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View Poll Results: Should current Rapid/Vento be purchased now?
Absolutely! 146 40.11%
Absolutely not! 105 28.85%
Wait to see what replacement offers before deciding 113 31.04%
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Originally Posted by Tapish View Post
Reliability is another concern, VW/ Skoda service is a gamble at most places and at the very least, expensive.
Yes it is true that early on compared to competitors it was expensive but in the present day it has tapered down a lot.

Volkswagen group is going through a similar perception as Ford had years back, expensive to service and maintain. Ford worked on it and Volkswagen is also doing the same. Will Volkswagen fate end up like Ford ? Next couple years will decide their fate.

Prices were also driven north early on as Volkswagen was importing most of components plus positioning of brand.

Service is one more area where they have worked a lot. Experience doesnít drastically change from dealer to dealer. There could be one off cases. Things have improved and hope they keep working. Are they 100% there? No.

Now across every brand there are good dealers and some are not yet there at same level. There are enough experiences shared on the forum.

Where it matters the most is how a brand address escalations and concerns. There needs to be turn around here.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Voted for absolutely.

Given the way prices of newer car are shooting through the stratosphere into space, these cars look like better alternatives, mainly because of better build and driving dynamics. Sure, the bling factor is less, interiors look more skewed towards cars that are more than decade old. But the interior quality is still impressive, cars drive well, have a nice motor which is now coupled with torque converter and doors shut with a reassuring sound.

For someone who loves driving, the sheer joy of driving these machines with confidence is something rivals cannot replicate. May be I am a bit old school, but I find its instrument cluster a bit classy too.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Voted No.

I personally had a bad experience with VW Vento. Had bought Vento 1.5 Diesel in 2011 - the car was hoot to drive and had a solid body, but once the warranty expired in 2015, unfortunately, I faced lot of issues related to engine.

The turbo failed and costed me 80k for replacement, and then the injectors failed too after few months. The service was downright shoddy and not upto the mark at all.

Had to sell it off at a throw away price in 2018.

I don't think I will buy a VW car ever again.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Voted for absolutely. Although take my opinion with a pinch of salt as I own a Rapid.

Even if I had my apprehensions when I bought my Rapid in April because of the slated new launches but I do not have any regrets now.

First of all, car is so good to drive. Floats on water when on a free highway. Pretty outdated on gizmo and blings but does very well on what it so supposed to do - drive well and with comfort. People who have rode passenger have praised the suspension. I do not need to make any further comments on the engine than what as already been said in the forum. A tested safety aspect than newer Skoda cars (although dents easily).

Now coming to the newer options. Kushaq, the first out of India 2.0 program, although with great reviews on the driving factor of the car, is not without it's initial niggles. Also, I read in the review somewhere that some places had cheap plastics used and all. This does not induce much confidence on the cars from the aforementioned program. Not to mention, the new sedan would be costlier.

If you are the type to suffer from FOMO because of the newer cars with added gizmos and blings in offer then really think through buying Rapid/Vento. I had that feeling as well when I bought it (my other option was Nexon and that had much more stuff going than Rapid), but now am satisfied and in love with the aesthetics of the car. In my eyes, Rapid looks much cooler than Nexon. Another point to consider is, apart from gizmos and blings, it also misses out of some important factors like ESP, TCS etc.

If you have the time to wait out few months on the new sedan (at least an year after launch would be a safe bet) and money to cover the additional price then that would make sense for you.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

What IS interesting is, the opinion is equally spread! Currently, each option is weighing ~30% each. I am still in the same boat as I was when I opened this poll. I think now, only better half will have a final say!
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

I would buy a Vento or Rapid today if: my priority is to get a sedan immediately rather than waiting for updated ones, driving pleasure, solid build, safety over the competitors.

Also, if the updated ones are on the horizon, I will not buy the updated ones immediately since Kushaq is getting a lot of bashing for breakdowns. So I will give it a year for VW and Skoda to sort out those issues. Also VW will definitely price the updated ones sky high.

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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

I would wait before signing that cheque. These are aged products in the market(old wine in new bottle) but have aged gracefully. No denying the fact that their mechanicals, engineering, safety and build quality are well on par with the competition.
There are interesting products coming up, especially with the MQB-AO IN platform.
Virtus and the Slavia sedans from VAG group have been caught testing from time to time but wont be priced in the same segment as that of the Vento and Rapid.
One thing is for sure , we can expect better engines, gearboxes and tech spawning out of the platform. Hence I feel that the best is yet to come.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Originally Posted by akshye View Post
Considering that the Rapid and Vento replacements are just around the corner, should one consider buying either of them?

Past experience shows, companies are now better at managing stock/production as well; with that, I doubt there will be any clearance sell either, when the replacement cars show up.

The twins are considerably outdated on gizmos. The only thing pulling the crowd towards them is the new engine. Looking at the Kushaq/Taigun, the replacement twins may have better features at a premium price, with similar engine options.

So, should one buy either of the twins currently at (relatively) lower rates (with outdated features), or wait and watch?
Yes, they are definitely outdated but there is a reason why they are still on sale today doing somewhat decent numbers. I second the claim that the likelihood of 'clearance sale' is unlikely although I do see discounts coming our way for sure. I wouldn't expect these discounts to be very drastic though.

I would beg to differ with the point that the only thing pulling customers now are the new engines. While the new engines are crackers, there have been many deserving engines in the past let down by a bad overall package. The reason why people still buy these cars IMHO is because of the sheer build quality and driving experience which is unparalleled at this price point. One of my daily drivers is a 2015 Vento and I can say with the utmost amount of confidence that the most recent iterations of these cars still have a lot of life left in them. In fact, a few of my senior colleagues in the Municipal Corporation have Rapids as their official cars for a while now and they are still going strong.

I like that you used the word gizmos because that is truly what they are. The 'need to have features' are close to 100% present in both the Rapid and Vento. In fact, features like cornering lamps were introduced in the car back in 2015 when this was something one could only find in the more premium segments. So will you miss out on some gizmos? Yes, you will. But will you miss out on the need to have features? I very humbly say no.

While the replacements might be around the corner, let us not forget that every new car comes with its set of problems. I would wait around for at least a year before committing to any new car. I sincerely hope that the new replacements can hit the ground running and won't have any specific problems like the Kushaq and assumably will be the case with the Taigun too.

Therefore if you have the time and resources to wait, why not wait. However, if you need something to add to your stable immediately, both the Rapid and Vento make a great option.

Hope I could summarize what all Vento/Rapid owners would preach for via this post.

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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Voted for absolutely.

The Rapid 1.0 TSI is one of the most fun-to-drive sedans on sale now. Even after a decade, it still looks great with its clean design. With the 1.0-litre three-cylinder TSI unit, you can enjoy the revv-happiness on highways and open roads, refinement is not so good at higher rpms, but quite decent at normal revs. Since Fiesta and Linea are discontinued, Rapid is currently the best-handling car its segment. Believe me, Verna and City cannot even dream of this level of handling and ride.

Like the Polo and EcoSport, the Rapid also is actually a decade old model, it may feel outdated by today's standards to many. But, I personally feel that Rapid and Vento are correctly-priced for what they really offer. Lower variants of the sedan offers super value for money for those who need a no-nonsense car within a tight budget of ₹ 10-12lakhs. Yes, the 1.0 TSI engine, along with the carís solid build and suspension, makes it a tempting choice for enthusiasts.

About the upcoming generation, we can expect better engines and transmissions for sure, but I think that it'll be significantly more expensive than both Vento and Rapid.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Voted for absolutely.

For me whether its a brand new platform or 10+ years old doesn't matter directly.

What matters is a.) Engine b.) Ride / Handling including steering c.) Overall build quality

And in all above aspects especially in b.) and c.) Rapid / Vento still scores well if compared to peers with a good engine.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Voted YES.

These are well built sorted and proven machines mechanically. Now with the 1.0 TSI engine, these cars are having a very good engine as per today's standards as well.

When you wait for the new model, you can be 100% sure that they will be placed at a premium and most importantly with the same engine. Plus the new product may have niggles in the earlier stages as we see on Kushaq here.

But if someone looking for the most updated gizmos and features then it won't be a right choice for them.

I look forward to have a fun to drive, solid, well built car with some equipments for convenience coupled with good handling. And I think the Rapid/Vento are still okay with decent equipment list as well. I still think the Polo/Vento/Rapid still offers good value in all variants.

For me I still think Rapid is a much better car than a Kushaq anyday.

All depends on person to person though.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Originally Posted by akshye View Post
Considering that the Rapid and Vento replacements are just around the corner, should one consider buying either of them?

So, should one buy either of the twins currently at (relatively) lower rates (with outdated features), or wait and watch?
I cannot vote as of now, but would suggest you to go ahead if you are getting a good deal for either of the two. The new sedan from the twins would be having the same 1L TSI engine coupled with the TC gearbox along with all the features one can get in the new crossovers from VAG. But those features and the new platform would result the top end DSG 1.5 TSI to reach atleast 18-20L on road.

The 1L TSI engine would also be atleast 3-4L costly than the current one with no discounts offered atleast for 1 year from the product launch. Regarding driving dynamics, the current Vento/Rapid are one of the best driving c-segment sedans available in the market for people who love connecting with the car mechanically rather than a connected car tech .
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

As the owner of an 2013 1.6TDi, it's a sturdy workhorse that rarely has left me down. There are some gremlins but overall, haven't had any trouble with the car (touch wood). And the car ages amazingly well and there are no creaks after 8 years of spirited highway driving and my penchant for taking anything off-road.

But I am sure the newer model would have a significant update that would blow the current offering out of the water. As a fellow T-BHPian mentioned, that corner is longer than some of the F1 race track ones. It's been coming and coming and frankly, I think even a lot of VW loyalists have lost their interest. I think a lot plays into personal preferences as well - I am a sucker for sturdily built, no-nonsense cars with limited gadgetry.

Would I upgrade to the next-generation Vento? Absolutely. Would I upgrade to the current model? Nope. Purely because other than the 1.2/1.5 + AT combo, I don't see what's great about the current model.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Voted for 'wait to see what the replacement offers'. Had that not been an option, I would definitely have voted for 'Absolutely!'

I've been running a 2013 1.6 mpi petrol Vento (I know, there only a handful 1.6 petrol owners around here), and even after > 8 years, the machine still gives me a smile everytime I take it out on the highway. Bought a 2020 Polo GT TSI 1.0, and I can guarantee you that this baby 1.0 TSI engine is nothing like you've experienced in this price range. Wonderful high speed stability, great fun to drive factor because of the turbo kicking in at a very low ~1500 rpm, ample power still available at higher rpm and extremely chuckable within the city. Heck, this engine gives cars of even a higher segment a proper run for their money!

Yes, the body shape is outdated, and yes, the interiors lack modernity, and yes, the service and maintenance aspects leave a lot to be desired; but these cars have gotten the basics right, which a lot of manufactures miss. And if you're a driving enthusiast, you'd value that more than much else.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Voted absolutely yes. My suggestion will be to wait only if you have the budget to go for 1.5 TSI in the new offerings. If 1.0 TSI, it makes full sense to go with Rapid.
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