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Default Re: VW partners with NIFT to design dress code for sales teams

What's the point and Where is this coming from ? I am sure each showroom manager / owner has enough sense to ask his folks to dress sensibly. Also makes sense for the likes of Maruti and Hyundai with thousands of showrooms across the country. VW has at max 1 or 2 showrooms in tier 1 cities. Isn't it better to focus on what "new" cars to launch and how to improve the ill famed service experience ?
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Default Re: VW partners with NIFT to design dress code for sales teams

In my opinion, rather than bringing out new attire, they can instead paste decals on the already existing attire of everyone on the floor (just like they do on their "special edition" vehicles)!

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Default Re: VW partners with NIFT to design dress code for sales teams

Amazed and shocked at the same time.

Sales staff courtesy and eagerness to promptly handle customer query is the most important aspect which I have seen most staff miss these days.

They must first do a survey with potential customers for the most important facets missing in their line up. I am pretty sure, the uniform may not even feature.

Diverting efforts in futile activities and trying to do a not so needed publicity is something VW is now getting famous for
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Default Re: VW partners with NIFT to design dress code for sales teams

If they revamp customer service ( both sales and service) while designing the new uniforms, it could be an advantage for VW when the next gen of vehicles come out next year. First impressions are key and they really need to shed their image of cheating customers.

In fact, it's their last chance to redeem themselves in the Indian market.
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Default Re: VW partners with NIFT to design dress code for sales teams

Originally Posted by tanbeamer View Post
Whatever said and done, this is a good move by VW in my opinion. Not only fellow students like me will get a lot of encouragement but also it will help VW to get things done at a highly competitive cost.
Oops! I stepped on something tender it seems. Though VW is one of the biggest carmakes of the world, I doubt it is a destination amongst fashion designing students after their very expensive education. If this contest was announced by say Raymonds or Sabyasachi it would sound like an appropriate opportunity. And this is why it seems like a cheap Indian level management trick. Somebody came with a germ of an idea to motivate staff in the process create debit notes for dealerships, and they found a cheap way out.

A fashion design student is an artist and they are paid for their art and not profit over raw materials used. There is a life after education, the real one. Where you make a living and name from your skills. More than an opportunity for students (a good student is good regardless of these "contests") this seems like a devaluation of the art of fashion.

Nevertheless there is a big industry for fashion professionals outside dealership uniforms so I apologise if i sounded negative. But this doesnt impress me. Hope it is worth the while for the students.
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Default Re: VW partners with NIFT to design dress code for sales teams

Volkswagen boards meeting room conversations leaked:

Boss - We are still not no. 1 in India. Why? We have car which people are still buying inspite of it being 10 years old. So, cars per se isn't a problem for sure.

Honest employee - Sir, after sales service needs to be looked for.

Boss - Isn't selling a 10 year old car in itself a good service for our customers? Anyways, you are fired.

After 5 years-
Boss - We still aren't improving. Can't understand why?

Honest employee - Sir, multiple reasons. Old design, dieselgate, unreliable engine with gearbox and also special edition cars don't attract customers.

Boss (Furiously) - Get out now, you fool don't know how market works. People want something special and our special edition cars with full page advertising in newspapers are selling like charm.

After another 2 years -
Boss - Please suggest something to improve our sales.

Intern - Sir, we can learn something from airline industries which are very competitive with each other.

Boss - Excellent!!! Lets ask our staff or whoever is left of it to wear good attire like airline employees and our cars will literally fly off the shelf.

Dude looked confusedly at his boss but chose to stay quiet because he didn't want to get fired.

Meanwhile, boss is busy making designs for the dress code that is required, which will occupy full page in advertisements in a prominent newspaper titled "Polo and Vento now upgraded with special editions staff attire."

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Default Re: VW partners with NIFT to design dress code for sales teams

Really they should focus on what's important and put all their money and energy to bring new cars in all segment. Their mainstream line up is terribly outdated. It's a different matter that Polo has a timeless European design that has aged well and doesn't look old in traffic. What's the point of dressing staffs when dealerships are going out of business or resorting to fraudulent activities due to lack of adequate sales. Customers face sales and service staff once or twice a year. They should focus more on things people will use everyday.
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Default Re: VW partners with NIFT to design dress code for sales teams

Good show VW.
Instead of hiring a design company and paying obscene amount, they chose to invest faith in our youngsters. The latter gets to flaunt their skill and the former gets his job done. It's a win win.
More than anything else, the young blood in college is getting an exposure. Think of the boost the career of the winner will get!

Good VW is initiating a change. Although, its time to change a few elements in their cars as well. I hope those will follow too in short time.
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Default Re: VW partners with NIFT to design dress code for sales teams

I see nothing wrong in revamping different segments of operations. A new design of dress code can increase motivation at some level. Similarly changes in other policies can improve employee engagement. Of course the base product has to be capable but probably falls under the purview of some other department.
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Default Re: VW partners with NIFT to design dress code for sales teams

Getting their showroom and 1st touch point of sale experience looking all jazzy is great, but to think of VW's priorities in India.

When was the last time someone bought 4 wheels because your sales associate wore a fancy suit or dressed very elegantly? Any NEXA car customer here who bought a car because the sales associate wore a suit?

Not to say dressing people better is a bad idea, it's fine, but VW need to put more emphasis on selling cars in a better way in India and get people walking into their showrooms. Before they can quickly become the next Nissan.

Originally Posted by fhdowntheline View Post
.............. Another point-None of these designs above are catering to a typical Indian body size (except perhaps the last one by Shivani Priya), they are only catering to a young/slim/toned body profile.
Very good point. I hope their next corporate activity will not be to find sales associates that fit the cut of the material. *eye roll*

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Default Re: VW partners with NIFT to design dress code for sales teams

I think many of us jumping the gun and arriving at conclusions. We don't know that VW is only concentrating on changing the uniform of their staff to generate sales and leaving everything else. We just came to know about this. It could be part of the overall change that they want to bring. There might be other changes, internal training etc that they might be already doing. After all, the company has a lot more at stake than us. Whether they will succeed or not is something else.
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