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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

1.Since I am from Mumbai I would want that vehicle drivers be taught to Yield. Allow other vehicles at junctions especially to pass before attempting to cross the road. Notorious of the lot are rickshaw drivers in the suburbs who usually add to the traffic jams at 4 road junctions rather than using their common civic sense to ensure there is free and smooth flow of vehicles across.
2. To make it compulsory for all vehicle drivers to be evaluated every 3 years including a full medical exam. Some senior drivers who may have visual difficulties compensate by stepping on their car horns.
3. All cars MUST have their parking lights fully functioning failing which a stiff fine should be levied. This is especially so in the monsoons on dark roads when suddenly out of nowhere a car jumps in front of you.
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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

As pointed few posts above more frequent registration renewals
1. Yearly for all vehicles. At the very least, insurance and working electricals should be checked. Integrate electronically with RTO.
2. This is more under NHAI - but clear road/lane markings everywhere with cat-eye reflectors
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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

Here are my wishes:
  1. Implement technology to monitor driving habits and traffic violations. Reward good guys and penalize bad guys in real time (ex: fine is deducted from the guy jumping a signal)
  2. Usage based road tax: People who drive more will pay more road tax
  3. Make drunken and reckless driving a criminal offence (if it is not already)
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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

Most of the suggestions here are really of stricter enforcement of existing rules or common sense things.

I can think of two things that can make real improvement in car ownership. First one is this.

Originally Posted by BrakingBad View Post
I feel the Insurance process should be made more convenient... for example, vehichle AA with insurer XX rear-ends another vehicle BB with insurer YY (who is not at fault), and both of them need to claim insurance - In current scenario there are 2 claims and YY ends up paying for mistake of AA / XX insurance company. whereas, there should be provision for recovery from XX to YY in case of mistake by AA and BB should not lose any NCB for AA's mistake. this is in practice in western countries and i don't see this being practiced in IN.
Making 3rd party insurance claim easy. This will stop or reduce unnecessary fighting and shouting when there is any incident or accident.

Second thing is easier process for name change in registration when selling a car. Today i sell a car and it is up to the new owner to get the registration changed. And if he doesn't, any action against the car comes on to me. As a seller i should be able to go to the RTO (along with the buyer) and sign a form and i am no more the owner of the car - no rights and no responsibilities.
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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

My must haves:

1. 5 year jail term to the vehicle driver (owner, if driver cannot be identified), for driving on the wrong side of a divided road. Photograph submitted on twitter tagging MoRTH should be valid evidence subject to condition that the authenticity of the photo can be ascertained.

2. 3rd party claims and life insurance claims of helmetless riders and unbelted car driver/passengers to be rejected.

3. Related to Highway speed limits: 3 wheelers and quadracycles not to be allowed across any toll gates. These vehicles to not be allowed beyond the leftmost lane of the highway.

Maximum speed limits for other vehicle types to be decided using a scientific process instead of making it arbitrary (80kmph National speed limit) or a political decision.
Maximum speed limit for both 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers should be the same so that 2-wheelers do not become traffic hazards. Heavy vehicles can have a different limit and only left lanes allocated if it is substantially low, i.e. similar in comparison to 3-wheelers and quadracycles.

Minimum speed limit also to be strictly enforced for all other vehicles at 63.8% (one lower level as per Fibonacci series) of speed limit.

Bonus rule: Compulsory GPS Based immobilizers and cloud connected dashcams powered by 4G / 5G. Reverse camera feed to be included too.

All the above rules will help the society at large becoming safer, road travel faster and insurance premiums becoming lower for everyone across the board. The added benefit is that our travel memories will become more vivid (due to the videos)

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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

I'm gonna go controversial on this one.
  1. Cap on the number of taxi's/cab's per city based on population & area. This should reduce congestion and reduce impatience
  2. License to buy a vehicle sold separately based on availability of parking at residence. I know this means that each house needs to apply and get the license based on their OC and is a issue but we got to start somewhere.
  3. Definitely impose the already existing laws.

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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

I have four suggestions:-

1. Standard road markings as per the class of the road (village to NH) - every state currently has its way of marking, signals, flows- was horrified at the dazzling disco lights on the TN highways

2. Strict motor licence training schools and tests- will solve the problem of brainless drivers as well as uplift the awareness of rules.

3. One country, one registration - why why in the World do you need a state wise registration in the era of rfid and digital records

4. Strict implementation of puc rules- I get certified without a test- either junk it or actually test it
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Just because someone has a license doesn't mean he/she can drive. Look at the Ola / Uber drivers in Bangalore. I means guys from the villages land up here, and think that the road is their property and they can drive as they wish. Considering how unsafe Bangalore is currently, I wouldn't dare argue. My dashcam is on and let it record what it has to. But these villager drivers upgrading from bullock carts to swift dZire and was he likes are a damned menace in the roads. How do you keep them under check ? One bandh day with all these drivers off the road is a peaceful day in Bangalore. The potholed roads suddenly seem so likeable and driveable.
Other point is I have observed educated passengers in these Ola / Uber / autos stay quiet when the respective drivers break rules. The passengers also must be fined, I'm no lawyer , but call it abetment to crime perhaps ?
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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

My three rules or rather three actions would be:

1. Reissue all driving licenses in batches over the next year. Sort of like a demonitisation for licences. Have a mandatory 10 to 20 hour course on road rules, safety, vehicle operation, insurance etc that has to be passed before applying for a road test which would test your knowledge and adherence to the laws. If possible, give contracts to multi national companies to provide this training and testing. Similar training needs to be provided to law enforcement agencies.

2. Strict and ongoing enforcement. Constant fines via patrolling and cameras for all offenses. Increase the number of policemen and cameras and every policeman should enforce all laws all the time, not just sporadically during short lived drives. Merge traffic police and regular police. Some can be assigned traffic duties only but all should enforce traffic laws when free instead of just sitting or standing near their vehicles. Certain offenses like wrong side driving and rash driving should invoke a heavy fine along with mandatory confiscation of the vehicle for a month. This should increase for repeat offenses along with jail time.

3. Standards for roads and footpaths should be followed at least in major towns and cities. Agencies should be designated for keeping roads and footpaths in good shape and free of any encroachment. A special police patrol needs to be implemented for citing wrongly parked vehicles as well as those parked on footpaths. Every city needs a fleet of towing vehicles to quickly remove wrongly parked vehicles. There should be tow yards in empty areas where these vehicles can be stored. There would be a daily storage fee plus towing charges and fines which would have to be paid before retrieving the vehicle in addition to having all required documents in order. Vehicles not collected for say 30 days can be auctioned.

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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

1. LANE MANNERS. stick to a single lane
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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

Originally Posted by sridhu View Post
- I want the number plates to be supplied by the state. No creativity allowed.
- Vanity plate belonging to the user & not the car
- Transponder based vehicle identification. Extra credit if it can be integrated into an 'inline' toll system
Not Sure, but isn't this the agenda of implementing HSRP? The plates are provided by the dealer based on a standerdised format and the RC is alloted only once the confirmation of fixing the HSRP is received by the RTO.
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So my point administrator is .. what is the logic of this thread ? These are data points , what's the output? There could be a million suggestions, but at the end of the day my question remain la - so what ?
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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

In Hyderabad, age old basic rules are violated very commonly. Cops are busy in collecting money for helmet less drivers to achieve their targets.

For Hyderabad,hence if the following can be implemented, it will help common good.
1) Keep left
2) Do not park in the middle of road and talk or do parallel parking and go for shopping
3)Do not come in the opposite side in one way

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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

1) Speed and ambient light linked dippers,

2) Cameras instead of mirrors.
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Default Re: What 3 rules would you want added to the Motor Vehicles Act?

I like pre-owned premium cars and Delhi/Mumbai is the source you can procure from. But, re-registration and payment of Life Time Tax on invoice price, in my state, is a bummer. For example, if I buy a pre-owned car of say 2015 and bring it here, the tax on it would be 14 per cent minus 0.5 per cent off for every year. Thus, for a 2015 model, I would end up paying 11.5 per cent tax on invoice price of the car in 2015. This is ridiculously high for a used car. I would like to see this re-registration and LTT payment go. Any car registered in any state must be freely transferable to other state without re-registration and payment of LTT. That's my wish.
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