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View Poll Results: Should current Rapid/Vento be purchased now?
Absolutely! 146 40.11%
Absolutely not! 105 28.85%
Wait to see what replacement offers before deciding 113 31.04%
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Old 15th September 2021, 00:03   #31
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Voted absolutely yes! I just bought a Rapid last month. Discounts are thrown left and right now and you can get the higher variants for < 13L OTR.

If you are graduating from a lower segment car, honestly you wouldn’t care about gizmos like sunroof, ventilated seats, weird unreadable instrument consoles, connected car tech - which is a fancy word for stealing your personal data etc

On the other hand if you want a safe, proven platform with a fun to drive engine, go ahead and buy one.

The newer sedans will be built on the “indianized” platform, expensive and might have its fair share of niggles as well
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

If you know what you're getting (lovely engines, great build, great to drive, low on gizmos and features, outdated interiors), then why not?
I can't vote but would have voted absolutely. I'm pretty sure the replacements will fulfill the deficiencies but at a hefty price tag.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Being a VW Vento owner with approx 180K Kms under belt and still running strong, I still voted for option 3. While these vehicles are still great from a driver's point of view, we seldom take this decision in isolation. I believe that hardly any family member will be ok with outdated interiors, old platform and / or suggest investing in a decade plus old platform. Better to wait for something new (New Vento / Rapid replacement) from VW / Skoda stable.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

I am a biased Vento TSI highline plus owner. I have driven <10K kms in the last 2 yrs due to the lockdown but I have enjoyed every drive in the Vento.

I was looking for a good to drive petrol auto in the 10-20L range and the Vento outscored all the other contenders easily. The City for example has a good engine but I can't live with the CVT transmission. Frankly, there was no match for the 1.2 TSi+ DSG combo in that price range and that holds true even now. May be the Kushaq/Taigun with the 1.5TSI+DSG will be equally good but those are priced higher, have some glaring cost cutting and dynamically can't match a sedan like Vento. So, for someone who prefers solid build, good quality interiors, ride and handling and a fun-to-drive automatic, these cars make a lot of sense.

Personally, I am happy with the purchase. Though the Vento is outdated, it looks elegant and will continue to age gracefully than the new-age in-your-face designs. My only grouse is the interiors does seem bland and some missing features (electric seats, paddle shifts, interior LEDs, speedo console belonging to the stone age, ventilated seats, etc). I managed to fit automatic headlights and TPMS, which should have been standard.

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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

If you're ok with basic features and don't want all the modern features, go ahead with the purchase. Hardly any vehicle will be able to give you smile on your face each time you drive. 1.0 TSI is a gem both in city and highway.

The looks on the outside may look dated. However, I personally like the simple designs of Vw/Skoda. I think they are much better than many current gen sedans. The only issue could be the after sales support of Vw/Skoda which is a hit or a miss. Also, gizmos/features that current gen cars are providing (read sun roof, connected car etc) are missing. At this price point, the space on offer is much more than similarly priced sub 4 mtr suv/sedans.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

I would not suggest both of them due to below reasons:

Based on my search, Rapid's rider variants are no longer available & Vento now only comes in Highline variant thus the point of value doesn't hold true since the available models retail north of 11.5L depending on your state.

With little increase in budget, a whole lot of options (City 4th Gen, Verna, Kushaq etc.) will be available which will provide same amount of features, are fun to drive.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

This Rapid in matte grey looks stunning. Would grab it for sure if it’s available with a cash discount. Is it officially launched?
Attached Thumbnails
Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?-2043fb48d9de438ca368ab07561097e1.jpeg  

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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Bought a 2018 1.5TDI DSG Highline Plus this year and I have no regrets. You should buy one too!

It is a fossil and still a car (unlike the competition, who are hell-bent on selling shiny new laptops/smartphones with wheels). However, nothing comes close to the handling, built quality and driving factor in the price range.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

As uncool as it may sound, Vento is still a great choice for an enthusiastic driver. However it's difficult to overcome the power of marketing and packaging that makes the other cars more desirable. If I am buying a new car at this price, Vento would be my first choice and sadly the only choice at this budget. The alternatives at this budget fall short of providing what I need from a car and excel in things I want to avoid in a car.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

I would actually wait and watch. With Ford exiting the market abruptly, I'm not too confident in the VAG either. So until the replacement actually ends up on our shores, I would suggest anybody planning to buy a
Vento to wait for some time
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

My answer for a new car would be no! Rapid or Vento or take even the Polo for reference, these are Decade old models lugging around with minor updates and engine tweaks/changes. Newer generations are probably on the horizon and hence what you will have in your possession a couple of years down the line is an outdated model. If it were a used car my answer would be totally different as then, by buying these cars(non DCT) I am getting a bang for buck as I get a superior car with awesome driving experience for the price of an on road top end Alto 800 in Mumbai.
On the other side I agree that these cars are a charm to drive but then today in the same price range you can buy a better Crossover or what they call SUV(Pseudo) which also provide good driving experiences, With the current road conditions(Craters) and annual waterlogging higher stance cars just provide that bit of comfort and peace of mind as compared to Sedans.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Voted Absolutely

Call me old-school, but I fail to understand why so many call the Rapid-Vento outdated.
True that the design is 10 years old, but hey, how many 10 year old designs still look as pleasant, clean and elegant?

Is it dated when it comes to engine specs? Darn no! They always had segment leading engine when it comes to power and torque. Even today the 1.0 TSI is among the best (I would rate it THE best) in its segment.

Is it dated when it comes to essentials? Not at all, they may lack sunroof and air purifiers. But they get required safety equipment, they get almost all comfort stuff (armrests, proper seats, good leg room etc). I am a simple man, Give me Bluetooth phone connectivity, decent legroom, steering mounted controls, ACC, auto dimming IRVM, a good gearbox and a punchy engine. That's all I need. Both Rapid snd Vento give them excellently.

Is it dated when it comes to dynamics? Nopes, still the best handling and most fun to drive in its segment.

Are they not reliable? NO! They are as reliable as the Japanese.

Our 2014 Polo GT 1.6 TDI - 1.1 lakhs, no issues, sold.
2013 Rapid 1.6 TDI - 1.75 lakh km, no issues whatsoever, totalled in a crash.

2017 Vento 1.5 TDI - 70k km, no issues, still on duty.

Is it dated when it comes to crash worthiness / structural stability? Let this picture answer that question

Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?-img20210916wa0023.jpg

That's the impact of a crash between our 2013 Rapid with a lorry, head-on with a lorry at 70 kmph!! No one was hurt.

I am talking from experience, having owned almost all budget brands by me and my extended family.

Coming to the C2 sedan segment, I have a lot of experience with the Ciaz DDIS, Rapid 1.6 TDI, Vento 1.5 TDI, 4th Gen city 1.5 IDtec and 5th gen City 1.5 Ivtec. I have driven and traveled extensively in all the cars above.

I honestly find the Rapid-Vento to be the best to drive, and the Rapid does come very close to the comfort benchmarks of the segment- Ciaz & City.

Nowadays everyone wants an SUV / Crossover. But being an owner of various ladder on frame SUVs for decades now, I strongly say sedans are much much better to drove and to travel in.

If I am looking for a new car now, I definitely will buy the Rapid 1.0 TSI(if usage isn't high).

3 comfortable C2 segmenters, 1 totalled, 1 sold, and we are happily holding on to the 1 that's currently doing duty. It's an exciting time whenever its my turn to use the Vento.

Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?-screenshot_20210916095738_facebook.jpg

Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?-screenshot_20210916095157_instagram.jpg

Even the vaguest handling C2 sedan (ciaz) was better than SUVs when it comes to high speed highway cruising and taking curves at speeds.

My brother has replaced his Rapid with a harrier (I told him to stick to sedans ) and I am using my storme as the daily driver. We both miss driving low GC cars without any body roll. SUVs are comfortable, but that's about it. By the way, that's the Rapid in the above picture (crashed). RIP to one of my most favorite cars on the last decade.

Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?-51567822_10218879416244981_2849138264575574016_n.jpg

In my opinion, outgoing models are adequate for my requirements.

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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

+1 to the above post. Thanks for sharing.

I bought the Vento just 2 years back, knowing that I am buying an almost a decade old car. However, it met my requirements of good performing petrol automatic along with most of the features I want.

Mine is a highline plus model, which has most of the important features -
  • Full LED headlights (low + high beam)
  • android auto + apple carplay ICE
  • electrically adjustable and folding mirrors
  • rear AC vents + charging point
  • one touch up-down power windows + windows open from the remote (helpful when the car is parked outside on a hot day)
  • auto dimming IVRM
  • rain sensing wiper
  • cruise control
  • automatic headlight level control (no manual adjustment needed for headlight level, very useful)
  • tilt+telescoping steering
  • glovebox illumination + cooling
  • adjustable armrest for driver
  • 16" alloys

So, in spite of the car being decade old, it is not bare bones at all. It can't compete in features with top-of the-line City but it is priced lower as well. Sure, the interiors look a bit drab and old school but everything is solidly put together. But, it beats competitors in key parameters like - performance, ride/handling, NVH.
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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Originally Posted by akshye View Post
Considering that the Rapid and Vento replacements are just around the corner, should one consider buying either of them?

Past experience shows, companies are now better at managing stock/production as well; with that, I doubt there will be any clearance sell either, when the replacement cars show up.
Do you have data to back this claim?
From what I know (I own both the Polo and the Vento) from a recent visit to the VW authorized service centre in Sahibabad, the workshop manager who I have a relation with since 7 years claimed that VW has stopped production of Vento and Polo in India and are now pushing only the Taigun, guns blazing.

As per his claims, if the Taigun fails in India, even VW (just like Ford) will have to reconsider their business plans in India because they're not enjoying a significant enough market share.

Regardless of this, I stilll think the Vento 1.5 Diesel variant is a beautiful car to own, even today.

My Vento has done 1.5 lakh kms, with no issues whatsoever.
My Polo has done 1.25 lakh kms, with no issues whatsoever.

I even made a thread (An ode to Volkswagen India)on how happy I am with VW, compared to my experiences with Honda and other Japanese/Korean manufacturers.

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Default re: Should one buy a Skoda Rapid or VW Vento today?

Voted - Yes, but the condition is that you should get a F-A-T discount.

VW group have a lot of experience building turbo petrol engines and are likely to make more reliable turbo petrols than Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Maruti. This 1.0 is not an over-stressed engine so, from the mechanical side, we're sorted. Unlike Mahindra, who try to squeeze every last drop of torque from the displacement like a race-spec engine.

On the chassis side, it's already a proven frame and it's sorted in dynamics with a mature feel.

On the electronics side, the car has nothing new that can throw a tantrum. Besides, I prefer a car without too many electronics.

On the feature front, this is one of the rare car with a proper front armrest. Most cars only offer an elbow rest with barely any space to rest the forearm.

So, this looks like a tried-and-tested product, which will not cause too many reliability issues in the long run. I personally prefer products with proven technology before I pay for them.

It's an international product with enough of them on the road that finding quality spares at decent price is not that difficult. Ditto for finding an experienced mechanic or technician to work on the car even if VW Group says bye-bye.

Although my heart is with the Polo 1.5D in Vento/Ameo's tune. Sadly, they don't have it here.

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