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I simply prefer "brand new" and am willing to pay a premium for it 218 18.14%
The risk (being cheated, reliability, accident / flood damage etc.) 684 56.91%
Too much effort to find a car, TD it, get it checked... 356 29.62%
Social image / stigma in my circle 56 4.66%
Used car loans are difficult and / or pricey 145 12.06%
My company will get lower depreciation benefits 17 1.41%
Worried about the maintenance costs 276 22.96%
I don't have the knowledge or expertise on used cars 193 16.06%
The model I want isn't available used (e.g. Hector / Triber) 44 3.66%
Organised players still have limitations 34 2.83%
Try convincing my spouse / family!!! 96 7.99%
Other (please specify in your post) 42 3.49%
Are you kidding? I LOVE pre-worshipped cars 338 28.12%
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Old 13th January 2020, 18:13   #136
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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

Voted for:
1. The risk (being cheated, reliability, accident / flood damage etc.)
2. The model I want isn't available used (e.g. Hector / Triber)
3. Try convincing my spouse / family!!!
4. Are you kidding? I LOVE pre-worshipped cars

Short version: It is risky because of the dishonest dealers and owners (my 1st point). However if one knows the history of the vehicle well (neighborhood, service center, acquaintances), then this risk is somewhat overcome. But the probability of finding such an vehicle which suits one's needs is very rare in my case (my second point). And god forbid, if something fails and your family comes to know of it, the number of "I told you so"s that is bombarded is just too many (my third point)! But they do not know that a used car owner has much more knowledge about cars, preventive maintenance and breakdowns that a new car owner, and this helps one become famous in their circles.
Also, some dream, out-of-production vehicle (my list has Pajero, Safari Dicor, 8th gen Civic, previous gen Fortuner and many more) at a very lucrative price always makes a used car a better option for me.

Long version: I own a 2008 SX4 ZXi purchased pre-owned from a well-known businessman from my place in 2017 when it had run 70K+ kms. I was searching for a used Civic (sedan dynamics with an automatic since I was new to driving) or a used Safari (roads were bad in my place then) but randomly ended up with the SX4 as a compromise (sedan-ish dynamics with SUV-ish ground clearance). The car was maintained well, although some minor details were hidden (repainted door, chipped bumper) before purchase. Since this is my first car, I was more concerned with the 'how' and 'wow' part of driving and owning rather than the 'what' part of owning. The car had complete service records when I got it, but I go to my FNG instead of MASS. After 2+ years and 96K+ on the odometer now, I can safely say that it has been fairly reliable except the usual replacements due to usage and age, which I was prepared for (a million thanks to this forum for guiding me on maintenance, right from engine oil grades till parts for suspension components). My parents become furious when I use this for my Jamshedpur-Bhubaneswar travel instead of bus/train (6 feet in height translates to poor comfort in any sleeper seats. Add to that the excitement to take my own car for my travel!) and ask me what will I do if I had any failure midway, which I anyway play it down. Risky as an amateur? Yes. Was I lucky not to suffer? Yes! Would I do it again? Yes, but with more thorough research henceforth.

In 2018, when we needed to replace our 2001 Alto LXi with an automatic, I did search for a used car. Unfortunately could not find a good car and got a 2018 Baleno Alpha CVT. Why a new car? I can take risks of being stranded, but would not want the same for my aged parents who are the regular users. Also when parents at the age of 60 insist on a new one (new car smell, other people in their circle have new cars), one just says yes without much argument and chooses the best possible option available.
Footnote: I still religiously search Olx for that elusive Civic/Safari Dicor/Fortuner/Pajero, but thanks to some sense put in me by reading many posts on this forum, I try not to rush into things and rethink my actions.
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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

Voted options 2, 3, 7 and 10 for the obvious reasons.

The pointers are very clear for me to vote and I cannot find better reasons to say No. The only car I was looking to buy in the pre-owned market was the i20 CRDI Asta ABS [all-wheel discs] which was hard to find within the time frame and I ended buying a new car that also did not have all-wheel discs and runs on petrol and a non-turbo one at that. Life is really unpredictable all the times, making us look stupid at times.
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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

Great thread. The reason I cited for avoiding these cars was risk. As a people we are experts at gaming every system around; the fact is everyone in the formal / semi formal 2nd sales value chain is incentivised to get this deal done, and the only one stuck with the repercussions after the deal is done is me. Iím always stuck with the nagging question - why are they selling it ? Any reason other than they wanted a change or bought a new car and now need to get rid of the old car would worry me.

I would however consider buying a car from a friend who isnít going to disappear after the deal, and where Iíve had a relationship or atleast awareness of the vehicle before hand.
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Old 13th January 2020, 20:13   #139
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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

Voted for others.

I have bought used cars in the past and had mixed experience.

Experience 1.

The first one was the TATA ESTATE. It was a fantastic car and have great memories of it. I was 18 when I bought it. The car was much ahead of its time and a FNG botched it up when my father insisted to take the car to him for service. Had to spend quite a fortune at Universal motors to get it fixed.

Lesson 1. If you are buying a car which is not popular and has advanced features do not go to the FNG.

Experience 2.

Bought a second hand JOSH machine from Shaman used cars. The car was as a Flair on the outside. Took a test drive and it was amazing. It was three years old and with only 5000 Km on the ODO the spare still had original wrappings and the seats too. Spoke to the owner and found that the car was bought for his son as a gift and he left for the US for higher studies. The car was parked in a covered garage on jacks. Bought it immediately.

The first shocker came when I took it to National garage for service. (No more FNG as lesson learnt from experience 1.). The fuel filter did not fit and they told me the car was an 1.6 NXT. This was confusing as the RC book said 1.3 Flair. Called the owner and asked about this and he said that the car was an 1.6 NXT which he had registered as an 1.3 to save taxes in collusion with the dealer .

Lesson 2. If you are buying a used car even from used car dealerships get it checked from authorized SC's.

Experience 3.

Bought a Fiat Palio 1.6 NXT again from Shaman used cars. They had been very helpful with clearing doubts and smooth and swift paper work. The Palio was the beater car in the family, as at this time I had my ZEN (MH410) & the Josh Machine. This time with lessons learnt from experience 1&2. This was a good buy and there were no issues this time.

So if you are patient and have a good network and know the owner and the car then go ahead.
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It's a great & enlightening thread. Sharing my experience with all my folks.
I was using a company provided car and when I quit I surrender the car. And then I was in dire need of car. So I thought of going the pre-worship route.
The hunt begin to find one which would fit my budget and good be good to drive one as well. I spoke to all my near and dear ones to accelerate the hunt. The first car that I checked came with recommendation of father in law's trusted mechanic. I took a test drive and the car look good and the ride was smooth. The next day I had a second thought to consult the authorized workshop just to ensure that the car is trouble free. Initially the workshop team was reluctant to help me but I told them that if they help me, they have a assured customer. So the car was taken for a small spin and the service adviser suggested to check the service history as well to round off their recommendations. The car odo was 57k km and I got a real shocker when the service advisor told me that the last service was done at some 1.8 lakh km. And it was evident that the odo has been tampered. The car belonged to a well educated & decent guy.
That was an eye opening experience and forged my belief that if I've to buy a car it would be factory minted piece.
I understand that it will be "one of the experience " and people will be getting genuine good cars. Although one needs to be very cautious before signing on the dotted line.
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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

When we bought our 2nd hand Eon in 2018 we verified with the insurance provider the damages,claims and the mileage car had covered.
Also when we inspected the car it had various Advaith Hyundai service record stickers with no.of kms recorded on them.
Even verified the car mileage with Hyundai service after a phone all to customer service.
Also happened to dig out the previous owner's contact details through insurance company and speak to her about the sale of car through the dealer and verify the genuinity. But only thing that shocked me was the throwaway price at which dealer bought the car and how he inflated the price before selling it to us.
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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

Voted for options 2,7,8. I recently got my first car in September 2019 - Hyundai Grand i10.

We had no cars in our family earlier and I had no idea about cars except for the basics. I was just learning to drive and wanted to buy a second hand car to start with. Based on a few discussions with friends I shortlisted Swift and Grand i10. I was looking for a recent car (>2016 model) with a lower mileage (<30000 km). I was worried about a more used vehicle with respect to maintenance costs and the service factor.

Whatever cars I looked in was quite expensive and costed 70% of the price of a new car in preowned car show rooms. And the older models were sans Airbags and ABS as well. I was not sure of the platforms like OLX as there were possibilities of wrong choices. I am not someone who can go ahead and fight rough and hard to get a honest transaction.

My cousin had got a brand new Grand i10 a year ago and I was also able to land upon a good deal and I felt it was worth going for a new car at the price point with modern features and lower maintenance upfront. I was worried about hitting the car, but my friends and colleagues kept pushing me for it and offering me suggestions on I can manage and how insurance will come in handy if something goes wrong.

This is how I ended up getting a brand new car!
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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

Originally Posted by Ragavsr View Post
Cars24 does not roll back the odometer.
Advaith Hyundai got into trouble for selling me a odo tampered Honda City CVT. They had bought the vehicle from second owner in exchange for a new car. The second owner had bought the car from the same used car dealer whom I quoted in the earlier post. Since I knew few guys in Magnum Honda, I could trace back the history and first owner details. I bought it with suspicion but engine and transmission were in good condition. I spared Advaith but not without a verbal warning.

Toyota U Trust refurbish the cars before selling, but Maruti True Value or Advaith don't refurbish other brand cars.
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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

Voted for :

The risk (being cheated, reliability, accident / flood damage etc.)
Too much effort to find a car, TD it, get it checked...
Used car loans are difficult and / or pricey
Try convincing my spouse / family!!!

Most importantly, used cars / things have a social stigma and almost always opposed by my family.

I bought a used Zen 2002 and it worked very well. Bought it in 2015 at 1.05L and sold at 80K in 2017. Super easy maintenance and costed me ~ Rs 2K per month, Rs 1 Per KM interms of asset cost only. Compare that to my Nexon which will cost me Rs 7 Per KM even if I retain it for 2L KMS.
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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

I never gave this much of a thought really, and in reality there should be no particular reason at all to buy used or new, other than budget, of course.

This doesn't mean that we're paying a premium when we buy new (specially in the <20L budget), because we will get that little extra upon resale, and it surely doesn't mean that we're stingy in buying used (since money isn't easily earned/available at certain phases of our life).

Being from a very modest background, I remember as a kid, we had 2 pre-owned Premier Padminis (one after another) and they were sold each time a cash cruch happened. The Maruti 800 was purchased brand spanking new when I became a teen at an extortionate pricing.. which again made its exit after a few years due to our usual family luck of having holes in the pocket

The next car bought was only after I learnt to drive, the Santro was bought used, though we all loved it to bits for its practicality and the previous owner had really taken good care of it and accessorised it properly and practically.

The next 2 cars since were bought new, but I hope this explains the gist of it, buying new isnt a bad decision if you can leverage depreciation out of it like we did, saves a bunch on taxes and then resale is never a problem since the next buyer will only be a 2nd owner. Buying popular cars is always key to getting by on a frugal ownership experience, combined with resale.

The ONLY case in saving huge bucks on initial acquisition costs is luxury automobiles, can save upto 50%, 60% or more, but if you choose poorly the repair and maintenance costs can hit hard, so that's a gamble.

Our logic is we prefer buying new, just like when buying a television or fridge, but we're equally open to buying used if the situation calls for it.
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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

I am with the majority. Even though I believe that you could get a super value deal if you land a good second hand car, the risk of getting duped is not insignificant. I may probably be ok with taking that risk for smaller (< 3 L) cars but if I wanted to buy a > 10 L car I would be very nervous to consider a second hand one, even with a service record available. If there is big money involved, there is every chance of a fraud.
I went to a used car dealer once and finalized an I10 which had 50k on the ODO. When I got it checked at the I10 service center, its last servicing happened at 1.1 L km ! Then I went to another dealer and having been fooled once was extremely cautious and found one which had only 30k on the ODO. I got it checked out by a mechanic and the service history also matched up. Then I bought it though a bit nervously. Turns out it had a bad heating problem which showed up after a few days and the power steering had some issue and long story short I ended up spending 50k on its repairs and selling it back with at 50k discount of my cost price for a total loss of 100k and won the dunce cap.
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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

Voted for the i love pre worshipped!
It started with me and my brother getting us a pre worshipped yamaha 135 when i was in 10th class. Later on Pre worshipped Caliber, a new CBZ Xtreme, used Palio and now a pre worshipped Grand Vitara.

The only reason i wont buy a used car. When its the beater car. Even here i woukd go for it if i can find a good used car within my circle or extended circle.
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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

If buying a lower cost/segment car, I would like to go for a new vehicle. However, for high value/segment cars I would definitely only like to go for good used car.

My WagonR, Punto were bought new...both were bought when they had just been launched, so no question of buying used.

However, the Duster was bought used. For 5.90 lakh, I got a April 2013 car which had run 13500 kms (Doctor's 2nd car) when I bought it in May 2016. Original Price was 10 lakh.

I still own the car and am fortunate to have got such a good deal.


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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

Voted for the following.
I love pre-worshipped cars
Too much effort to find a car
The risk
I don't have knowledge or expertise
Certainly, it is not an easy job to buy a used car, unless you can assess the car right after test driving it. There are always tampered readings of kilometres run, accident cars disguised as accident-free cars. I tried to buy a used car in Hyderabad over a year, couldn't find one. Of course, there is an exception, certified cars with a warranty is always a YES and ready to pay an extra premium for the same.

Also, a car with a known history from friends, family and friends of friends.

Another reason that is not mentioned is Patience and Time. One would need patience and time to find a good car. I waited for one year to find the right one myself.

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Default Re: So, why won't you buy a used car?

Originally Posted by redCherry View Post
That's exactly what's happening with me most of the time
I don't think this approach will work with used cars especially if the car is a genuine one. You cannot take two or three weeks to finalise after seeing a good car. I follow the below simple steps.

Talk to the owner over the phone and get the details. You can mostly identify if the owner is genuine or not by probing him more about the vehicle history.

If the call is satisfactory, call the A.S.S and get the service history details (you can either say that you have bought this car recently or pretend you are the owner - Except once for an Audi I've managed to get details from almost all A.S.S).

If everything seems good, take a trusted mechanic with you (you should always pay him well for every car visit irrespective of whether you buy or not), check the car and if you are happy, negotiate the price and pay the advance. This is how you can save time and get a nice pre-worshipped car.

This works very well for me and should work for anyone
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