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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Originally Posted by SuDi10 View Post

I have no idea why car manufacturers think that headlamps in the middle of the bumper look better than the traditional style of headlamps near the bonnet.
Many Hyundai cars sport the same now like the Creta, Venue etc.
Cheeky way to sell more headlamps as more of them would get damaged even in small accidents? Probably on the same lines where most rear bumpers nowadays are almost in line with the metal body/ boot-lid of the car meaning more chances of repair even in case of the slightest of bangs.
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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Originally Posted by automowheels View Post
Out of the whole launch, here are my observations-

- Unveil, presentation and price announcement all on the same day.
- Good mix of active and passive safety features. We've moved REALLY ahead in terms of these in the last few years driven by govt initiatives and increased awareness.
- Increased focus on driver delight by means of a performant engine and driver-oriented dash.

- NO mention of structural rigidity and any improvements made in the shell. No breakdown of which steel has been used where- not in the launch presentation, nor on the website. To me, this is a red flag. Erstwhile Hyundai cars have this displayed on the website.
- Reflector-type LED headlamps and no fog lamps. Seriously? Oh and among a sea of LED light bars, you still have halogen indicators. It almost seems as if OEMs sometimes do this on purpose to annoy us.
- The dual screens are put together in this glossy panel, just the same way as in the Seltos. Not a big fan. Also, the driver console is not actually a proper LCD like some others have, which makes the screen pretty static.
- Powered driver seat is a joke. Why cut functionality there?
- Dual spoke steering is a half-hearted design attempt. VW and Skoda's is much better.
- Sunblind for the rear windshield but not for the rear passenger windows. Why? Do it or don't.
Agree on all counts mentioned above.

No mention of structural rigidity is a huge red flag. This brings back Creta and Carens GNCAP memories for cars sold in India. Also, no ESC on the base variant. Top MT variant has drums (correct me if I am wrong).
The steering was a last minute thought.
Totally agree with you on the fog lamps and halogen indicators part as well. I mean you have LEDs all around the car (even at the front which resembles a tubelight), why do injustice with other parts.
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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Tempted to buy the SX DCT but worried about the reliability, even this forum has fair share of Hyundai &Kia DCT horror stories. Have they made any changes to this gearbox? since the power and torque output has increased.
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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Kind of off-topic but looking at the pictures, Hyundai is like those Android phone makers who really have to change the design every generation or so and never carry any coherent design language across the years.

Seems VW twins, Toyota, and Honda to an extent, carry some design themes across generations like Apple does for its iPhones. Of course there are tweaks in designs and improvements, but newer gen iPhones hardware and software design are fundamentally closer to the iPhone OG instead of the latest and greatest from Android.

I'm saying this as an Android phone user myself so not disparaging anyone.

It seems there does appear to be a different line of thought and way of working from Korean and Chinese OEMs vs others. Not saying it's good or bad, just different way of doing things.

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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Originally Posted by Sanket299 View Post
Tempted to buy the SX DCT but worried about the reliability, even this forum has fair share of Hyundai &Kia DCT horror stories. Have they made any changes to this gearbox? since the power and torque output has increased.
I think the reliability factor of dual clutch transmissions is a bit exaggerated, with no offence to users who may have had trouble. There are some useful dos and don'ts which, if adhered to, may not cause much trouble. It's a gearbox that requires some care, but it's not like it's a deal breaker.

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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

I am suprised that no one has noticed that Hyundai has done a glarring omission in the back seat of the Verna. The middle passenger headrest has not been given. I appreciate Hyundai as it has given 3 point seat belts for middle passenger too but at the same time why did Hyundai not provide a headrest for the middle passanger ? They could have atleast provided a fixed headrest for the middle passanger.

Personal experience, travelling without a headrest on the highway gives a lot of pain to the neck and it is not safe too. I'm surprised that they haven't mentioned about the body structure anywhere in the website. Something seems fishy.

They made a lot of claims about the structure in the production video but those claims seem to go missing in the live launch and the website too! And I really don't understand the philosophy behind the cost cutting of safety features in the base variants and that too when the company knows that a private safety test body like GNCAP etc take and use the base model for the crash test. These types of cost cutting will simply lower the NCAP score.

Only 6 airbags alone will not allow the car to secure a 5 star or even a 4 star for that matter. We have already seen the example from Hyundai's sister brand Kia whose CARENS with 6 airbags barely scored 3 stars. Atleast Hyundai should have avoided this type of cost cutting when they already know that they are weak in the safety department when compared to the competition.
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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Is it just me or is it actually that ugly with disproportionate angles and designing? Looks are subjective though

I'm sure even this comes with a missing (passenger side) impact sensor just like every other Hyundai. I wonder how they manage to make it through the crash tests with such an omission. But well, never expected much out of Korean cars anyway.

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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Visited the Hyundai dealer today

Looked quite sporty in metal
2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!-whatsapp-image-20230322-2.20.42-pm.jpeg

The car looked considerably larger in flesh

Guess the light bar on the front profile accentuates the size of the vehicle

2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!-whatsapp-image-20230322-2.20.41-pm.jpeg

Interiors & the quality seemed upmarket

2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!-whatsapp-image-20230322-2.20.40-pm-copy.jpeg
2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!-whatsapp-image-20230322-2.20.40-pm-1-copy.jpeg

1.Looked very polarizing in pictures but it's not that bad in metal
2.The legroom was spacious enough which almost equals our benchmark Tata Manza
3.Fit & finish in check
4.Black & red interior looked sporty and better than the beige and black
5.Bose system is simply fantastic
6.Great kit on offer for all the variants

The dealer said the test drives will commence by this weekend and the deliveries will happen within 1-2 months.

Will decide once the reviews are out and having the car parked under our narrow driveway.
Attached Thumbnails
2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!-whatsapp-image-20230322-2.20.39-pm-copy.jpeg  

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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Does anyone who owns an old Verna feel like upgrading to this and why?
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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Originally Posted by techdarshan View Post
This showed up in my feed, the first reported accident of the newly launched 2023 Hyundai Verna. The car crashed with a speeding Royal Enfield Classic when taking a u-turn during a test drive! While this is unfortunate, gives away a lot about its build quality:
Such videos give very limited information, if any!

But if I am to assume, if the impact was at a considerable speed (youtuber claims 80-90 KPH), then it seems there is very minimal impact to the cabin. Assuming the angle of impact and the speed claimed is true, the build quality certainly looks very good.

Again, this is just based on too many assumptions, and nothing should be concluded from such videos.
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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Visited the dealer in the morning today. They had the Turbo SX(O) in MT and DCT, the former in white, the latter in black.

1. I liked the look of the car, definitely smart, especially the sharp contours and the rear profile. Also felt that the contours are way more obvious in the white car, as opposed to the black. The positioning of the front number plate could have been a little lower, but the sensor just below must have come in the way.

2. The white car, naturally, looked bigger than the black, which was a good feel.

3. One of my concerns has been the GC, since I drive the SX4 Zxi with a 180 mm GC. Apart from the road issues, getting in and out of the car is so much more convenient. The new Verna seems to have the old 165 mm GC, though nobody in the Dealership was ready to say so, arguably because the official brochure doesn't mention it. Getting in seemed a bit of an effort, but once seated, it was comfortable. Since the steering wheel can go up and down, in addition to being telescopic, it was possible to adjust the seat to a decent height, making the movement in and out easier, but not as in the SX4.

4. The motorized recliner seat function is a delight, though for the height adjustment, one has to pump a manual lever.

5. The rear seat has ample space now. Also, the slightly scooped out shape of the top made me feel that there was adequate head space. The leg room was fine.

6. The sunroof could have been bigger, if not panoramic.

7. The trunk shape is good, not quite, but almost a clean rectangle, since the rear wheel humps dont encroach too much into the boot space. The fully exposed speaker hanging from the trunk lid may be a problem when handling large pieces of luggage.

8. The sound of the engine was discernible, but not intrusive, with the windows closed. I revved it upto 3K rpm, but after a few seconds, the engine started revving down automatically since the car was stationary.

9. Selecting the ambient light colour was fun.

10. The red rear LEDs looked smart. The curved DRLs in the front did not go fully with the otherwise sharply contoured edges.

11. The white car, interestingly, had a black shark-fin antenna. The all-black interiors were smart. I had my reservations about it, but seen in flesh, its smart.

12. And yes, it took just about 10 secs to start to feel the seat cooling!

Still to test-drive. Not posting any pics since there are enough already.

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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Unlike Virtus and Slavia, this car will look weird in the base trims I feel with smaller tyres, wheel covers, maybe no DRL’s. What we have seen so far are only SX and SX(O) with all the added featured and alloys and stuff. Once you go down the trims, this polarizing or futuristic design will start looking out of place, kinda like Carens looks without the alloy wheels in the base models. The same is not the case with a Virtus or Slavia or even Taigun, these cars look good even in the base comfortline trims. Hyundai has screwed the design big time
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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Originally Posted by apramey View Post
I had been looking to buy the vw virtus. I decided to wait till the new Verna got launched.
Between the Virtus and the new Verna, the Verna does come across as more feature packed and possibly cheaper for the 1.5 turbo.

1) DCT gearbox—Never as reliable as a Traditional Torque converter or even a CVT, irrespective of it being a VW or Hyundai. But with Virtus or any of the VW india cars sharing the same gearbox ( Kushaq, Taigun and Slavia), there havent been many reports of DCT issues, at least not yet.
2) Build quality—My brother owns a Kushaq, and I can tell you straight up that the body panels don’t have the heft as the erstwhile Polo, Rapid and Ventos. However, they have managed to get really high scores on the Crash tests, which means they have built a fundamentally safe car. With Hyundai, we all know its not guaranteed, almost all newer Hyundais have fared worse than their earlier generation cars.

Why don’t you consider the 1.0 Turbo from VW? Its a lovely engine with a fantastic and reliable Torque converter auto box?

I dont think you can go wrong with the Verna either, but the I’m not really a fan of this new Verna, both exteriors and interiors. The VW and Skodas are timeless in this aspect.
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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

I am quite an anti-sedan guy, but I really like latest Verna's overall value proposition.! This car will surely trump the current sedan sales leader, the Honda City, and will also revive the almost dead sedan segment considerably. I am a lover of brash designs and find this Verna to be original and a smashing design (I love the current Creat & big grill BMWs)!

As I said before, it has just made the VW twins feel obsolete and under featured and their already low numbers (1000-1200 per month barely) are under threat. Honda City despite being the oldest now (ignoring the minor facelift) still manages to be a sales leader is a testament to the brand and the fact that it hits the right notes of the majority of Indian Sedan buyers (under 22l). This Verna seems to have accomplished all the benefits of City and then some sprinkled with excellent pricing too.

A very good Overview Video:
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Re: 2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!

Visited Arsh Hyundai Showroom at Wadala, Mumbai in person today, asked them to give me BH Pricing for all 4 turbo variants. I am attaching the same below, please note the BH price was calculated just by computing difference between BH and MH Road Tax. The price can be brought down further by own insurance, ticking off some options mentioned in this sheet. (MOD Note: Please help me place the price image just below these lines)

They had a car on display in the grey colour, SX(O) variant, 1.5 Petrol (Non Turbo). The car looks good in dark colors as mentioned by other members here. The light coloured interiors made the cabin look roomy. But it will need quite some effort to maintain!
The seats are really comfortable, and are close to the ground (coming from my Nexon EV, I could really feel the getting into a low slung sedan bit)
There wasn't anyone else who had come to view the car, there seemed to be much higher interest in the Venue.
Attaching a few pictures i clicked.
Attached Thumbnails
2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!-img_20230322_1751417472.jpg  

2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!-img_20230322_132908483.jpg  

2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!-img_20230322_132914451.jpg  

2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!-img_20230322_132921106.jpg  

2023 Hyundai Verna launched at 10.9 lakhs!-img_20230322_132929671.jpg  

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