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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

I've learned to love all of the cars i've owned but this one takes my heart away.

Which of your cars do you love the most?-cayman.jpg
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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

No guesses for this one - My most favourite car is our 2009 Hondu City lovingly named as "Hondu". In fact, I love it so much that I just a full restoration project on it. This is on a 11+ year old car (and inspite of the 15 year vehicle-ban in Delhi). Here is how she looks :

You can read all about the restoration at this link (more updates on page 3) :

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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Out of all the cars I have owned the ones which felt special are

My pre worshipped E250 which I lost in an accident recently,this car taught me what Quality means.From the plush ride to the 500 nm of train like torque, I enjoyed everything.My brother and I drove the car to udaipur as soon as we bought it and have fond memories of the drive!

The civic which I acquired from a fellow bhpian recently has a special place in my heart because I have wanted one forever and this is the first car under my direct ownership from the day it came home!The looks power handling and that steering wheel feel better than most cars currently on sale!

Which of your cars do you love the most?-civic.jpg

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Default Re: Which of your cars do you love the most?

Undoubtedly my first one, 2007 Swift which was with me for over 11yrs & 1.4L kms! Numerous memories with the car, it really made me the awaara that I'm!!
And the final journey was most memorable one, when I drove it from Bangalore to Jammu just to sell it off! My then 7yr old son literally cried when the car was sold and still tells me to get it back if possible!

On the final journey, somewhere in Rajasthan
Which of your cars do you love the most?-img_8947.jpg

Which of your cars do you love the most?-img_0087.jpg

Which of your cars do you love the most?-wp_20131014_078.jpg

Which of your cars do you love the most?-img_1474.jpg

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Default What made you fall in love with cars?

What moment or moments made you fall in love with cars?
Car enthusiasts are born out of situations, exhaust notes and high rpmís. Whatís your story?
Back in 2005, we went on a family trip to Kulu, Manali and the mighty Toyota Qualis was our travel buddy. I remember it vividly for the most amazing sleep Iíve ever had in my life. As everyone knows the carís suspension was the best for comfort at those times. The car floated over literally everything and cocooned everyone inside.
Going ahead in time, in 2007 I had my first experience with a super car Ė the Lamborghini Gallardo. This was in a parking lot in Dubai. I was amazed by the flawless lines and the aura the car had. The owner didnít let me inside the car and this beat me up quite a lot. Looking back, I was being foolish and immature but to this day the situation is a motivating factor for me.
Fast forward to 2015, I got my license and the POLO GT TDI was my pick. The car had a peppy turbo diesel engine with a strong mid-range pull which was fast enough for the enthusiast in me. Iíve had plenty of trips munching miles with my friends and certain memories which I canít share here. The car gave me a sense of freedom, maturity and independence. Even with an unresponsive steering, I felt one with the car on the twistyís. Normally a driver would adapt to different cars, but I felt the POLO adapted to me.

Do share your story.
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