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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Cars that you regret NOT buying!-2017fordfigosportseditionreview47.jpg
credit: gaadiwaadi

Figo Petrol 1.5 AT

I love small, well specc'd cars with excellent handling. I recently changed from a Baleno MT to a Polo TSI AT and would've loved to opt for the Figo 1.5 AT had it been available. A big engine with a torque converter? That's not something we'll see coming back any time soon. Not in the small hatchback segment at least.

Figo S TDCi

I would've preferred this over the Baleno we decided to get had my father not played the "resale value" card. Gotta hand it to him, that resale value sure came in handy when we got the Polo. I just love the way Figo is I guess. Small, fast, capable handler. The retuned sporty suspension made this a unique offering.
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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

SCross 1.6! 5 years ago I’d booked, cancelled and gone the pre-loved car route with another favourite - the 1.6TDI Vento.
When I changed the Vento, finally bought the 1.3facelift SCross. I love the car, but still remember the TD of the 1.6 wistfully.
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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

One car I regret not buying is a well restored HM contessa, have always been a big fan of American muscle cars and only one in India that matches the profile is HM contessa. I wish some one launches a similar product.
Another one I can say is Honda Jazz, DSG.
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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

My biggest regret. Well, I was about to close a deal with a genuine buyer for the legendary Palio S10. Then I went on to discuss things with family before closing the deal and things immediately went south. Ladies of the house did not want a used car. Brother warned me against a 12 year old fiat (imagine his face when I further informed him that it's the rare 1.6 litre one). I struggled to get even a single vote from any member of the family. Time went by and before I could decide anything my all time favorite car was gone!!!!!! The pain was more than any break-up I had.

But then, like a Phoenix, I rose again and decided that I have to do something to redeem myself and cull that emptiness (Ya it was that deep an agony) . So I shut myself from all the sensibilities and wisdom of the world (friends and family) and bought my another all time favorite. And that the story of my Pajero SFX coming home to me.
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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

I wasn't in the market when they were on sale and even if I was, both were probably well-over my budget but I always had a soft spot for the Grand Vitara and Kizashi.

Unique cars + CBU quality and build + Maruti Suzuki service = winner!. Shame they were market flops.
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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Ford Fiesta 1.6S - when I was in the market for a car in 2015, I should have considered a used Fiesta 1.6S instead of plonking all my savings into the down payment for my Polo and then taking on an arduous loan. The Fiesta is an absolute gem of a car, and having now experienced a 2010 Figo petrol (owned and driven by my wife) I can safely say that I would have been happier driving a Fiesta 1.6S. Oh, well!

Fiat Punto Abarth - News reports were out in 2014-15 that we could expect a fast Fiat to hit the market, but I couldn’t wait any longer and bought my Polo GT TSI. Had I waited a little longer, I may have opted for the Punto. Sure, it has its flaws, some of them glaring beyond belief. But I would have been happy, knowing that I had owned and driven an Abarth Punto.

Skoda Laura 1.8 TSI / vRS - A few years ago, I began sinking questionable amount of money and time into my Polo, in the hope that it would be faster and fun to drive, and I have achieved that to an extent. But I can’t help but think if I had bought a used Laura instead. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed tweaking my Polo and I would do it all over again if I had to. But the lure of the Skoda still lingers on even to this day.
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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Originally Posted by McLaren Rulez View Post
Unique cars + CBU quality and build + Maruti Suzuki service = winner!. Shame they were market flops.
MS threw the opportunity to market Kizashi out of the window. Everyone thinks it's another run-of-the-mill Maruti.

The Kizashi is extremely elegant, and I'd have gone for it even now if it were in my price-range. I did suggest picking one up used, but my parents, and wife, were abhorrent to go for anything used for the first car.
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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

2 models from a single manufacturer, and that too FIAT!

I regret not having bought the Palio Adventure with that lusty 1.6L petrol. I have always been a fan of SW body style and the Adventure with its butch looks and raised stance was drool worthy for me at that point of time. Coupled with the ride and handling package, it was perfect for our unpredictable highways.

The secoond one is of course the Punto Abarth. WHAT A CAR for 10 lakhs!! My wife just didn't give me the green signal and my dream of owning one just didn't materialise.
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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

1. S Cross 1.6 - was quite a bit out of my budget in 2016, after which it phased out. Test drives left me mind numbed for quite some time after!

2. Octavia VRS- Each generation whenever it was launched, was way out of budget. I keep drooling at the current gen VRS whenever I see it on the road, but even today it remains well beyond my reach.

3. Punto Abarth - Came close to purchasing one but backed out due to Fiat's ASS and maintenance related shennanigans.

4. VW Tiguan / T Roc - really loved these cars, and would have picked either up as my next purchase, but unfortunately they got phased out or sold out, as the case may be. Loved the clean classic Euro design and the stunning all black interiors. Hoping for a return of the next gen Tiguan by the time my next car purchase comes along!

5. Ford Fiesta 1.6S in Aquarius Blue - don't think much needs to be explained for this car. The holy grail for purists on relative budget back in the day. Even today , the clean silhouette of a well maintained number looks fantastic, not to mention the lovely Duratec engine.

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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Well, for me it was a new Thar DI 4X4 wayback in 2013.

Joined a PS Bank in 2013. The first thing which came to my mind after joining was to buy a Thar 4X4. The time was perfect as I got married just a year ago. The deal was perfect @~4.75 lakh OTR. But somehow I got convinced with the Thar CRDe and started saving up for it. And by the time I could save enough for a down payment for Thar CRDe, I was a father. And after becoming a father, I needed to be practical in my decisions. So I kept my heart aside and started venturing in Sedan territory.

But the flame is still alive. Started saving up again for a Secondary Vehicle. One day I shall overcome.... from the abysmal pit of practicality


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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Abarth Punto Mine was once a regret but now half fulfilled. I own a Punto evo sports 90HP of Aug 2015 make with Exotica Red and all black interiors. Now the car has clocked 5+ years of trouble free ownership and is an absolute beauty to look at and drive too. I loved an Abarth but my monthly mileage doesn't suit the usage of that engine hence went ahead with a multijet. Then when my brother was in look out for changing his car in 2017 he asked me suggestion for a car with a big heart. Immediately I asked him to TD an Abarth at his place. Once he and his family approved Abarth we were lucky enough to get hold of one of the last batches of Abarth in India. So now whenever I get the pang for torque I exchange my Punto to him and I drive Abarth. Hence my desire is half fulfilled.
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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

I regret not buying the top end model of Elite i20, Asta(O) when i purchased my car. I settled for Asta. Asta(O) came with touch screen, projector headlights and 6 air bags. It was pricier than Asta model by about 70k when I bought my car. Later I retrofitted touch screen and projectors in my car and together it costed me about 50k. I should have bought the top model which would have provided me company fitted reliability which no after market parts can provide.
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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Two cars :

a) The Gypsy. I still turn and look back if i see a Gypsy go past me. I never had the moolah to buy this back then.

b) The Thar : I came very close to booking one in 2010. I went with the cheque book too. Somehow, the lack of A/C and the side facing seats was a major decision point. I still love that version of the Thar.

One of the above is satiated - I have booked the New Thar. I guess the Gypsy is something that I will continue to look and admire and not get to own one.
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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

I regret not buying the Swift 8 years back (I bought the Polo instead).

At that time, I was spooked about the 'brake' issues on the swift, and decided to steer clear of it.
The short test drive also did not help matters.

Later, when I got to spend some substantial time on a friend's swift, i realized what a fun car it is.
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Default Re: Cars that you regret NOT buying!

Just the right post for me to pen down the cars I missed or dint try hard to buy actually.

I currently drive a 12 Maruti Swift ZXI and 20 Jeep Compass Limited+ Petrol.

1. Ikon (during college days, though I couldn’t afford one)

2. S-Cross 1.6 (very much affordable, but just kept procrastinating and one fine day, Maruti decides to pull down the curtains and I had no choice but to regret. This one I regret the most)

3. Polo GT TSI in 2017 (TD was fantastic, rear seat and boot space was a deal breaker as I wanted a bigger car then)

4. City zxi in 2017. Was just a day away from booking this one. But destiny (my boss actually) had different plans as I had to visit on-site for a prolonged period.

5. Octavia TSI in dec 2019. This one again, I was so close to buying one. (Destiny again had a say here or should I say Skoda management for stopping the manufacturing of the same in Sept 2019 itself for the BS6 thing starting in March 2020)

6. Civic Mar 2020 (the obvious choice since Octavia’s are no longer available and Elantra and Corolla looked flashy and too old respectively (no offence)). Took a test drive and the really low seating was the deal breaker here. If it was as high as city, would have bought it eyes closed.

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