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Default Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!

From brakes malfunctioning on the move to the steering wheel turning freely while driving! From engine parts falling off the car to paint peeling off clean from cars! From repeated part failures to cars that break down fresh out of the showroom! If that sounds like I’m talking of some new manufacturer setting up base a shoestring investor budget - that's far from the truth! The company in question here is none other than Hyundai Motor India - the second largest car manufacturer in the Indian market.

Is that your reaction to the thread title and intro? Well, read on!

Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-aa08656f292342a47afebd5b0a896706.jpg

Many issues have been documented by owners on Team-BHP regarding the quality concerns on Hyundai products, mainly over the past few years. However - in separate threads, visibility has widely been limited to only the owners and the general public remains more or less unaware. Hyundai still offers feature-loaded, technologically advanced, and premium feeling cars for the price - and the market has generally ignored most of their issues as a one-off! As a Hyundai owner, I have also fallen victim to some of these quality issues, and that will be documented in a subsequent post. But now I do realize that these are not isolated cases - and that the issues I've faced were complaints that owners were making for years, and I faced them only due to one reason - because Hyundai never acted on such complaints!

The main content of this thread, hence, is about the sheer number of affected users and the severity of issues. These are not trivial issues - some of these are life-threatening, have the potential to put other road users in danger, and leave the owners stranded on the road unexpectedly. The objective here is not to bash Hyundai in any way, but to help prospective owners make an informed decision. Every brand has their own issues anyway, and the purchase decision is always a compromise! While most owners may not have faced any such issue with their products, or may have faced only one among these issues - it is good to make an educated decision upfront knowing these are the possible issues that may come your way during the ownership period.

In fact - some of you may even downright rubbish these concerns because of the sheer number of satisfied customers on the road. Or you might be one already - but to which, I calmly ask - Is it ok, even if for some owners, to face which fundamental concerns with parts like steering wheel or brakes, major issues with old and reliable mechanicals like an NA petrol engine or MT gearbox, or even basics like paint or a/c? Aren't these complaints enough proof that someone needs to pull up their socks and start taking action to make things even better for the company?

What gets my goat though - is that the company has not been responsive in resolving these grave issues, or issuing recalls. If you are out of warranty, you are out of luck and won’t even hear from their customer service desk, as well documented by few owners. (Example)

Below is the grand list of all the registered recalls by HMIL from 2012 to 2020. Only 30k cars recalled for trivial issues, where owners have been reporting major mechanical and electronic issues with Hyundai cars. A comparison of the recalls made by Hyundai over the years, as against other manufacturers - courtesy SIAM - shows how Hyundai has not been taking any action on customer issues.

Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-screenshot-20200604-9.58.46-pm.png

Name:  SIAM_Recall.jpg
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And it is not like they didn't have any issues to act upon! In this thread - I'm consolidating 9 major issues with newer-generation Hyundai cars, with multiple documented complaints from BHPians - for which no major action, response, or recall seems to have happened from Hyundai! And remember, for every 10 cases recorded on the forum, a 1000 affected owners may have suffered the same fate offline! Some of the more relevant posts are quoted, the multiple others have been linked below so you can examine at your own convenience as needed.

Issue 1: Steering 'free-wheeling' issues with the Grand i10 / Xcent.

The period during which this issue has been reported by owners: 2014 to 2020.
Cars reportedly affected: Hyundai Grand i10/ Xcent.

Name:  IMG_0924d_800.jpg
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Imagine driving along at a decent pace in city traffic or highway conditions - and the steering wheel suddenly starts to turn freely without any major directions changes from the vehicle? Or imagine the opposite where the steering suddenly swerves unexpectedly to minor steering inputs? Unnerving, isn't it? These are exactly the concerns expressed by BHPians on their Grand i10/ Xcent cars since 2014 till as recent as April 2020! Few examples below -

Example 1 - (Hyundai Xcent / Grand i10 EPS issue: Steering suddenly becomes 'loose')

Example 2- (Hyundai Xcent / Grand i10 EPS issue: Steering suddenly becomes 'loose')
Reported Date - August 2014.

Originally Posted by Parth46 View Post
Hey, I faced the exact same problem in my Grand i10 a few months back - car had only 1600 kms on the odo. It became a free wheel as soon as I started the car while waiting at a signal and was really freaked. Had a tough time negotiating the traffic for a few minutes. Turned off the car for a few minutes and restarted and since then it's been fine. Took it to the advaith BG road workshop and had a word with the AGM service as well who did a thorough check for any error codes - none found. They could not replicate the issue during the test drive.

Since then, there has been a slight play at center position but I guess that's OK. To circumvent the issue, one thing I've noticed is that while parking you need to keep the wheel dead center, leaving it slightly off-center with the tyres also turned leads to this happening a bit sometimes as well.

Hope it doesn't become a serious issue.
Example 3 - (Hyundai Xcent / Grand i10 EPS issue: Steering suddenly becomes 'loose')
Reported Date - August 2014.

Originally Posted by aaggoswami View Post
Wow! So I am not alone facing this concern. My Grand i10 is Feb 2014 model. Its crdi magna. I almost had a nasty crash at 55 kmph due to this steering issue.

What happens in my case is this : All of a sudden, for a few moments, the steering becomes very very over-assisted. So much so that the over assistance results into too much directional change than required. I almost had crashed head on into a biker at 55, were it not for my reflexes. Could not go on that road for a few days then.

Over assistance is not problem, the sudden occurrence of this issue is what is life threatening. The steering is normal ( which is also quite light in the first place ) and you are driving. You need a directional change and move the steering only to find that its in over assistance mode all of a sudden. Your judgement is as per normal steering. This over assistance kills all your judgement. An individual would apply, let say "x" level of force considering what is normal for the car, to change direction by "y" degree. The overassistance results into "y+y" directional change.

Its scary, very scary. Precisely, due to this reason and insensitive diesel, I feel like using my Wagon R more than grand i10.

EDIT : When does this crop up ?
IMO, a few sudden directional changes results into this. Lets say one is changing direction repeatedly in quick succession like avoiding traffic. This is where I have observed things to go haywire. What I mean is : repeated steering inputs in quick succession creates this scenario. May be the system is oversmart to consider this as a tough parking scenario ( even if it thinks like parking in tough situation, is should have been linked to speed ) and creates horribly over assisting scenario. But should have been linked to speed.

This over assistance scenario also happens at high speed. I was on highway and had done a few overtaking and undertaking maneuver to overtake slow moving vehicles. All of a sudden the steering becomes super light to my horror. When you are zig zaging to overtake those truck based busses and overloaded Innova's and trucks, this is scary. Fortunately, could control the car as there was no oncoming traffic and prevented my obituary from getting into print.

I request all Grand i10/Xcent owners to atleast report any issue of similar sort. May be it can help us build some data to discuss with Hyundai. I initially thought that I am not used to new car with light steering wheel and as such it normally takes sometime before one gets used to any new car. After Baleno, this was a shock and hence thought something is not OK with me. A few doubts did cross my mind that why does it not happen with Wagon R and only grand i10 feels odd ? Why has it taken so long for me to get used to car ? It normally happens in kms., not even days. But in busy life, I did not pay attention and blamed myself for this feeling. Yes, I actually ignored it considering my error or overthinking. After reading posts of others, it seems a genuine concern and not just feeling or understanding a car.
Example 4- (Hyundai Xcent / Grand i10 EPS issue: Steering suddenly becomes 'loose')

Example 5- (Hyundai Xcent / Grand i10 EPS issue: Steering suddenly becomes 'loose')

Example 6- (Hyundai Xcent / Grand i10 EPS issue: Steering suddenly becomes 'loose')

Example 7 - (Hyundai Xcent / Grand i10 EPS issue: Steering suddenly becomes 'loose')

Example 8 - (Hyundai Xcent / Grand i10 EPS issue: Steering suddenly becomes 'loose')
Reported Date: December 2017

Originally Posted by Harry Iyer View Post
I have experienced this symptom thrice on my Jan 2015 Petrol Grand i10 Sportz.

The first time on the Bangalore-Mysore highway going to Rasta Cafe. I was still a learning driver at the time and didn't think much about it.

The second time it happened on the highway from Vellore returning to Bangalore. The highway was nearly deserted and I had my foot down on the Accelerator on a straight stretch. The steering suddenly went completely loose. Thankfully, I had read about this in team-bhp BEFORE it happened to me.

The next time was pretty recently on the Hubli - Davangere - Chitradurga highway returning to Bangalore. This time I was almost anticipating the steering to go loose. Had even told my co-passenger about it before the start of the journey.

So, at least in my car, this happens consistently. Always on straight stretch of highways when the car is nearing 120 kmph. But the car is still drive-able. As long as the driver does not panic.
Example 9 - (Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review)

Example 10 - (Hyundai Xcent / Grand i10 EPS issue: Steering suddenly becomes 'loose')
Reported Date: April 2020
Originally Posted by Mr.Bentley View Post
A similar issue made me bump into this old thread.
I drive a Grand i10 (MY 2018, Asta, Petrol).
Few weeks ago, while returning home from work, the steering felt very loose, and was turning 'left' when I take my hands off. I experienced this in speeds below 30kmph. There were no error signals on the speedo cluster. I parked the car in a safe spot immediately and checked tire pressure. All 4 tires had 32psi (I stopped after about 2km from work. So tires didn't heat up).

Waited with engine off for about 10 minutes, restarted the car and checked the issue - it was still there. I couldn't capture a video, but my colleague sitting beside me could see that clearly.

Looked for nearest service centre and started driving there carefully. Again, after speeds crossed 30-40kmph, this issue was not there. Reached service centre. Checked the issue before presenting them - its gone! Checked after restarting the engine: Nothing again. It was about 6:30pm. So decided not to bother service centre guys at the closing time with an issue I couldn't show them.

Reached home carefully looking for the issue to come up suddenly. Luckily, I didnt face the issue again. Checked for this in TeamBHP, and here I found this thread.

I didn't drive the car the whole week. I drove for about 100km after that, but no such issue again (Touchwood!)

Since I cannot reproduce this issue again, will a service centre visit help?

Issue 2: ABS sensor induced brake failures on the move!

Period during which this issue has been reported by owners: 2016 to 2020.
Cars reportedly affected: Hyundai Creta first generation, Kia Seltos.

This one is well documented by D-BHPians naveen.raju and RavenAvi. One was able to avoid a crash by swerving offroad when his brakes stopped responding, but the other was not so lucky! And these weren't even isolated issues - petitions were raised by owners in and If there is anything more fundamental than the steering - it is the brakes. Thousands of feel-good features in the car still won't do justice if the brakes don't give the confidence as expected. So many owners complaining about something as fundamental isn't a sign of good quality control, at all!

Master thread for Hyundai Creta - (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))

Master thread for Kia Seltos - (Brake failure issues in the Kia Seltos) petition -
Complaint board petitions -

Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-img20191102123236.jpg

Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-img20191031wa0013.jpg

Example 1- (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))
Reported Date - November 2019

Originally Posted by naveen.raju View Post
It all started when I noticed loss of traction occasionally when I took spirited U turns. The traction control light blinked and I noticed the wheels slipping. This happened couple of times. I found this strange since my car was running on brand new tires and haven't noticed this before. Went alright for few weeks.

Then one day, like any other normal start I noticed the ABS and traction control light lit for about 30 seconds. Kept the car running, referred the manual and it clearly stated that you can continue to drive the car and the "normal braking won't be affected" and towards the end they mention to take it to the service center. I decided to leave for office and take it to the service station later that week.

Days went by without any issues. Then the inevitable happened. Was on our way to the service station with my cousin. It was a busy evening with speeds below 10kmph or less in b2b traffic. Was crawling along and on seeing the traffic standstill, applied the brakes as usual so as to bring the car to an halt. To our surprise or should I say horror, the brake pedal was hard as a rock (was like there was a brick under the pedal). And there was this loud grinding noise (ABS kicking in). There was absolutely no warning on the instrument cluster when this happened. Knew there would be an impact so swerved to the left so as to minimize the damage to the car in front. Unfortunately, the collision couldn't be avoided and hit the left side of the car. The A Star took all the damage here and just a minor scratch on the Creta.
Example 2- (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))
Reported Date - December 2017.

Originally Posted by RavenAvi View Post
Imagine a surgery patient lying down in the rear seat (my mother, fresh out of the hospital with hernia surgery 7 days back), and at a speed of around 80-ish on the highway, the brakes stop working. By the time the brakes kick in, I swerve and go off the road to avoid crashing into an Alto in front of me.
Originally Posted by RavenAvi View Post
Most of them happened last year on the highways, at speeds of 80+.

Seeing a slower vehicle in front of me and some traffic coming from the opposite direction, I dab the brakes to slow down a bit so as to stay behind and then overtake the slower car once the coast is clear.

Surprise + big alarm - brakes don't bite!

I press again frantically, no response.

Then I start the pump action on the brake pedal and it grabs the wheels suddenly in the 2nd or 3rd attempt, which I am guessing is the ABS kicking in. The feeling imparted to my right foot by the brake pedal at this moment is exactly like - I have put my foot on a bunch of small, loose pebbles on a beach/river bed, which dispersed/crumbled under it.

By this time, I have already gotten too close to the car in front. I now have a choice to either turn to the right (towards incoming traffic or open road) or to the left (run off the road) to avoid hitting the car in front.

Ma (riding with me in those moments) thought I was driving rashly and beyond control. If only she knew!

Got the brakes/wheels thoroughly checked at dealership A.S.S. They reported that all was fine, cleaned the brake discs/drums and returned the car back. Feedback was that the brakes tend to behave like this sometimes, erratically, once in a blue moon. But this was happening very frequently for my taste. And it wasn't acceptable.

Hyundai was/is aware of this. No solutions/improvements yet. At least to my knowledge.
Example 3- (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners)) (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))
Reported Date - November 2019

Originally Posted by navy68 View Post
Hi..sorry to hear about the incident and happy that you got away with a minor damage. The same happened to me in December 2018 wherein the brake pedal when pushed went in like a knife through cheese with absolutely no resistance,followed by the ABS jarring notice with zero braking and crashing into the car in the front. The hyundai service centre and the customer care just didn't give a damn about my complaints. No responses from them till date.
Example 4- (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))

Example 5- (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))

Example 6- (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))

Example 7 - (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))
Reported Date - March 2020.

I am writing to you to inform about a serious issue that has shaken my very confidence on Hyundai Motors.

Unfortunately, 15th Feb 2020 while following a bumper to bumper traffic in Bangalore on a busy evening, My Hyundai Creta failed to brake despite my firm application of brake ( in fact I should say I literally stood up on the brake ) still failed.

This sudden unexpected collision has completely smashed up the hatch back Infront of me. While I had to compensate him which is beyond the scope, My report is about the braking system which failed horribly to my surprises.

The service center initially was reluctant to accept my claim, has finally tested and replicated the issue which occurred again on slow speeds.
Having investigated the technician has asked me to replace the ABS module and another part which is costing me around 65000 INR which is ridiculous for me to spend at this point.

Formally, I would want Hyundai to tell me what my fault actually was in this accident.
it’s happened on highway and the speed was below 10KMH. Hyundai also accepted due to ABS failures I met an accident.My car was not under warranty and they have replaced the parts free of cost. That itself is showing its their mistake. My concern is why they are not recalling the cars to fix this major issue. Luckily I was in below 10KM speed.
Example 8 -

Example 9 -

Originally Posted by San_Khanna View Post
Yes, its not standard ABS behaviour what multiple users are facing. I have faced it personally on Creta. Its serious and life threatening... I have driven other ABS enabled cars, but not experienced any such issues. So its very much certain there is a defect. In less than 24 hrs, I have 132 owners signing the petition and complaining similar issues. So something is surely not right.
And you would think they have rectified this issue in at least the second generation?

After all, after so many issues and complaints - if not for a recall - at least the issue could be fixed for the next generation product? But no! Seltos owners have started reporting the same issue, and that means it will most likely become a nightmare for the new generation Creta owners as well!

Originally Posted by srivasa14 View Post
Stumbled onto this thread while googling "brake issues for seltos" :O

Dunno if it's my past experience on a Vento colouring my opinion, but here's something I've felt on my Seltos since I took delivery about two weeks back.

The brakes feel sort of sluggish to kick in ... I apply them and by the time the car stops, too much time and distance has passed compared to all of my earlier driving experience.

Today while depressing the brakes behind a parked car at a light, nearly touched the other car as mine took longer than expected to fully stop.

Once brake is fully depressed and car comes to a stop I do feel it getting released/softening a bit so dunno if this is a similar ABS issue or there is some sort of burn in that's yet to happen.

Opinions please?
Example 1- (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))

Originally Posted by dksv View Post
I agree the ABS is noisy. It also seems to get engaged at all speeds and is very sensitive on this car. This morning, I resumed from a traffic signal and within a short distance the ABS kicked in when I had to brake because of a 2-wheeler coming to a halt without any warning. What was a little scary was the brake pedal kicked back mildly (expected) but also became at least 3x times harder in an instant (unexpected). I had to swerve away as it took me by surprise. The car was under 30kmph. The ABS has kicked in hundreds of times during my driving this car so far, but this is the first time it also became so hard.

I've read through the horror stories about the Creta braking here (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners)). I just hope it was a one off thing and has got nothing to do with its cousin.

Example 2- (Kia Seltos : Official Review)

Originally Posted by Bibendum90949 View Post
We've had couple of rare issues reported in our Seltos owner's Whats App group over the past week - by two different owners apparently.

Incident 1 - Brake failure on HTX + Petrol Manual

This guy was driving in cruise set at 60 kmph. On seeing an upcoming red traffic signal, he started to slow down and pressed the clutch pedal to downshift and the cruise got disengaged. Upon pressing the brake pedal , there was absolutely no braking available. He said the pedal felt like a hard wood with no movement or play. He tried slamming it again and again but to no avail - this must have happened for 7-8 seconds. He panicked and was fast approaching the signal. He stayed in 6 th gear itself and managed to pull the hand brake and stopped the car in the nick of time and inches before a two wheeler guy who was with his family with the pillion lady holding a baby in hand. He luckily managed to avert the mishap. The car apparently stalled with assistance from hand brake. He says the rear wheels got locked when it came to a stop. He started the car again, moved slowly and pulled over after the signal and the brake was then found to be operating normally afterwards.

He took the car next day to service centre. They checked the whole braking system and didn't find anything amiss. They checked the logs etc. They drained out the brake fluids and filled with fresh fluids. Owner was told they didn't find any debris or anything of that sort. They did multiple test drives and found everything ok. In fact after that incident at the signal, he never faced the issue thereafter.
Example 3 - (Kia Seltos : Official Review)

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Issue 3: Alternator assembly snapping and falling off cars!

Period during which this issue has been reported by owners: 2014 to 2020.
Cars reportedly affected: Hyundai 1.2 Kappa petrol engine in Grand i10/ Xcent/ i20.

Heard of parts falling off modern cars? Even if so, heard of engine parts falling off?

Surprisingly - that's exactly what has happened to a few BHPians including yours truly! The crankshaft bolt just breaks off and the alternator belt and pulley just falls on the ground - with oil leaking from the sheared off bolt area! We're not speaking of cars with a lot of mileage to boast - but cars with only about 20 - 25k kms on the odo!

6 years after owners started reporting this issue - Hyundai still has no recall! Forget a recall - the service centers are still unable to provide a proper explanation for the material failure!

And this issue isn't even limited to the local market - it seems to be an issue with the 1.2 Kappa motor and the same was discussed on international forums as well -

Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-whatsapp-image-20200415-21.10.20.jpeg

Example 1- (In love with my coral white Hyundai i-gen i20)
Reported Date- October 2013.
Kms used - 19385 kms.

Originally Posted by jaspal singh View Post
But before discussing service experience, i would like to share a major hassle which i faced in July when the car broke down near GIP mall Noida. At that moment car had 19385 kms on ODO

I and my friend had planned a movie(Bhaag Milkha Bhaag!) . We had booked tickets online and it was noon show(around 12:40 ). Since my residence is barely 5 min drive from GIP mall, we left at 12:30 pm. The car had covered 500 mtrs or so when the AC stopped working. I Opened the bonnet to check radiator fan , which was working fine. But since we were getting late for movie, we decided to drive the car. Just when we reached GIP mall entrance , i notice the temp needle at 130c mark.

Friend got down to see if there were any under bonnet fumes, but it looked normal. Since it was noon time, entry to the mall parking was farely quick and we decided to park the car in open parking instead of basement. Watched the whole movie with a heavy heart.

Came back at around 4:30 , opened the bonnet and on closer inspection i notice that AC/Alternator belt is missing. And if this was not enough, got a big shock when i noticed that even the crankshaft pulley is missing.
There was a lot of oil near pulley mounting point area!
Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-photo0045.jpg

Example 2- (Charging system warning light & leakage? EDIT: Alternator belt snapped off)
Reported Date- November 2017
Kms done - 20k kms.

Originally Posted by DCEite View Post
My 3.5 years Xcent is has done 20k kms and has been trouble free all through.

This evening, the car showed some strange symptoms.

1. On starting the car, i noticed that battery sign (vehicle charging system) warning is ON.

2. Drove it to a short distance and i could hear something like a "Kat-Khat" sound coming from somewhere (most probably engine bay) as if some nut or bold is stuck at somewhere.

3. On parking the car i could see liquid leaking from Front Right side of the car.
Originally Posted by DCEite View Post
Got the car towed on a flatbed to nearest Hyundai service station.

Yes, alternator belt and pulley has snapped off. :(

I did not have any impact or any under body hit. It was just normal driving and suddenly this. Can't see any reason whatsoever.
Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-5.jpg

Example 3- (Pulley falls out of my Hyundai i20!)

Example 4- (Pulley falls out of my Hyundai i20!)

Click image for larger version

Name:	Photo0045.jpg
Views:	786
Size:	232.3 KB
ID:	2013596

Example 5- (Pulley falls out of my Hyundai i20!)

Example 6 - (Pulley falls out of my Hyundai i20!)

Example 7 - (Pulley falls out of my Hyundai i20!)

Example 8 - (Pulley falls out of my Hyundai i20!)

Example 9 - (Brand New V Belt snaps in Grand i10 - My ordeal with Hyundai continues)

Example 10-
Reported Date - April 2020.
Kms used- 25k kms.

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
And this is happening now - from the past two weeks of the lockdown. Why did we need this car during the lockdown? Because parents need it for their hospital visits which can't be avoided.

And just when it was needed the most last week and they were about to start for the hospital - this happened:

Father had just moved the car an inch out of the garage when a clunk sound was heard and all of these were found on the floor.

Understandable if it was the belt - but the connecting bolt seems to have had a material failure and broken into half (with the other half stuck inside the engine casing). Kerala allowed workshops to open on two days of the week and the Hyundai emergency assistance was able to come and check this week, but there is nothing much to be done till the lockdown is lifted.

Issue 4: Premature ABS sensor failures!

Period during which this issue has been reported by owners: 2015 - 2020.
Cars reportedly affected: Xcent, Grand i10, Creta, Tucson

No Hyundai! ABS sensors are not supposed to fail every 20k kms - no matter if the car is in warranty period or not - and whether it is replaced free of cost or not! My other car is on stock sensors near the 200k mark, whereas the Hyundai failed 2 sensors within 20k mark - and Hyundai will gladly pass you the bill once the warranty period is over!

ABS is a critical safety component and many owners are forced to drive around with ABS issues because it just keeps failing between service intervals. Not to mention - ABS already is defective and prevents braking in cars like the Creta (as mentioned above), so owners feel not at all confident with the ABS warning lamp on!

Example 1- (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))

Example 2- (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))
Reported Date - November 2019

Originally Posted by padmrajravi View Post
This thread deserves the homepage. My Xcent SXO AT also had its ABS sensors replaced multiple times under warranty. But I never faced any issue with lack of brake bite. But then the Xcent came with only ABS and not EBD I think. At least EBD was never advertised with Xcent as far as I remember.
Example 3- (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))

Example 4- (Hyundai Creta: Serious brake failure issue (must-read for all owners))
Reported Date - March 2020.

Originally Posted by Sedate View Post
Just wanted to report the ABS issue with my cousins Creta.

The car had its ABS light lit up and he called me to ask what to do. I asked him to stop driving the car, but being in remote place we decided to take the risk of driving it home at extremely low speed and using engine braking as much as possible.

Car was given to Popular, Muvattupuzha and was being worked on for last 2 days. They are replacing the back wheel ABS sensor as per the SA. Not sure of the details, but will be meeting him to see the service bill to understand what all were replaced. The car should reach him today after the repair.
Example 5- (Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review)

Example 6 - (Hyundai Xcent : Official Review)
Reported Date - January 2020.
Kms used - 30000 kms.

Originally Posted by shatananda.k View Post
Over the weekend, there were couple of repairs on my 2015 car that has run 30,000 KMs.

a) The AC was not effective over long journeys. The thermistor must be replaced. Since they did not have stock, it will be completed this week.
b) ABS warning light was ON. An issue with left rear ABS sensor. Replacement cost - 3.6K !
Example 7 - (Hyundai Tucson : Official Review)
Reported Date - Feb 2020
Kms used - 11500 kms.

Originally Posted by ece2k2 View Post
Some warning lights including ABS light lit up this morning. Took the car to the service centre to learn that ABS sensor has gone bad. Part would be changed under warranty but need to wait for 3 days for the part to arrive. I was told that the car could be driven at sane speeds for now. Odo reading is at 11500 km.

From my Google search, this looks like a known issue with Santa Fe’s, not sure how frequently it crops up in case of Tucson.

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Issue 5: 'Self-Peeling' paint for new generation Hyundai cars!

Period during which this issue has been reported by owners: 2019 to 2020 (India). 2006 - 2020 (International forums).
Cars reportedly affected: Almost all. In India - primarily with Creta and Elite i20.

On August 21, 2017, a California federal judge dismissed a proposed class action claiming that the paint on certain Hyundai vehicles (2006-2016 Santa Fes, Sonatas and Elantras) would start to peel too soon after the cars were purchased. The court found that most users faced issues only after the three-year, 36,000-mile warranty had expired. Hyundai may have won that case, but should customers be happy if their paint peels off after the warranty period?

What is the relevance of this case w.r.t the Indian market? The issue has started showing its ugly face in the Indian market recently - and we can't anyways even attempt a class action suit! BHPians from various parts of the country have been spotting Hyundai cars with horrible rashes - showing that the number of users facing this issue is quite significantly high! The below three cases quoted are cars within 3-4 years of ownership! Creta was launched in 2015, and Elite i20 in 2014 - so ALL of the below cases pertain to cars less than 5-6 years old!

Issue being discussed internationally -

Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-20190914_181538.jpg

Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-img_1413.jpg

Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-img20190830wa0056.jpg

Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-6f7270b354ae49f0a093505eae95a350.jpeg

Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-img_1408.jpg

Example 1- (Paint peeling off on a 3-year old Hyundai i20 Active. EDIT: Many more Hyundais affected)

Originally Posted by vinair View Post
My friend who owns a 3 year old i20 Active has been facing this strange issue of painting just peeling off! There is no impact or nothing! Small bubble started to form and then the paint just started to peel!

I noticed it last evening and felt within few hours, the car could be fully peeled without much effort!!!

Hyundai service engineer came to the conclusion that the car could be parked under the sun for a longer duration! I don't know if Bangalore has such harsh weather to skin out a car!!
Example 2- (Paint peeling off on a 3-year old Hyundai i20 Active. EDIT: Many more Hyundais affected)

Example 3- (Paint peeling off on a 3-year old Hyundai i20 Active. EDIT: Many more Hyundais affected)

Example 4- (Paint peeling off on a 3-year old Hyundai i20 Active. EDIT: Many more Hyundais affected)

Example 5- (Paint peeling off on a 3-year old Hyundai i20 Active. EDIT: Many more Hyundais affected)

Example 6- (Paint peeling off on a 3-year old Hyundai i20 Active. EDIT: Many more Hyundais affected)

Example 7 - (Paint peeling off on a 3-year old Hyundai i20 Active. EDIT: Many more Hyundais affected)

Originally Posted by mikem View Post
OMG. Just Add my White Creta to the list. I noticed this last evening on my Creta. The area where the paint has started peeling off is just below the rear windshield like the others. Seeing the post on the front page of Team-BHP I now know what issue this will progress into in some time.

Will write to Hyundai next week and wait for their response.
Example 8 - (Paint peeling off on a 3-year old Hyundai i20 Active. EDIT: Many more Hyundais affected)

Example 9 - (Paint peeling off on a 3-year old Hyundai i20 Active. EDIT: Many more Hyundais affected)

Example 10 - (Paint peeling off on a 3-year old Hyundai i20 Active. EDIT: Many more Hyundais affected)

Originally Posted by sunildn View Post
Just to add my white Elite i20 to the list. After following this thread, thought of posting my issue here. Like others, paint has started peeling off just below the rear windshield. Looking at the other snaps, I feel it may spread in some time.
Example 11 - (Paint peeling off on a 3-year old Hyundai i20 Active. EDIT: Many more Hyundais affected)

Example 12 - (Paint peeling off on a 3-year old Hyundai i20 Active. EDIT: Many more Hyundais affected)

Example 13 - (Hyundai Verna : Official Review)

Some public complaints on Youtube -

Issue 6: Premature EPS failures

Period during which this issue has been reported by owners: 2015 to 2019.
Cars reportedly affected: Elantra / Verna Fluidic/ i20

Is it normal for the power steering to fail? Maybe rare cases, yes. But on cars with 5k, 14k, 17k etc on the odo and within 3-4 years of ownership?

Name:  ForumRunner_20150217_185826.jpeg
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Example 1-
Date reported - January 2015
Kms done - 14000kms.

Originally Posted by GKR9900 View Post
My Dad is using a 2012 Hyundai Elantra 1.6CRDi SX MT. The car so far has run about 14000 kms. 2 days back, after starting the car and taking it out of the garage, he noticed that the steering was very firm. Also, the steering icon was lit in the instrument cluster. As he was in a hurry, he turned the car off and left. He came back after an hour or so, turned on the car and the steering was fine. The lit icon was also gone. Yesterday, he took the car out, went to a nearby home and parked it there. When he returned, the same problem had cropped up again! This time, inspite of turning on and off the car multiple times, the problem persisted. Apparently, the power steering had failed again.
Example 2 -
Date reported - February 2015

Originally Posted by hiren.mistry View Post
My friend drives an Elantra and his car the entire steering assembly was replaced. The cost was around 80K INR and this was done under warranty.

He has been facing this steering column issue frequently and his car has been with the service center multiple times. I am not sure what work was carried out earlier, will confirm and update.

His steering would simply become rock hard and would not budge. Once this happened when he was driving, fortunately he was able to pull the car to the side without any harm to anyone. He's now fed up of the car and is trying to sell it off.
Example 3-
Date reported - July 2017

Originally Posted by zoiks_guy View Post
Hello dear community,

Day before yesterday I started my Verna Fluidic Diesel hurriedly and tried to drive only to realise that power steering is not working. EPS indicator light has been on ever since. The night before I had parked it safe and sound with no problem whatsoever.

Took it to Sharayu HASS Turbhe. The advisor didn't do any scan and insisted that it ll take time. Later he called and mentioned that motor and EPS module need to changed.
Example 4-
Reported Date - Feb 2018
Kms done - 5000kms.

Originally Posted by vrprabhu View Post
Similar problem here - in this case it is an Eon. Funnily turn towards left is smooth and only the right turn is hard - i.e. no action from power assist when a right turn is taken.

HSS did a scan and has recommended that the EPS control unit needs to be replaced. Part is supposedly costing around Rs. 8,000/-. Not available off the shelf - has to be ordered.

Car is about four years old and mileage about 5000 kms.
Example 5-
Reported Date - September 2017

Originally Posted by thrust View Post
I have faced the same situation in my 2013 Grand i10. The EPS got cutoff, and the warning light came up on the dashboard. After performing a scan diagnosis for detecting failure codes, the service advisor told me that both the EPS control unit that costs ₹12,000 and the EPS motor that costs ₹6500 needs to be replaced, as they both show failure code.
Example 6 - Failure twice -

Example 7 - (Review: The 2015 Hyundai Verna Facelift (2nd-gen))

Example 8- (Review: The 2015 Hyundai Verna Facelift (2nd-gen)) (Hyundai Elite i20 : Official Review)

Example 9 - (Review: 2nd-gen Hyundai Verna (2011))

Originally Posted by eethanhunt View Post
Guys - my EPS light started to glow and my steering is completely locked and can't turn. Just called the towing company. Any idea how much the EPS motor replacement or repair costs are? I am worried like crazy. Any help is appreciated. Fluidic Verna 2012 model. Clocked 40k Kms
Originally Posted by eethanhunt View Post
Hello - had to tow the car as the MDPS motor went bad. No insurance coverage. I had it replaced and the total cost including labor was 6250. Was fixed in half day. Now it's smooth and I feel the difference. Note - any grinding noise please get it checked immediately and if neded replace the part.
Some public complaints from Youtube -


Issue 7: Premature clutch wear

Period during which this issue has been reported by owners: 2019 to 2020.
Cars reportedly affected: Creta.

Sensitive topic- because clutch wear is subject to wear and tear and driver's usage. But - experienced users facing clutch failure in cars run less than 10k kms? Is that normal? A city like Bangalore can definitely be blamed, users can be blamed, and Hyundai did even honour warranty in some of these cases. Still - is it normal? If it is - are you prepared for an expense like that every 10 - 25k kms?

Would like to hear your views.

Example 1 -
Date Reported - June 2016
Kms done - Failed thrice - 14k, 21k & 32k kms.

Originally Posted by kmsithan View Post
My Creta 1.6 SX Diesel that has run 14000 Kms has shuddering issue since last two days when engaging first gear.
Visited Advaith Hyundai, BG Road, Bangalore today and the service engineer Suresh mentioned that it is a failure in clutch system and following to be replaced.
  • Clutch Plate
  • Pressure Plate
  • Release Bearing
  • Master Cylinder
  • Sleeve Cylinder
  • Fly wheel
Master and Sleeve cylinder might not be required based on its damage.

Also he goes ahead and said it is a common issue in verna and if you drive a lot in the city with heavy traffic it is prone to happen often.

I was shocked to hear that the clutch system can fail in just 14K KMs due to soft clutch. Earlier I had Swift petrol and the clutch had no issues up to 80K kilometers.
Contacted Hyundai and they say it is not covered in warranty as it is a wear and tear issue. Had a long argument with them and finally they agreed to raise a complaint 1-523533677. I am not even sure if it is a real complaint number or that customer support guy just gave some number to get rid of the call

I am looking for inputs on fixing this issue and to explore the possibility to get this done through warranty.

The issue is not severe for now. I could notice it clearly when the car is loaded with 2 or more people and more after it heated up.

As per service engineer it would cost upwards of 25 K for the replacement of mentioned parts. That would also mean that I need to spend 25K for approximately every 20K kilometers as I will be driving in same heavy traffic of Bangalore city for my office commutation.
Originally Posted by kmsithan View Post
Creta SX Diesal with speedo 32855 KMS had breakdown in the middle of the road on the evening of last Sunday.

I called up the Hyundai Road side assistance and they reached the place in one and half hour and towed away the car after inspection and handed me over the repair slip.

It was shuddering that lasted for about 2 to 3 seconds before the car came to a standstill. I was shifting from 3rd gear to 2nd gear at that moment.

It is the third clutch plate replacement under 32K kms. First replacement was at 14K kms and second one was at 21 kms. Both the previous replacements were done under warranty and not a breakdown situation but clutch hardness issue.
Example 2 -
Reported Date - July 2016
Kms done - 9800 kms.

Originally Posted by kisharchit View Post
My friend's Creta (had shared the experience here) had the same exact trouble. Except we did not actually notice the shuddering and the clutch actually failed while driving. Hyundai did not honor warranty and my friend paid the whole 20k for the repairs.
Originally Posted by kisharchit View Post
This happened at 9800 kms. just after a couple days after the pre 10k servicing my friend did since he had to travel with the car for a road trip.
Example 3-
Date Reported - Jan 2017
Kms done - 200 kms.

Originally Posted by Jebs View Post
One of my close friend who has bought Hyundai Creta 1.6 SX(o) diesel last week (Car completed just 150 Kms) got a very very unpleasant experience. Just 3 days old car broke down in the middle due to clutch failure and towed to the service center. Service Center initially claims it was due to clutch riding. When we raised our voice as how come a brand new car (less than 200 Kms completed) will break in the middle due to this, they agreed to change the flywheel, clutch assembly etc.
Example 4-

Example 5-

Example 6-

Example 7-
Date Reported - July 2018
Kms done - 8500 kms.

Originally Posted by saaicon View Post
Fully Second this view. I have been driving for 15 years and my earlier vehicle was a VW Vento diesel whose clutch, even though hard never failed in 5 years . In my new Creta, I had vehicle stranded due to clutch failure in jut 8500 km and 10 months. Of course it was replaced under warranty but the process was not very smooth ( had to escalate to Hyundai ASM) .
Example 8 -

Example 9 - (Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review)

Example 10 - (Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review)

Example 11 - (Hyundai Elite i20 : Official Review)

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Issue 8: Premature a/c compressor / Thermistor failures -

Period during which this issue has been reported by owners: 2016 - 2020
Cars reportedly affected: Hyundai Verna / Creta

Example 1 -
Date reported - Feb 2020.
Kms done - Failed twice - 40k & 49k kms. When 3 years old and 4 years old.

Originally Posted by aman-bh View Post
I have a 2016 Creta SX+ AT petrol, it's run about 50000kms and I've been facing a problem with its AC compressor. Was changed at 40000kms under warranty by company as it had stopped working, and now at 49000kms a year later, it has stopped working again. I am going to the service centre tomorrow to find out more about this problem. Anyone else facing this issue? Any recommendations?
Example 2 & 3 -
Date Reported - May 2019.
3.5 year old Creta & 3 year old Grand i10.

Originally Posted by aparth View Post
I recently faced the same issue in my 3.5 year old Creta. Unfortunately by the time this happened my car was out of warranty.

So i took it to a FnG and found out that the compressor, condenser and cooling coil needed to be replaced.

Never understood why the AC components fail prematurely in Hyundaiís cars. The exact same thing happened with my Grand i10 also when it was about 3 years old.
Example 3-
Reported Date - May 2019
3 year old Creta

Originally Posted by supremeBaleno View Post
So couple weeks ago, my friend was out with family in his 3-year old Creta in Trivandrum, when the engine shuts off just like that. He calls me, sends a snap of the dashboard, but nothing off in it. It was a Sunday and takes quite a wait before Hyundai support comes to the rescue.

They say that it happened because the a/c mode was changed (his kid did play with the mode) - but the mode exists to be changed, one would think. Anyway they have it towed to the HASS and the conclusion is that the a/c compressor and condenser have gone bad and need to be changed. Estimate is around 35-40K. .
Example 4- (Hyundai Elite i20 : Official Review)

Example 5- (Hyundai Elite i20 : Official Review)

Example 6- (Hyundai Elite i20 : Official Review)

Example 7 - (Hyundai Elite i20 : Official Review)
Reported Date - September 2018
4 year old Elite i20.

Originally Posted by vijayk View Post
Car is done with 59K Kms in last 4 years and my extended warranty was over on 5th Sepí18. Exactly 20 days after, just 1000 kms before my 60K service, on 25th Sepí18 morning, there is no cooling when switch on the AC and only the normal air coming out of vents.
Example 8 - (Hyundai Elite i20 : Official Review)

Example 9 - (Hyundai Elite i20 : Official Review)

Example 10 - (Hyundai Elite i20 : Official Review)

Example 11 - (Hyundai Elite i20 : Official Review)

Example 12 - (Hyundai Elite i20 : Official Review)

Example 13 - (Hyundai Elite i20 : Official Review)

Example 14 - (Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review)
Reported Date - June 2018
3 year old Grand i10

Originally Posted by Col Mehta View Post
Quick update - Car's thermostat was the culprit. Got it changed under warranty (thank god for the extended warranty). Just not happy with the quality of the car. So many issues within three years of ownership. So many parts have been replaced till now. One of the technicians at HASS confirmed that a lot of Grand i10s and Xcents suffer from inferior part quality and they receive lots of complaints because of it. Anyone who plans to buy either of these two - Get extended warranty for the maximum period (2+3 years). Absolute must.
Example 15 - (Hyundai India, unreasonable long term maintenance and service practices!)

Issue 9: Major drivetrain complaints with new-generation Hyundai cars last two years -

Period during which this issue has been reported by owners: Focussing only on new cars within warranty period here. AND reported as recently as last two years.
Cars reportedly affected: Hyundai Verna / Creta

No doubt, these cases were resolved within warranty and credit where it is due - is good support provided by Hyundai. But - why drivetrain issues happened in multiple cases within warranty period? Can these 5 cases be written off as one-off cases? What happens if these known issues occur to owners outside of their warranty period?

Can these five major failures that happened only between 2018 and 2019 - be brushed aside as a one-off? Will you be ok if your engine or gearbox was replaced under warranty, soon after purchase?

Example 1 - (Defective new Verna 1.6 AT - Hyundai wants to change engine, owner wants a new car)
Date Reported - August 2018.
Resolution - Engine replaced under warranty.

Originally Posted by shravan2k2 View Post
Major problem starts now
1 - Within a week, we could hear engine missing noise (slightly crude noise) between 1800~2100 rpm. Verna gets dropped at the service center.
The most lame thing i have ever heard off by any service center - Sir you mixed kerosene with diesel, which is the reason behind the noise (Why would someone add Kerosene in his 16 Lakh rupee car). My friend and his father had to raise their voices and the service center cleaned the tank and gave us back.
2 - Next week and the car is again at the service center. This time the service center acknowledges the noise problem and escalates it to the company. A person from Chandigarh attends and tells that the injector assembly and injectors have been changed. The noise came down by 10% and not much change could be experienced.
3 - Another week and we visited the service center. After complaining and raising our voice, we got to know that in our previous visit, only injector assembly calibration and pressure pump cleaning was done, nothing was changed.

Hyundai hops in -
In the same week we got a call from Hyundai (not the service center) for feedback and told the issue. Till now Hyundai was unaware of the same. Some Hyundai employees from Jasola head office visit and inspect the vehicle and acknowledge that the noise is present. They made some videos and went back. Assuring that they would resolve it.

So the service center is out of the picture. Till now the car has been with my friend and only in the last week he has received a call from Hyundai and they offered to change the whole engine.
Originally Posted by shravan2k2 View Post
Update: Even after engine change, the noise is still present, now after all the hassle and fighting my friend has also given up. This is a major engine design flaw which Hyundai is not in a mood to rectify.
Even though the noise is less, but is still present. Not a pleasant experience with Hyundai this time.
Example 2 - (MT Gearbox failure on brand new Hyundai Verna (261 km on the odo))
Date Reported - September 2018
Resolution - Gearbox replaced under warranty.

My brand new Verna diesel MT delivered on Sep 10th developed a gearbox failure on Sep 14 and is lying with the dealer since Sep 15, awaiting a new gearbox under warranty.
Got the car back yesterday with a brand new gearbox. So after more than a month, finally the 2nd gearbox arrived on Monday (22 Oct) and the car was delivered to me yesterday (Oct 24).

It seems the earlier assurances of expedited processes were not really honored and the second gearbox took longer to arrive than the first. However, in the end, it did arrive and they managed to fit it in 2 days. A 20 km trial was taken and the car was handed over to me post that. The Service Adviser also accompanied me for a trial taken by me for around 7-10 km. I was satisfied and there was no dreaded "stuck in the 4th gear feeling" while driving the car.

I again pressed for the 5th year warranty and have also written the same on the feedback form which will go directly to Hyundai, but it remains to be seen If I would actually get it. Again, got assurances from the floor manager that he will try for it.
Example 3 - (Hyundai Verna develops faults, replaced with new car within a month)
Date Reported - July 2018
Issue Resolution - Car replaced under warranty.

On June 10, 2018, Anish booked the Hyundai Verna VTVT EX AT model from Himgiri Auto India in Gurgaon. This was his first car purchase. As promised, the car was delivered to him on June 22. The next day (June 23), he realised that the car's AC was not performing as expected. He took the car to the dealer, who requested him to keep the car for one more day and check if the problem persisted.

However, the very next day (June 24), the AC stopped working completely and the car was taken to the dealer once again. The engine temperature needle was also immediately moving to the center position on startup. Normally, the needle should move up to the center position gradually as the engine warms up and reaches its operating temperature. On the dealer's advice, the vehicle was taken to the service center, but the problem could not be diagnosed.

On June 25, the dealer took the car back to the service center. It was confirmed that the AC was malfunctioning and the service center was trying to rectify the problem. At the end of the day, the dealer called Anish once again and told him that the whole car was being replaced due to this fault. Multiple reasons were given including blower not working, gas leak, compressor not working, etc.
Example 4 - (Yet another defective Hyundai Verna requiring an engine replacement. EDIT: Car replaced!)
Date Reported - January 2019
Issue Resolution - Engine replaced under warranty.

However, when the vehicle was driven, an abnormal noise was found in the cabin and therefore, the vehicle was brought to Joshi Hyundaiís showroom on 27.12.2018. A job card was also prepared in this regard. On checking by the service engineers, we were told verbally on 28.12.2018 that the complete engine of the car requires to be changed. The car had run only 159 Kms.
Example 5 -
Date Reported - August 2019\
Issue Resolution - Gearbox replaced under warranty.

Originally Posted by Caadmara View Post
Hyundai A.S.S tells me that one of the cogs of the 5th gear has snapped! Image 1 where the screw driver is pointed.

While this will be replaced under warranty, I'm very disappointed that this can happen at just 20K kms.
Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!-gearbox2.jpeg

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All these 9 issues in addition to the very well known documented issues with previous generation Hyundai cars for which the owners never received proper resolution as well! Like the below -

Steering yoke issues of older generation Hyundai cars well documented on the forum - (Hyundai i10-i20 Steering yoke plug issue (Updated part is also bad))

a/c cooling issues of older generation i20 cars well documented on the forum - (Weak Hyundai i20 air-conditioner. EDIT : Test results on pg. 4)

And then, there is also the question of Hyundai's expensive services as documented here - (Hyundai India, unreasonable long term maintenance and service practices!)

The questions that come to mind -
  1. Is Hyundai reliable - a safe choice, as customers generally perceive it? Comfortable, feature-loaded, good build quality - but reliability seems to be a topic that can be debated with such major issues reported with critical parts like steering, brakes and drivetrain? I leave it for each person to decide on their own.

    There is the question of the numbers for sure - Hyundai is the second largest manufacturer in India and has certainly sold cars by the truckloads. So the above numbers are not really significant statistically speaking.

    BUT - You would also need to consider
    The number of users on the forum v/s number of users offline.
    The number of owners on the forum v/s number of such reported cases.
    The severity of these issues.
    Customers, who never report it because they take the SA's advice that it is quite normal for ABS sensors to fail 20k kms, clutch to fail every 20k kms due to traffic, a/c compressor to fail once the warranty is over, etc?

    Either way, the above information should help customers make up their own minds before taking a decision. And that should be a fair deal! The products still offer their own set of positives.
  2. What action has Hyundai taken against all these different complaints? What is appalling is the duration for which owners have been complaining of such critical issues. So far, no action is taken and no recalls issues in most cases! My car wouldn't have become unusable during this lockdown in 2020 if Hyundai had listened to customer complaints from 2014 onwards - and recalled a part worth INR 361/- retail. It cost me a month and north of 18.5k for the same.

    It is only the cases which happened during the warranty which got a favourable response from the dealers.BHPians haven't received even a reply even for serious braking issues.

    One argument could be that the response would have happened in the background. But then again - why do owners still face the same issues? Why are the issues carried over to the next generation of cars - even when owners kept crying about it for years? What proof do we have that the company is in fact - listening?

  3. If you are an owner, have you faced any of the issues? If you have/ haven't - how satisfied are you with the way the issue was handled? And are you properly satisfied the issue has been resolved and will not occur after a similar interval again?

    Will you be a repeat customer of the brand? Will you recommend the brand to others?

    A BHPian friend (He has both Hyundai and Kia cars in the family) said to me while I told him about these numbers - 'I still will recommend Hyundai blindly, but I can't say the same about some other brands (I'm skipping the name as it is OT for this thread) in the market. His opinion was that the numbers still favour Hyundai and I respect that.

    But - I feel that when we discuss in detail about touchscreen and fit-and-finish issues, these grave issues should be highlighted - even if the numbers maybe lesser in comparison to their sales figures.
  4. What future course of action do the owners have? None of the items in the above list offers cheap replacement costs and service centers will happily charge the owners for it - as normal. Is it really?

    Should customers be paying for such issues just because the warranty period is barely over? Could the high cost of upkeep over the long period worry you?
  5. Do their long list of positives negate these? Afterall, Hyundai - Kia cars are well built, offer good interiors, class leading feature list, good choice of engines, long list of engine and transmission combinations etc!

    I know people, including a good friend, who went ahead with the Kia Seltos DCT despite knowing of the initial issues. The risk felt worth it. She was a bit flustered upon hearing about the braking issues later though - but is still in love with the car. Similarly - despite seeing this data during my compilation, despite seeing the Kia brand marked on the fallen pulley from my Hyundai - my wife is particularly sure she will fight for us buying the Kia Sonet immediately post its launch. Me? Not confident anymore, though I really liked their 1.0 TGDi recently.

    So - where do you stand? Perfect products on paper v/s potential expense bombs post the warranty period -Which side do you think weighs more?

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Default Re: Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Indian Car Scene. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
Issue 8: Premature a/c compressor / Thermistor failures -

Adding My Hyundai Verna to the list.

1. The AC stopped cooling suddenly and some sensor was replaced.

Link to post : (Hyundai Verna : Official Review)

Had mailed Hyundai asking for the reason and they in turn forwarded the mail to the dealership! I got tired of following up since they kept forwarding the mail every time to the dealership instead of they answering the same.
Hyundai seems to absolve themselves of all responsibilities and expect the dealers to come out with half baked answers.

2. Brake issues

Link to post : (Hyundai Verna : Official Review)

Even though the Brake feel improved, the pedal just goes dead (wooden - without further braking) even now, if the car hits a pothole when applying the brakes. This is a serious concern and have had to adapt my braking style to overcome this.
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Default Re: Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!

Woah! I actually thought Hyundai's were damn reliable! I've actually recommended them blindly to non enthusiasts too! Another reminder that not all cars/ models are completely reliable! It's a relative thing.

Steering, braking and engine issues are a huge turn off honestly. What's an even bigger turn off is Hyundai's attitude of brushing it off! I thought only VAG did that

Thank you CrAzY dRiVeR for bringing this to our notice! Need to be careful before I take the Grand i10 out! I never trusted that steering honestly. But I never used to check out the grand i10 threads thinking it would be filled with dust and cobwebs assuming that users won't have anything to report! That's going to change!
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Default Re: Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!

Thanks for the detailed consolidation Crazy Driver. Must have taken a lot of time and effort!

I am so glad that I have never bought a Hyundai after hearing all these. I feel I am better off with my 85K run used Polo than a brand new Seltos with such kind of fundamental safety issues.

I dont like unreliable cars, but well, if they are prone to fail, it better be in a fail safe mode. Fail safe is something which Hyundai engineers seem to have omitted during their studies.

I hope no one gets badly hurt by this and that this thread gets the traction it deserves to hold Hyundai accountable.

Compared to this, Tata and Mahindra's seem like Toyotas!
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Default Re: Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!

Shocked to see so many issues in modern Hyundai's.

While coming back to India in end of 2018, I was on the lookout for a new vehicle and I disregarded Hyundai due to my earlier experience with a Getz CRDi, which was subpar. Then too, any issues raised to Hyundai would be redirected back to the dealer and there would be no way to contact the Hyundai higher-ups.

The specific instance was of some part related to Turbo(ending up being a rubber part plus some small part) which I was complaining of right after the first year. As soon as the warranty ended at 2 yrs, they wanted to replace the part under my expense. Fought for a month or more to finally get "Goodwill warranty" on it. I kept the vehicle for 5 yrs and had no other issues.

Brakes were always horrible, steering was dead but that was the case with every Hyundai at that time. I honestly thought they have grown out of that since its been a few years and Hyundai was known to make great progress as time goes on.
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Default Re: Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!

First off, a word to Crazy Driver - you ought to be given a PhD for this effort! Or, a PhD awaits you in your career, if you care to study anything with such detail.

And let me also add - I've earlier shared screenshots from Gmaps reviews of a Hyundai service center in Chennai; there are lots of Creta owners out there who aren't members of this forum, who have experienced brake failure at high speeds. Hyundai hasn't addressed the core of the issue for them either.
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Default Re: Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!

My family has owned 3 cars from the Hyundai-Kia family. They've been extremely reliable over the years providing fuss free motoring (though our 2009 i20 has a pathetic AC, which Hyundai never resolved), which had convinced my parents to go for the Kia Seltos.

However, these cases are extremely disturbing. what's more on sitting is the fact that Hyundai has not responded to any of these cases. Yes, they may be ranked number two behind Maruti Suzuki in India, however this does not give them the freedom to sell us faulty products. The Korean management needs to let go of their arrogance and fix these issues. How can Hyundai turn a blind eye to these? I hope you're atleast listening to this Hyundai, and it's time that the relevant authorities take action against Hyundai India.

Of course, other companies are no saints, we all know about the Dieselgate scandal, the VW Group had ignored the findings for over a year before admitting that they were guilty of serious environmental crimes, there's the GM ignition switch issue, linked to many fatalities & who can forget Ford, who's DCT was subject to many lawsuits for over a decade, who plead not guilty throughout the case.

It's time that manufacturers such as Hyundai stop treating us as lab rats by selling us defective products & start respecting us for the hard earned money that we spend on their machines.

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Default Re: Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!

In my case, there is this scam from HASS where they charge you separately for caliper pin/caliper guide rod greasing during the periodic maintenance. Also, the fuel filter replacement is charged. This amounts to 1500 extra. Which means that as part of periodic maintenance , only engine, air filter replacement, Under-body and suspension check is covered along with washing and interior vacuuming . This is a rip off when the periodic maintenance service(PMS) costs 2500 + tax depending on the car model.

To get this clarification, i mailed asking what all activities is included in the regular PMS they redirected the call to the dealer. Now i ask the dealer the same and they say that Caliper greasing and fuel filter replacement is extra. I know that they are charging extra and that is the reason i contacted Hyundai only to get the call redirected to the dealer.

The customer support is non existent and I can say that the HMIL will not provide any sort of help to a customer who is suffering because of dealership incompetence. They are just a spineless clown who redirect the call to the HASS. Pathetic guys at the management of No.2 car manufacturer in India!

And regarding the clutch, the HASS guys are eager to change the car clutch if it has been run for 25-30K kms. According to them, the clutch life of more than 30K on Hyundai diesels is a bonus. This is another scam that these HASS run on unsuspecting customers

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Default Re: Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!

It seems that Hyundai has picked up the old vendors, QC engineers and managers that Tata had discarded.

Jokes apart, these are very serious issues that have been happening repeatedly and can cause serious injury or death. The response from Hyundai has also been typical MNC- brush everything under the carpet.

Hyundai and Kia have both put all their eggs in one, or rather two closely related baskets - the India spec K1 and K2 platforms. Everything from the Santro to Creta and their Kia equivalents are built on these two platforms. Both seem to be equally affected. That is very bad news for buyers who generally trust Korean quality, durability and reliability.

I believe it is high time TBHP starts adding “possible niggles and QC issues” to the list of negatives in the official reviews of Hyundai cars, just like how it is done for Tata and Mahindra.

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Default Re: Hyundai India - The occasional serious quality lapse and apathetic manufacturer response!

Glad you kept the issues with the KIA Seltos brakes highlighted. The ABS or something makes the pedal hard to press when emergency braking but this does negatively effect the performance of stopping "Human Error maybe since the pedal is hard more pressure maybe needed"
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