequently pushed,pushed and pushed by me to either start it in the morning or restart it after it stalls in the busiest roads of the city,when on leave...half my annual leave is spent pushing this *&%$*&^ ! Wife says the exercise gives me an excellent physique - often wonder why my Pater in Law is so scrawny !

Premier Padmini (1985) - Company car - sold.

Maruti - 800 - Second company car - given back.

Maruti Zen (1997 - 2006) - Sold.
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Here is my list ...
  • Yezdi Roadking
  • Suzuki Shogun
  • Yamaha RXG 135
  • Maruti 800
  • Maruti Zen
  • Sierra Turbo
  • Opel Astra
  • Honda Activa 2006
  • Hyundai Santro XO 2007
  • Mahindra Scorpio slx 2005
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Here's mine.......(strictly speaking, Bolero is the ONLY one I all my dad owned or his money)

Premier Padmini 1971 (How i loved its exhaust note)
Premier Padmini with Floor Shift gears. (It used to touch 110kph)
Maruti 800
Yamaha RX100 (I'll never ever forget the thrill of riding it)
Mahindra Bolero 2007. (Enjoying the view)

-- Torqy
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My father had an Austin A40, even before I was born and then Standard Herald Mark III during my pre-school days.

After that he had a Amby Mark II which was first modified to a Mark III, then to a Mark IV and then back to Mark II with a Matador Diesel engine which was kind of a rule of the land in 90's. He also had a Premier Padmini along with the Amby.

My first car was a Fiat UNO, which I loved a lot. Then I moved on to a Viva CRDi which I currently drive.
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My earlier cars were a santro and an amby.Now i am enjoying the verna to the core and a swift will join in a few days time.
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Contessa, then Esteem, back to Contessa
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Let's see...
One of my grandfathers had various scooters and lunas for quite some time, not sure of dates.
The other I am told had a car while he was working in Singapore and left just after the Japanese had taken over, his brother was a rich resteraunter there, and I am told that he was one of the richest Indians there at the time. However he died and lost almost all his money [except what my grandfather escaped with]. He supposedly had a fleet of luxury cars, not sure of any details though.

My Dad bought his first car in the 70s while in the states, a 2nd gen corrolla, she was a 2 door hatchback, red, with a 1.6L 4cyl 8v engine that put out 102hp!!!
When my dad returned to India [for marriage] he bought a Premier Padmini i think it had the floor shifter, but he sold it after 2 days. he apparently couldn't use the car after his beaut corrolla...

Well to cut things short
US of A
1974 - 2nd gen Corrolla [SOLD]
2007 - 2001 model Mitsubishi Gallant (3.0 V6, CAI, FFE with Remus endcan, plugs etc...puts out about 220 at wheels bought from an auto mech)
2007 - BMW 325i (Dad's car)

Saudi Arabia
Don't know any dates, but I know that we had many cars and a huge sprawling house there, at one time we had 6 cars in our stable...
3 Honda Accords, we had one first (4 door) then sold it, got another 4 door Accord, as well as a 2 door one.
Mazda 929 Wagon
Nissan Patrol
We got a Merc E class before I was born, so whichever model was sold in 87.
There was a time that dad was picked up everyday in a RR from our house, as the Shaikh who owned the company he was working for used to come and pick him up every morning, as they had to discuss business.
The same dude offered dad an S class, but dad declined as he was leaving the company.

1990 - BMW 316i (Direct import from Germany) [My baby still with me]
1991 - Nissan Sunny EX Saloon [Stollen!!! 4 months after purchase]
1993 - Mitsubishi Lancer GXi [SOLD]
1996 - BMW 520i [Either 520 or 525 dad can't remember] [SOLD]
2007 - 2004 model Jag XJ6 (Dad's car...I am still not allowed to touch it let alone drive it!!!)

India - Delhi
2000 - Imported my 1990 Beamer [paid full duty on the damn German price!!!]
2000 - Opel Astra Club [SOLD]
2000 - Merc E class [SOLD] (Was forced to sit in this against my will!!)
2000 - Tata Safari (Never once sat in this car) [SOLD]
Ok, after this we got a lot of cars, something to do with tax, foreigners living in India got some exemptions if they invested in cars. The rule no longer exists. So will just list them as I really can't remember when we bought what...Some of the cars I can't even remember.
Opel Corsa [SOLD]
Opel Vectra (my favorite car of all time sold in India) [SOLD]
Mercedes E Class the one with oval lights (not a merc fan, and never sat in this car) [SOLD]
Mercedes C Class Kompressor [SOLD] (Sat in this one)
Chevrolet Forester (Used to drive to school in this, beautiful vehicle) [SOLD]
Chevrolet Optra (my other daily car in delhi, loved the 1.8) [SOLD]
Toyota Corrolla [SOLD]
Toyota Camry [SOLD]
Honda CRV (Still there in delhi, kept with a friend)
2004 model Honda Accord (with me in Mumbai)

2005 - 1990 Beamer trucked to Mumbai
2005 - 2004 Accored trucked to Mumabi [Haven't seen this car in a while hope dad didn't sell it]
2005 - Toyota Corrolla (my daily driver. It's an automatic, and I just calculated the fuel efficieny of the car today, from tankful to tankful. She delivers a WHOPPING 6.5 KM to the litre Where are all those "average kya hai people"? getting her serviced on friday, I think something is wrong!)
2006 - Innova Petrol
2006 - Honda City [SOLD]

Waiting for the launch of the Punto and Linea, one or both will join the list.

Before anyone rips on me, My brother is in the US now, and uses the Gallant, Beamer is dad's car as he is there for at least 3-4 months in a year.

All our cars in Saudi except for the 2 door Accord and Mazda 929 were company cars.

In Singapore we had few cars as dad was the only one who drove, so never had more than 2.

In Delhi, we were advised by tax consultants how much to spend on cars per year...a couple of cars were company cars, and well due to availability of chauffers, and the fact that my bro started driving at the age of 16, and me at the age of 14...well we had quite a few was the norm, especially on the street where I used to live, some of my neighbours had around 30-40 cars!!!

Mumbai - Sold most of our Delhi cars as tax rules have changed, and dad isn't really around that often any more, just me n mom most of the time...hence I think the Accord is sold...

Doc G
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Default hi

my own earlier car was a 2006 santro xing black xl

now i am driving a 2006 black baleno lxi
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Well i have driven a limited number of cars. Never owned one until the Zen and then went on a buying spree, especially in the US where the vehicles were just so cheap, as was the gas....

Amby (1995)
Golf GTI(1985-1994)
Looking for the Fabia(depending on how good/bad the dealer is)

Bought all the trucks secondhand, just for the heck of driving something the size of a house on wheels. used to sell them after every 6 months or so. Has the Mustang for a year and a half, until i got domesticated and settled for a CRV

Ford F-150 (2001)
Dodge Durango(Hemi V-8)
Chevy Tahoe
Chevy Impala

I went through a couple of cars in Europe, looking for a combo of Space(would cost me a fortune in parking if i had a big car). When i had the GTI i drove like a maniac and fuel bills shot through the roof.Finally settled on the BMW for the trips in the Autobahn.Since it is getting a little too small for the wife and kid, am graduating to the A6 turbo. That way can have my cake and eat it. Wifey can stick with the Beemer

Merc A180
Golf GTI
BMW 118d
Audi A6 wagon(on Delivery)
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Maruti 800 1996
currently driving the Santro sice 1999
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