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View Poll Results: whats ur peeve on the road ? - 5 things that torture u when driving
taxis & autos 103 75.74%
best & st buses 1 0.74%
trucks & trailers 6 4.41%
pedestrians & cycles 21 15.44%
the trafic cop 5 3.68%
Voters: 136. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 13th March 2006, 16:54   #16
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Now that I am in a Dicor, I have risen 'above' being irritated by autos/taxis (who are bit scared) and started getting respect from the bus/truck category.. Pet peeve now is bicycles, 2-wheelers and pedestrians who cut across without a care in the world for their own lives.. I am more scared of hitting them and causing damage than they are of me :-(
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Old 13th March 2006, 17:02   #17
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Autos are the biggest peeve offs. They dont care and think they can turn where they like thats the reason i am thinking of buying a strong SUV buiilt on truck frame like a Endeavour so i can run over them. Enough said the better.

Bikers think they are Rossis on road cutting across without forgetting the person behing you is in third gear going to floor the pedal to the metal but they just came from any where and get in any where.

I dont get peeved off by any one on the road but the sight of some one holding you off is not tolerable.

P.S this was my view as a Co Passenger
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Old 13th March 2006, 17:10   #18
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Autos, maniac two wheel riders and cows in the city.
On the highways - dumb villagers on foot and on two wheelers, trucks with one headlight.
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Old 13th March 2006, 18:31   #19
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Taxi's........Taxi's.........Grrrrr how I hate them.
They'll just stop anywhere on the road to pick and drop passengers.

The Taxi drivers here drink and drive a lot at night here.
Most of the accident that occur here involves a Taxi.
(and their ego...........ohhhh makes me sooo angry)
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Old 13th March 2006, 19:26   #20
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Definately autos!! how they block the road, cut across etc etc.. ofcourse wen im in one, the story changes...
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Old 13th March 2006, 21:25   #21
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pedestrians, cows,cyclists!
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Old 14th March 2006, 09:35   #22
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Following should be stoned & burned...

1. Ppl who do not see that the car which is 10 mts away is travelling at 100 kph and try to cross the road
2. Ppl who look for traffic on their right side while crossing the road
3. scooter, cycles, autos who will leave insuficient space for u to pass and will wonder y u r not passing them
4. scooter, cycles, autos who will not leave any space for u to pass
5. anyones who tries to overtake you from left
6. Ppl who walk right in the middle of the road
7. Ppl who leave their cattle on the road
8. buses who stop everywhere, even in rightmost lane, without even a small signal
9. cars driving on the wrong side, or trying to take a U-turn on the road
10. Cars who will turn into ur lane, without realising that u r travelling at 100 and only GOD can avoid a collision.
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Old 14th March 2006, 17:01   #23
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Originally Posted by 2L8uLoose
Taxi's, Auto's, Buse's, Pedestrian's, Road Hog's, people that don't watch their mirror's, women driver's, sunday driver's, etc etc.. oh did I mention TAXI's X-(
i have had enough of these people esp the auto's i have decided to install steel plates on my lancer bumper (which has been scraped thrice by rickshaws cutting lanes in slow traffic) and at the edge of these steel plates ,will have a metal spear sticking out so that i can impale any thing that comes near my car
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Old 14th March 2006, 17:17   #24
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Any vehicle that's throwing out bucketloads of smoke... be it an auto running on kerosene, a roadside romeo on a 10 yr old apology of a bike or a family of four on a falling apart scooter or an overloaded about to breakdown truck/tempo/bus.
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Old 15th January 2008, 17:12   #25
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Fed up of auto/taxi/cool cabs guys not wanting to go anywhere ?

Well here is a email I got which says,

Do you know, Rickshaw & Taxi Drivers do not have a right to say NO,. So remember that each time the rickshaw/taxi driver tells you a NO, take down his vehicle registration number, note the time date and place, please click on the following link and register your complaint.

We have had enough of these guys bullying us around, and refusing to ply specially when its urgent. They have been told that they cannot say a NO to any customer when their meter is FOR HIRE! not even for short or long distances. I'd suggest you stop asking them whether they will take you wherever you wish to go and rather tell them where you want to go. and if they refuse. REGISTER a COMPLAINT. Lets teach these guys who's the customer , and who's the boss!

and the website is - Complaint against Autos

I havent tried this out but I guess it will be worth trying and checking if anything happens at all !
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Old 15th January 2008, 18:03   #26
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You need to have an "all of the above" option.
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Old 15th January 2008, 18:04   #27
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I don't see the biggest peeve - two wheelers (the non-cycle variety)
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Old 15th January 2008, 18:07   #28
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Autos and people on two wheelers who weave in and out of traffic.
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Old 15th January 2008, 18:34   #29
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Anything that slows down the traffic and causes jams is my pet peeve.

Pune city: Heavy vehicles (trucks, buses) followed by autos and two-wheelers. The truck menace is the one that causes traffic jams. The two- and three-wheeler menace causes risk of accidents. Pune city badly needs a ring road (like the one in Bangalore) so that the trucks and long-distance buses can bypass the city. The most irritating types amongst two-wheeler and car drivers are the ones in front of you that move to the right, looking to overtake the vehicle in front of them, but never manage to do it, so that you cannot overtake either.

Mumbai city: Taxis, followed by heavy vehicles. There are simply too many taxis in certain areas of Mumbai (e.g. Sion, Matunga) and they create total chaos on narrow roads (stopping/parking arbitrarily, cutting into your driving space, taking a long time to start from signals, etc.).

Highways: Trucks, by a long way. Slow-moving, lane indiscipline, sudden and unpredictable lane-cutting, hogging all lanes, etc.

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Old 15th January 2008, 18:51   #30
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Mine are
1) The guys behind you at the signal who will start honking when there is about 15 seconds to go on the countdown timer.
2) The idiots who will stop at the extreme left at an intersection signal an attempt to take the right turn, when the traffic is trying to go straight and vice versa.
3) The guys who even though they see that you have indicated a turn and have started taking the turn,will accelerate from way back in an attempt to squeeze through at a higher speed.
4) Then there are those brilliant souls, who when faced with traffic on their side of the road at a signal, will attempt to drive on the opposite side of the road into incoming traffic and try to get in front, they will flash their lights at you and then expect you to give them right of way.
Last but not the least, there are some guys who will practically climb up your tail pipe and keep revving the engine and honking, in an attempt for you to give them way.
I could go on.
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