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Old 6th March 2020, 17:18   #76
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

I canít imagine my thar ride without rattles.

Rattles and thumping music inside is the perfect combination for an adventurous journey. Music gives you the required adrenaline rush and rattles gives the chills of what if the vehicle breaks down.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

My 2013 fortuner after 1 lakh kilometer is still rattle free. Only maintenance done for rattling was the body shop guys replacing few holding pins while doing detailing few month back. There is an annoying bird chirping like noise that plays hide and seek from the dashboard panel, else all is fine.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

All the Marutis I've owned, rattled. Hyundais, in general, don't rattle with the exception of Santro Xing that I owned for 3 years. It gave me trouble with the AC and it used to rattle but not as much as the Marutis. The Verna and i10, we owned, were totally rattle free during the entire time they were with us. We drove both for over 80K km. The Honda Jazz I have now with me for the past 2 and a half years have been totally rattle free. Don't know about other Hondas though as this is the first Honda I've owned and no one in my family or close friends circle owns a Honda.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

Fork Ikon 1.3 Flair - Used - 14 years old - Mild rattles but no deal breakers.
Baleno 2015 - New - Rattling Toolkit, and maybe a rattle in the dashboard.

If the same car is rattling for somebody and not for somebody else (except Maruti, they have to rattle ), I guess then it has to do with the road conditions and driving styles.

My Baleno just has a minor rattle on potholes from the dashboard even after 4 years of being driven in Mumbai (except for the loose tookit in the boot as Maruti did not provide a holding area for the same in its premium offering ), while my friend's Baleno rattles a lot being drive in Pune. Why naming cities, because I feel Mumbai roads take a massive hit each monsoons, much more than Pune, plus I do those Konkan rides during monsoons on all kinds of pothole ridden roads.

But what I observed is that he would kind of roll over bad roads without blinking an eyelid (car is just a medium for him to travel from A->B, no affections there) whereas I make sure to slow down as much as possible.

So road conditions plus driving style is the rattle catalyst for me.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

My daily ride is the Active i20 and it has done 78k clicks on the ODO. It rides butter smooth and yes, NO RATTLES!!

On the other hand, the Crysta is full of squeaks and rattles at 110k km. The previous Innova used to ride rattle free even at 147k, when we eventually sold it.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

In this thread all i20 owners have reported zero rattles, and I am no exception.
Have been using my i20 Magna (Elite) Petrol since 8 years and zero rattles or noises,

I dont even hear my engine or any vibration ever. Sometime I try starting car again thinking it as off but in reality it was on.

When I had purchased it the rear parcel tray used to bounce which was fixed by the showroom person by putting dual tape below the tray and removing the hinges (which pull the tray up when you open the boot).

After that 8 years and no sound what so ever inside the car.

I find it surprising to hear from so many high end cars have such rattles/sounds.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

I am a believer that a vehicle should drive like it came out of the showroom throughout its life time with adequate maintenance! If that involves tightening up a few nuts and bolts once in a while, that is acceptable.

Having said that , rattles have no place in my Wife`s vehicle. She will make sure that I get it fixed, the tailgate, the soft murmur of a misaligned door, the gentle squeak of a foldable rear seat, nothing goes unnoticed. Currently, apart from the occasional thud from the tailgate over really large potholes, its whisper quiet inside. I do have to replace a door catcher at some point to fix that rattle for good, driver door and tailgate are used more than any other door in the car, door catcher need to be replaced at some point.

Me on the other hand drives something to work thats more like a circus tent on 4 wheels, lots of tsh-tsh sounds even on a runway like roads and the occasional rattle from the tailgate and foldable rear seats. Considering it can never get quiet inside, not a problem. No new rattles are invited though as I do not have a stereo, so I get to hear them all.

One way to avoid rattles is to not let those 14 year old boys gut the interior of your car as soon as you buy them, and then install fancy carpets, stereo systems without adequate damping , damaging the foam strips, clips etc in the process and then leave loose wiring all over the place - better leave things stock whenever possible!
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

I was kind of lucky not to have cars rattling. I had a brand new Swift that never rattled (ran almost 1 lakh before I gave it to my sister) ��
Other cars I owned were Wagon R (never had rattling issues), Zens (some squeaks which I get corrected immediately). Currently has a new gen Figo and an Innova. Both touch wood has no rattling issues.
I am very vigilant for rattles and sort things immediately when I start picking up slightest of the noises. I am of the opinion ignoring slightest rattles can aggravate over time and can become a concern sooner than we think.

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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

Since we are on car rattle thread, I really wish there was at least one specialist FNG in every city who can make our cars rattle free.

I will be happy even if he charges a premium for that. I absolutely hate any rattle/squeak in the car.

Anybody knows such place in NCR? My Grand i10 needs this service.

OTOH, When I did Gurgaon-Udaipur-Ahmedabad-Statue of Unity and back in January this year in my 2017 Honda City, it was absolutely silent. Nobody will believe that we did not switch on the music even once in 2350 kms drive in 7 days. The drive was very very enjoyable.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

My 11 year old i10 had squeaks and rattles from the suspension that was later replaced. since then i have had no rattles whatsoever in the car. However if i upshift early or under full throttle, the exhaust vibrates like crazy. Other family cars from volkswagen (polo,vento) have had zero rattles till date,the parcel tray on the ritz however manages to irritate me at times.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

Originally Posted by TDCi'd View Post
My ecosport tailgate rattles like crazy. The worst part is the more I try to ignore the damn thing the more loud it sounds. FSS usually applies some lubricant on the hinge, doesn't seem to fix it for long. Will have to live with it I suppose.
The Ecosport tailgate is more prone to rattles if the Stepney cover is over the wheel. I foolishly spent 10k on the cover only to remove it after six months . Has been going rattle free ever since.

Any kind of rattle however insignificant is bound to disturb a good drive. And if the sound comes from the dashboard then it takes much more than a keen ear to locate one. My previous gen Figo had a rattle issue with the doors and it was always ĎFIXEDí during the service intervals. But Ecosport is yet to give me any rattle issue and I am glad about that
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

The Vento started to make some squeaky noises now. Given the age of the car, I can live with it for now and look at fixing it in the next service, but they are not so troublesome.
I would say that its better than my experience with the marutis. I used to get so annoyed with these rattles in all my previous cars ( mostly maruti suzuki) and it was an issue that never got fixed. Whenever, I reported it for a fix, I mostly heard that it was "tighted" and it should be fine for "now" . It would resurface in few days. I was totally fed up with this problem and lately started to invest in good music systems so that I don't hear these noises at all. This is one of the main reasons on why I avoided buying a MS (The other one is the Tincan body)

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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

A very very interestting & informative subject.

My experience has been as below ..

2005 Maruti Zen LX - Initially rattle free but after about 5 years rattles started coming in from dashboard & doors.

2007 Hyundai Santro GLS - Mostly rattle free in 11 years of ownership.

2018 Mahindra XUV 500 W11 - Minor rattles from dashboard was there from about 3k on the odo. After about 15k on the odo, rattles started coming in from the left rear door and middle row split seat. Another squeaking sound has started coming from the driver's seat whenever there is a horizontal or vertical movement due to unevenness in road conditions.

My brother's 2019 Tata Hexa XT - Minor rattles has started coming from left side doors (both front & rear). However these rattles are sporadic.

My Mahindra SA says that during service maintenance i must include one point "all door adjust" as the same will ensure that all the 5 doors are greased and tightened.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

My examples:

Alto LXI(2004-2016):
Rattled from the day it was bought, nothing much to be said here, but it can be noted that even after 12 years the rattles did not increase exponentially and seemed to settle at the initial levels

Ertiga ZDI(2012-Present):
The first 4 years were relatively rattle free, and only after that did the issues start to pop up. Rather than calling them rattles, I would say that it felt more like the plastics or body were becoming weaker. As the car went over uneven speed breakers, there is a creaking noise being produced which feels like it originates due to the body or interior plastics flexing.

A squeak also developed from the rear side which popped up every time some bad roads had to be tackled. This was however fixed by Maruti at the next service after mentioning it(Due to some loose bolt in the 3rd row).

The creaking issue is nothing major, but I donít know if it says anything about the build quality of the car, or whether it can be owed to the design of the body itself.
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Default Re: Is your car rattle-free?

This topic is very close to my heart as I boast to one and all about my five year old Ecosport Diesel being rattle free. Not only it is devoid of any rattle, it has become smoother to run over years without any vibration or fatigue whatsoever.

Must say this car is built well and as well as a tank. Just try closing the rear door with your fingers and you will know what am I speaking about. Would say it has seen quite a few rough roads and even though it jumps a bit but no rattle sounds from anywhere.

It is so peaceful inside that you would immediately notice any item loosely kept or shaking which would make a racket and bang you would zero in on it just to get back the peace of mind. For sure this car ages well.
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