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zenx 25th May 2007 12:48

If only Tata made prettier cars...
I really like the VFMness
I need adequate power which the Dicors provide
The Indigo Dicor is sooo much cheaper than the Fiesta, Verna
The handling may not be that great, but probably good enough for a large range of driving conditions/habits, and aftermarket fixes might be possible.
They are a little more error-prone but after 3 cars (v1,v2,v2+) in the family, and a few with friends, not earth shatteringly painful. And getting things corrected (OEM stuff) is soooo affordable, unlike my Oh-HC.
All the diesels are amazingly fuel efficient.
Comfort levels are ok, and the interiors, while never too upmarket, do hold up well if taken care of even a bit.
If only Tata made cars prettier and with a little more 'appeal' ....

theMAG 25th May 2007 12:52

The Indica is actually a very good looking almost evergreen car. Too many of them on road have made them a common theme.

The Safari too is a good looker.

What they need to work on is refinement and sedan-designing

Rtech 25th May 2007 12:52

I think the Indica is a very good design. It's just that we've become so accustomed to seeing them everywhere, that we don't notice it anymore. Also, the tag attached with it (cheap car) subconsciously makes us look at it in a different light.

The Indigo is not the best looker out there though. That boot has too much of an added on look than necessary.

lurker 25th May 2007 12:58

One thing that makes me so appreciative of TATA is the fact that they launched the Indigo XL with more legroom in the rear than the Skoda Superb. A truly luxury car for those who are chauffer driven without any of the pretentiousness or a 'petty bourgouise' wannabe image of a Merc or a Superb.

Also shows that not everyone has to pay an arm and a leg for a halfway decent car in India. I see the XL as the Lincoln Towncar of India.

zenx 25th May 2007 12:58

The Indica's pretty decent looking, yes. But you have to make a little bit of an effort to get there. Unlike the Golfs of the world, or even the Red Palio 1.6. Its not an 'effortless' pretty/handsome car. Needs an update, and I never really liked how the side profile ends.

The Safari does have a very good presence, but needs to go a little 07 - its undoubtedly decent looking tho. The Indigo/Marina have many compromises made - probably for cost . The XL is v v practical and probably comfortable, but loses the plot completely in the proportions department.

@theMAG - true - possibly a better finished job in itself would make the car much more appelaing aesthetically.

[ Disclaimer : I grew up in Telco and my dad still works there, so if anything I have a soft spot FOR Tata ]

ritayan 25th May 2007 12:59

Thats the reason i skiped the indigo in favour of the Marina, I think it scores in the looks department. But yes some things could definately be upgraded to make it more contemporary.

benbsb29 25th May 2007 13:05

I agree with the VFm factor which TATA provides with their cars. Had they been better looking, would definitely be on my list of cars.

P.S. : I do love the looks of the Safari Dicor though, specially with chunky alloys, and a bull bar.

spadival 25th May 2007 13:10

and better gear boxes.. no?

zenx 25th May 2007 13:13

The gear boxes have never been great, but nothing you can't get used to. After the Zen (1993, suzuki gearbox from the first lot - ooooh), even my Honda didnt feel that great (3rd to 2nd is still some work) and took a little getting used to - and despite whatever I've heard and read, I do not feel too pained when driving my dad's Indica (or when I drove my Bro's v1 all the way to Goa).

Technocrat 25th May 2007 13:21

Somehow I never had issues with Indica or Indigo's looks infact the latest ones look really nice, they were great for the prices at which they were offered. Their being a little more error-prone was\is the primary reason I stay away from them & also the overwhelming presence of the Indicabs.

balechaparka 25th May 2007 13:38

They should change the Indigo dash and front design.It looks same as Indica.Once they change then it will be a big hit i belive

Zappo 25th May 2007 13:38

Even the gearing is not that bad yaar. At least with the post-2005 indicas even the gearing is smooth. In fact recently I had some problems, first with a new WagonR's gear shifting and then today when driving a barely 12500kms driven Alto. They need much more work and conscious slotting than Indica, IMO.

himanshugoswami 25th May 2007 13:45

IMHO, Tata makes pretty good looking cars in the indian context- An Indica with 14 Inch alloys, looks way better than anything in the A and B Segment.

The indigo can more than hold its owm against the likes of teh Ikon, esteem etc. and definitely looks better than the Logan, esp. after its recent facelift.

The Safari- well no need to say anything on this one! it looks better than cars/UVs priced 2-3 times higher.

the 207/TL- just look at teh mahinra camper and compare it to the tata pick-ups- no competition here as well.

In fact the ONLy tata vehicle to look downright ugly is the Spacio Soft top- WHat were they thinking!!!!

Also, the fact that the Indica/go and the Safari can hold their own and even bettwe modern offerings even years after their launch is a testimony to good tata designs.

anonymous 25th May 2007 13:56

Indica specially the 2007 model looks much better. Finally Tata got rid of smiling front. Safari has also got nice looks and so does new Indigo but I do not like over all shape of Marina. It looks odd at the back.
But one thing Tata really need to work upon, is interiors of their car.
The reason why Indica is not an obvious choice of everyone is because of its Cab Image. Tata should do something about it like make a different models for cab and personsal cars

tsk1979 25th May 2007 14:04

Looks are subjective. Tata cars are so common that they don't appear good looking.
Biggest problems with a Tata car
1. Electricals will fail. Its just a question of time. In a Santro also electricals may fail before 70K, but in a Tata electricals WILL fail atleast once.
2. Crude : Gearshift is crude. Knobs are crude, interiors are crude. Salesmen are crude. The Jobcard is crude. Even the screwdrivers are crude.
3. Not refined : A tata diesel will wake up the neighborhood on a quiet winter morning. Sound deadening ensures that you don't hear much, but your neighbor will. Don't like your neighbor? Start your Tata at 4am on a cold winter morning every day, and watch him shift.
4. Cheapness: Thankfully this is less now, but cost cutting is evident. In the plastics, in the switches in the seats...
5. Looks : Tata indica looks like a taxi because all taxi drivers run for the indica. Delhi radio taxi drivers go for Petrol Marina, so even luxury taxi's are indicas!
So Tata should change the look. Maybe make it very ugly, but should not look like a Taxi. Only that will make people way that Indica's are not ugly.
Sometimes too much becomes ugly.
Moreover when a car has low quality it starts appearing ugly. Something like "Bad people look ugly" syndrome.

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