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Old 6th March 2008, 17:38   #196
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Ford Ikon 1.3 Exi - driven by Dad now
Mitshubishi Lancer SLXi - current drive
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1997 Zen MH 410 - used by my ma-in-law
2007 Fiesta 1.4 Zxi - I love this car
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Default I had a Cielo...and it's a long story

I bought it used from the MD of a pharmaceutical company, and paid a bit more than the ruling market rate at the time. She served me faithfully for 6.5 or 7 years though the odd gizzard and things did develop ailments and require changing. The first to go was the music system, and I promptly upgraded to a Sony CD head unit and 4 Blaupunkt speakers, which gave me the joy of MUSIC on-the-fly. Next to gasp and give up the ghost was the clutch, and I fully expected that since she was a chauffeur driven car.
The one mistake I made with her was driving with the original tyres that had long since hardened, though with a decent amount of tread left on them. That bout of penny-pinching cost me hugely in comfort. When I did finally make the expensive switch to Bridgestones, she rode like a propah British limousine.

Then the radiator went kaput and was replaced with an after market one that worked fine. Lastly, the final nail in the coffin? The A/C fizzled out and just could not be fixed. When I inquired about changing the entire mechanism, I was told it would cost me more than the car was worth, so I dropped the idea.
Though this sounds like the sad lament of a very unhappy car and owner, it is NOT. I know many cars that would have been more reliable and cheaper to maintain especially those from the Maruti stables, but the Cielo delivered nearly 7 years of joy across 70K kms: she drove elegantly and in comfort, handled reasonably well (over-servoed steering addressed in other columns), and was in all a pleasure. And the acoustics inside were exemplary making my quite ordinary audio setup sound grand; I thoroughly re-engaged with my Led Zepplin and Placido and whatnot in this little cocoon that fully insulated me from the Bangalore traffic which was by then going the Armageddon way.

She also started rusting along the windshield seams and on the brow of the roof, and that I'd mostly ascribe to parking her exposed to the elements for 7 years. So she became shoddy and tatty and suddenly old., but I did have her fixed before I sent her off to her new home.
And THAT is what decided me in favour of the Skoda Fabia I just bought my folks (story in the new ownership reviews section): the DOUBLE GALVANIZED BODY. No more rusting cars, I hope. (To put it another way, may she rust in peace .)
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Hmm.. I have to think for a minute..

In the US.
1998 Mazda Millenia S
2000 Honda Civic
2000 Mazda Millenia S
2001 Honda Odyssey
2003 Mazda 6 S
2006 Lexus Rx 330
2006 Acura TL

All sold except for the Acura. My sister uses that since she's still there and I moved back.

In India

1994 Daewoo Cielo
1997 Opel Astra
1998 Tata Indica
2004 Honda City
2005 Skoda Octavia
2007 Honda Civic
2008 Suzuki SX4

All sold except for the Civic and the SX4.

Well thats is for now! Drive Safe!
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1995 Corolla DX (Sold in 2004)
1996 Corolla DX (Rear ended and totalled 2005)
1996 Accord EX (Sold in 2006)
1999 Camry LE (Sold last month)
2002 Camry XLE (Currently Drive)

In india

1997 Esteem VX (Sold in 2005)
2005 Maruthi 800
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between dad and myself
Maruti Omni 1998 (sold)
Hyundai Accent 2001 (Sold)
Toyota Corolla 2006 (daily drive)
Matiz SG 2001 (sold)
Palio GTX 2001 (sold)
Palio 1.2 Sport (daily drive)
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between dad and myself we had.
Maruti 800 1989-1998 (sold)
Hyundai Santro 1999-Feb 2008 (Sold)
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Default S

When i was born we had a Maruti 800 green colour
then Maruti 1000
Maruti esteem
Tata Indica
Maruti Gypsy,Tata 207
Maruti Esteem
(photo wali)
Attached Images
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very old family cars: dodge, plymoth, vw-beetle.
relatively old- fiat, amby.
old enough-m-800(original from japan, 1st. in city), m-800van, m800-india made.
old: conty, m1000, esteem, m800, cielo, astra.
new: gypsy-97,
honda city- 99
honda city -01
ikon- 03
palio- 03
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The succession of vehicles owned/used...

Silver Grey Fiat 1100 1967 to 1974
White Ambassador Mark3 1974 till the elderly lady was sold in 2000
Dark Blue Mahindra CJ500 Long Chassis 1982-1986
A long succession of Soft Top and Hard tops 4WD Mahindra MM540's, 550,550DP, Armada, Marshal etc 1986 to 2000. Largely Dark Green, Grey, Navy Blue and White.
White Ambassador Nova 2000 only
Dark Grey Maruti 1000 1999-2003
Silver Blue Maruti Esteem 2003-2006
Bright Red Tata Indica DLG V2 Turbo 2006 till date

Now what next? Maybe a Dark Grey Tata Indigo CS Dicor!!!

1984 Model Red M800 Dx Old Shape - completely original Japanese parts etc etc - used this from 1996-1998. My first ever car. Saw my sister married, was part of many jaunts with friends and family.
1988 Model White Maruti Gypsy Soft top MG410 - completely original Japanese parts etc - used from 1998 to 2000. (some lovely beach off roading and pulling a Sierra out of deep sand once! funny- sold this for the same price as it was bought at.)
2000 Model New White MPFI Maruti 800 - used from 2000-2001.
2000 Model New Silver Santro Dx - used from 2000-2002.
1999 Light Gold Maruti Esteem Lx - used from 2002-2004.
1997 White Maruti Gypsy Hardtop AC MG410W - used from 2004-2005. (some lovely off road adventures including getting stuck in a deep mud swamp!)
2005 Dark Green Bolero Sportz - used from 2005-2008.
2006 Model Red Maruti Swift Lxi (Wife's)- 2006 till date.
2008 Rocky Beige Scorpio Lx - 2008 till date.

What next? The Swift hopefully gets sold to make way for a Reva Klasse!
The Scorpio hopefully gets upgraded to the Hybrid Scorpio when it comes and if it is affordable!
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1996-1999 - White Tata Sierra
1999-2000 - Beige Maruti Omni
2000-2005 - Dark Blue Cielo with white alloys, free flow exhaust and GT Wing.
(Present owner drives to his office on Lavelle Road)
2005-till date- Pearl Silver Suzuki Baleno fully prepared for circuit racing by
FRK Racing. ECU, Header, K&N, Roll cage, Custom ratio
Gearbox, Suspensions, and some secret engine work.
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Wow, impressive!

In India, my grandfather

BMF6061 - 1959 1100D
MMB2851 - 1976 Padmini
MH04AX7688 - 2005 Innova

In India, my dad:
GJ15-9276 - 1989 Maruti Omni
GJ-xxxxxxx - 2005 Toyota Camry

In India, me and my older cousin (shared)
GJ6 A 5772 - Chevy Optra LT (Orange)
GJ21 M 0896 - 2007 Maruti Alto
MH02BD4055 - 2007 Hyundai Santro Xing XL

In Canada, my parents:
1985 Mercedes 450SL
1989 Toyota Camry AllTrac
1993 Volvo 850GLT
1994 Toyota Camry V6 LE
1995 Ford Windstar GL
1996 Ford Taurus GL
1997 Ford Taurus SE
1998 Pontiac Grand Prix SE
1999 Toyota Camry CE
2000 Buick Century Custom
2001 Ford Focus Wagon
2002 Oldsmobile Alero
2003 Chrysler Intrepid SXT
2004 Chrysler Intrepid R/T
2005 Chevrolet Impala LS
2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT (Still Have)
2007 Toyota Camry SE V6
2008 Mercedes-Benz C230 RWD (Still Have)
2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid (Still Have)

In Canada, Me:
1989 Toyota Camry AllTrac 4WD
1999 Toyota Camry CE
2004 Chrysler Intrepid R/T
2004 Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI

Whew...that took effort.
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Default From whatever i can recall

All family owned

5707 Fiat Premier Padmini SOLD actually STOLEN! Never got her back :( 2nd Hand Purchase
3664 Ambassador White SOLD 1985 2nd Hand Purchase
MTY 3227 Fiat Premier Padmini Lime Green SOLD 1983 2nd Hand Purchase
MFF 1207 Maruti Van Red YOP: 1984 Showroom SOLD 1998 *1st Showroom Purchase Vitesse, Worli*
MFC 2041 Original Maruti 800 White YOP: 1990 SOLD 1996 2nd Hand Purchase
MGJ 779 First Change Maruti 800 White YOP: 1992 SOLD 1996 2nd Hand Purchase
MH-04-Q-9451 Maruti Esteem VX White YOP: April 1996 SOLD July 2004 Showroom Sai Service, Mumbai
MH-01-Y-5120 Maruti Zen LX Golden Beige YOP: May 1999 Showroom SOLD May 2004 Sai Service, Mumbai
MH-0X-XX-XXXX Hyundai Accent Viva Passion Red 1.6DOHC ABS YOP: Jan 2004 Showroom PRESENT
MH-04-CB-4980 Tata Indigo LS White YOP: Aug 2004 SOLD July 2008 Showroom Wasan Motors, Chembur
MH-0X-XX-XXXX Logan 1.5dCi DLX White YOP: May 2008 Showroom PRESENT

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Vehicles owned by me

1989: Kinetic Honda
1996: LML Vespa
1999: Hero Honda Splendour
2005: Maruti Omni
2008: Hero Honda Splendour NXG
2008: Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova & Splendour NXG are with me now. Sold the others.
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Now Indica DLG TCIC since 2006
Previously Esteem
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