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Old 30th November 2022, 21:44   #751
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

Originally Posted by Livnletcarsliv View Post
Moreover this hybrid technology for mass market in India is totally an unknown territory not just for yellow board users, but for white board users as well. It is not a easy decision for fleet owners and yellow board users to choose a hybrid over a diesel/petrol. we have to wait until we have the data to prove. So let us wait and watch.
I agree with the wait and watch approach but I would put my money on the Toyota hybrid than existing BS6 diesels primarily for reliability.

Why? Because Hybrids are extremely good for the start stop city use. There is no clutch to burn because it usually crawls using the electric motors. Regarding battery life, if Hybrids can survive dessert heat in the Middle East, tropical climate of South East Asia and Canadian winters, it should survive in India too.

I honestly don't see why it can be a problem in India.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

Originally Posted by Wakeupsid View Post
Quick question to the experts, hybrid vehicles have been around for sometime, so its a proven tech. But since battery life is rated based on the charge cycle and a traditional EV has lower iterations of full charge cycle than hybrids.
Toyota has been at this game for 20+ years. Ten years ago, Consumer Reports USA compared the results of battery tests on a 2002 Toyota Prius that had been driven over 200,000 miles with a near-identical 2001 Prius with 2,000 miles on it that had been tested 10 years previously. When it came to fuel economy and acceleration, the testers found very little degradation in the battery's performance. They were also amazed to find that the high-mileage car still drove like new and had the original engine, transmission, and even shocks. That is a testament to the quality of Toyota vehicles. The reason Toyota hybrid batteries last so long is that the vehicles feature an efficient nickel-metal hydride battery pack. Battery management computer systems and a computer-controlled charge controller ensure that the battery charge doesn't exceed around 80% or fall below 20%. This computer-controlled shallow cycling dramatically improves the battery's cycle life, thermal management control, and long-term life. You can see in the various test drive photos etc. the battery is always at 2-3 bars out of 5 and never goes to full 5 bars even after a long hill descent. Similarly it seldom goes to 1 bar as it will be recharged as soon as it drops to lower levels of the second bar.

The big difference is that unlike pure EVs, the hybrid's battery does not have to be charged to its full. The range is not going to depend on the battery carrying a full charge, because the vehicle is anyway never powered entirely by the battery. This is the main reason behind the difference between pure EVs and hybrids in terms of battery life. Because of the fact that the batteries in the pure EV have to be always charged to the fullest to ensure maximum range, they tend degrade that much faster. With the petrol engine on board, the hybrid battery can be charged just a bit as and when required and discharged just a bit as well. This provides the necessary shallow cycle charging conditions to prolong the battery life vastly.

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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

Originally Posted by gopi_rm View Post
I have read that the hybrid controller neither charges the battery above 80% nor discharges it below 20% to maximize the battery lifetime.

Link: How Long Do Toyota Hybrid Batteries Last?

DPF regen converts the solid carbon soot particles into CO or CO2 so there would be no increase in soot pollution due to the regen.
Yes. But CO2 is pollution. That is not measured in the normal exhaust cycle
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

Hello Everyone,

I booked a ZX(O) on 25th Nov. Just got an email from the dealership mentioning the likely date of delivery between 4-5 months. SA told me that i could test drive drive the car sometime in Jan 2023, deliveries begin end Jan 2023.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

Originally Posted by CEF_Beasts View Post
There is a standard 8-year warranty on the battery, after which if it fails the cost should be 2 Lakh (2015 Camry Battery costs 2.6 lakh) to replace, but over the next 8 years it may become cheaper.

An interesting take on the battery prices in the coming years.

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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

Understanding the transmission system in Zenix/HYcross - Not Ordinary CVT!

Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled-1.jpg

Promises smooth performance as well as responsiveness. Mechanical components are designed to provide power delivery efficiency
- The automatic transmission uses a CVT coded K120, 10-Speed Direct Shift

-Continue to make the steel belt ratio wider for agile acceleration. Including operations are getting quieter.

- The CVT transmission system on the Kijang Innova Zenix is somewhat similar to Daihatsu's D-CVT.

- System combines steel belts and gears to widen the transmission ratio range to explore the potential engine power in dynamic driving conditions. ( a unique feature)

- Toyota added 3,337 gears to the advance. Including 3,136 reverse brackets that synergize with the CVT steel belt ratio in the range of 2.236 to 0.447.

- On the other hand, the final gear ratio of 4.262 is in charge of ensuring easy acceleration in various driving conditions and loads., with engine brake performance is formulated to be adequate in various circumstances.

-Zenix's Kijang Innova transmission has a Sequential Shift Matic mode that is simulated in 10-speed. It is deliberately prepared to allow gearshifts such as manual transmissions
(Aims to increase driving pleasure)

- The system makes shifting in all selected (virtual) gears by moving the transmission lever to + or when the transmission lever is in the M. Sequential Shift Matic Control position according to Toyota, is so responsive. It is indeed instilled, in order to control the torque carefully, during smooth and dexterous gear changes.

- The feature also allows for uphill/downhill shift control. Contribute to maximizing the ability to drive on mountain routes. The system is able to assess the condition of the uphill or descending road according to the gas opening and speed of the car. When peaking, the control of the acceleration pedal is improved. As the downhill and the car slides faster and faster, downshift is implemented automatically. In addition, when the brakes start working, downshifts are added to give the engine brake effect stronger. So the slowdown of the Innova Zenix is increasingly felt by motorists.

In addition, Kijang Innova Zenix Hybrid Variants equipped with Eco, Normal, Power and EV driving modes. While the gasoline-fueled (ICE) trim only has Eco, Normal, Power driving modes. During the use of Power mode, the response to changes in the ratio of steel belts is improved. So that the driver can better feel the G-force.
Modern CVT combines with Dynamic Force Engine. Became Toyota's mainstay in developing the Kijang Innova Zenix. The pacemaker offers better performance than its predecessor. It is claimed to offer the optimal combination of acceleration and fuel consumption. Power and torque delivery are available optimally in each engine rev range as needed.

The ongoing media drive should be able to validate the above technical aspects.


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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

I have a strong feeling now - MS was spot on when they focused on Hybrid module vs going all electric at first. I'm sure we will have EV dominate in the coming decades. But, before a full transition to EV, we will see Hybrids playing the mediators between those who sit on fence (like me) who isn't too inclined on EV and still has that love for ICE. For people like me, I believe cars like Hycross will do justice I.e. to keep me happy with the ICE & keep the environment clean and tidy as well! A win-win striking the balance right at belly!

Hycross is a good looking MPV, if I may call it. I haven't gotten to the details yet. But my first look reminds me of first gen Innova Toyota has a winner as it looks like and Suzuki is smiling in the background looking at their roadmap on the back of Hycross' success!
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

Closer look at the Hycross from media drive - Link

Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled-fb_img_1669876130921.jpg

Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled-fb_img_1669876134128.jpg

Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled-fb_img_1669876137107.jpg

Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled-fb_img_1669876139945.jpg

Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled-fb_img_1669876142826.jpg

Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled-fb_img_1669876145692.jpg

Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled-fb_img_1669876148188.jpg

Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled-fb_img_1669876150820.jpg

Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled-fb_img_1669876153449.jpg

Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled-fb_img_1669876155831.jpg

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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

No sir, diesel is unlikely to be punished pan India given the trucks crisscrossing the country run on them.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

Originally Posted by Venkatesh View Post
More interior pictures, Ottoman Seats and bootspace.

Attachment 2385264

Attachment 2385265
Nice pics. It is obviously not the exact same, but this 'Blackish Ageha' color on the Innova HyCross looks somewhat similar to the Lava Blue color that was available on the Skoda Superb. Lovely color.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

This Innova Hycross is such a tempting package just by the looks of it! I'd really love to buy one for the family if I could but just saying, the whole car just looks great and going by the spec sheet, it looks pretty good on that front too. Can't wait to read all the in-depth reviews.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

Originally Posted by Venkatesh View Post
More pictures of the Hycross from media drive.

Attachment 2385393

Attachment 2385394

Attachment 2385395

Reminds me of this :

Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled-rendersofcarswithtinywheels.jpeg

These pics in particular put in perspective how undertyred the new innova looks. They have made everything else bigger, should have made the wheels bigger too.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

For the first time Innova looks like a crossover than a typical van. Current Crysta front is good, but side profile and rear has that typical van look. New one looks really good especially in that blue shade.
All it needs is a size bigger wheels.

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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

Has anybody noticed that Innova Hycross looks quite similar to MG Hector? Clearly Innova has taken some clues from it. Both looks quite similar for sure. Innova being new looks little better in pics. It has more SUV looks than MPV. Only thing missed is diesel motor. In my opinion, if this doesn't sell in volume, Toyota will put diesel motor in it. After all business needs volume.
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Re: Toyota Innova Hycross, now unveiled

50 - R18 tyres seems to be a wrong choice for a heavy MPV like this. Remember many had issues with tyre damages and alloy deformation with Innova's low profile tyres, wheels and Toyota switched to a higher profile low dia rim.
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