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Shan2nu 27th February 2004 23:49


Binoy 4th June 2005 01:39

the new accord isthe best but according to masses in india ite the old city

cheatingdeath 4th June 2005 02:27

new honda accord fer meee... have to love it

bcoz i own it

GTO 4th June 2005 10:08

To the enthusiast in me, its undoubtedly the Honda City Vtec. At the time of its launch, there wasnt quite anything like it.

Even today, there is no Indian stock car that is as fast and "as chuckable".


typeOnegative 4th June 2005 12:09

Call me old fashioned, but it is the Old Honda Accord. Dont quite cotton to the looks of the new one. :)

Montoya 4th June 2005 16:12

Its is and has to be the Old City Vtec.. Dont get the big deal with the New Accord.. i find the RS better then it and also the Mondeo..

karthik247 4th June 2005 20:50

i say the New Accord. The City's interiors are way outdated, but exteriors look stylish...not as much as an accord tho'

.anshuman 4th June 2005 21:36

definitely the new honda accord is the best car to be launched in india by honda,wish it had manual option with the awesome 3.0 V6 engine.the new honda accord looks gorgeous that makes it stand apart in crowd of boring cars.

moralfibre 4th June 2005 22:37

The Honda City VTEC rules for me..!! The new Accord doesnt seem practical to carry on Indian roads owing to the huge size factor it carries.. the VTEC got in my mind right since the day I read the 0-100-0 test conducted by Overdrive and was impressed to see the performance of this car..

airfoil 5th June 2005 00:14

The new Accord got my vote. The OHC VTEC is a close second.

EVO6 5th June 2005 01:55

The New Accord all the way ...

hawkeye 5th June 2005 05:17

I love the City VTEC.

BuRnT RuBbEr 5th June 2005 07:47

old accord........looks vote goes to accord

but vtec baby is a close second......

CaliAtenza 5th June 2005 10:39

City VTEC and sure Honda will be releasing more of their models in india due to their success. But please..not the Ridgeline..that thing is ugly :(.

bhp 5th June 2005 16:22

the new accord v6 for me pleasse and the city vtec is a second

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