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No 313 61.74%
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster

Voted No!

Here are my reasons after owning one for 2 years 2014 85ps rxl


Great suspension can really take any kind of roads a blessing in Bangalore
Amazing boot space
Thats it

The car is 100% unreliable can breakdown anytime as the build quality fo engine spares isn't good making it worst by asc after sale service support

You can feel the cable vibration on pedal on a bump

Extremely poor AC

Very bad ice

Really outdated interiors no matter home much you try adding bells and whistles to the interiors

Last but no the least try selling in the used car market people offer value lower to a used compact hatch back. And you almost end up trying hard to sell it the moment you see one odd Duster fan like us

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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
Guess if BHPians themselves are generally reluctant to buy the Duster in 2020 - no wonder why the resale value is rather less in the used market.
Lets solve the chicken and egg problem here.

Launch - 1Yr : No competition

1Yr - 3 Yr : Ecosport, Creta, Brezza are launched people start comparing service costs to find that they are the highest. Cases of frequent part failures, poor handling of customer complaints by Renault.

3 Yr - 4Yr : Used examples come to the market with low figures since no one wants to spend new CBU like maintenance money on a used car. Even enthusiasts shy away - They would rather spend that money on something more premium like an Octavia/Compass/Jetta
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster

Wow, clearly a car past its sell-by date! If almost 2/3rds of BHPians don't even want to buy it used, what prospects does a new Duster have? No wonder its sales are sad since a while. If only Renault had launched the Captur as the "next-generation Duster" in India.
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster

I had honestly considered buying Duster twice. Once in 2017 when I was confused between Ecosport and Duster.
Duster had more space, better ride quality, big car feel
Ecosport had better interiors, build quality, 6 airbags, amazing AC at same price.
Bought a house that year and no car purchase.

Again in 2019 when I was in market for buying a car, I evaluated Creta, Duster, Nexon ad Ecosport.
Duster was as is from 2017, and fallen behind on every parameter other than ride quality. Injector problems are well documented on this forum, basic interiors, weak AC, sub-par NVH nothing improved.

Creta despite being expensive was all rounder, and off course higher end of my budget.
Nexon really cover most of the good bits of Duster and improved a lot on the bad bits. Good interiors, Fantastic AC, awesome music system, good NVH etc.
Ride quality though firm is not a deal braker. On the highway, stability is good till 120KMPH the max I drive (ususally 100-120).

I really saw no reason to pick Duster from the other available lot except the AWD model. Finally I picked Nexon and has been happy over the last 17,000 KM. Infact I did my longest single day drive at 1050KM. I must say Nexon is comfortable and fuel efficient over long distances (got ~21KMPL)

Honestly apart from AWD there is no use case for Duster and the market knows it
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster

Voted a a big bold YES, in fact, me and my wife are looking out for decently priced, low KMs driven, used AWD in Mumbai and not getting one. We both are in love with this beast’s capabilities and already are proud owners of ‘Stunner’, our shining White AWD Adventure edition, picked from JVLR GenNext showroom, back in Jan ’17. We’ve clocked li’l short of 50K on the odo with it so far.

Many people have criticised the interiors & voted no purely on that basis. With due respect to everyone’s opinion, I feel it is completely unjust to rule out this fabulous machine, if they haven’t owned and lived with it. If you seek an owners perspective, read on. It is purely a matter of form over function. I’m sure people use Thars, Gurkhas and Gypsys as daily drivers too and their interiors are appalling, yet nobody applies the “interior only” test and they’re respectable for their other capabilities. The interior haters, I presume, own D segment cars with well appointed soft touch napa/ alcantara leather all around, common guys, we, as buyers, for generations, have lived through various iterations of hard plastics all around, period. Whether you buy a Maruti or a Fortuner or a Compass, it just is a matter of preference, whether you like “cosmetically better looking hard plastics” or “not so good looking but do their job” hard plastics. Because, unless you are spending D segment money, plastics all around, is what you get.

Anyway, to justify my big YES, you have to own the fabulous AWD and you cannot agree any less.
A few points to consider besides the negatives covered in most opinions.

Let me start by talking about ergonomics, the interiors are basic but no non-sense, at least, Phase II onwards. Take the steering column mounted audio/ Bluetooth remote for instance, it is situated behind the wheel, between the 2-3 pm position, where majority folks hold the wheel. Now, tell me in steering mounted audio controlled cars, after getting used to the buttons’ position, how many times does one actually have to look at it, to increase/ decrease volumes, change tracks/ source, etc. Almost never right, so is the case with this remote. Once you have understood the buttons’ position, trust me, this is ergonomically more sound position to operate the music, take/ reject calls. Your fingers do the tasks effortlessly while your thumb firmly holds the steering wheel. Just drawing a quick comparison to our 2nd Gen i20’s controls. My wife has tiny palms and she used to find it difficult to reach those buttons with her thumb while holding the wheel with her fingers. Here in the AWD, no problems at all.

Now, that you have gotten used to with the placement of that audio remote, let’s see how better can we utilise the space on the wheel; voila, let’s put Cruise control buttons here. Now anyone who uses this function would agree that one needs to observe the buttons every time you wish to engage it, considering the rare opportunities you get to use it. So what Renault has done is, given minimal 4 but big buttons with clear indication of which one does what. Again a quick comparison, when I used cruise control on my friend’s Linea and another one’s Jetta for the first time, I literally had to look at the LH lever behind the wheel for a good couple of seconds, because that’s where these controls are, just to see the functions clearly, I had to take a couple of seconds, but when the same friends operated mine, they agreed that my AWD’s, was a more ergonomic position. So for me, by far, this is the best positioned cruise control + audio remote layout.

Besides the perfectly weighted steering, phenomenal ride quality and handling; the gearbox on AWD is a true champion. You simply take off on second gear from a standstill on flat surfaces without even tickling the accelerator. It is even recommended in the manual. So, this is as close you could get to an automatic’s comfort, while tackling bumper to bumper traffic. When you go off roads, the short 1st gear and 4WD lock take out out of regular rut and mud, sand patches, mediocre trenches, etc. All tried and tested of course.

Now the boot, AWD has a raised flatter loading level than the other variants, as the spare wheel is situated inside the boot to make space for rear differential. This makes loading heavy stuff/ bikes/ a breeze and also when you fold the seats down gives you a flatbed for your camping nights, weekend breaks. This also keeps your spare inside and looking like new for years.

Lastly, I’ve seen a couple of folks complain about AC not being effective. Strangely, I have never had a single complaint about the AC. In fact, during multiple road trips with 5 adults or 4 adults and 2 toddlers and their luggage, I have been asked to reduce blower speed/ increase the temperature during our summer trips. My AWD comes with Auto AC and trust me, it chills.

Also, someone mentioned about mist function not being present on the wipers. Not quite sure what the gentleman meant, because it isn’t so. It has front and rear wipers and washers and a large water tank, which takes in around 2.5- 3 Ltrs and needs to be refilled only in a couple of months.

If you guys have anymore questions, I’d be happy to opine
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster

Having heard of all the injector issues with 110 engine & nightmares of people facing all the issues many prospective buyers will knock it of the list even before taking a TD.
Now they are planning to get new wine in old bottle with 1.3 Kicks engine. If they really want to survive long they should have at least got the next gen platform in India by now.
I think they will completely remove duster from Indian market by 2021. This 1.3 turbo would be the last try that they would put on an age old platform.
Triber,Kiger,kwid would be the only portfolio unless they plan something really good.
Arkana would have been a perfect car to launch now given the interest in CSUV & crossovers in India. Are you listening Renault
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster

Voted yes and why wont I - I own one.
The duster is one product which people roast without even traveled for long. Guess we are still fair and lovely country and that is why pseudo suvs like Brezza sell like hot cakes.
Drive long and with bad roads (even without an AWD) and you will know why the duster is the best in segment. It has it's share of niggles, no doubt but hey all cars have that. Mahindra beta tested the Indian customer with XUV 500.
If you want an abuse friendly construction, go anywhere attitude, ready to spend money to upgrade the ICE( I have a full pioneer setup) and you get a pre-worshipped one - just go for it.

Oh and btw if you are in Bengaluru or come here (whenever the damn covid thing ends), you will realize why there are more duster here and why there is an active Team Duster India gang there. Bengaluru is the duster capital of India - thanks to BBMPs amazing focus on infrastructure.

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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster

Voted for No and most funny thing is I also bought used Duster in 2018.
My car Details:

Renault Duster
85PS, 2015 Registered
ODO when I purchased: 8500 Kms
Price: 8 lakh rupees.
Year I bought: 2018
Bought from: Trident used cars Bangalore

I will first talk about why I selected Duster.
  • Required space for 5 adults.
  • My usage is more and definitely diesel makes more sense to me.
  • When I selected diesel, then I give more importance to reliability and hence 85PS engine was making more sense to me. It's a no non-sense engine.
  • Since I was switching from grand-i10, I desired to go for SUV which should have good ride quality and handling.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Should have been hit in the market. Duster was star once upon a time.
I will now talk about why I voted for no as of today:
  • Used Creta petrol or diesel are hitting the market. When I was shopping back in 2017 and 2018, Creta was rare and priced too high to even bargain.
  • Just like I mentioned Creta, there are many more used cars in market such as new Ecosport diesel/petrol, Nexon diesel/petrol, Honda WRV diesel. More choices as of today.
  • There are some niggles in Duster which you have to live with it. But if I am you, I would go and buy niggle free car in market.
  • Service engineers play big role in owning the car. Somehow, I think Renault service engineers (especially in Bangalore) are not so skilled in the subject. One of the reason I personally feel is almost all service centers in Bangalore are owned by Trident which is like a monopoly. Remember, my previous car was Hyundai where the service experience was top class.
  • Last point is the value in used market. Assume that I am selling my Duster in 2023 (I bought in 2018), I don't think I will get much returns as the vehicle will not be in demand at that point of time. Market demand will be Seltos, Sonet, new gen Creta, Venue and so on.
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster

Voted YES as this in my opinion is a perfect AWD package and within a sensible price bracket in the used car market.

Agreed, the interior, ICE and ergonomics isnt out of the world but with such capable off road abilities I am sure one wouldnt be bothered about how the dash looks or how bad the ICE screen is placed while gliding over difficult terrains like a boss where an expensive and "posh" 2WD would not even dare to enter.

Another plus would be; most of the city roads are close enough being an off road track during the monsoon season where the ride quality and GC of the Duster would be handy.

This was my choice when I was hunting for one in the used car market but the AWD + 110PS combination was tough to find.

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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster

Been there, Done that. So definitely a Yes. I bought a 2015 model top end AWD in 2017 with about 30k on the ODO. Its now at 80K and it has been a beautiful experience.

I can say it is a Jack of all Trades , but Master of None. This is the only car in my house and its a family car, highway runner, off roader, workhorse and what not.
True, the interiors are spartan, but have you noticed that the top end has all the features available at that time. Dual airbag, ABS, Traction Control, Bluetooth, steering controls, Speed limiter, Cruise control.

Once you start seeing its positives, I guess the plastic dashboard wont be a concern.

I have followed jeeps on many off road trails and its only the underbelly scrapping that concerned me (of course, its not a thar or a gurkha, but you get my point.)

Ride quality and comfort, I am not going over that oft repeated topic again, I will say this: My tea breaks over long distance has been cut by a third.

Safety is a concern and the body does not feel to be strong. But then I have had a collision with a Tempo Trax and came out without even a scratch while the trax overturned, broke an axle and had multiple passenger injuries. So my judgement is reserved on that.

Coming to the point on ASC, its a neutral feeling. I have had no major issues, but then it cannot be termed very good. They take time to get things fixed. Recently, I have started hearing a humming noise from under the car ( like how your wheel bearing makes sound when it is time to change it. However, the wheel bearing issue was ruled out and they say it is a drive shaft issue and it is still under investigation. The car is running without any issues though .

As for the Fuel injector par, the ASC guy tells me that only cars that are not driven enough have this issue and if you are clocking good kms, the issue never pops up. I am not sure how true that is.

So in short, as many of you mentioned, a used duster is a good choice, but only in its AWD version. Else , there are many other alternatives in this price bracket.
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster

Voted yes!
I once drove a Duster 110ps DCi on a trip with friends and the the ride quality over bad roads was unbelievable! It cruised effortlessly at 100 on highways. It was 70k run and absolutely niggle free.
I believe with the availability of BS6 diesel in country the Fuel injectors failures would also go down (low content of sulphur in BS6 diesel).
For the price it’s going right now it’s a good deal. Spacious efficient ride quality and handling, it ticks everything and I for myself can live with the spartan interiors!
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Default Re: Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster

Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster-dsc08000.jpg

Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster-dsc03771.jpg

Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Renault Duster-dsc07946.jpg

Dacia Duster  - long-term review
Yes, we may have said goodbye to the Duster. But that wasn’t the end of its story…

Being a fan of fitness for purpose means that sometimes you have to forgo style for substance, allow function precedence over form. And although the Dacia Duster is by no means a bad-looking small SUV, it isn’t, it has to be said, something you double take. In fact, it’s one of those cars that’s so remarkably unremarkable that it would be one of my first choices if I were an assassin, bank robber or CID undercover operative. That or a silver VW Golf.

That’s not actually a very good reason to buy one - unless of course, you actually are a bank-robbing assassin - but the Duster has plenty going for it. There’s the fact that, for its size, it is actually very cheap new. Cheap to insure, cheap to run, cheap to fix. I know, practical isn’t very sexy, but you get the idea. In fact, having run one for a good few months, I came to regard it in the same way as lots of other useful-but-unfashionable cars - respectable and practical, but not something that would necessarily provoke the covetous look back every time you walked away from it.
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