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First was a Fiat 1100 Delite, bought by my Dad 1970 with many years of savings, only the second car in my neighbourhood (the first was a Merc 180D owned by a business family). I learnt to drive on this, two years before legal age, and impressed my pals no end. Circa 1976 it was fitted with a Clarion cassette radio - source of many evenings of listening to Dylan, Pink Floyd, etc. This car had a prodigious capacity for carrying the entire family plus relatives visiting at various times, now I wonder how we did it.
In 1988 sold the Fiat (for more than we paid for it - those were the days) and got a cream Maruti van - again a family and friends carrier. Had some great picnics with this, and romanced my bride-to-be. On a trip to Europe picked up a cassette radio that was going to be scrapped, a beautiful Italian piece with a pull-out chassis (this was new in 1989), repaired it in India for Rs 10/- and rocked to it for six years.
Then came another van in 1994, followed by a Ford Escort diesel, my first big car, a car I pampered and polished ( and on whose seats my kids invariably spilt every available food or drink they could get hold of). The Ford was super-comfortable and left my shores only due to its age .

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1996-2003 1952 Model Low Bonnet Willys Jeep
Dec 2002-2003 2002 Yamaha Enticer
2003-2005 1989 RD 350
2003-2004 1984 RD 350
OCT 2004-TO Dec 2005 Nissan Bluebird 1.8L
Oct 2005 To Dec 2005 1948 Model Low Bonnet Willys Jeep
JULY 2005-TO DATE Optra 1.6
Jan 2006 -Yamaha 135.
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Default Gee Whizzzzz...

The cars I've had in India since we returned...

1. We brought down the latest (at the time) Mercedes W123 200D (white, LHD, which I learned to drive on at the tender age of 11, by the way). This was imported in 1983, & sold (very very emotionally) in 1996.

2. We then had one of the first 500 of the new Maruti 800s (red, all Japanese), bought in July 1986, & sold with the original paintwork in July 2004.

3. My own car was bought for me as a birthday gift in September 1992, a red Maruti 1000. This was souped up & I dropped a modded 1.3 Esteem engine during May 2005. I loved that baby & sadly sold it just yesterday (April 2006). It broke my heart to let her go, but I was just dumping truckloads of cash on her. Her reliability was never & issue & she never, ever let me down.

3. I bought Mom a Maruti Alto 1.1 VX (1.1 litre, bronze) in July 2004 for her birthday. We still have it.

4. My wife drives a Maruti Alto LX (800cc, red), which she proudly drives with her 185/60R13 Goodyear Venturas & K-Speed alloys.

5. I bought a Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi (bottle green) last month (March 2006), & have slowly started fooling around - got a Universal K&N, 205/55R15 Goodyear Venturas with 5 spoke alloys, & just totally trip out on her. The next planned mod is a port & polish of the head... shall keep you posted .

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well, learnt driving when i was 15 yrs old,in the 10th or 11th standard.used to drive sort distances here and there in my dads GREEN MARUTI 800.Dad bought another BLUE 800,which was parked at home usually so i used to drive it a lot.when i got 17 yrs old n really got control of the car,in the year 2002 april, we bought an ESTEEM LXI, a very reliable and comfortable car. then on january 1st 2003 i bought a white santro zipplus top model for myself, really enjoyed it in my school days,but for a short time as after a month the school ws closed for the board preparations of the 12th standard. Then 2 months after buying the santro,,in 2003 march on my 18th birthday i got a surprise from dad, well he knew that i had fancied this car over all the others because of its fibre glass body and the beautifull gullwing doors, u must have guessed it by now, yes i got a TOYOTA SERA, GREEN COLOUR, AND MAN I WAS FLYYYYING.IT was a surprise,dad called me at the parking and i saw a sera there i asked him very shockingly,,,whos car is this? he gave me the keys and said yours.i still remember the butterflies i got man,,, i couldnt believe it. its a great headturner, drove it to 170 km/hr at the dnd flyway noida, and the best part with this car was, taking such a great lookin head turner to the best college, that is,, ST.STEPHENS COLLEGE. sold my babe 2 months back............and ya! the last car i bought was in august 2005, a SKODA OCTAVIA RIDER (WHITE),,,great luxury,,, i simply LOOOOOOOOOVE IT,,,

so all the cars in the family were:

1985- ambassador(green)
1988- another ambassador(blue)
1989-maruti van( red)
1991-maruti 800(white)
1992-isuzu gemini(silver)
1993-honda accord(blue, fully loaded,sunroof,electric seats, p/s,p/w and all,,great headturner at that time)
1995-maruti 800(silver)
1999-maruti 800(green)
2000- another 8oo(silver)
2002- esteem lxi(coral beige)
2003(jan)- santro zipplus(white)
2003(march)-TOYOTA SERA(GREEN)
2005- skoda octavia(white)

want 2 buy a hayabusa or a same range sports car like an mr-2,old celica, honda crx, supra(pop-up lights), mazda,, really confused,, 2 go in for the superbike this time or again the sports car? pls help me out guys,,have make the decision as early as possible, would be buying in july-august
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hey buddy you joined little late here, I also own a sera babe,,, n we recently had a sera club meet........
u missed it, gud to see u on forum...
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my dad had an NE118 when i was very young and bought the tata estate when it came out in hyderabad. both white, used till 1998 when dad left for the us of a. there he bought a 99 corolla new and brought us to california. later sold the car when we moved to new jersey where he bought a 2000 benz c230 kompressor new in beige/beige. surprising that the tata estate was very similar in that it also had power windows and central locking sans the remote. and sold that in 2005 when we came to mumbai he bought me a nova 135 on which i put 20K kms in a year. now ve are finalizing on an indica xeta tomorrow(hopefully).
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First Car is Matiz - 1999. Still have it in my parents' garage. Mostly trouble free - excellent car:

Second one is Honda Accord - 2000. Sold it in 2003.

From 2003 staying at the client site and client pays for car rental. Fortunate enough to try out a few cars and that too brand new (as I have been renting with this rental company for long they give me the new cars when they come to their fleet). I drove 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix when it was out, 2005 Mercury Sable, 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. And now I am driving this beauty - Chevy Monte Carlos Sports Coupe (and that is my 15 months old)

Next car - Is it "all" new Scorpio?

In June, 2006.
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I have a Zen in India and a Altima here in UAE which had to be bought since the wife and kid are here that too from the proceeds of my 750gixxer.
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hmm...where do i begin...?

my great grandad had 2 DKWs in agra pre independence....the 2nd was bought as a parts car by bullock cart...

my grandad owned one of the first heralds in the country MSW 7662 in madras....anybody knows where it is?

my dad had a herald as well...MHJ 1074 in pune....sold it in the 80s...trying to hunt it down...

my other grandad drove a wolesly in IIT bombay in the 60s....was one of 2 cars on campus anybody remmeber it? he then moved on to a fiat MRX 8212, and finally MHW 9073 which i still have today....

i currently drive the above mentioned 73 fiat, alongwith a 60 fiat and standard 10...all are in use regularly...all in the family from new....

if u know the whereabouts of any of the above, lemme know!

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Default nice thread

nice thread , and some lovely photographs

the cars over the years were -

an Amby Mk III (no pics unfortunately)

a FIAT 132 GLS

Maruti 800 (1990 model conventinal car)

There was a borrowed Ford Cortina (borrowed for a year from an uncle in Hyd) which i adored - again, no pics!
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the car I have driven

maruti 800(got from my father)
maruti 800
maruti 1000 (got from my father)
maruti zen
accent viva (the worst car I have owned)
maruti swift (present)

Car owned by my father
maruti 800
maruti 1000
honda OHC crytal lites
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Cars owned and sold in the past 20 years

2 Maruti 800's - (learnt to drive on one of these when i was 13)
1 Premier Padmini
1 Zen
1 Ford Icon
1 honda City 1.3
1 Honda Accord - (moms new car)

MY Cars in Sydney in the past 3 years..

1994 Honda Prelude
1993 Mitsubishi GTO - Twin Turbo
1992 Nissan Skyline R32 - GTR - (current, and will stay with me this we run out of fuel) - Might bring it back in a couple of years....
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1989-1992 - Toyota Cressida ( Muscat)

1992-1994 - Toyota Cressida ( Dubai)

1994-1996 - Ford Mercury Topaz,Cruise Control ( Dubai)

1994-1996 - Pontiac Fire Fly LE ( Mom's, Dubai)

1997-1998 - Premier Padmini NE (Lucknow)

1998-2000 - Zen ( Delhi)

1999-2001 - Esteem (Delhi)

2001- 2002 - Fiat UNO D

2001-Till date - Lancer SFXi

2006-and counting - Indica XETA
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Cars that I remember being used in my family are:- (they are not in order as I dont when they were bought or sold,during child days I was just interested in car models,hehe..)
These are the cars used by us in our family, we arent joint now but we sometimes share our cars..
These were used and sold off
A White Padmini Priemer (Fiat thats what we call it right??)
A Brown/Gold Ambassador
A Blue Contessa (still waiting to see a colour that matches the one we had)
A Silver high roof Omini
A Red Maruti 800
A Marrom 118Ne
A Silver Maruti 1000 Then repainted to Black and sold
A White Esteem
A White Tata Estate
A White Tata Sumo
A White Tata Indica (from the 1st lot)
A Silver Tata Indigo Marina
The present ones
A Green Zen (belongs to my dad)
A Black Ikon ( " " " ")
A Silver Getz (belongs to my cousin)
A Silver Qualis (belongs to my uncle)
A Gold Accent Tornado 1.6 (belongs to my grandfather)
A Limited edition Corolla (" " " ")
A Maroom Omini Van (belongs to my uncle)

These are all the cars that i have seen come and go in our family, there were some before I was born but I have never asked which..
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Default My Cars

My dad had a Standard 10 Pennant from 1972 to 1975
Then he bought an Amby 1959 model for Rs.25,000/-
We sold it in Dec 1995 for Rs.36,000/-
Then i bought myself a NE118 in Oct 2000 (Rs.77000), fitted with Nissan 1.7 Diesel engine, which started developing clutch problems & ultimately sold it April 2001 for Rs.80000/- (lucky me)

Then i got myself a Maruthi 1000 1993 model for Rs.135000 (In April 2001)
Which served me like a faithful for 3 long years. it was a pretty faithful soldier to me, never ever let me down, though i have not treated her in the best way possible.

In 2003 end, i bought an exotic green Esteem (2000 Model) for Rs.285000 and sold it next year for personal reasons.
then i went without a car for almost 8 months after which i got myself a 98 Henna Green Esteem, which i love very much, which also happens to be my second home.

apart from these, i first owned a bajaj super, then i bought an Yezdi which i still have & cherish (my dream bike). and i have my father's (bless his soul) Kinetic Honda too.
thats about my vehicle history
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