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Default There was no alternative

I bought a diesel because there simply no alternative. I wanted a SUV which would be reliable, easy and cheap to service anywhere in India(especially rural), will have the material comforts like A/C, PS etc. Had zeroed on Gypsy and Bolero but since there were a few warranty issues, settled on the Diesel.
On the diesel economy bit, yes I'm enjoying moving from the Rs 6/KM to Rs 3.5/KM but my monthly mileage has increased
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I opted for diesel because:
1) i love the CRDi tech!
2) modern diesels are not noisy, they have acceptable NVH.
3) i love the torque surge, i am not too keen on redlining, i prefer all the action to be on the lower side of the rpm.
4) i dont mind better efficieny & hence more savings.
5) i feel they are more 'robust' than the petrols, just in the mind maybe!
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I bought a diesel because i love long drives(it becomes cheaper than trains n twice the fun),dont want to feel the pinch when gassing up,not to have to switch of the car and ac when idling in hot n humid weather,n love the torque of the car(verna vgt).
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prefer diesel on account of my liking for long drives, driving holidays and general usage, torquey nature of the new gen common rail type diesel engines + less expensive, cleaner burning fuel overall. prefer bigger jeep type vehicles, which frankly are far less expensive to run if they are diesel powered.
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Default needed better fuel efficiency

I had a lancer petrol which was a great car but wasnt very diet oriented. My long drive vacations were taking a hit. Besides On a daily basis my run was more or less 100 km. So I decided to follow my head and not my heart as i went for the fiesta D. Its a a good car and very reliable but its no lancer. It is very much a diet diesel and handles very well. I must admit that i still miss the lancer especially while cruising on the highway but then the fiesta has made me take a lot more outdoor vacations than i ever would have.
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I have bought diesels for the following reasons (in that order). Marks in the brackets are a conceptual number out of a total 10. 10 means most important, 0 meaning not important at all.
1. Resale (10)
2. Torque (7)
3. FE (5)
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I bought a Verna diesel over petrol for the following reasons:

1. Long-term ownership costs may be lower. I have so far driven about 27,000 kms with an average of about Rs 2.5 / Rs 3 / km, and I assume that petrol would have cost me Rs 5.5 / litre. That is a saving of atleast Rs 40,500 over 18 months. I do not now recall the premium I paid for diesel, but my guess is all in all it would be about Rs 75,000. I have spent about Rs 20,000 - Rs 25,000 in consumables.

2. Good torque at low RPMs. This helps in overtaking vehicles at low speeds

3. Longer life of a diesel engine

4. Last but not the least, Diesel CO2 / NO emissions / km are lower than Petrol, generally speaking

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Default Diesel prices in India are much lower than petrol

It was taught to me by my teachers in school. One of the points in the "Differences between Petrol and Diesel Engine" was that the diesel engine was costlier than petrol engine but more efficient and costs lower to maintain.

In India we are lucky that diesel prices are lower than the petrol prices and because of the inherent better efficiency and lower pollution, diesel engines make a lot of sense in India.

As far as the pick up is concerned, I don't think majority of Indian drivers will care about the difference because they won't really burn to much rubber. Most of the times you are unable to make too much space for your car on indian roads. In any case diesel engines give a good torque at low RPMs.

Also majority of the people will go for savings that the diesel engine provides than for the better pick up of Petrol Engine. We like to save as much as possible.
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