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Before I could drive:

1970 Standard 10 - Black

1975 Amby Mark II (the best amby!) - 2 tone White and Skyblue

1984 Premier Padmini - white

After I could legally drive:

1988 - TVS 50 Dark Blue

1992 - Hero Puch Silver

1992 - Kinetic Honda Dx Black

1993 - KB 100 - Blue

1994 - bought RD350 from cousin - Blue

1996 - 118 NE (Navy Blue)

1998 - 2nd hand Honda Civic ('94)

1999 - Toyota Camry (Office Issue)

2000 - Proton Perdana (Office Issue)

2001 - Honda Civic + Mitsubishi Nativa (both Office Issue)

2002 - Seat Toledo + Toyota HiLux Dualcab Pickup (Office Issue)

2003 - Honda Accord (Office Issue) + Nissan Terrano 2.4 (Personal)

2004 - E240 (Office Issue) + Ford Mondeo (personal) + NT carried forward

2005 - Same as 2004 + Smart Brabus Cabrio, NT now dumped.
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well .. the first car we had was a Standard Herald .. the two coupe .. i think i loved that car the most .. had real sweet memories for me .. dad bought it shortly after i was born .. and i remember sitting on his lap and steering when i was reeeaaally little .. was quite a peppy lil' thing .. then graduated onto an Ambassador Mark II .. lovely car .. was painted Dustexa grey and was really in immaculate condition .. then went onto a 1976 Fiat .. (okay premier padmini) on which i started driving .. i really pushed that car .. tried all my stunts .. sliding , wheel spinning etc .. had it right until 1999 .. and i say this proudly .. she never ever let me down .. sure the brakes failed once or twice .. but she NEVER broke down in the middle of the road .. i remember a particularly bad day in the moonsoons where it rained like never before and all of mumbai was paralysed .. the roads were flooded traffic jammed .. and i was on my way back from town with my dad and brother .. we left marine drive at about 5.30 and got home at 1 in the morning .. because of all the traffic .. tons of newer cars were broken down on the side of the road but my baby never missed a beat .. sold her in '99 since the regular tin work was proving too expensive and bought a second hand 800 .. a '93 model .. again a beautiful car .. ran like a dream .. put an apex free flow .. driving lights and hella comet 500s .. gave me between 12 and 15 in the city without fail depending on traffic .. finally sold her in 2003 to upgrade to my current '98 Esteem .. here i've got an Automech free flow, K & N filter, and an MSD ..
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Don't know how I missed this topic. Anyway, here goes.....

Can't say any of them are mine. Father bought all the cars

First Car : 14th November 1987- Fiat. The quintessential car in every indian at some point of time has owned this car. Seeing my keen interest in cars, my father had taught me the Fiat gears when I was about 4yrs old. Me being an ignorant kid, almost killed myself because of that. Fiat was with us for a jolly good 8 years during which it was painted twice over (dark grey & darker shade of navy blue) Rusting was a common issue & this car also reqd tin work. I never drove this car & infact till date have never driven a fiat.

2nd Car : Maruti 800- Another car that almost everybody has owned. This one was bought on 1st April 1995(Gudi Padwa). Remained with us till Aug '02. Like most maruti's it didn't give much trouble except for the engine overhaul at 50k kms. But later it had become very rattly & I was going mad with the noises. I learnt to drive on this very car sometime in Dec '95. Wouldn't say I loved it to death or anything....was good enough but was feeling very very elated just when we'd bought the car. Felt so smooth in comparison to the Fiat, & speeds like 80 kmph were easily attainable.

3rd car: 1st June 2002- On a certain month end of May my father called me asking which model of Honda we wanted to buy from Ichibaan Honda ! I'd been pestering my father for about 2years to sell of the 800 & get a new car & since then I'd set my eyes on the Honda City..although 1.3 since that I thought was more within the range. Exactly 3years ago, my father decided to get into full time private practice & decided that he needed a better there was nothing much to choose really. I'd been wanting the Honda for soooo many years, although my mom & sister like the lancer more. I jus didn't want to buy the lancer 'coz it was slow! So, one evening, we went to Linkway Honda to see the car.. I was pretty sure that we'd book the 1.3 but my uncle who lived in Abu Dhabi & was working with Nissan, told my father to go for 1.5. I couldn't be anymore happier ! The dealership manager along with a sales lady came to our house & did the necessary paper work & so finally we'd booked the car. Got the car on 1st June '02 & it has been the apple of my eye since. NO one is allowed to drive it except my father (who doesn't drive it ) Parents willing, I plan to keep this car for another 5-6years atleast & then make it mine....hehehe

4th Car: 4th Aug '02-Indica DLS- So my father decided, he wanted to buy another car..I was in heaven! There I had to pester my father to change our 800 which had been with us for around 8years & now my father wanted to buy another car in a couple of joy knew no bounds ! But I knew, that my father would be logging in good amount of kms so we decided to buy the Indica. Was with us till Dec '04. Didn't give much problems except the silencer thing..its just useless. Other than that the car was okay, used to give good mileage earlier on but later it had dropped to around 11ish.

5th Car : 7th Sept '04- Accent CRDi- By this time, most of T-BHPian's would know how much of a dilemma I was in to decide between the Octy & the CRDi. But then the Emi's & servicing costs deterred us from buying the octy. Plus my father isn't so comfortable driving such huge cars...he gets scared to drive even the Honda. Its been around 9months of owning this car & it has been serving well w/o any hiccups.

The only means of transportation that I could call my own was my Hercules MTB bike...used it in school...

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yawsa!!! you guys rock!!

and steeroid... you are my envy- no make that hero- no, make that a hero that i envy.....

well, here's my humble list....(p.s- please don't laugh)

1) royal enfield 350- long time back,...longer than i can remember...

2) yezdi 250 classic- still have it in my native place...

3) ambassador petrol mark III- brings back really fond memories... i remember when the car didn't crank in the winters... my dad would try for about half an hour, and then i would go and try- by just turning the key- and somehow, the car used to start.... it was like we had a connection- i still do, with all my rides, but this was when i was 5 years old...!!!

4) rajdoot 175

5) HH splendor

6) tata sierra, non turbo (we had 2, one for me and one my uncle's)

7) daewoo cielo (still got it; uncle uses it, but it isn't in running condition now...)

8) maruti gypsy (still got this one too)

9) maruti 800- old, secondhand, battered.... had it for about 3 months, and then sold it off...

10) tata safari 4X4

11) bajaj pulsar 180- old one

12) bajaj pulsar 180-dts-i

13) maruti esteem- like the 800, a short fling... wham, bam, thank you ma'am...

14) oh, and how could i forget.... an old premier padmini- black, had it for about a year or two, then sold it off for.....guess.... 8 G's..!!!

well, that's it for me... but i hope i can add some more to this list, maybe a couple of years from now..... nice thread, by the way.... brought back some real nice memories.... but cudos to all the bhpians... nice to know that all of you have had such vast and rich "experiences"...
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Well guys,
if i tell you the history of all the cars, you guys will most probably fall asleep.
Anyway, here are the cars which i will never forget.
Some pics sourced from the Net.

We had this red Audi till 2001 (Rehaan might have seen it when he came to the building)when we sold it and bought the Accord.
It was massively imposing, and comfortable.
Pics from net.
This pic is sourced from the net.

Before this, we had a white contessa with coloured bumpers, before which a blue contessa (which we still have in Akola).
Before the contis however we had another red Toyota Corona


It was really expensive maintaining foreign cars that time.

We also had a nexia -

which was maintained by me in its last 2 years.
I still remember polishing it and i spent quite a bit of my pocket money maintaining it.

Along with these we also had a 1000 with a Free Flow which i loved too.
Awesome deck in it.

Then we had the regular 800s (4 till date), Fiats (6 till date), ambassadors (1 till date) and contis.
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Nice thread . Though i/my father ve owned no of cars but no point in discussing as i dont ve the pics but what i know is that the trend of owning cars started way back in 1982/83 .
However , here are few pics of the OHC 1.5 i had 4 years back .....



Till date ,this is the only car i ve ever taken the pics of . lol .

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1st car dad had was a 1976 Premier Padmini (second hand, bought 14000 RS ). Here are some unforgetabble episodes with that dear car:

1. EVERY sunday morning after having breakfast we would religiously go to the local mechanic for some issue or the other. Needless to say he wud break into a salsa on seeing our car approach.

2. Once while driving from Digha (Sea beach in West Bengal) to Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) the rear half of the roof lining came off when dad hit a bump on the road. For the rest of the journey we had to lift both our hands and hold it up.

3. Brakes locked up on the way back home from local market. It was so severe that the engine wud stall without being bale to move the car.

4. Clutch pedal refused to return after a gear change. WOW !

5. Radiator water leaked out completly on a highway drive. Non functional dashboard (temperature meter) meant a cracked camshaft and a 25K engine replacement.

6. Front left wheel came of completely leaving the car on the middle of the road with 3 chakkas.

7. Every moonsoon there wud be a small pond on the floor of the car.

Dad Sold her for 55K in 1982.

Next car was a second hand Amby Mark IV.

1. Real petrol guzzler with a perenially leaking carb (which no mechanic cud fix).

2. Drive shaft broke once.

Next we had a 800 . Real sweet with no major problem. Only the a/c refrigerent wud freeze up during highway drives leading to no cooling. Was fixed later.

Then it was a omni.

1. Whitish smoke wud emit from the exhaust (6 out of 10 times) when the car was started. Wud stop on its own. This was a problem from day one.

2. Stopped on the road once due to a faulty breaker point and again due to wires getting melted inside the engine. In fact a fire had started when the local mechanic tried to fix it.

Other than that it was a pleasurable 4 years and 55000 kms in the van.

Next and current car is Baleno Lxi. 1 1/2 yrs and 15000 kms old. Roof molding got stolen and it costs 1800 Rs (each) at Maruti ! Apart from that no issues so far. Wish the gear shift was more fun to use. Front bumper underside got scatched the very first day as reverse had failed to engage and the car slipped forward !.
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Well i'll begin from the year that i was born 1985... when i became of an age to identify a car the first one i saw in the house was a maruti 800 (the first small dinky version) dad always been fond of cars and he picked up the big daddy in those days the Rover/standard 2000.....that was the first BIG car in the family or even in the entire neighbour was remarkable what all the car had for its time....power windows,power steering,huge engine and comfy as hell.
Then as time passed me moved on to a maruti 1000s then bought a few zens and a city ...and the rock solid astra, which one our heart that we bought a corsa as soon as it was lost coz of the faith we had in opel. I used the corsa during my underage driving days and my dads astra was replaced by his C-class in dad wasnt in favour of driving so early in life so and he often cribbed about it so to make up for it he gifted me a honda accord on my 18th birthday in 2003 and we got the endeavour and NHC CVT in 2004. Well thats about it.......a journey through life on roads for me and my family.
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well as far as i can's the list of car that we had :
Toyota Camry
Nissan Blurbird
Merc E Class...don't know tthe model exately cus it was arnd 6-7yrs ago.(2nd hand)
Daewoo Nexia
Honda City (the first model)
Skoda Octavia
New Honda City

Also had my cousins Accent Tornado for 2months as he wasn't here.
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well it was so meant to be that i had to come across this thread only today , about 2 hours after i let go off my zen , this is more like rubbin it in .
anyways about the past , i ll starts from when i learnt how to drive way back in 1995 when i was 12 .
started learning on a 118ne , moved to a soft top modded gypsy (my brother's ) .they were soon followed by an esteem vx when i turned 16 , had this babie for a realiee long time . after the esteem i moved on to a car that i was nuts about when it was launched but sadly it was a failure the and even when i purchased "the tata sierra (turbo)" , parting with the the sierra was amazingly difficult . had the santro zip drive and an accent for abot 2-2.5 years each (2 cars that could unfortunately not make me fall in love with them ) after that it was the was the scorpio which is yet a in the family but more of my bro's car . and the latest addition to the so called "previous cars" would be my zen , have always had one of these all along since its launch in 1993 , now thats going to make it worse . . .. .

manson .
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Cars in the family since i remember
1. 3 Fiat's
2. Ambasador
3. 2 118NE's
4. 3 Maruti 800's
5. Mahindra 540
6. Maruti Van
7. Maruti 1000
8. 2 Esteem's
9. Cielo
10. Escort
11. 2 Accent's
12. Lancer
13. Mahindra Voyager
14. Honda City Old
15. Honda Accord
16. Qualis
17. Optra
18. Octavia
19. Alto
20. Mercedes E220 CDI W211
All these cars some very fond memories ... But th post will become very long ...
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1984-1988: Hero Cycle
1986-1991: Dad's Lambretta scooter, mostly I drove it during this time.
1991-Present: Kinetic Honda, haven't driven in many years now, still have it.
1993-95: Toyota Corolla, my first car. (1985 model Used car)
1995-96: Maruti Omni (Used car, year don't matter since nothing ever changed in them)
1996-97: Mercury Sable (1991 model used car, an identical twin of Ford Taurus)
1997-98: Maruti 800 (1997 model new car, my first new car actually)
1998-00: Chevorlet Malibu LS (1998 Model leased car, average performance but great value, never gave any trouble)
2000-04: Acura 3.2TL (2001 Model leased car, 225HP V6 VTEC sports sedan, best car I've ever had)
2003-Present : Hyundai Santro Xing AT (2003 Model new car, wife picked it, now it is hers)
2005-Present: Baleno Lxi BSIII (2005 model)
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1975-1985: Fathers Amby
1985------: My OWN AMBY
2001------: Life partner's 800
2004------: Optra 1.8 LT
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I started driving on a Fiat. That was the oldest member of my family ('87-'97). Then came a Maruti 1000 in '92 which we used for 4 years, followed by a Esteem VX in '96. Fiat was sold in '97as it had nothing was left in her and got a Zen which I started using. Used the Maruti's till we got an Accent in '00 and then a VTEC in '01. Finally, got an 800 MPFi in '02 and sold it to get a Santro in 04.

However, our most valued possesion (atleast IMO) was a 1963 Amby (MRC 3661) which was in our joint family till '91 and she remained with my dad's elder bro later for a couple of years when we parted. Somehow my cousin bro was not eager to keep it any longer and sold her off. I get heart burns every time I think of that beauty which serverd us for 30 years. Its absolutely unimaginable how my bro had done this and the agony is such that today I don't have a single pic of that marvel. If I little older when that baby was dumped, I would have never let that happen.

She was black in color and even after turning 30, she used to be a head turner when driven out. No car in my life is gonna be missed so much as she does. It's impossible to express it in words.
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Originally Posted by hawkeye
However, our most valued possesion (atleast IMO) was a 1963 Amby (MRC 3661) which was in our joint family till '91 and she remained with my dad's elder bro later for a couple of years when we parted.
Originally Posted by hawkeye
She was black in color and even after turning 30, she used to be a head turner when driven out. No car in my life is gonna be missed so much as she does. It's impossible to express it in words.
I do understand your feeling . Do have any picture BTW?
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