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Default Re: Weirdest Reason you heard for a car purchase?

Originally Posted by furyrider View Post
Short version:
I purchased my first car as I was angry that an Ola driver cancelled my ride
Not having to bargain and argue with auto drivers was a factor in my buying a car here in Chennai. Although bottom line for T-BHPers is that we are going to be people who prefer having a car to not having one.

In the heyday of Ola and Uber, when the drivers were happily doing well, service was fast and reliable, and a cab cost less than a street auto, I seriously questioned my need for a car. Of course, the rational answer was no need. But I still kept it
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Default Re: Weirdest Reason you heard for a car purchase?

My friend upgraded from his just 6 month old 2nd generation Ertiga to XL6.
The reason he gave me is:
"XL6 is Nexa and Nexa equates with premium experience. Ertiga now stands cheap in front of XL6."
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Default Re: Weirdest Reason you heard for a car purchase?

I would like to share not weird but 2 pretty awesome reason to buy a car.

In mid 1990`s a friend of my distant relative bought a brand new Olive Green Maruti Omni to be used in his daughter wedding. He bought the car 2-3 months before the wedding to transport guests to and from Airport/railway station, talking ladies for shopping and beauty parlour trips and running other errands. He did had other "luxury" cars of that time (Esteem, Cielo) but did not want to "spoil" them. I have no idea whether he sold or kept the car after the wedding.

In yet another instance my friend`s father bought a Maruti Omni to carry all his Golf gear to the fields, they had a Zen at that point of time but it was too small to carry all of his game equipment's, this was in early 2000`s.

No wonder as to why the Omni did so well until Maruti finally pulled the plug on it, its application were simply limitless.

Anyways, I feel these were 2 completely awesome reasons for someone to buy a car.
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Default Re: Weirdest Reason you heard for a car purchase?

Not sure if this is weird, but I bought an Rx100 just to see what's so special about the bike to have such an legendary reputation. Glad it turned out to be an enjoyable ownership experience.
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Default Re: Weirdest Reason you heard for a car purchase?

The weirdest reason I saw someone buy a car was an "Earthquake".

It was around '06 when a mild earthquake (~3-4 on Richter Scale) jolted Jaipur city early on a Sunday morning. My uncle was fast asleep and the tremors made his bed shook. He panicked and ran outside of the house.

At that point in time, he had a divine realization that this could have been his last day. From that moment onwards he decided to live like there's no tomorrow!

The first thing on his list was to ditch the old Bajaj Priya scooter and get a car for his daily commute.

Result: My uncle, my father, and I were at the Hyundai Showroom on a Sunday afternoon booking a Santro.
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Default Re: Weirdest Reason you heard for a car purchase?

In the year 2003, Grandma was adamant that she’ll be taking our entire family to her grandnephew’s wedding. Our humble Hyundai Santro was too small for a family of 7 and taking a hired Toyota Qualis was also not an option for the matter of her Pride. So a week later, we had a brand new silver Mahindra Scorpio parked in our garage as our second car just to take us to someone’s wedding whom most of us didn’t even knew.

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Default Re: Weirdest Reason you heard for a car purchase?

One of the weirdest reason for a new car purchase after 9 years!! Daughter's Motion Sickness

When I set out looking for a replacement for my 2008 Swift Vdi in 2017, topmost on my mind was the elimination of my daughter's motion sickness. Then 7 year old, she had grown averse to the Swift that had tormented her ever since she was an infant. In fact she called it "The Vomit Car" notwithstanding my own fondness for its awesome handling qualities. My stint in the Nilgiri hills complicated matters that year. The scenic place offered a plethora of getaways but a few kms into the drive and the throwing up would start every now and then. For a family that got transferred frequently and loved long driving on every trip, time had come to do something decisive.

After many a old team-bhp post digs, google searches and enquiries with neurophysiologists, I bottomed out with 3 Qualitative Requirements!

- A good cabin visibility with large windows.

- Exceptional Ride Quality with nimble suspensions.

- Subdued steering control response; Handling qualities be damned

Now came the time for the shortlist. With the comprehensive team-bhp official reviews as the primary weapon I had my shortlist ready. (Mind you, the entire process took over 8 months! )

This was the shortlist:

-Ertiga (Zdi was my choice for its torquey ddis that I loved on my Swift!)

-Honda BRV

-Honda WRV

-Maruti S Cross (The ubiquitous ddis pulling me again though not satisfactorily meeting all the QRs)

Some extensive test drives later, it was an elimination round, with daughter sitting on all seat combos, her eye position measured with window levels, swerving around trying to make her throw up and so on! The Ertiga was the first to go out of the window for its sub optimal ride quality. Next was the BRV - Extra 3 L for no real 7 seater requirement of mine though would have loved the large boot on my long drives on transfers. It was now neck and neck between S Cross and WRV. Had almost booked the S Cross at a Bangalore Nexa when I felt it was a bit more rigid on the suspension to be smooth enough. But still was my secret favourite of the lot! They didn't have our choice blue which made us take a relook at the WRV. Now the repeat test drive model came with a sunroof. +2 for the cabin visibility!! This time, daughter wouldn't leave Magnum Honda Bangalore without booking a sunroof variant! And which dad wouldn't go weak after all this effort for his darling!!!

End Result: The WRV soon came home to the Nilgiris! Many drives in the hills and it proved itself within weeks of being in the hills as a motion sickness friendly vehicle worth all my effort and money but for a couple of isolated occurrences which soon faded out.

In 5 months, it was time to move to Jammu from the Nilgiris! After driving it to Bangalore for the onward truck transport, daughter was furious for booking the flight tickets! Soon we were on the road on an epic 3000+ km drive for the first time - story for another post! This being my first one on team bhp!!

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Default Re: Weirdest Reason you heard for a car purchase?

Originally Posted by dicor View Post

Strange reason for rejecting deal
This is really bizarre and appalling. I think you should actually name and shame this dealer here so future potential customers are forewarned.
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Default Re: Weirdest Reason you heard for a car purchase?

Back in 2007-08, i used to work with my Uncle who is into Construction business. An old associate of him 'Mr. X' owed some money to my uncle. Mr. X had deep pockets who had a fetish for Maruti Cars and owned all the models of Maruti but never used to clear his dues on time and Uncle didn't want to carry on doing business with him. He designated me the task of recovering the money and said if u can recover the money then it would be your new year bonus.

Mr. X's son was my friend and I told him the story. Even he was fed of his Father's antics of not paying up. He suggested I come home, speak to him and give him the proposition of either clearing the dues or I will take his cars matching the amount due. For some strange reason, Mr. X said I can't pay but u can take whichever car u want to recover the money and I ended up with a 2005 swift VXI and a 2006 Wagon R LX.
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Default Re: Weirdest Reason you heard for a car purchase?

Okay. I am waiting for the Nexon's delivery and we were discussing about dealership experiences when my close friend told me this.

Circa 2015, my friend and his dad visited the Honda dealership to book the base variant of Honda City as a wedding gift to his younger sister. There was no confusion at all till that point. Then the salesman came, his dad told the sales guy that they would like to book the base variant and this will be a wedding gift for his daughter. Salesman says. "Sir, the base variant comes with only a driver-side airbag. I assume that most of the times it will be your future son-in-law who will be driving and he gets the airbag protection. But your daughter, who will be seated at the passenger side, will not get the airbag protection".

That is all it took. His dad immediately decided to upgrade to the higher variant with two airbags .

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