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Default Re: What if a foodie reviewed Indian car brands

Great post Venkyhere. Absolutely loved the analogy . Being a Fiat owner, I could not stop myself from smiling after reading about the hole in the wall restaurant . Keep up the creativity.
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Default Re: What if a foodie reviewed Indian car brands

Wonderful humorous threads and the responses:

Adding my bit:

1. Toyota : Selling food at higher price but provided consistent quality. Customers will walk-in no matter what. But, they were jealous of the fact that the street vendor opposite use to have more crowds at his place. So, decided to buy his food, asked the staff to get it from the hotel's backdoor entry and serve it to
the customer. Customer won't bother about quality because they have given them an extra coupon which they can use it later.

2. Maruti - They have both street vendor and hotel versions that provides everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also provides refresher meals in between. All their meals are affordable. They are the MasterChef judge. They will first taste what others have prepared and then decide their own version.

3. Mahindra - Tries to provide a quality meal with typical Indian touch. Agreed, some of their food isn't served or presented well which don't bode well with Instagrammers who care more about the food pics then the taste.

4. KIA/ MG - New restaurants on the block which are welcomed with much fanfare by the customers. Both are wearing different clothes to hide their real owners identity. But only one among them is honest.

5. Skoda / VW - We never were successful but chugged along by providing foods for someone who was looking for something extravagant. They provided coupons to happy customers so that they enjoy the service of the restaurants which anyways was pathetic to begin with. But got red-handed later as the coupons weren't procured honestly, which was against the rules and fairplay. They silently withdrawn few amounts from the customer coupons from whoever that visited them later for refreshments.

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Default Re: What if a foodie reviewed Indian car brands


A restaurant which serves French cuisine with some Romanian and Indian ingredients in it!
There are not many outlets in your city and some cities do not even have an outlet!
The food served are value for money and tasty. If you opt for a combo dish or buffet, it's vfm, but when you try to order some add on's with your dish, its expensive and most of the time it's not available! They will promise you to get it next time you visit. It's best to call them up and revisit for your desired dish.
Another good thing is, over the time they will keep introducing some innovative and value for money tasty dishes along with their current menu, which is a mixed bag of excellent to bland dishes!
The quality of food is really good & tasteful most of the time, but on your unlucky day you may suffer diarrhea!
The waiters are not very professional, but they are courteous and friendly. At the end they will make you feel good.

If any waiter misbehaves and you complaint that to the higher management, they will take strict action against him, but if there is some problem with the dish, for example the salt is more or it's more spicy to your taste, the management guys will take your complaint seriously, but there will be no improvement on that dish, though they will keep saying, they have made few changes on that dish!

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Default Re: What if a foodie reviewed Indian car brands

Here goes for my Jeep


Baskin Robbins Icecream - Only one product available in different forms and colors. Limited number of outlets and that too only in swanky malls and large cities. Bit expensive than most of its competitors although has better ingredients. Facing lot of heat from full fledge Indian, Korean and Chinese restaurants which offer more for less money. Already people have started ignoring it. Time to bring Baskin Robbins Pizzas and Burgers quickly.
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Default Re: What if a foodie reviewed Indian car brands

The international fast-food chain which everyone loved in the beginning with their international reputation for hygiene and quality food made people flock there but the unchanged menu in India from the last decade while their outlets abroad get newer dishes led to people skipping it altogether. They have somehow learnt their mistake and are now trying to introduce new products to gain some of their estranged customers.

The Fancy looking restaurant with sharply dressed waiters and premium ambience serving dalda cooked street food in porcelain plates.

A bistro designed like an English establishment with Victorian decor and manager with a British Accent but serves fancy plated and garnished Chinese street food.

A sister restaurant of the popular Chinese restaurant chain which also serves Thai and Japanese dishes customized for the Indian palate with better plating and garnishing.

A British 5-star restaurant chain that was bought by a blue-blooded Indian businessman who launched a full fledged renovation along with new staff and introduced new gourmet specials with revised pricing which helped the restaurant climb higher up the reputation ladder.

The small cute but very expensive patisserie downtown which serves overpriced but scrumptious and Instagram worthy baked goods. A popular hangout spot for the affluent young and old alike and is usually frequented after a meal at one of the 5-star hotels.

The German owned continental bistro chain which serves excellent gourmet food frequented by the culinary experts and the occasional rich pseudo culinary expert crowd. Exorbitantly priced in India due to the import of raw materials from Europe and expat staff.

The once famous value for money Chinese restaurant which was popular among young professionals and middle-class families now losing its clientele due to the newly opened restaurants which serve better and cheaper food. Still maintain a fair amount of loyalists who love the chilly chicken at this place but it gained a reputation for serving stale food at times and reducing the portion.
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Default Re: What if a foodie reviewed Indian car brands

How much do you all want to bet that this thread will "inspire" similar articles in other car portals?

Venky, better get ready to charge royalty.
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Default Re: What if a foodie reviewed Indian car brands

Originally Posted by venkyhere View Post
The ingredients are fresh, taste is excellent and portions are big. However, the few loyal customers who regularly go there, sometimes find the restaurant closed because the staff felt lazy that day or the chef was having a cold.
Also: Fiat is the restaurant that seems to be interested in selling ingredients to other restaurants than to prepare excellent meals and keep customers coming back.

Claims to serve French cuisine, but serves us Romanian stuff which is good, but we haven't seen a new (Romanian) dish for a while. Some of their ingredients are shared with the premium Mercs. Who wants Romanian cuisine when the French cuisine is considered the finest in the world?

Chefs ran this place and people loved their dishes. When the chefs lost majority stake in the board, the management took over with the intention of getting more customers. The problem: Unlike the chefs, the management wasn't close the customers to understand their needs.

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Default Re: What if a foodie reviewed Indian car brands


A now closed lunch home which used to offer a simple 5 item thali which was nothing to review about. Plain food available day after day. The only competition was another restaurant serving similar bland thali.
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Default Re: What if a foodie reviewed Indian car brands

Wonderful and humorous thread.
Let me add my food review over here :
Maruthi/Nexa :
Just a street vendor, on crowded streets, very unhygienic/very unsafe food and cheap as well.
Maruthi and Nexa are more like, normal pani puri and special pani puri.
They just add one more pinch of onion. And make you feel rich.
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Default Re: What if a foodie reviewed Indian car brands

Originally Posted by Vasanth View Post
Maruthi and Nexa are more like, normal pani puri and special pani puri.
They just add one more pinch of onion. And make you feel rich.
And a bit of garnishing, sparkling cutlery to make it more aesthetically appealing. All raw material and ingredients straight from the outside bandi for a premium, mind you.

Pani puri's to be had with knifes and forks. Should make for an interesting watch.
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Default Re: What if a foodie reviewed Indian car brands

My two cents for BMW

BMW: Food at 5 star Leela palace. Even coffee crosses 4 digit in INR. Below statement would not be an exaggeration.

Even the tire air topup in the BMW dealership costs 1000s and Entry fee to Leela palace is at same level

Hope BMW does not charge me now since I used the word BMW 3-4 times in this post
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Default Re: What if a foodie reviewed Indian car brands

Originally Posted by theflyingguy View Post
Superb post.

MG India

One diner feels the fire in stomach after having the meal. The diner blames himself for having the Biryani last night and expresses full confidence in cooking skills of the restaurant. Other diners who are not so aligned get sued by the restaurant.
I almost fell on the floor laughing at this one! I guess even the team MG will have a private chuckle or two on reading this.
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