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Our first family car was a 1992 Maruti 800 camel color. This car served us very well so many good memories with the car. No bad ones always a very trust worthy car. I actually cried the day we sold it off.

My first personal car was a 1997 Maruti Zen which I got as a reward for successfully getting through in Engg Man oh Man the fun we had in this car. New to college away from home living in a hostel with a car! It was blast.
Had it for a while! In the same time bought a 2002 Maruti Dx when I moved to Chennai. I had this car briefly before moving to US. It did numerous trips on the ECR. Nice car.

Moved to the US in 2004 and bought a used 1997 Toyota Camry. Drove it for 2 years and put about 40,000 plus miles on it. Since then have owned a 2004 limited edition Toyota 4Runner almost 90,000 miles on it loving it every day. while i was in the US my parents sold off my Zen. I did not talk to any one for 3 days because they did not tell me when they were selling it. I found it out later otherwise would never have let it go.
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The first car we had was a Fiat 600 (like the original 500 but with a 600CC engine). My dad had 3 of them. His official car was some Merc. Don't remember which one. My first car was a Fiat Uno. When I went to UK for studies, I had a Ford Escort for a month. Then I had an Audi 80. Currently I use a Fiat Siena 1.6. Other previous cars in the family were Tata Estate & Fiat Palio (Brother), Maruti Zen (old one before the VX/LX days. I think it was called the Zen MH410 then) and Wagon R VX.
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My first car was a 2000 MarutiAlto bought from the showroom just after its launch in Dec 2000.
Went on to have :
1996 Tata Sierra,2002 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5,Fiat Palio ELX 1.2,VW Golf,1956 Centre light Fiat.
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Well my family car tree goes something like this:

Umm Well don't remember the year, so I will skip the Maruti Van

1) Maruti 800 (1995) we have done most of our road trips in this, i.e. Pune - Banglore, Pune - Hydrabad, Pune - Ahemdabad
2) Fiat Uno (1997)
3) NE 118 (1997) got a used car. it was a 1989 or 1990 model if I am not wrong. Actually I was quite fond of that car cause I learned how to drive in that
4) Honda City 1.5 (2000) my all time favorite and till date I don't feel like parting with it.
5) Santro (2001) This was the only car I had that has clocked 100,000+ kms
6) Ikon 1.3 (2002) My dad hated this car for its maintainance costs
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Default Some more from me!

[Posts relocated to this thread]

Hi folks,

Compared to the gems posted here, mine are nothing. But they do allow me take a hike down memory lane!

Though my previous posting was relatively in chronological order, here it is not.

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_263.jpg
My Uno diesel - TVS Cochin spoilt my experience with it and was sold only because of their indifference. Ride and handling were again very good.(Replacing this was my Indica DLE V2 - 65000kms of trouble free motoring, don't seem to have a picture of it though!)

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_259.jpg
Those alloys were from Aura and it needed work to get it onto the Uno, so on hindsight they may not have been 98PCD! But they still do their duty on a Palio here. So from 1998 to present - that is a long stint!

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_261.jpg
My ride from 1999 to 2005, 76000kms of reliable service. This was a 1998 August model bought new in November 1999. Did a test drive and went for it as I got a discount. Yes, for me the TCIC was enough to enjoy!

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_262.jpg
This appears to be the only photo which at least gives a glimpse of the Zen Di I owned in 2002/2003 for a short span of 10 months. Sold of with an odometer at 13500kms.

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_265.jpg
Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_269.jpg
Some lines of the Contessa I had. The car which was with me the longest - 5 years and 9 months. Even before it had its number plates fitted, destroyed the front suspension by flying over a huge stone right in front of Hotel Ashok, Bangalore.

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_270.jpg
The 2000 as it was when I bought it. petrol engine and OEM headlights

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_267.jpg
Memorable trip from Madras to Bangalore - in 3 and half hours - what a car!

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_268.jpg
Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_272.jpg
The second car that I bought in my name after the initial Maruti Van. A Dx with AC!

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_273.jpg
This was my father in law's Bajaj Chethak.

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_271.jpg
This was the car (minus the roof carrier) which was parked in the 'then' photo of my house. This is our beach.

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_264.jpg
Was my car in my 'honeymoon' days. Only understood the meaning of the second hand dealer's advice to me - "Take it easy on your trip from Madras to Alleppey" later. A warped head and poor condition radials. But had a blast on the trip without incidents. Problems surfaced later. Gem of a car, ride and handling were too good. Got it in 1983, don't remember the model year, early 70's I think. I remember it as a Peugeot 207SW!

Now any digging that I do will be only after Onam which falls on the 2nd of September.

All special effects courtesy HTC Phone camera, my 'steady' hand and the poor lighting!

Last edited by Rehaan : 31st August 2009 at 00:37. Reason: Hi trrk, your post and the replies have been moved to a more appropriate thread. Thanks.
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Rajesh the Peugeot looks like a 504 break to me
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Originally Posted by V-16 View Post
Rajesh the Peugeot looks like a 504 break to me
Its a 304 SW. Very rare nowadays
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Originally Posted by ajmat View Post
Its a 304 SW. Very rare nowadays
I am sure you are right. Now I can visualise the number on the bonnet. How did I even write that it is '2' series?

What a suspension it had! My young nieces sitting in the back with the seats folded after a beach visit enjoyed the vehicle going over a hump shaped culvert at speed. It will just go up on its long travel suspension and just settle down without any bounce.
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Our family cars as we acquired them:-

1) 1950-Morris Minor
2) 1952-Austin A50
3) 1952- Vaxhaul Wivern ( spelling may be wrong)
4) 1960- Borgward Isabella ( I learned driving on this)

Now comes my own cars:-

1) 1977- Honda Civic
2) 1979- Standard Herald MKII (1967 model)
3) 1981- Hindustan Ambassador Diesel ( Model not known)
4) 1987- Maruthi-800 Deluxe (Stillwith me).
5) 1990- Ambassador MK-IV
6) 1994- Tata Sierra
7) 2001- Opel Corsa Sport - Limited edition.( Still with me)

If I add 2-Wheelers used and still owned by me:-

1) 1967-Jawa 250 ( Learned riding on this)
2) ----- Royal Enfield India
3) 1949- Sunbeam S8 (With Me)
4) 1963- BSA -A50 (With Me)
5) 2000- Hero Honda CBZ (With Me)
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A second hand Dolhin. Bought 1993, learned to drive on it, used and enjoyed it well, sold 1996. The spares were getting more and more scarce.
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Originally Posted by trrk View Post
It will just go up on its long travel suspension and just settle down without any bounce.
I used to go to school in one of these. The owner used to push it hard on Worcestershires finest country roads. He later swapped it for a 504 which also ran pretty well
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Family vehicles.
dad's bikes owned now sold off ( excuse me for the details.. i wasn't educated enough for knowing more details)_
-> java
-> lambretta
-> peugeot sportif moped (launched by chamunda motors.)
-> bajaj priya ( 3 geared)

My owned vehicles and sold
-> 1996 Bajaj sunny zip 60cc ( pocket rocket) (30K km)
-> 2003 Maruti 800 5-speed MPFI 41K km when sold

Currently owned
1991 Bajaj Chetak 12V ( donkt know how many kms covered i believe 1L + and going strong)
2001 Bajaj Caliber Upgrade (18K)
2003 Mitsubishi Lancer 2003 (95K)
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Cars that went before I came

Standard Herald - This was my grandpa's car

Then a looong gap, as dad had transferrable job.


2000 - A grey 1984 Premier Padmini - dad drove it for around a year before selling it off.
2001 grey Maruti M800 std (around 40000KM on the odo till now) - The reason for low running is that dad was out of staion for 4 years out of 8.

Meanwhile uncle had various cars alotted to him from his office, including a Contessa & TATA estate.

Then Uncle got a used white amby nova (dont know which year make) around 1997. Replaced it some years later with a new blue M800 Std around 2000. Sold off the M800 in 2007, and got a grey WagonR Lxi.

I went to US from my company in 2007, and realized it would be impossibble to continue without a car. Shared the cost with my roomie and got a used 1998 Mazda 626 LX A/T (check my garage for pics.) Sold it off to my roomie when I came back in 2009.
Booked a Hyundai i10 Asta A/T some days back (yet to be delivered).
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Started off with brand new Hyundai Accent GLX in 2001. Being a first car, had my own mishaps in it, even on the first day of taking delivery. But hey, we all learn. Did'nt clock much in the ODO. The longest trip I did in that was to Hogenakkal, Mysore.

Sold it off in 2002, went to the US, bought Honda Accord 2.4 with GPS and other gizmos that made my life of driving in the US easier. Never had any problems what so ever even at -30 degree situations. Extremely reliable car.Used it for almost three years and then sold it off.

Returned to India in 2005, bought Corolla, H5, has been doing service to me for the last four years, have done 60000 kms, have done many memorable long trips in the car. I love its bullet proof reliability. I dont intend to change the car for a while.

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My list is as follows:
- Owned a Lambretta, blue-beige with chrome linings. It was gifted to him by the music director Rajesh Roshan. He was the English teacher for quite sometime in mumbai. Unfortunately, the machine was stolen while being parked near City Palace in Udaipur.
- Then boght a Bajaj Priya, NavyBlue color, which stopped working due to engine seizure and hence was sold to a bhangarwala for a sum of 3k
- Finally bought a Bajaj Chetak, in existence till now and running smoothly.
- Used to own a Morris Minor perhaps still kept in Ajmer in our ancestral home, which is locked since eternity now.
- Also heard of a pre-independence machine owned by a businessman from Ajmer and a family member, perhaps kept in the same house.

- Owned a Java during his grad days
- Also owned an Rx100 2-stroke, which got damaged badly once in an accident and hence was sold in an unknown price
- Owned a Bajaj Priya, sold it very recently in yr 2000, exchange for a used leica 35mm manual camera (Dad has a liking for film cameras rather than wheels)
- Owns a M800, Esteem and Safari DiCOR (presently in Gujarat)

- Owned a Kinetic Luna (during 1992-1995)
- Owned a Hero Puch (from 1998 - 2002)
- Owned a Suzuki Shogun (2002 - 2005)
- Owned a Calibre (2007 - 2008)
- Currently own a Pulsar 150
- Dream to buy a Honda Cub (please help me in case its available in India)
- My ID says it all for the moment
- Wish to own a classic Merc (looking out for a good deal, want to gift one to parents)
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