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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

4 Wheelers Owned:

Fiat 1972 Model
Maruti 800 - 1988 Model
Maruti Omni - 1992 Model
Maruti 1000 - 1994
Tata Sierra - 1996 Model
Daewoo Cielo - 1998
Hyundai Santro - 1999
Toyota Qualis - 2002
Mahindra Scorpio - 2003
Honda Jazz X - 2010

of all the above, only Cielo was a pain to own because of poor Fuel economy - rest it was a fantastic journey.
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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

My record of cars and bikes are as follows.......
1. Dad had a Bullet in 1962 .UPM 5143. sold it in 1964 after minor accident at santacruz.

2. Got a brandnew Ambassador Mark2 in 1965 MRZ 3129. from National Garage Bhulabhai Desai Rd. brought for 18000/-, sold it in 1981 for 19000/-,

3.My very own car, second hand Standard Herald Car MRZ 4242 1965 model brought in 1973,sold it in 1978,got it for 4500/- sold for 5900/-.

4. Brought a brand new Matador F504 in 1977 MTD 7326 for a period of 3 years sold it in 1981.

5.Got brand new Bajaj 150 scooter MMA 5313 in 1974, sold it in 1980.

6.Got a Brand new Bajaj Chetak in MMC 5145 1974 sold it in 1981.

7.Got two brand new Allwyn Pushpak Scooters for a project work in Abu Road in Rajasthan and Videocon factory in aurangabad in 1982 from Bombay Cycle and motoropera hse.sold both sometime in 1989..MMJ 1987

8.In 1984 we brought a brand new white Dolphin MAS 537 for Rs.75000/- from Gohil Motors Mahim,but in less then 4 years we sold it due to bad service and non availability of parts by that gohil motors,and also his so called specialist or a joker you may call him in Dolphin cars a man named Mr. Sateesh Vashi.who buggered up my car.

9. In 1987 we got brand new Maruti Van BLL 142 ACTG low roof from Resham Motors for 87000/-SOLD THIS VAN IN 1992.

10.This time in 1989 we brought a SS80 MAP 9744 red colour DX model second hand with only 1200 kms on odo for 71000/-,it was absolutely new car with MARUTI music system,seat belts,leather seat covers,CHILLING AC with 5077 compressor as original fitting without any power loss. sold this car in 1993
11. In 1989 we brought a Gypsy PICK UP and got that ugly looking steel
body made from NICHOLAS at Vasai,I used this vehicle for my project work in JNPT which was being developed in those days I used to drive this gypsy in slush and muddy waters almost 2 to 3 feet deep, where now we have almost expressway type of roads to JNPT.Almost all vehicles in project work at JNPT were GYPSYS the main contractors were korean componies and there we saw those HUGE trucks carrying mud in them tons and tons of mud infact after this project got over there were huge numberes of gypsys for sale.

12, In 1991 we brought a Mahindra 540 DP MH.02.XX.3465 second hand for a project work in Kandla Bhatinda Pipeline at Gandhidham and Kandla Port. sold this 540 to a Bhaiya from UP border to Nepal for his bussiness of ferrying passangers.

13.In 1990 we got new shape German red Maruti 800 MH.OI.A.612 again second hand which was used for few days by previous owner before he migrated to USA. and 724kms on odo. it had central locking,Pioneer deck,Fog Lamps,seat covers, intermittant wiper attatchment switch, sold this car in 1999.

14.. In between we also brought a white Sumo in 1997 MH.04.AA.2453 got the AC fitted from Indus at Prabhadevi,again sold it in 2001.

15. In 1994 brought a White Maruti 1000 MH.04.A. 8700 sold it in 2001.

16. In 2000 brought a Black Esteem VX with mag wheels but got fed up of regular repairs and sold it in 2004. and brought a new Maruti Zen VX.again usd it for 2 years and sold it to a freind in Vashi.

17. In 2004 brought a Maruti Omini MH.O4.BY .2478 sold it in 2009.

18. In 2004 we brought 3 cars
1. Honda City crystal lightd model. MH.04.XX.557
2. Hyudai Accent CRDI.MH.04.BY 5550

Out of all three Honda city was replaced by Honda Accord in 2005.
Accent Crdi was replaced by FIat Linea.
Santro was replaced by Marut Swift VDI

All above replacements were again in year 2008.

At present I also have a humble Maruti800 5 speed .

Last year I brought a Yamaha FZ.

I forgot to mention I had A bullet in year 2005 to 2008 1984 model MMM4488

This is all I remember but there is a bell ringing i my mind that still some cars are forgotten by me.
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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

Ah Ha!!

Dad's padmini.
M-800(2nd gen) - STOLEN from MCD Parking!!
97 Zen(met. blue) - has run 1.6Lac Km.Still in awesome shape except that directional vents for AC dont work.
Bike era:
RX100-4 years of happy revvin'
P-180 ist gen - still with me from 2001 - run a minuscule 37k
went back to cars
Santro Zipdrive : 03 run 1.3L kms, splurged on this.Loud ICE(when i went back to college), and free flow exhaust now.still going strong.
Current drive : Fiesta 1.6 Sxi.Splurged on this too.
performance filter/touchscreen stereo, premium body fluids.....

somewhere along the way, i got married too.

Wifey not too fond of me when any weekend is spent by me under the hood of any of the above....

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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

Past Rides as a part of our family Garage:
80's HM Ambassador -- Sold (a FEW through the 60's, 70's & 80's.)
1985 Premier Padmini X 2 -- Sold & updated to 1992 Premier Padmini Petrol
1992 Premier Padmini Petrol -- Sold & updated to 1994 Maruti 1000
1990 Maruti 800 DX -- Sold & updated to 1993 Maruti Zen
1993 Maruti Zen -- Sold & updated to 1999 Maruti Wagon R VXi
1994 Maruti 1000 -- Sold & updated to 1997 Opel Astra
1996 Daewoo Cielo GLE
-- Sold & updated to 2003 Toyota Corolla H4
2002 Toyota Qualis -- Sold

Current Cars in the Garage:

1997 Opel Astra --Sold & updated to 2001 Mercedes Benz E320 Elegance (My Car)
2002 Toyota Qualis --Sold & updated to 2006 Toyota Innova V (Household)
2003 Toyota Corolla H4
1999 Maruti Wagon R VXi -- Sold & updated to 2005 Hyundai Santro XG (Household)
2005 Toyota Camry XLE (Mom's Car)
2010 Mercedes Benz GL450 4Matic (Dad's Car)
Attached Thumbnails
Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_4.jpeg  

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_6.jpeg  

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_3.jpeg  

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_1.jpeg  

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-image_2.jpeg  

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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

This thread sure brings up a lot of memories.
1. My first car was a Mazda 323, bought just before my birthday in '83.
2. Honda Quintet.'84 for my wife (though I ended up enjoying driving this more) This was a great car, well planted on the highway and made me a fan of Honda quality and design since then.
3. Replaced the Mazda 323 with a Mazda 626 in '85. Got this car 3 months used at 40% discount to a new car. Nice, build quality, ride etc. Only grip the car didn't have a 5th gear!! The engine was so buzzy on highways. I nearly escaped a tragic event driving on the Abu Dhabi to Dubai highway at 160km! Learnt not to drive fast early in life.The maximum difference in time would be 5-10 minutes between driving fast (140-160) or normal (100-120km). What would have one done in that gained time?? Not much! See a bit extra Tv, had a cup of tea, nothing that was worth the extra risk.
4. Came back to India in '87 and bought a Maruti 800 with A/C for Dh32,000 for immediate delivery against F.Exchange. My friend bought a BMW 3 series at the same time in Dubai for Dh36,000. Can you understand how cheated I felt. Anyway, I drove this car hard and trated it as an Indian BMW!! Do you remember, how comfortable and spacious the car felt at that time? Try and sit in it now to see what a difference time has on your perception of things.
5. Bought a Red '89 Maruti 800 for my wife as she had adjusted to driving in Delhi by then.
6. Upgraded my Brown 800 (those days you made a profit on selling your used cars) to a ~92 Maruti Gypsy Hard Top 1000 cc engine. Got nice ORMs fitted besides ICE and A/C. The most enemic engine ever. I enjoyed driving the car and took it for long rides, visiting all hill stations around North India. This is the vehicle I kept for the shortest time and sold it after just 2 years!
7. '94 Maruti Esteem 1000. Very few people would buy these cars then, for fear of being questioned by the IT dept! The car would struggle to move with 5 people and A/C on. Remember having to switch the A/C off when ever I had to accelerate from a stop light.
8. Changed the Red 800 for a new " 94 Dark Blue Maruti 800.
9. Times in India were changing when other makes started to enter. Every one was drooling over the Cielo, booked one in '96 but cancelled when it was annonced that the Opel Astra was coming. I rather wait 6 months than buy "Korean". That time the countries products were not know fow high quality. Plus the Cielo was the previous generation Opel Kaddet, just reskinned. Got deliver of my solid German Maroon Opel in '97. Boy, it felt good driving it then, felt like driving a Bentley, had good suspension, solid thud sound when closing the door, the growl of the exhaust note. Soon realized the car had some basic issues with the induction coil, the car would jerk and come to a stop in the middle of the road. Had to change the induction coild virtually every year.
10. Upgraded to the new 2000 Opel Astra with MPFI as many of the issues were resolved in the new Astra and for want of any other meaningful option. The car had issues with the engine sound over 90km, reminding me of my buzzy 626. always hunting for a higher gear to quiten the engine noise. I still have this car and use it regularly for my office work. No major issues, still runs smooth in city traffic, the car build quality shows. Not a single squeak till now.
11. Move to Canada in 2000 and bought a Honda Odyssey EX. Excellent vehicle. 7 seater, mile cruncher. Done many Toronto to Florida trips (2500 km in 20-22 hrs).
12. Second car bought was a Nissan Altima. Basic commute, nothing to write home about, sold to car after 2 year.
13. Replaced the Altima with a 2002 X5, 3L. Black with black. Leased, enjoyed the vehicle for 2 years. Smooth ride, low grunt engine. Always wished for just a little more power. Realized that Black is a beautiful colour for a car, as long as some body else owns/cleans the car. The snow/salt combo was SO difficult to clean (One has to do all the cleaning yourself there).
14. The X5 needs to be serviced in 2 years in Canada, that too, for free. So after 2 years, in 2004, when I went to get my Blacky serviced, my eyes fell on my only truly memorable ride, a Sterling Silver 4.4 X5. The SR got talking and we soon agreed to trade the black X5 for the 4.4 X5, with no penalty and marginal more monthly payments, sealed the deal. I surprized my family as I did not tell them about the switch. After 2 days, once the new beauty was registered, I drove to the showroom, switched the vehicles and parked the new ride in the garage. This was and still is the only car I ever regreted not keeping. What power, what a sound the engine used to make, plush interiors, comfort seats, what beautiful sound systems etc. I was in heaven. That was the SAV you wanted to go for long drives in. We took a trip all the way from Toronto to Branson, Missouri.
15. The Honda Odyssey was showing it's age (and I was itching to change to the new model too), so in 2007 we sold and replace the Odyssey with the new EX-L model. It was with the new 3.5L EM System, found on the Honda Accord V6 here.
Much more luxurious than the earlier model, lots of bells and whistles. The reason one buys a "minivan" in North America, is because of the long drives out of town, loads of friends and relatives visiting and airport duties!! Still have this.
16. Three years lapsed too quickly with my 4.4 X5. The lease was up, but due to high residual value was too expensive to buy out, so reluctantly had to go in for a new vehicle. As the X5 new model was out and because of the snow, we felt the need for a SUV/SAV. Unfortunately BMW in their own wisdom stopped the 4.4 and and the only engine options were either the I6 3L or V8 4.8L. As the monthly payments for the 4.8 were way too high, I reluctantly settled for the 3L. The SAV is sluggish, but a lot more spacious than the earlier model. Also only shortcoming or the previous gen X5 of cargo space was addressed. Also new with this model was RF Tyres. What a disaster, makes the ride hard and god help you if you have a flat on a long journey. Fortunately have not had any in the last 42 months. They just do not repair the tyres there, you just change it, cost over $400 each. If the nearest dealer does not have the tyre, check into the nearest hotel/motel, wait 2 days for Fedex to get the tyres over and that cost to the cost of replacing your tyre. What was BMW thinking?
Still have this SAV.
17. Moved back to India for work. Things have changed A LOT here in 10 years. Needed an other car, other than the Astra, just to keep up with the Jones. Bought a Honda Accord AT, changing gears, with this traffic was just too tiring. Nice, smooth, comfortable car. Doesn't grip the road like the Bavarian's. Those SAV's ride on velcro. Does not inspire confidence going fast on turns/roundabouts. The car has presence here, though in Canada, no one gives it a second glance. Hate the beige interiors. Wonder why all the manufacturers think we would prefer this sick combo. I am sure if they did a poll, they would realize many people would prefer other interior colour schemes.
18. Neede a car for the office. Did a lot of research (basically read T BHP), and settled for the best VFM, contemporary, efficient car in the market and chose the Ritz VXi. Changed the tyres to Michelins 185's straight from the showroom at BK's in Lajpat Nager. Much better ride the the Original 165 JK's.
19. Time to retire the Astra fro active duty. Just booked an Innova V between starting this writeup and now. Delivery in a few days.
So that has been my experience with cars, even I didn't realize it covered so many cars. (does not cover the 2 Bajaj Chetaks I owned during college).
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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

Recently I came across some rare photos of my 1998 Chevy Malibu LS. It was the first new car I bought in USA. Yes, I was the only guy among my Desi gang then who bought an American car.

It was a fully loaded car with V6 engine, ABS, Airbag, cruise control, etc.

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-scan0366.jpg

Checkout the theft-proof integrated stereo with CD and cassette system.

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-scan0367.jpg

BTW, that green jacket is still my primary weather jacket. My offroading friends would have seen it regularly. It was originally bought in 1996.
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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

Owned bikes:
1994 Suzuki Shogun - Sold in 2004
1994 Yamaha RX100 - Sold in 1999
2004 (1999) Hero Honda CBZ

Owned cars:
1999 (1994) TATA Sierra - Sold in 2000
2000 (1997) Daewoo Cielo GLX - Sold in 2002
2002 Hyundai Accent CRDi - Sold in 2007
2004 Chevrolet Tavera B3 - Sold in 2009
2007 (1997) Vauxhall Astra 1.6 5dr SE - Sold in 2008
2007 (2002) Vauxhall Omega 2.5 V6 Auto - Sold in 2009
2008 (2000) Fiat Bravo 1.8 HLX 3dr - Insurance writeoff 3 months later (Hit & Run)
2008 (2002) Chyrsler Neon 2.0 LX Auto - Passed onto Sister in Law in 2009.
2008 (2002) Peugeot 406 1.8 LX - Sold in 2009
2009 Fiat Linea 1.3 MJD Emotion
2010 (2002) Fiat Palio 1.2 ELX

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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

Hyundai Santro XL - October 2005 Model Charming Grey(My First Car: I guess i got influenced by the commercial that was being aired at that time), exchanged it for my current car Toyota Innova G4 8 seater March 2009 model.
Pictures below: #1 Santro being blessed at a temple. #2 Innova being blessed by the priest #3 Moments before i let go of my first love (Santro) along with my current beauty
Attached Thumbnails
Your Previous Cars & Bikes-tax-party-20051015-0021.jpg  

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-dsc00621.jpg  

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-dsc00629.jpg  

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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

Originally Posted by Merce320 View Post
--Sold & updated to [b]2001 Mercedes Benz E320 Elegance (My Car)
Is it direct import? IIRC, the only 6cyl E-class sold at that time was the E240.
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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

Past family garage:

1989 Toyota Corolla 1.6 - sold
1992 Toyota Corolla Sport - sold
1993 Toyota Corolla - sold
1994 Mercedes C180 - sold
1997 Mercedes C180 - sold
1999 Fiat Palio - sold (the best car I have ever owned!)
2000 Mercedes C180 - sold in 2005
2002 Ford Ranger diesel - sold
2003 Land Rover Discovery diesel - sold in 2007
2003 Toyota Echo hatch - sold in 2007
2005 Holden Commodore (sister's car) - sold recently (this year)
2007 Mercedes C200 K - sold in 2010
2007 ML320CDI - sold in 2010

Current garage:

2010 Mercedes ML63 AMG
2010 Mercedes C220 CDI
2008 Ford Escape
2007 Jeep Wrangler JK diesel (my car)
2010 BMW 123D convertible (my sister's car)

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Originally Posted by Mpower View Post
Is it direct import? IIRC, the only 6cyl E-class sold at that time was the E240.
Yes, it was a direct import from Germany as a European Delivery Program (EDP).
I did it through Auto Hanger Mumbai as a apecial promotion at the time. So, it is a Euro Spec E320 Elegance which is Rare in my Hometown Surat.
Also notice my front bumpers have orange side marker lights which is not available for the ones available in India.

Originally Posted by Mpower View Post
Is it direct import? IIRC, the only 6cyl E-class sold at that time was the E240.
F.Y.I this is a Pic of the Indian Spec E240 Elegance.

Name:  E240.jpg
Views: 2484
Size:  117.6 KB

Notice it's front bumper without the side marker lights and also the front grille.

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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

Owned a used 1999 Ford Taurus for 3 yrs. Bought it in 2000 for USD4K and sold it for 2K
Now I have 2004 Ford Ikon 1.6 SXi. Have thought of changing it a few times. But havent been able to convince myself to sell this beauty.
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Default Re: Nostalgic pictures of our family's cars

Hi guys it's me yaar in the year 1987 with our prized possesion of those days of eighties,It's Maruti vaan. BLL 142 in front of our office in Mahim.

I got those fog lamps fitted since I used to travel to Aurangabad to my Videocon projects.
See the fog lamps wiring which was fitted by me in one hr time.i got them for 65/- each.(brand new).

On both doors I got our compony logo painted.This logo was added to be on safe side during my night travels in those days of crisis.

Next Photo is our Sumo we got in 1997. I could locate only one photo of it today. Iwill post more photos of same in few days.
This Sumo was moderately modded by me with some changes in reardoor,rear seats and painting pattern etc.
Rear end I removed the stepony andits bracket and shiftted it to inside dickky,and number plate location was shifted to same way it is done on LC .
Attached Thumbnails
Your Previous Cars & Bikes-van.jpg  

Your Previous Cars & Bikes-sumo.jpg  

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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

I will put all my past rides in chronological order, starting with whatever I used when I was 18 (and legally allowed to drive).

Hero Jet bicycle full size. I modded this by following the Colin Chapman principle - reduce weight! It ended up with nothing but 2 wheels, frame, handlebar, chain/sprockets/pedals, and brakes. It was stolen from Devaraja Urs Road, Mysore, in January 1992.

Ambassador Mark 2 1974 in green. Grandfather's hand-me-down. Front grill was changed to a Mark 3 because my cousin crashed it while learning to drive. Sold to Old Age Home 2005 because I was moving to UK and would not be able to take care of it.

TVS Astra 1992, black. Anyone remember this moped? It never, ever, gave up on me except once when I had serviced it myself and misaligned a piston ring, leading to a complete engine rebuild. It even climbed up from Mudumalai to Ooty on the Kalatti ghat route. Sold to office boy in 1998.

Kinetic Honda Marvel 1998, green. Nice scooter. I once rode in from Chennai to Bangalore, solo, on a whim.

Volkswagen Golf Mk 2 1.8 Driver 1992, black. Bought for GBP2200 in November 2000, distress sale in January 2002 to a colleague for GBP1200. Probably the best car I have ever owned.

Maruti Zen 1997, purple. Bought for 1.8 lakhs in February 2003. Gem of a car, abused a lot in Bangalore-Chennai speed trials. All my friends at that time owned Zens, and we would race against the clock. Did 9000 kms in it, until it was written off in an accident November 2003.

Honda Dio 2004, black. Sold to dealer in 2005.

Ford Fiesta Mk 3 1.4 Ghia 1991. Bought in September 2005 for GBP450. I was back to being a student! Willing workhorse, but on its last legs. It could never do more than 50 miles on a highway! Scrapped in April 2007.

Nissan Primera P11 2.0 SE 1998. Bought in April 2007 for GBP950. Never went wrong except for a known issue with electrics and battery draining. Sold in May 2009 for GBP350 to a friend while relocating back to India.

Kinetic Honda 2000 Y2K edition. Bought in September 2008 for Rs.18500 as a run-around when I would visit India, then used full time by my better half. A complete dog, it broke down on New Years Eve 2009 leaving us stranded in the rain and on a road with no shelter. Sold for Rs. 2400 to my gardner in May 2010.

Current rides: Mahindra Flyte April 2010. Ford Figo 1.2 Titanium May 2010.
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Default Re: Your Previous cars.

Past Cars,
Premier Padmini(2001 - 2006)
WagonR (2006 - 2011)

Current Cars,
Indica - From 2006
Dzire - From April, 2011
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