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Default Has the time for Option Packages come in India?

India is a fast maturing car market but it's also a very price sensitive one which somtimes can be frustrating for both car buyers and car manufacturer's. Isn’t it time, India too had the option packs system available on cars abroad? Sure, no system is perfect and westerners do argue that car manufacturer’s sneakily “force” buyers to take luxury features making some packages very expensive thus forcing buyers to shell out much more then their budget but IMO, overall, option packs allow buyers to pick and choose features they would like to have.

Of course, simplicity is important here. Taking the example of the Swift, this is how MUL can design packages making the car more attractive to the buyer.

Maruti Swift Standard features:

1. Body coloured bumpers, door handles, door mirrors, mud flaps.
2. Tilt telescopic steering
3. Tachometer, twin trip meters, digital odo.
4. Air conditioning
5. EPS
6. Inside fuel lid opener and boot release.
7. 4 way Manually adjustable front seats.
8. Front and Rear Power Windows. (Petrol model only.)
9. Rear wash wipe with de froster. (Petrol model only)
10.Basic stereo with single Casette, CD , FM radio with 4 speakers. (Petrol Only)

Front and Rear Power Windows for Swift DDis : Rs. 20,000
Rear wash wipe with defroster for Swift DDis : Rs. 12,000.
Basic stereo with single Casette, CD , FM radio with 4 speakers for Swift DDis : Rs. 20,000.

Note: Prices are pure guesstimates and assumptions.

Safety package.

1. ABS, EBD.
2. 2 airbags.
3. height adjustable seat belts
4. door mirrors with integrated blinkers.
5. Securtiy System with Immobilizer.
6. Fog lamps.

Style package.
1. Alloy wheels.
2. Power tilt and slide Sunroof.
3. Tinted glasses
4. rear spoiler.
5. 6 way manually adjustable front seats with manual lumbar support.
6. Alpine/Pioneer stereo with single CD, FM, MP3 with 6 speakers.

Comfort Package.

1. Climate Control
2. Power seats with 3 memory positions. (Including powered lumbar support)
3. Smart Key with security System, immobilzer and integrated boot release.
4. Power mirrors.
5. Alpine/Pioneer stereo with single CD, FM, MP3 with 6 speakers.

Premium Package (Buyer has to take any 2 of the above 3 packages if he opts for Premium package.)
1. Xenons.
2. Rain sensing wipers
3. tyre pressure monitoring system.
4. Power seats with 3 memory positions for seats and door mounted rear view mirrors.
5. 6 CD, MP3, FM Radio with 8 speakers.
6. Leather Seats.

So, a buyer could buy the basic Swift or Swift with safety package or Swift with Safety plus comfort package and so on. Abroad car manufacturer’s bunch packages together but we can leave that out in India and give the buyer total freedom over what package he wants.

What do you guys think? Would such a set up be attractive to you as car buyers? Let’s brainstorm and design packages for the cars we own.

EDIT: I actually wanted to create a poll alongwith the discussion but looks like I bungled up. We could have 3 poll options. (1) Yes, I'd love option packs system. It gives the buyer freedom to choose the features he likes. (2) No. The current system of Lxi, Vxi, Zxi, Sxi is fine and (3) Yes, I'd like option packs but the market is not yet ready for such a system. Maybe the Mods could help out.

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Very good suggestion. Hope manufactures wake up now and start offering option packs. As of now option pack revolves around ABS+Airbags and sometimes leather upholestry. Certainly a step in right direction.
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Absolutely. The time HAS come for personalized options packages. Even assuming 10% of the car populace were inclined towards these packages, its still a decent revenue stream for the manufacturers that they cannot complain or be lackadaisical about.
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It will expensive for the mass produced car for the simple reason that there will be too many permutations and combinations to deal with (if you include the colour as well). Hence, inventory carrying costs will go up and ultimately consumer has to bear the cost.

This is already happening to the top end such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, and to some extent on Mercs
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The flexibility to allow customization is extremely desirable, especially for things that can't be done in accessory shops (ABS, Airbags are examples)

It would be perfect if customization options allow you to simply tick options from a list of things available (just like buying computers online.... ). And, yeah I am ok with the wait period for the car to get assembled as per my whims and fancies..
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Absolutely!! It will give options to buyers to configure the car and manufacturers can have this as USP. Imagine Santro XO does not have tacho! why not give this as option
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Should also be possible to customise features within the package insteead of taking an entire package with all th features.Then it will be really worth to take it because some may not need Sunroof (for example) but need alloys since they would prefer the good handling.
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Absolutely agree with your idea(s) Amit. The only hitch being -

1) Manufacturers will have to invest in technology - web based car configurators followed by a visit to the dealer - SCM upgrades to the ERP etc etc
2) Supply side delays - now it will no longer be a matter of driving a car down from the warehouse

All said and done though such an offering is very much needed.
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Yes, Safety package SHOULD be available on all New Cars sold in the market!

Atleast those who are safety conscious (a small minority I guess), can avail these Safety features!
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Definately the option packages should be there it will be good for costumers In india it is not there but countries like Amreica and
Europe for sure have these options available even in small car ranging from 10000$ to 20000$ .............

Check out this link.......

Genuine Ford Accessories
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