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Default Re: Tata cars to be delivered in plastic “safety bubbles”

Dumbest idea I ever heard. There is no way this offers protection to the potential car owner. Sanitize the interior, keep it locked and don't let anyone sit inside after. That's the best protection.

This cover is called the Car Capsule (we have a thread on it). 99% of Tata dealers won't bother with this as it's a big headache to use & maintain it. You need to blow it up using an electric fan and parking / removing a car is a delicate exercise. Maintaining this car capsule is a headache and if there are rats nearby (which they are everywhere in India), God help you.
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Default Re: Tata cars to be delivered in plastic “safety bubbles”

Other than a publicity stunt, I don't see anything here. I don't even think this can provide any additional protection from the Corona Virus situation. The best possible way shall be to sanitize the car well, particularly the interior. What is the point, if the interior is not sanitized well and handing over the car in this bubble.

Even with all these, if the delivery person who parks the car inside the bubble or anyone who sat inside the car who was not sanitized well then it will become pointless. Likewise, how many TATA dealers will even clean or sanitize the bubble itself?

I see this as a pointless marketing gimmick. For our own safety, instead of solely relying on what the car dealers say/do, we shall sanitize the interior well and also not let strangers inside the car. That's what I feel.
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Default Re: Tata cars to be delivered in plastic “safety bubbles”

Even though this might be actually a marketing gimmick, I, personally feel that they deserve more footfalls and sales for the effort they have put in providing safety for the masses and have been advertising their achievements in safety ratings and hence why not create more awareness about how much they care for the customers.

I actually do not know whether they are actually given away to the car buyers or is it taken back during delivery. Though I am not a TATA customer, I wish them more sales and for the customers more improved post-sales experience. There will always be space for improvement no matter what.
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Default Re: Tata cars to be delivered in plastic “safety bubbles”

Makes no sense to me honestly.

1) Extensive usage of plastic (a big no to environment)
2) Plastic is a medium that carries the virus for a long time on surface. So doesn’t serve the purpose if someone inside / outside sneezes, coughs that instantly attaches and stays on the surface for a long time.
3) High operating costs that involves maintaining or even buying one after another if it’s disposable. Tata should focus on improving the dealership experience instead of adding cost to themselves or the dealership.


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Default Re: Tata cars to be delivered in plastic “safety bubbles”

Originally Posted by govigov View Post
Can I just buy the bubble? It looks great for some long term parking! That bubble would be perfect to protect some vintages too.
These are actually quite popular here in the UK, especially amongst classic car owners, given the traditional English weather!

In terms of what Tata is doing, it is just a marketing gimmick with absolutely no customer benefit!

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Default Re: Tata cars to be delivered in plastic “safety bubbles”

A mere attention grabbing stunt by TATA.

I like what they’re doing with their current generation of vehicles but this is just too much imo.

Tata currently has a massive ego fuelled by citizens who appreciate their safe vehicles and due to the “Make In India” trend.

Although it is good for a company to be aggressive in their marketing, I just fail to understand who would think of something this useless. I don’t see the point in delivering it in a bubble or in a paper bag when a driver would drive it out of the showroom and then walk out.

Apart from that, it’s not like Covid is floating in the air and settling on cars without the bubble.

TATA with this, is just trying to grab attention and media coverage. What many would like would be for TATA to up their customer service and quality instead of taking digs at their competitors the whole day.

Seems like a teenager is handling their marketing.
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Default Re: Tata cars to be delivered in plastic “safety bubbles”

Well dear TATA the real bubble that you need to look upon is the “Sarkaari” treatment done by your staff at the sales and especially the service centres. Although after multiple sub par and frustrating encounters at the TATA service centres I have given up hope on this improving ever.

As much as I feel proud to convince my friend in buying a nexon , everytime I visit your dealer I feel so guilty to let him get into this menace. I know many would say that they are improving and that TATA makes good product, it’s your treatment eventually that drives the customers away. Since I own cars from other brands as well, there is a day night difference in the approach and the level of concern shown by TATA staff vs the other companies.

A simple audit by ghost visitors from your team can uncover the pain one has to go through to get a simple job done. For instance a simple wiper blade change last week for my vehicle took one hour plus at the most reputed dealer in my city. Seems like the guys at service centres hold a vengeance against the sales staff and the customers. Is it so difficult to provide basic satisfaction to the customers who are your bread and butter?

I really hope Maruti/Hyundai/ Honda start making safer cars as it seems like that is more likely and easy than expecting TATA to work on its service strategies. The inflated egos of the staff coupled with the lackadaisical approach has pushed me away, far away from contemplating TATA as my next purchase which could have been a Harrier.

If anyone at TATA is reading this post, kindly read, repeat and ponder over these lines by Carl Buenher:
They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.
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Default Re: Tata cars to be delivered in plastic “safety bubbles”

Why dint they think of putting it in a hot air balloon and air-drop it?

Its better they focus on customer experience and ASS. They have the right moment to capture market given that their product lineup is good and offering value for money.
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Default Re: Tata cars to be delivered in plastic “safety bubbles”

Originally Posted by Samba View Post
How much difference will it make from delivering the car from a specific well sanitized delivery bay/room?
A driver is putting the car inside this bubble and he is walking out from there, and I don't think each car will get a new bubble. They will sanitize this and use for the other car deliveries too.

This might be actually good, but to me it looks more like an eyewash! May be am missing something!
I feel it's more of a gimmick. Logically speaking, parking a car in the open under direct sunlight for some time would yeild the same result. Or are they relying on creating a greenhouse to increase the temperature inside for sanitising the vehicle?!
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Default Re: Tata cars to be delivered in plastic “safety bubbles”

Seems a remarkable idea to say the least. These safety bubbles are well known to (classic) car collectors. It is a very simple way to store a car and keep the environment well controlled temperature, more importantly humidity wise. So they usually come with a simple air compressor and de-humidifier. Makes for excellent long term storage.

This is one, of the many suppliers of these sort of systems:

Why they would want to use it in this fashion is a mystery to me. These things are not that easy to handle. Getting your car in and out, takes some time and experience. I do not see it enhancing the new-buy experience at all.

What dealers do here in Europe; the larger dealers will have one or more special new car delivery service bay attached to the showroom. Your car will be waiting for you under a nice (dust) cover. So it is a very simply unveiling, but I always enjoy it! First time you get to see your nice new shiny car in the real!

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