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Originally Posted by v12
Hey Jaggu, How was the Standard 10? Do you still have it? We had a Standard Ten in our garage for painting. It was black and the owner wanted it to be painted in 2-tone color [light green/dark green.......looks yuck now....but anyways its his choice]. Wanted to drive it but dad didnt even let me open the doors, forget driving. He said the owner was very particular abt the car [to the nuts and bolts]. Anyways heres a pic of the car :
Hey v12,
Coincidentally, I happen to know this car......infact I almost bought it in Jan this year! Wasnt this car owned by an elderly man named Mr. J (not mentioning his full name but u might know!) living in Andheri W??
I got to know abt this car from Karl who'd seen it for sale in a mag. ad last Dec. & had seen it in bbay....he sent me a few pics., it was still complete/original (except tat the badges wer all missing) & as u say, looked yucky in tat 2-tone green paint!....I negotiated w/ the owner to abt 11k & was making arrangements w/ Karl to transport the car from bbay-pune as it had a broken engine gasket & cudnt be driven, but the next day on calling the owner, I was shocked to hear tat he'd just sold it for scrap @ 9k & tat it'd been cut up to pieces instantly!
He said he still had the documents/tools (all original, including the original jack) & manual.....I told him he cud sell these to Karl who'd find them useful but he seemed reluctant to do idea if karl's still in touch w/ him again...
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Maruti Van 8 seater and now i am driving bright red Swift vxi as shown on the pic
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Dad had a Landmaster when I was born and graduated to another landmaster. After that we graduated to the Ambys and upgraded every few years from the plain Amby to the Mark 1 then Mark 11 and Mark111 !!!
Dont remember if there was a Mark1V, if there was we surely had it. The last Amby was the airconditioned version!
Then bought my own car what else the Maruti 800. Moved to the Maruti 1000 for a few years and then ditched Maruti for the Accent and another Aceent after that.
It's the Civic now and I wonder before I die will I have the personal private plane that will be launced by Maruti in 2025 in my home hanger?
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Neways, abt our vehicles, my dad first had a Black 1951 Ford Prefect, bought from his bro. for 3k odd in 1976....not tat he liked old cars, but bcos he'd badly wanted a car & tat was all he cud afford then! We've no pics. of tat car but I was told it had a sunroof & an 'emergency' starting handle to crank it up when it had starting problems...
He then sold it off in 1980 & bought a 1974 dark blue Standard Gazel, which we still hav! I practically grew up in this car & it gave me the insight into old cars...
He was using it regularly until 1994 wen he bought a brand new bottle green M800, wich I always HATED w/ all my heart!
He sold it while going to work abroad for 2 years...on returning bought another 800, the 'latest' one in Henna Green (hated it all the more bcos of tat colour!).....meanwhile I bought my first car, a 1965 2-dr Herald, for 15k when I turned 18, in wich I learnt car-driving & spent far more in restoring it back to originality (it had various mods done on it!).....
On moving here to Vizag we brought all 3 cars w/ us! But the 800 was sold for a new met. grey Ford Ikon in 2004 as my dad wanted one badly....we sold it after he passed away in 2005....also my Herald had been badly affected w/ corrosion as we live opp. the reluctantly sold it for scrap @ 8k in 2005.....then bought my first scooter, a 1985 Vijai Super Mark 2, learnt driving on it & had it done up.....was using it regularly until I bought a 87 bajaj super this year....but i dont really like tat thing so planning to go for a nice Lambretta/Lamby this time! Only they r too difficult to find here!
Oh, and bought another ('62) herald for 15k in 2004 altho it was in pune & I never got to bring it over here or transfer it into my name etc. due to the then circumstances! :-(
So after sitting unused for a year or so in pune, it eventually got sold off to a foreigner in Goa for the same amount!
Now bought a 1960 Fiat 1100 select again in Pune.......but gonna get it home this time!

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premier padmini gifted to me by my grandfather radials on it ..unfortuntely sold by parents...miss it so much
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cars my family hs owned until now..

1987- 2nd hand Maruti 800

1988-1994 : 2nd hand Premier Padmini

1994-1996 : Maruti Omni

1996-1999 : Tata Sumo

1999-Current : Maruti Esteem Vx

2003-Current : Hyundai Accent Gls

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Cars My Family Owned :

1) HM Ambassador - 1975

2) Fiat - 1987

3) Maruti 800 - 1994

4) Maruti Esteem - 1997

5) Opel Astra - 1999

6) Chevrolet Optra (Current) - 2004

7) Honda City (Current) - 2005

8) Toyota Qualis (Current) - 2005

9) Honda Crv (Crurrent) - 2006

10) Toyota Qualis (Current) - 2006

Ollie !
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Vehicles in my family that i can remember
Cars Previously Owned
1977 model Premier Padmini Special
1993 model Maruti Omni
Cars Currently Owned
1998 Maruti Zen
2004 Fiat Palio 1.6
Two Wheelers previously Owned
1984 Bajaj Super
1998 Ki Ho
2002 Honda Dio
Two Wheeler Currently Owned
HH Karizma
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cars previously owned:

Seat Marbella
Mazda MX-3 v6
Suzuki Swift MK1

Currently in my posession:
suzuki Alto
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This is one great thread!!

v had a Premier Padmini tht was dad's first car way back in mid-80s
it was a 2nd hand car with blue color, never drove it myself and neither did dad and it was rarely used as dad had office jeep!

a few times that i had a ride in it, i remember it to be very comfortable with a nice engine note!!

later dad bought a new M800 color red/maroon which was the facelift version launched in '98 or so.

interesting twist here cause by that time, i had developed a keen interest in automobiles with annual subscription to Auto India mag!! and when Fiat launched Uno in India, I knew its history and despite it being an old model globally, I convinced my dad to go for Uno rather than the ubiquitous booked it and then the wait was just horrible and finally when the delay got long and the facelifted M800 was launched, dad cancelled the Uno booking and got the new 800 instead

I went with dad to take delivery on the new car and from there we went straight to a workshop to get the tyres changed to Ceat radials!!

it was another 3 years before i could get my hands on it, but driving a car was just so much fun !! i took to it in a flash!!

Meanwhile, i got my first motorized vehicle Hero Puch Shakti 3G which was in rage back at my hometown those color and with a 3rd gear too! (before that Hero Puch's came with only 2 gears).....and this was one year after my elder sister got a Hero Puch Turbo Sport......which btw had a more smooth engine!

anyway, had a great time on my moped with a top speed of only 70kmph.

since dad had told me that its either moped now (in school) or a bike in college, i carried on with it till my graduation by which time i was cursing my ride each time someone overtook me on open roads!!

in traffic though it was always a different story with the nice little 2 stroke 70cc engine with 4.5bhp giving enough pick-up to leave others behind, coupled with my zig-zag driving style :P

only last year when i left home to do my PG in Delhi, did i get the nod to go for a bike, so it was a win-win for me i guess ;-)

i had to choose b/w pulsar 150 and unicorn which was recently launched.....ideally i would have gone for Karizma/pulsar 180 but for the higher cost!!

finally i went for the unicorn due to its novelty, unishock, slick engine and the brand there were far too many P150s on the road.......even the new alloy wheels didnt detract me, and the smaller wheels introduced back then on pulsars were rather puny looking too!! ...though pulsar is definitely better looking and i sometime wish i had gone for it, but the riding experience on unicorn is too delightful to continue thinking that way

anyway, thats my current ride, purchased in Jan'05 only, with just 13K on the odo till date, no major trips out....only in-city driving!! its handling and stability plus that smoooth engine!!

going for a new car soon, god willing it shall be the Palio 1.6 Canary Yellow.

Here's one pic of my bike:
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Maruti 800
Santro Zipdrive ( currently using )
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The cars that are still ( I will explain this point later on) in my family are

1. dad's first bullet standard 350 1970
2. Standard Herald
3. Lambrada scooter
4. maruti 800 -- old model
5. Fiat Uno in Bangladesh
6. Nissan March in Bangladesh
7. Contessa Classic
8. Toyota Hiace Van in Bangladesh - 2 nos
9. Daewoo Espero in Dubai
10. Ford Taurus in Dubai
11. Daewoo Cielo
12. Lancer Glx
13. Toyota Corolla (imp)
14. Mercedes S class
15. Honda Accord
16. Honda CRV
17 Maruti Zen -- 2 nos
18 Maruti esteem -- 2 nos
19 maruti 800
20. Santro
21. BMW 535i -- USA
22. Nissan Pathfinder -- USA
23. Nissan Skyline GT R32 -- USA
24. Mercedes E 240
25. Ford Gt '83 model..
26. Toyota Landcruiser.
27. Maruti Baleno.
28. Porsche 911 turbo -- Cousin's
29. 1967 Plymouth -- Big brothers pet project... not completed..he bought the car from Ramnagar for 25,000/- ( No keshav i asked.. he willnot sell it )

Of all the above only My esteem and the toyota corolla were officially sold.
The rest of the cars are stillin the family and are very much in perfect driving condition.and are stationed in Kerala..
Except the cars that are mentioned in Bangladesh / Dubai and USA.
Those cars are being used in the respective countries for office purposes.. Except the skyline.

The best part was that i was unaware of the fact that the cars were not sold.. In fact dad has had this little secret from almost 28 years now.. He has not sold any vehicle he has bought. He likes to keep them.. and in a very secluded garage in Kerala...which is built over 2 acres. I found this when i was there the last time... and boy was i happy to see all these vehicles there...kindof like nostalgia...

This was my dad's best kept secret and to date the only people who know about are
1. DAD -- obvious
2. Grandmom
3. Me
4. Psycho
5. Big Brother.

Even till date no other family member know about this and this includes my mom..
keshav.. did i miss any other car???

I will take snaps the next time i go to Kerala..and the cars are not in order of the date/year purchased.


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cars owned by parents and myself
1987 maruti 800
1992 maruti 800
1995 maruti 800 (wrecked)
1997 maruti 800
20xx alto vx 1.1lt
2002 honda city 1.5 (current)
2001 matiz
2000 honda civic
2005 honda accord (current)
1994 jeep cherokee sport (was mine now wrecked)
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Interesting topic...!

Here is the list of cars owned by me & my family in sequential order:

1. Premier Padmini.
2. Standard Herald. (the car had bucket seats and floor shift!)
3. Premier Padmini.
4. 1987 - Maruti 800 (Current)
5. 1992 - Premier Padmini.
6. 1997 - Maruti Zen (Current)
7. 2004 - Honda City Exi (Current)

Don't remember the year of purchase of first 3 cars. All I can remember is that they were purchased in the 1970s.

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Cars in our family:
Premier Padmini - Sold
Maruti 800 (2) - Sold
Maruti 1000 - Sold
Maruti Esteem - Sold
Ford Ikon 1.6 ZXi - Sold recently
Maruti Alto - (Current)
Maruti 800 - (Current)
Honda Civic - Bought 2 months ago

Alto and 800 are best for Pune Traffic. Civic for Highway and weekends.
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