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Vikas Mawandia 10th July 2005 01:16

If Honda Civic comes to India it will give some serious competition cars like Optra & Corolla coz its fast and can be modified brilliantly

Mpower 10th July 2005 03:35


Originally Posted by devarshi84
couldnt get the picture so decided to get one from the net. here is the link to that hatch Iwas talking about.

Dude, thats a European Civic and it has been in production for the past 4 years or so. Also sold in the US as the Si. Whatever made you think its a Hybrid or the fact that it would be running around without camoflauge.

devarshi84 10th July 2005 11:43

I believe The new civic has just come to North America because I dont see them around much. They are not even official on the website. See that there is ahybrid there though.

turbo_lover 10th July 2005 12:38

cant be dude ... the only honda hybrids you can spot in america and Canada
are the
Civic SEDAN ...

what you saw was the Civic SiR Hatch ..its a petrol motor has 2 doors ..
however its hybrid variant is available in UK in a 4dr hatchback ...

Mpower 10th July 2005 19:54


Originally Posted by turbo_lover
however its hybrid variant is available in UK in a 4dr hatchback ...

Its not. Hybrid comes only in sedan body even in UK. ........& diesel comes only in hatchback body.

devarshi84 11th July 2005 08:05

Hey I meant to say that Civic is available as a hybrid. Nothin about hatch or sedan.

Yes I saw the car today and it was the civic dohc ivtec SIR.

here are the pics.




sriny_blr 11th July 2005 08:34

And what do you say about this......,00.html

devarshi84 11th July 2005 18:49

It is only the information that has been released on the new car. It will atleast take 6-8 months for the car to be launched commercially in Europe and North America. After its success there it will be launched in India. Consider that to be around after June July next year at the latest.

turbo_lover 11th July 2005 18:54


Originally Posted by devarshi84
Here I saw a hybrid hatch coupe(2 door)near my house.

isnt that what you said ?
Hybrid Hatch Coupe ...had you said hybrid civic ..we wouldnt have stirred up further discussion ...

Max 11th July 2005 19:33

I think Hybrid may be good for India because i learned somewhere it runs on battery for speeds lower then 50kmh (about 30mph) and after that on fuel engine. On many Bombay roads we drive less then 30kmph so we should save allot on fuel bills.

But again Hybrid cars are expensive which defuse purpose of savings :(

What do you say ?

devarshi84 12th July 2005 00:34


Originally Posted by turbo_lover

isnt that what you said ?
Hybrid Hatch Coupe ...had you said hybrid civic ..we wouldnt have stirred up further discussion ...

Hey it is the Hybrid civic I am talkin about(nothin about hatch or sedan).Yes the hatch doesnt have a hybrid engine but its the sedan thats being readied for India. I just said there is this new civic I saw which I tought to be hybrid and will pst pics.

Hope that cleared the confusion

DCEite 21st July 2005 08:51

Its official now.. the Civic will be headed to India early next year..

It will be an all new international model with a 2.0 litre Petrol engine (ivtec) ..

So the dream car is coming!!..

sriny_blr 21st July 2005 09:22

why not the Honda civic 2006 Model

devarshi84 21st July 2005 09:50


Originally Posted by sriny_blr

See my first post on this thread. those are the same dates I had predicted.

Max 21st July 2005 13:26

I don't find new civics pics much exciting.

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