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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Skoda Laura 1.8 TSI. I was about to buy a used one about 4-5 years ago. The car had barely done 30k kms and was less than 5 years old. Was getting a very good price. Buying that required me to stay longer in NCR for paperwork and other things. I had some urgent work in BLR, so I dropped the car mid purchase and left.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Indeed, it's Tata Hexa 4*4 or AT which I had booked and cancelled due to some external issues.
I have been regretting it since then and keenly follow all Hexa updates and now it's clear, there should not be any Hexa BS6 for sure.
Let me check New Safari, but ladder on frame and rear wheel drive will be sorely missed in New Safari.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

When the final batches of the gypsy were being sold prior to discontinuation, I had a strong urge to book one and get a brand new 2019 gypsy white hardtop delivered. I did some math and I may have been able to get one, but was very skeptical of convincing my family. I wanted to buy one and make that my car that I would keep for my lifetime. Simple, no-frills and a very capable machine. I regret it very badly.

Looks like used is the only way forward and whosoever has one is either not selling or are expecting unrealistic prices.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

For me there is the first one I fell in love with.

Tata Sierra.

Cars that you regret NOT buying!-tatasierra.jpg

Mainly due to it's magnificent street presence, even Pune rickshawallas used to scuttle out of the way. Awesome leg space and headroom.

Sadly I was in college and obviously no income. By the time I started earning, they shut down production.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

VW Jetta DSG: The Jetta was launched in 2011, exactly 2 years after I had gotten my Corolla. I loved everything about it but at that point it made no sense to change the car in less than 2 years. The facelift came out in 2015 and I was again tempted but the damn corolla was so reliable after 6 years that it still made no sense to change from the Atlis to the Jetta. The Jetta has been the one lost love of mine for a long time. I used to take moderator Ajmat's Jetta for a drive regularly. It was like making an excuse to secretly meet a mistress.

Maruti S-cross 1.6L: It came out in mid 2015 again less than 2 years after I got my Ecosport TDCi. The performance, space and ride was instant regret of not waiting for this and selling off the Figo is 3 years and jumping to the Ecosport. I loved the Ecosport, but one TD of that 1.6L S-cross changed that to what could have been.

Skoda Octavia vRS 230: I always wanted something fun to drive and since the Jetta wasn't available the Octavia vRS 230 was like mouth watering at 32L on road. And again, the Ecosport was only 4 years old and I had told my self I will keep the Ecosport for 7 years atleast. Plus financially I was not ready to spend 30L in 2017 due to family commitments. This was a big regret as well. Missing out on VRS 230.

Alto 1.1 VXi: This one was a big miss as well. Always wanted it and when I wanted to change my M800, Maruti had stopped the Alto 1.1 and I had to settle for the Alto 800. Worse car I got.

Maruti Swift 1.3L: I didn't have the budget for the Swift and settled for the Alto 800 even though what I really wanted was an Alto 1.1. The Swift was a dream back then since it was expensive. I should have just taken a loan from dad and picked up the Swift instead of Alto 800.

I will have to more to this list as there are a lot more but these were the ones which were recent.

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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Ford Fusion: I had followed the Ford Fusion protoypes for about 6 months around Chennai - whenever I came across them testing and had seen them up close near my office for about the same time and also planned to buy it as my first car. Except I never got around to buy one- as a first car purchase, family and friends scared me about owning a Ford - Escort and Ikon owners maintenance costs and all. In my view it had everything I wanted as a noob in circa 2004-5 - 100+ bhp engine ,great suspension and space in a hatch.

Ended up buying the Indica V2 diesel as my first car - man it sucked with just 53 bhp on tap and my father said that was enough power for a new driver.

Toyota Etios - By the time the Etios came around, I had owned an Indica and a Civic (on lease) and decided to wait till it got better in terms of interiors. Made up my mind to buy the petrol in 2019, but job situation made me to put the purchase decision on hold. Covid happened and BS6 norms meant Etios disappeared from the showroom. I loved the 1.5 NA petrol for the effortless driving inside the city, just hoping will get to lay my hands on a nice pre-owned one a couple of years down the line.
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Default Cars you regret NOT Buying!

Abarth Punto and the Tiago JTP.

The Abarth was launched just 2 years after my Punto purchase and didn't have the mind to swap that early.

I had test driven the Tiago JTP and almost finalised it as a replacement for my Maruti 800(not to be sold) when they pulled the plug and discontinued the car.:

Eventually the Punto was replaced by the Compass Trailhawk and the Maruti replacement is yet to happen. Taigun 1.5 maybe,if I really like the drive?

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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

In the recent past i regret not picking up atleast one of the following cars:

1. Hexa XTA - I missed the buying window during BS6 deadlines last year and i regret it not only for the really good offered price but also due to the fact that its not available now in the market.

2. Endeavour 3.2 - Same reasons as above. 3.2 engine was the usp of the car and now its gone.

3. Octavia RS235 - This was available for around 30 L on the road in Pune which made it really good value for money. IMO, currently available RS245 is not at all justified for the asking price.

4. Q7 - There were really good deals on Q7 3.0 diesel during the BS6 deadlines. I really liked it's understated squarish looks before the current facelift arrived internationally and also the car isnt available now in our market.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

My friend had a Santro AT back in 2007. He went abroad and wanted to sell the car. I was in need of a second car for city ride. But i was not inclined for an AT at that time because of high fuel consumption.

But, when I heard he wants to sell his car, I asked him to quote a price and i said i will purchase at his price. And he offered me the car at the rate I would quote. He did not want to quote a price because of friendship. I also did not want to quote because of same friendship.

Finally, none of us did budge. The car had run some 4k kms in 2 years. Very well maintained.

At last he sold the car to 3rd party and flew to US.

I even today regret NOT buying that car, not because of profit or loss or quality of the car. But because of memories i lost with the car.

Even today, he keeps sending me some gadgets as token of friendship. A wonderful friend. (Rajan Behal)

If he sees this thread, i am sure he feels glad.

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Undoubtedly the Endeavour 3.2 4x4 AT during the sweet post GST mismatch period when D2 SUVs actually got cheaper for a brief time.

You will never get a VFM SUV such as the big brute at that price ever again. The prices have steadily peaked from there and today you'll spend more than 10lacs extra to buy the 2.0 litre turbo.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Safari Dicor Vx 4x4, I hunted one for a long time and found a rare black 4x4 in Olx. By the time, I arranged my finances, it was gone. Even the day before I paid the full amount for my Hexa, I frantically looked for one in Olx. I don't think I will ever buy one now. Maybe if the new Safari even comes with an AWD, I will put my money on it.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Red Fiat Palio 1.6 GTX
Fiat Urban cross Abarth
Fiat Linea T-jet 125s
Aquarius Blue Ford Fiesta 1.6s

Selling our old gen Ford Figo TDCI.

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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Tata Nano : Totally in love with this car. I was allotted the car in first phase of lucky draw. Waited for 1 year. In between i moved to USA for a year. And when we got the phone call of delivery date, dad thought that we already have an Indica Xeta at home and since i was in USA, i will not come back to India hence he cancelled the car one week before the delivery. Later i left USA and shifted to India

Few years later Nano was not doing great in sales. My dad was working in Tata Motors on a good post. His was told that if Nano performed bad in sales next month then your team has to buy 1 Nano each. I was so excited about this news. But unfortunately for me and fortunately for Tata, Nano's sales went up and we didnt get chance to buy Nano once again. .

Now i have sold my Indica GLX Xeta and happy with Tiato XZ. Still whenever i see nano, i feel happy.
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Default re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Great to see so many replies about the Nano. It is a wonderful car if you know its limitations. I'll post my review sometime

Personally I loved the Qualis. Comfortable and frugal 7 seater which gets toyota support even today. I regret not buying one when good examples were still available for a low price. These days the ones on Olx or Droom are in bad shape and the rest have been scrapped or are in use in rural areas.
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Default Re: Cars you regret NOT Buying!

The only car or rather SUV that I regret and will regret forever not buying has to be the Safari. I am from that camp of people who think that the Harrier XL is NOT a true Safari.

A very close friend of mine had owned all the generations of the Safari right till the Varicor 400 model. I was fortunate enough to have clocked many a thousand kms behind the wheel of them when we did road trips all over India during our bachelor days. The feeling and respect you get when you are sitting on those throne like seats of the Safari is something which needs to be experienced to be believed.

When I wanted to sell my Optra Magnum which served me flawlessly for more than a lakh kms and finally venture into the world of SUVs, the Safari was the only candidate. But the atrocious pricing of the product coupled with bare bones interiors and features for the price meant that I had to settle for Hexa. Not that I ever regret my decision of choosing the Hexa over the Safari but I do regret Tata giving step motherly treatment to the Safari brand and let it die a slow death.

I always wished if Tata had done to the Storme what they did to Aria then they sure would have sold at least double the number of cars than what they ever managed with the Hexa. And I for sure would have been the first one to be standing in the booking queue with cheque in hand. So yes I regret not being able to buy the Safari and looks like will continue to regret it forever looking at what Tata is doing with the new Safari.
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