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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

The car I loved the most is my German beauty or should I call it a diesel rocket (VW Vento TDI 1.6 2014), itís an amazing machine ready to pounce any time. I adore it from all angles and never missed a second look after parking.

Vento at danushkodi rameswaram
Which of your cars do you love the most?-danushkodi-rameswaram.jpg

On the way to chikmagalur
Which of your cars do you love the most?-way-chikmagalur.jpg

At my native, chothavilai beach (Kanyakumari District)
Which of your cars do you love the most?-chothavilai-beach.jpg

Near KRS
Which of your cars do you love the most?-near-krs.jpg

At Munnar
Which of your cars do you love the most?-munnar.jpg
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

It is very difficult to choose one car which I love the most. In fact, it is unfair to do so considering each car that I have owned or even driven as part of the family has been adored, admired and thoroughly enjoyed. However, the one which I am presently in love with is this Italian beast. The obsession just grew on me after a random test drive without any intent, courtesy experiences and comments shared by fellow Bhpians in various threads. I just could not resist the temptation to own one and rather felt really bad that I did not own it earlier. Each time I hold the steering, I feel like holding on to it and it does not stop making me feel unconditionally happy about it.

Some of the other cars which I have driven for long and enjoyed, in no particular order of preference are Maruti Ritz Vdi (1st generation), Maruti Swift Vdi (1st generation), HM Ambassador 1800 ISZ, Ford Ikon Flair 1.3 L and Maruti Vitara Brezza ZDi+.
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Which of your cars do you love the most?-abarth3.jpg  

Which of your cars do you love the most?-abarth5.jpg  

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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Originally Posted by Annibaddh View Post
Here's mine. Winnie Cooper, the first car I bought for myself. I bought an i10 before this but that was primarily for my parents.

Winnie and I have a difficult relationship. Much like all my relationships (must be me!). I love her to the world's end. We've done 105K kms together. A lot of them on solo long trips. Tons of them with dear friends. And my parents. And of course most of them with the missus. Brought my son home in this. Got married and drove off with Winnie and the wife in tow.

This photograph was taken on one such epic trip. A friend and I decided hug the coastline of Maharashtra all the way to Goa. Incredible sights. Terrible roads. Amazing experiences. This is where we camped for the night. Winnie parked to shield us from the road. Camp set up with the brilliant Arabian sea beyond a cliff!
Winne Cooper!! Man, that name got back a bag full of memories!!
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Even though I own an elite i20, the car I love the most is my parents 2010 Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire. The car is a no-nonsense car and is really a hoot to drive. The K12 engine by Maruti is a gem. It is a really free revving engine unlike my 1.2 VTVT elite i20. The push back feel to dear when we downshift in the Dzire is something to be felt. I don't feel that rush in my own car.
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Which of your cars do you love the most?-img_20201003_134804__01__01.jpg  

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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

This is my first post on the forum!

Of all the cars Iíve owned across multiple manufacturers, the one I love the most is my Hyundai Verna 4s 2015. Before buying this machine, I had majorly driven only Petrols and occasionally got my hands on dadís officeís diesel cars. We bought this after selling off our lemon Ertiga Zxi which was just 1.5 year old.

Sheís 5.5 years old now and has done 45k (entirely driven by me). Everywhere I go, I have this car with me. We do have a Hyundai Eon bought in 2018 for daily runs. But sheís my first choice for going anywhere.

This car was there during all ups and downs of my life. Sheís been with me when I started my first job, did my Masterís, started working again. She has saved our life during 2 major accidents, had been driven through Mumbaiís mad floods, had seen horrible roads of rural Maharashtra. Iíve literally spent a huge chunk of my life sitting in her stuck in crazy Mumbai traffic.

Her 1.6 crdi still feels new and can put many newer cars to shame!

Still going strong for years to come!
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Which of your cars do you love the most?-5683803b58cd45ac85074f24575fcc3a.jpeg  

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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Without a doubt, my first car bought by my own money.
My baby! Tata Tiago petrol, clocked around 50,000 kms
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Which of your cars do you love the most?-skype_picture_2020_10_10t09_09_20_081z.jpeg  

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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

I can't really say that there's been a two-wheeler or four-wheeler that I have owned that I have not loved because that was the reason I owned them in the first place. But confining myself purely to the four-wheelers, here are a few whose companionship I shall always cherish, and one, the latest, that has absolutely driven away with my heart.

The inimitable Maruti 800, that belonged to the family, was the first car I happened to drive in 1990, and more than the driving experience - which was ridiculously simple and easy, the sepia-toned nostalgia associated with the events, experiences and relationships associated with it, will always remain special and one of a kind.

The Daewoo Matiz, the first car I purchased with my own money, was cherished for its beautiful design, solid build, amazing space, mature handling and surprising reliability. I still believe that if not for the group's global problems, it would have certainly crashed Hyundai Santro's party.

The sexy Fiat Punto was the dream hatch, adored again for its mesmerising looks, solid build, unmatched ride and handling (that gorgeous hydraulic steering!) and a workhorse of an engine. Again, a brilliant enthusiast car let down by an unenthusiastic company.

The Nissan Terrano was the ride to fulfil the SUV longing and it never disappointed. The dignified appearance, the supreme ride quality, the comfortable interiors and, again, a very capable engine, made sure it was the vehicle of choice to explore the great outdoors.

The Tata Nano AMT. What a gem! Can't think of a better city car, considering its sheer convenience on crowded streets, impressive space, ease of driving and frugal engine. The super-powerful AC, openable boot and power windows only added to its appeal. This country surely didn't deserve that little wonder of engineering.

And finally, the one that has my heart now, and for evermore - the Mahindra Thar 2015 edition. Not only does it tick all the boxes that I need - iconic heritage and design, majestic road presence, brilliant engine, awesome highway mile-muncher, incredible go-anywhere prowess and unmatched utility, but is also the only one that is the perfect personality match - simple, rugged, no-nonsense, reliable and hard-working. This, for me, is the ultimate vehicle, towards which all the previous vehicles have driven me.

The Thar is a keeper, for life. There's no other vehicle that interests me anymore. This is absolutely the last one I will ever own. And there couldn't be a more unambiguous, passionate and eternal declaration of love than that.
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Though I have a Tesla model 3 now, I have to pick one of my previous cars as my all time favorite. It's a 2016 Mazda MX-5 ND, which has the best driver interaction of any car I have ever driven (Here is a link of every car I ever owned and rented for quite a few days/weeks/months together).

It's naturally aspirated free revving 1.5L engine, balanced chassis and suspension with just enough body roll and a nimble weight of 950kg all combine to put a smile in the face

Which of your cars do you love the most?-germany.jpg
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

All the cars in my signature are with me, with the A Star doing duties at my in-laws place.

But the ine one I love the most is the 800. 25 years and still in love I take her to office once a week.

Incidentally these photos were taken at the exact same place, 25 years apart, only the house in the background in the older pic was demolished and a new one built.
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

I have been in US since last 12 years and have loved all the cars I owned, be it the honda civic or honda accord v6 . After that I switched to the vw family and it has been a great experience . I started with mk6 golf gti, mk 7 golf r. The Golf R has been the most fun car I owned. It begged to be driven hard, It pushes you to the seat once the turbo kicks in. It was a rare sight on the road and the fellow golf r owners would thumbs up each other for owning the hot hatch. I had a similar experience with gti and although they are similar cars, golf r with its awd took off from standstill much faster. My friends found it more scary/thrilling during my usual 0-65 mph(legal speed) sprints from stand still. Unfortunately early this year, I met in a multi car accident and had to let go of it. Insurance tagged it as a total loss and although sad, I was looking forward to its replacement. I bought an Audi S4.The 0-65 mph sprints are similar, its surrounded by luxury. The low nvh does the sprint without any drama. The golf r had similar high quality interior but it felt like a roller coaster without any safety rails. Due to current situation, I have not driven the audi much but I always look forward it.

I also currently own Triumph Daytona 675r. It makes up for my thrilling golf r experience. Its my first superbike and its surely close to my heart
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

I've owned 3 cars till now, all in last 3.5 years(all in Saudi). 6 months each with an Hyundai Accent and Nissan Sunny(used).

My current ride CHANGAN EADO is my first new car and my obvious love.

Covered 61000+ kilometers in 2 years and 4 months as of now.

Which of your cars do you love the most?-img_20190223_161550.jpg

Which of your cars do you love the most?-picnic_20181013_1757017440101.jpg

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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Of the cars I have owned, these are my favourites- each having its own strengths. So it is difficult for me to rank between these, and let go too
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Originally Posted by Researcher View Post
Voted for the 'First one that I bought'.

I still own my first car since 2017 and it has been quite a good experience, from the frantic search on portals for a car till almost hitting the 6 digit milestone now. I was lucky that it ticked most of my boxes and had been looked after well prior to my ownership. Starting from my (ex)bicycle, then my (ex)scooter and now my car, all have been pre-owned till now.So with every ownership, mistakes were made and things were learnt. The emotional attachment to the first purchase is something I think I will not be able to replicate with subsequent ones, if the ownership history of my phones are anything to go by. Maybe its the repetition or the age catching up with me that teaches me to let go rather than hold on.
Buying pre-owned takes it to a slightly higher level of connect. There will be minor issues and niggles every now and then, which will initiate that chase to resolve them and achieve perfection. Your mechanic becomes a good friend and teaches you a lot of things about cars which you had no idea about. And then you become a preacher in your circle for car-related affairs. It's an experience totally worth it. And probably will not be there in a few years. Ah the pain of letting the first love go.
Damn dude. And I thought I was the only one who felt like that. Have my pre-owned Civic and CRV and unlike the Jeep Compass, the upkeep of those 2 are very unique as I tend to them myself or get the help (and irritate) local garages for fixing them. And that sense of achievement that the old car you like is in good shape again after intervention from yours truly is sheer nirvana! I just finished tinkering around the Civic seat to find a rattle and had to fix one of the weather panel near the windscreen which I was successful. Weekend worth it!
As for the cars themselves, have the newer Compass and Sunny. But for some reason I prefer the older pre-owned CRV and Civic any given day. And I see from the past pages the Civic seems to be everyone's favourite. Can't blame them even one bit!
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Which of your cars do you love the most?-20201011_230257.jpg  

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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

My best experience has been with my current car, Skoda Rapid. 1.6 Petrol.. I know some posts on the forum here speak about bad ownership experiences but mine has been nothing but positive. It has been with me for seven years now, and I don't think I am going to part with it anytime soon. It still looks great. There is no compelling reason to change. Why should I?

I drive less as I stay close to where I work. Most of the longer drives have been on social visits or work related meetings. I love the way it handles, and loved it right from the time I took the first drive, a test drive. I had test-driven the Renault Duster, but found the drive and handling of the Skoda to be far better than the supposed SUV. And my time with it has been trouble-free. A few repairs here and there, but nothing major. The Service Centres (JMD Mumbai) have been very honest and supportive through out, they never insisted on anything unnecessary. So there you have it.. my most loved car is my modest understated beauty.

I am one content Skoda Rapid owner. And I maintain it is the most underrated car and far better than most comparable sedans. The German engineering and the ride quality is such that it inspires confidence every time you step out.
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

I love our Honda City,on which Iíve learnt driving on it and have driven 100ís of Kms within city and itís quite easy to drive in city along with good mileage,reliability and comfort.Its very hard to sell off the Cityís due to its brand name.In fact,my cousin had told me to sell off the City but I refused and even my parents also refused to sell off the City.

Other car which I love is Vento,which we had from 2013 till 2017.We bought it used when she was just 10 months old and 13000 Kms old.I loved it due to its build quality,torquey 1.6 TDI and timeless looks.Even now,my mom prefers driving Vento over the City,which we replaced Vento with it.But,had to sell it off as it had run more than 1,00,000 Kms.
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