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Maruti SX4 26 22.03%
Honda Civic 92 77.97%
Voters: 118. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12th June 2007, 11:47   #16
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If you have the money, there's no reason why you should not choose the Honda Civic. It's in a totally different segment. The SX4 is a fine car in its own right, but, you really can't compare it to a car from a different segment.
It's like choosing between a Camry and an E Class. All the features are there, but, where's the snob value?
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Old 12th June 2007, 11:48   #17
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SX4 for all around service back up. Availability of spares if the car sees blue during the monsoons.

OT: Does anyone remember the plight of the Honda Owners during the 26/7 deluge? My friends had to wait for months to get their cars repaired and serviced.
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Old 12th June 2007, 13:20   #18
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If your budget is 10L and above, then SX4 is not in picture anyway. If you want to include it in list, then I guess you are yet to fix actual budget.

Or, other way, prepare minimum features list and then look for cars which meet it - in this case, budget may not fit you.

Always there are some features in lower segment cars, you will need to compromise.

For example: I decided to buy Sedan 6-8L range and I never looked at small cars (1 segment below) like Santro, Swift, etc - even though I wanted rear wiper, but it wasn't available in most Sedans, but small sized ones had.

First fix the budget which in turn puts you to segment (some overlaps may be there) and then look at what options you have.

We can help you on what car to go for, once you fix the budget.
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Old 12th June 2007, 13:41   #19
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If you can stretch, undoubtedly the Civic. It is a class apart and a superb all-rounder of a sedan.
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Old 12th June 2007, 14:07   #20
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Civic it is -- SX4 as u rightly said belongs to a different genre altogether; if higher FE and brand value is what u are looking for both these models deliver it well -- ableit with a difference!!!!!!
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Old 12th June 2007, 14:07   #21
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Choice of Civic is a no brainer!!!

If your B & C segment cars are giving you mileage of 10kmpl, then what are you expecting from a D segment car? You can safely assume that the mileage will be .5-1 kmpl less than Honda City that you have.
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Old 12th June 2007, 14:15   #22
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Civic might be a stretch for 10-11 lacs. Better alternatives at that price would be Optra Magnum or Mitsu Cedia. Corolla is also an option, but then...it doesnt fall in the "cool to own" category as SX4 and Civic
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Old 12th June 2007, 14:20   #23
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60-70 kms a day, thats 1800-2000 a month, you should ideally look at a diedel mate, given the new tcdi optra a thought?

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Old 12th June 2007, 14:23   #24
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from the two cars you're considering, i'd go for civic without a second thought. But since you already have three petrol cars including a City ZX, i think u should take a look at the Octavia, or the optra Magnum....and like manson said, 60-70 kms/day is a lot of running...
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Old 12th June 2007, 15:06   #25
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SX4 no where come closer to Civic in any respect.

Its civic anyday If we compare SX4 and Civic. We can trust Maruti (max. 4 seat car maker) for small cars. Maruti has long way to go to come up with good Sedan.

If you want cheap Sedan and driver yourelf with other 3 people on board with safety features buy SX4.

If you want Luxury and quality and safety and budget then buy Civic.

Since you are thinking civic think about Optra Magnum, its world wide brand its very nice car with great comfort.


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Old 12th June 2007, 15:15   #26
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Originally Posted by coolmob View Post
hi everyone
first of all i would like to say that this is the best car forum i have found on the net. the information on it abt the indian car scene is simply awesome
now to my question..
know i am trying to compare a C segment car with a D segment car but still i would like your views on my problem
i am planning to buy a new car and my max budget is around 10-11 laks. i have selected two cars ie Maruti SX4 and Honda Civic. now the two of them are ploes apart in price and category but still i am considering SX4 as it offers quite a lot of features that are available only in a D segment car.
my daily driving is around 60-70 kms and i mainly drive in congested areas. so i am confused between the civic and sx4 on the issue of ease of handling in congested areas and the fuel effiiency. i know my driving is not much but since its gonna be in a lot of traffic so if the fuel efficiency turns out to be quite low, it wont be feasible for me to drive the car daily.
i currently have honda city zx, maruti esteem and hyundai santro and they all give me above 10 FE in these conditions
so guyz please help.....
Your requirements seem to shout SX4. Its a nice car and you wont have problems with it.

However, since you have mentioned that your budget is 10-11 lakhs, Civic would fit well in your budget. Since you have mentioned that you have a Honda City, why have another car of the same price bracket in your garage?

SX4 and City are neck to neck competition.

I guess, even if the FE of the Civic would be lower compared to the SX4, you could always take the Honda City a day or two to compensate it. And also have a very desirable and 'big' car in you garage too.
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Old 12th June 2007, 15:20   #27
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Since you already have 3 cars and you need another one, why not get a D segmenter? Out of those two, I'd pick the civic eyes closed.
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Old 12th June 2007, 15:26   #28
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well till now i can see that civic is the clear winner. but can someone please give me a clear FE figure for the CIVIC MT. its everything on one side and FE on the other for me right now. I am not going to go for a diesel as my monthly running is in the range of around 1700 - 1800kms and the benefit i would get from higher FE would be not much compared to the maintainance costs of the car.(this is wat a lot of people have told me!! dont know if its true or not...)

If the FE for CIVIC MT comes to around 10kmpl, then i am definitely gonna get it. otherwise i know that sx4 is not upto the mark in comparison to civic.... it will have to get it purely for better FE!!

please guys help me quick coz i have already sold my old esteem and i really need the new car soon.
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Old 12th June 2007, 15:37   #29
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voted for SX4. this situation calls for an SX4. otherwise civic anyday. wheres the confusion for a guy that already owns so many cars ??
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Old 12th June 2007, 16:03   #30
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I thought its a poll for sx4 vs city and only after seeing the no of votes i checked what is it. I was wondering what happened to tbhpians when I saw Honda getting more votes! Yeah, it should be city vs sx4 and not civic. Civic is altogether in a different level in terms of quality, technology and reliability.

If Suzuki thinks in the same line (as that of swift/sx4), they can come up with a winner in Civic's segment as well. What they need is the SX4 wagon with little bit bigger boot and little bit more rear seat leg room with 2 liter gasoline or 1.9crdi and a price tag of 10-11lakhs OTR! Thats it.

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