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Old 6th February 2020, 21:22   #16
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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

As a current owner of a Creta the looks was one of the reasons for opting for it.
This new look in my opinion looks like a beefed up Brezza. Still need to wait and see how it looks in the flesh. So the VW T-Roc , Kia Seltos are winners here. Hyundai what did you do
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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

Sigh of relief and very happy my dad bought the Seltos last year and didn't wait for this new version creta.
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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

Current Creta owner and love this new design. The Chinese variants droopy tail looked odd, and Hyundai India has done well to replace that with a pretty distinctive and classy looking rear.

They have retained the basic sillouhette and upright SUV look of the car while infusing modernity. The panoramic sunroof also looks nice compared to the tiny one in the current Creta.

Disappointed that the China spec interior with the massive touch screen didnít make it here. Wonder what the back story for that is.
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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

Looks like panoramic touchscreen seen earlier on Chinese version is not present in Indian Creta. Would have been much more desirable if it was Indeed present.
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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

People arguing about the front grille and the back HMSL and I am sitting here loathing that steering wheel. While flat bottomed steering is all the rage now, this one looks like Hyundai ran out of materials to make this a full circle. Plus those four spokes, just ugh.
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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

I watched a few videos so far and some of them have said the interior isn't finalized and hence the car is locked. Final interior will be showcased at launch on March 17th. Can anyone who attended the launch confirm this? Even the Hector Plus was locked for the same reason I am told.
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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

Somehow the front and the rear donít gel together they appear to be of two different cars. I guess the height of the car is less than the the present Creta. The rear appears to be crouched and low slung.

The design of Seltos feels more mature and coherent.

Sales of Seltos will probably be more than the Creta in the coming months.
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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

I never expected this. The Chinese ix25 is a much better pick anyday. The interior has degraded. The touchscreen never made it to India and the main reason might be that Hyundai wanted to highlight its Panoramic Sunroof that killed the rest of the car.

Friend was deliberately waiting for this car to judge between Seltos and Creta. Seems like he is now inclined to Kia suddenly.

After noticing the car it has some differences from its sibling.

What Hyundai offer's that Kia doesn't-

• Paranomic Sunroof
• Electronic Brake

What Kia offer's that Hyundai doesn't-

• 360į Camera and blind spot monitors
• Front Parking sensors
• Inbuilt Air Purifier and Perfume dispenser
• LED fog lamps and LED turn signals (front)
• Heads Up Display
• Third headrest in the rear seats


•7DCT might offer drive modes (not seen yet)
• Hyundai true top-end model is not sure. The Venue automatic comes in SX+, here Creta showcase car had the top of the line in manual, so... it's up to y'all to decide. Might exceed the price bracket if given an option.
• Might have cooled glove box or simply not (like Verna deleted)
• Might have ambient lighting above the glove box.

What I liked?
• The side AC vents look very classy.
• Soft-touch materials take a nice bit of space on the dashboard.
• The white interior gives it an open filling along with the huge glass roof.
• I personally love the plush finish due to the absence of the physical lever handbrake.

What I dislike-
• Looks are subjective and this one came as a no surprise as we have already seen this design in the ix25. This reminds me of the Aura. Ain't sophisticated, more targeted to youth for that matter.
• The center AC vents already look dated.
• The physical controls for the AC feel a little too wide and empty. I loved the previous Creta's AC knobs, felt so classy and changed color with the change in temperature. No wonder ix25 preferred the full touch screen.

Thing's I'm am just confused with-
• Nexen tires better than Goodyears? I have no clue about tires.
• Physical buttons on the screen either look cheap or classy. Can't make out the quality due to the tint.
• Speakers seem to carry a brand name.

Overall it's a decent car but I only find the panoramic sunroof as a reason to choose over its rivals. That's what a typical Indian buyer would do.

I'm happy that I bought the Seltos before it's price hike.

Last edited by CrAzY dRiVeR : 6th February 2020 at 23:54. Reason: Typos. Also brake, not break. Thanks
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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

It seems Hyundai is going to handover its customers to Kia on a silver platter. Surely this next gen Creta will add to the list of most hideous looking cars launched in India. Sad to see this design from a company that gave us cars like previous i10 and i20s and even Verna. This four spoke steering wheel is the worst design I've seen. Personally I don't really like this new age design of putting headlamp on the front bumper. I find traditional design more classy and should age well. Time for Seltos to kill the sibling.

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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

Wow venue senior on steroids

No thank you, Hyundai - your sister company Kia has given a better looking product. Our homegrown Tata has given a refreshed Harrier with a true SUV stance while the rest are trying hard to be SUVís
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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

A current-gen facelifted Creta owner here, me and my brother were excitedly waiting for this 2nd gen Creta to upgrade to, but the interiors were disappointing. We expected that Hyundai would provide us the same interiors as China and as always Hyundai didn't disappoint in disappointing us.

Much like in the 1st gen Creta, when Hyundai reserved features only for China like the powered seats, sunroof, ventilated seats, etc. only to finally introduce them in the facelift - Is Hyundai trying to pull off the same tired old stunt again? When Autocar posted their video, they mentioned that the interiors might not be finalized but I feel like the only reason they didn't show us this garish pathetic interior was that even they feared that public reception might not be that good and interest might taper off before launch.

The car looks like its production-ready so why would they make changes to the interior at the last minute when there's just a month or so left before the launch?
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Default Re: 2020 Hyundai Creta spied in India for the first time

Originally Posted by Octane99 View Post
Never expected that a manufacturer who started the previous decade '10 with the "Fluidic design ideology" will end up designing this at the start of this decade '20 .
This will probably fail within a year (Hector, Harrier & Seltos influx) and I hope they bring in a new design philosophy.
But pray they just don't make it more uglier, like thet did with the facelift of 3rd gen Elantra.
The question remains, Can it be made more uglier ?
With all respect, the sentiment in this forum was much more than mere shock when ix35 was previewed. Remember how many of us were so sure about Hyundai will not dare to bring the ugly car to India without modifications to suit the Indian tastes. But I have had a feeling then that the car will arrive exactly the same way and it just did.

No matter what you do for certain brands, We Indians just lap them in droves. Creta is such a brand. Others are Innova, Fortuner, Activa and Dzire, to name a few. So, I don't think the sales are going to tank or this will ever fail. It will sell very well like the current gen Creta IMHO.

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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

The design looks okay to me. It is a clear evolution from the existing Creta with some futuristic elements. The current Creta is a bit more elegant, but then world over, funky designs are the trend now. For a risk-averse person, Creta is still the best bet from the segment. Kia still does not have enough service centres, while you will find a Hyundai service centre anywhere you go in India. Hector and Harrier do not have a good history to back them.

Hope it comes with the torque converter rather than the DCT.
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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

Not looking attractive at all. Current gen Creta looks way better and with Seltos in the market, this is not appealing at all. I expected much more from Hyundai to be honest.

That aside...I'm shocked to see so many swirl marks on a launch car
Originally Posted by TusharK View Post
ORVMs have integrated turn indicators.
Attachment 1966561
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Default re: 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta @ Auto Expo 2020. Edit: Launched at 9.99 lakhs

I think Hyundai is over doing its design now. Previous gen was bolder and very handsome looking car. It was a butch looking car earlier and now it doesn't have a lot SUV-ish elements.

Grill - Looks good. Looks good in the venue too. But I still think previous Creta had much better suv-ish grill.

Headlamps - Probably this is where they have overdone it. These headlamps have robbed its bolder looks.

Rear - It's elegant but looks very busy.

If you make Seltos and Creta stand adjacent to each other, I reckon most of us would choose Seltos for its awesome design anyday.

Human psychology tends to resist the change initially. Let's see if this grows with time on its potential buyers. But for me previous Creta was much better looking car.
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