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Originally Posted by Rudra Sen
I do understand your feeling . Do have any picture BTW?
I personally don't have any as she was left with my uncle in her last days. Someone might in the family back home. I am going to check that out on my next trip home. All I know is that the car was sold to someone in Panvel and I came to know about this wickedness after the deal was done.

That car has appeared in a movie Khamosh (*ing Nasseeruddin Shah) for a very brief moment. Don't know how was that, as I was a kid when that had happened and I heard it from others at home. I m definately going to search for the pics.

I have some memories of that car graved into my heart which only get enlived when I see your black beauty. It's a lost fortune for me.
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Here is My list of cars and Bikes...

1996-2003 1952 Model Low Bonnet Willys Jeep
Dec 2002-2003 2002 Yamaha Enticer
2003-2005 1989 RD 350
2003-2004 1984 RD 350
OCT 2004-TO DATE Nissan Bluebird 1.8L
JULY 2005-TO DATE Optra 1.6
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1. Toyota Camry for 6+ years (miss this babe for my long rides)
2. Mitsubishi Lancer for 1 month
3. Pontic vibe for 3+ month

All of them in US. After coming to India, searching for new babe. Narrowed it down to Petra ELX, Getz GLS and Accent GVS. Still not decided, Heart says Petra ELX. Practicality says Getz GLS. (by the way, decided to have driver for my car rather than me driving in stupid Hyderabad traffic)
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Here is my List of cars and 2 wheelers.

1998-2001 - Hero Honda Splendor
2001-2005 - Maruti 800 + Splendor + Honda Activa
2005 onwards - Fiat Petra + Honda Activa.
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Cars in our family over the years :

1977 Beetle 1982-1996 (trying to buy it back)
1995 Mahindra Armada 4x4 1995-1996 (calling for immediate airstrikes on Mahindra's (probably non existent) Q.A/Safety Dept....with Napalm if tactical nukes aren't available)
1996 Esteem - till date
2002 Fiat Palio Adventure 1.6 - till date
2005 Baleno (EuroII) - till date

Next vehicle ?

Hopefully a MM550 4x4/Gypsy with a diesel or even a 60's Mustang/Impala/Challenger/Charger ...someday


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Nice pics GTO....thats a cool set you got there. Looks tell all of us here that you were a Hakkinen fan,are you??
Well... my previous cars..
Ambassador MarkII
Fiat Premier Padmini
Maruti 800(non AC)
Maruti 800(AC)
The ones I have now..
Maruti 800(AC-new one)
Maruti Alto(AC)
Skoda Octavia (Rider)
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All of them are on my sig
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Great thread this. Nostalgia settling in.

Its a good idea to have a subforum for "best threads".

My list of two wheelers/cars:

1. Dad had a Jawa motorcycle in the 70s(I have a picture of me (~2 year old) sitting on the petrol tank with a big smile on my face. Reminds me, next time I go home, I need to find that pic and scan it. That bike looked real cool with its twin exhausts.

2. We had a Fiat 1100D from 1972 to 1987 - actually I came later in 74. :-)

3. The Jawa went and the Bajat 150 scooter came into the family in 1977. I took the scooter with me when I went to college in 1993!!! And sold it for 5k in 1997 after graduating.

4. The Fiat went and we got a new Maruti 800 in 1987. Dad had booked it in 85 when it used to cost 50000 for the std model. I remember we got an offer for the delux AC model for 80000 (including premium) in 1985 but dad said no, why pay 80k when we can get one for 50k. Finally, it was 1987 before our "turn" came to get the car, and the price was 83000!

4. Bought a silver Santro DX in 1999 (my first car :-), the others were dad's). Has done 90000 till date. Have done a number of trips to Shimla, Dehradoon, Mussoorie, and thereabouts. Never broken down once till date!

5. Just bot a new Optra 1.6 a couple of weeks back, after being introduced to TBHP. Havent gone out on a long drive taking my new baby as yet. :-)

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Well Owned a Fiat(don't remember when my dad bought it) ............that toooo a second hand then sold it in around 1995............

Then bought a Maruti 800 on 20th Feb '06 (Present till date)

Bought a Pulsar 150 Dtsi (selfstart) on 1st April '04 (Present till date)
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Default my age how do you guys expect me to remember..besides i find many have listed cars owned and driven by parents now that would really strech my limited memory.

first car i owned (solely for my use) was a Premier Padmini still remember the number MMF 92.
Then I moved to the US and went though about 6-7 (Plymouth Scamp, Honda CVCC, Nissan Sentra and BMW325ix stayed longest0, cars in 12 years. Had a used Fiat Uno followed by a Toyota Collora, Ford Escort and Opel Astra in Europe and when I came back to India got a Contessa and Maruti 800, replaced the 800 with a Maruti Zen and the Contessa with a Opel Astra, replaced zen with Sail and Astra with Octy RS.
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well this thread is making me feel like a lost a lot of friends....funny how cars manage to induce that feeling?...anyways owned a lml vespa wich my dad only used to drive.then like in the case of everybody the first car was a blue fiat.dont remember when it was bought or sold.the next car was a maruti 800.somehow the product we got was loaded with some problem or the was a nightmare.i remember standing with my dad at a garage every other day.finally got rid of it.then we bought an esteem(grey) in 2001 we got the mpfi zen in metallic blue.still have it though and i use it pretty regularly.have installed a k&n,free flow,alloys,a good sound system comprising of amp,cd player,cd changer,woofer,speakers,tweeters...the it the most out of all the cars .it is still with us and is in an immaculate condition(thanx to me).in 2003 we sold off the esteem and bought a silver dad hated the car like anything.the seats used to give him back pains and stuff like that.the suspension for a new car was totally 6 months later the accent was gone.then came another of my fav. cars....a black ikon 1.6 dad actually loves this car like anything.its fun watching his expressions when he accelerates away from the stop light with the rest in his rear view.he has that kiddy mischevious look in his yr later my mom learnt how to drive and out of love and affection and all that dad bought my mom a fast and safe car....enter fiat siena mom hated it at the beginning ..she cudnt see when she reversed.but know she is indifferent..after all she is a woman.cant understand the chemistry between guys and dads back worsened so he bought a car which wud be chauffer driven.....a white honda accord v6.but he didnt sell of the ikon cos he still likes to take it out on a sunday....brings back memories he says....of the last lot almost all of the cars that we bought have staye with us till now....zen,ikon,siena,accord.oh! and between the bike bug bit me and i bought a yam enticer.....regret the decision till today.
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I have been a car and bike man, after landing in the US, my first car was a black T/A GTA with V8 and a notchy four speed with W56 suspension, needless to say, the car was junk and I soon realized that it was better to sell it rather than miss classes, I was still a Europhille so I bought a VW Golf GTi 16V, another junk which lasted 8 months and VW bought it back from me under lemon law. I then bought a Mazda Protege' which ran brilliantly for 160,000 miles till I sold it to my friend. I then bought a rare Honda V6 Accord with 5 speed and had it kitted from HRC with modified intake plenum, header and exhaust, modded chip and suspension kit, all from HRC which included 16" Enkei alloys. That car lasted me for 460,000 miles with a steady diet of Mobil-I and till today is running with my friend in NY who has put 106000 more miles on it and no rebuilds yet.

My bike saga started with a short lived Royal Enfield in India, progressed to the fantastic Yamaha RD350B which was the stock and not the Escorts raped model, I then went to the US and my first bike there was the Yamaha FZR-750RR with 5 valve Genesis engine, followed by a Yamaha FZR-1000 and finally my current ride, a Honda RC45.

Sorry for the big post.
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late eighties, early nineties: Premier Padmini, white colour. Nice sorta thing, but my dad didnt like it much or so he tells me now.

1993 I think: Maruti 800, white, AC model.

1995: Premier 118NE. White with dark glasses and AC. Ok reliability.

1998: Peugeot 309 GL. Beautiful car, blue colour, we loved it, the hatchback was very practical. But the AC gave far too many problems, although the engine was rock solid.

late 2000, early 2001 i think: second-hand '99 Ford Ikon 1.6 Zxi, micastone colour. My FAVOURITE CAR. It was so full of life, character, and its engine made such a beautiful noise, I just couldnt get enough of it. It gave pretty awful mileage, and made our driver a total rev maniac, but we loved it anyway. We went on a few long trips in it, and this bonded me closer with the car. I kept telling my dad to never ever sell it, but one day, it just had to go, it was becoming extremely costly to maintain, and as Ive said, mileage was bad. I had depression a week after it went. It was replaced by.........

2003 to present: Opel Corsa 1.4 Gsi, light blue. My parents want a smooth ride and quiet journey, and this car does just that. No acceleration to talk about, no great looks either. Dangerous wallowing feeling at high speds too. But its ok, I guess. Gives decent mileage.

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1986 Mar - Maruti Van Stolen in 1996 Oct (Dads Car)
1997 Feb - Maruti Car Sold in 1999 (Dads Car)
1999 - Indica DLX Sold Oct 2003 (Dads Car)
2003 - Aug Indica DLS Have till date. (My Car....Dad Drives)
2003 - October Indigo LX Have till date. (Dads Car...I Drive)
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Gurkha - is your Trax the SWB one with the snorkel ? Is it available in India in the market ?

our previous cars :

77 Beetle 1200 (1982-1996)
Mahindra Armada 4x4 (1995-1996)

we still have our trusty 9 year old esteem (8v,carbed, no power steering), 3 year old Fiat Palio Adventure 1.6 and our newest addition - a Baleno Lxi.
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